Duca di Paganica, 1758.
This family is NOT listed as a noble family in “Descrittione di Malta” (1647) however it was granted a Maltese hereditary title of Illustrissimo e Nobile “per essere la detta famiglia di Costanzo nobile aggregata al seggio di Porta della Citta' di Puzzolo’. 
Last update: 04-06-2020.
Granted to:  Nobile Ignazio Costanzo.
By: Charles III, King of Spain, King of Naples and Sicily.
On: 1758 at Naples.
With Remainder to: to his first born male descendant, in failure of which to the first born female descendant according to the custom of the Neaplitan succession. By virture of royal decree No 1489, 1926, the right of female succession to all Italian titles was abolished and succession confined to agntic descent.
List of Title holders: 
1. Nobile Ignazio Costanzo, 1st Duca, succeeded by his son.
2. Don Dr Giovanni Costanzo, (d. 1800), 2nd Duca, succeeded by his son.
3. Don Ludovico Costanzo, 3rd Duca, succeeded by his son.
4. Don Ignazio II Costanzo, (d. 1862), Marchese di San Martino, 4th Duca, succeeded by his son.
5. Don Giovanni II Costanzo, (d. 1890), 2nd Marchese di San Martino, 5th Duca, title become dormant.
6. Don Arturo Costanzo, dejure 6th Duca, succeeded by cousin.
7. Don Armando Costanzo, dejure 7th Duca, succeeded by his brother.
8. Don Mario Costanzo, dejure 8th Duca, succeeded by his cousin.
9. Don Scipione Costanzo, (d. 1943),  dejure 9th Duca, succeeded by his son.
10. Don Carmelo Costanzo, (d. 1965), dejure 10th Duca, succeeded by his son.
11. Don Scipione II Costanzo, (1952-, dejure 11th Duca.
Heir: Don Giovanni III Costanzo, (1978-.
Heir General: Don Scipione III Costanzo, (2012-.
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