Signors di il Scardo e Scajscach (cr: 1374).
Last update: 08-12-2020.
Granted to: Milite Lanza Gomez.
By: Frederico III, King of Sicily and Malta.
On: 1372 in Messina.
With Remainder to: His descendants by feudal tenure (Jure) in perpetuity.
List of Title holders: 
1. Milite Lanza Gomez, 1st Signore, succeeded by his son.
2. Milite Berto Gomez, 2nd Signore, succeeded by his son.
3. Milite Lanza Gomez, 3rd Signore, succeeded by his son.
4. Milite Berto Gomez, (c. 1480),  4th Signore, succeeded by his son.
5. Milite Giovanni Gomez, (c. 1500), 5th Signore, succeeded by his son.
6. Nobilis Antonio Gomez, (c. 1520), 6th Signore, succeeded by his son.
7. Nobilis Pietro Gomez, Giurato 1526, 7th Signore,  sold fiefdom to the Knights of St John of Malta c. 1550.
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