Barone's di San Paolino, 1638.
The title of Barone di San Paolino was on the 16th July 1638 conferred upon Matteo De Ribera, with succession to one of his descendants, by letters patent issued at Palermo, by the President and Captain-General of Sicily, by authority vested in him by Philip IV. King of Spain and Sicily.
At Maltese Law this title is only a foreign title and, as such, it can be considered for the purposes of precedence in Malta only if registration or Magistral recognition has been achieved in accordance with the rules of 1739 and 1795 as enacted by Grand Masters Despuig and Rohan. In this case, this title granted to de Ribrera was never registered in Malta, nor does it appear to have received direct recognition for the Grand Masters who ruled Malta. (See:- Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.) (See Report Paras. 225-226). This does not render the title invalid but in accordance with the rule cited above, although the title is valid, it does not enjoy precedence in Malta.
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Granted to:  Don Matteo de Ribera y Borgia.
By: Philip III, King of Sicily, IV of Spain.
On: 1638 at Palermo, Sicily.
Presented to the British Royal Commission on Nobility: No.
With Remainder to: His descendants in perpetuity.
List of Title holders: 
1. Don Matteo de Ribera y Borgia, 1st Barone, succeeded by his son.
2. Don Ferdinand de Ribera y Moncada, 2nd Barone, succeeded by his son.
3. Don Guglielmo de Ribera y Rosetti Beglitzi Caradja, 3rd Barone, succeeded by his son.
4. Don Conte Ferdinand de Ribera y Vernagallo, 4th Barone, succeeded by his son.
5. Conte Guido de Ribera y de Piro, 5th Barone, succeeded by his nephew.
6. Conte Alberto Montalto de Ribera, 6th Barone, succeeded by his son.
7. Conte Paolo Montalto de Ribera, 4th Barone di Benwarrad, 7th Barone, succeeded by his daughter.
8. Contessa Maria Antonia Montalto de Ribera, 5th Baroness di Benwarrad, 8th Baroness, succeeded by her son.
9. Conte Angiolino Attard Montalto, (d. 1892), 6th Barone di Benwarrad, 9th Barone, succeeded by his son.
10. Conte Giuseppe Attard Montalto, (d. 1935), 7th Barone di Benwarrad, 10th Barone, succeeded by his son.
11. Contessa Maria Angela Attard Montalto, (d. 2001), 8th Baronessa of Benwarrad, 11th Baronesssucceeded by her cousin.
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