Graaf von Santa Sofia, 1776.
The Formosa de Fremaux family has long been associated with the title Conte di Santa Sofia, However, published sources do not indicate its origin except that it is said to be "French". There is no record nor any claim whatsoever of this title in the records of the 1878 Commission. This observation does not necessarily mean that the title Conte di Santa Sofia is invalid. In fact the Commissioners themselves stated on record that notwithstanding their efforts to ensure a comprehensive study of these titles, the Commissioners made a caveat that their report being based on a list of titles prepared by an ad hoc Committee of nobles formed on the occasion of a visit by the Prince of Wales, cannot be assured to "correspond to all the existing titles of nobility, and still less that the thirty one gentlemen "(mentioned in the list)" represent all those who, under certain conditions, would have the right of claiming a title by virtue of the same grant. On the contrary, as it will be hereafter remarked, many gentlemen not comprised in that list are exactly in the same condition as others therein mentioned. As no notice has appeared in the Government Gazette, informing the public of the existence of our Commission, and inviting all those who might have a right to a title of nobility to lay their claims before us, our inquiry must necessarily be incomplete, and limited to those titles which are included in the list, or which after its presentation have been claimed. On the other hand, we could not ascertain how far the committee are invested with a representative character, with regards to the interests of the Maltese nobility." On the other hand, however this caveat was later regarded as unnecessary by Governor van Straubenzee who stated that he had no reason to suspect that anyone having any pretension to be a "Titolato" was ignorant either of the existence of the Committee of Nobles, or of the appointment of the Commission. He also commented that the publication of a notice to the effect above stated would hardly be consistent with the instructions contained by the Despatch of the Secretary of State. At all events, he added, if there were more "Titolati" they were at liberty at any time to prove their claims, and take the precedence to which they are entitled. See: Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.)

Granted to:  Agostino Formosa de Fremaux, Consul for Holland in Malta.
By: William V, Prince of Orange.
On: 1776 in the Principality of Orange.
With Remainder to: to his male descendants.
List of Title holders: 
1. Agostino Formosa de Fremaux, Consul for Holland in Malta, 1st Graaf, succeeded by his son.
2. Nobile Generoso Formosa de Fremaux, (c. 1801), 2nd Graaf, succeeded by his son.
3. Nobile Francesco Saverio Formosa de Fremaux, (d. 1872), 3rd Graaf, succeeded by his brother.
4. Conte Ferdinando Formosa de Fremaux, 4th Graaf, succeeded by his son.
5. Conte Francis Formosa Gauci, (d. 1922), 5th Graaf, succeeded by his son.
6. Conte Rev Victor Formosa Gauci, SJ, (d. 2004), 5th Marchese di Ghajn Qajjed, 6th Graaf, succeeded by his nephew.
7. Conte Michael Formosa Gauci, (1958-6th Marchese di Ghajn Qajjed, 7th Graaf.
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