A list of Marriage records from Parishes and Notary Acts.

Notary Acts Collection in Year Order.



If you find a connection, please do email. Always happy to help as long as you can provide the lineage. 



  • 1530 Manumessa di Sanctu - As per will of Principi Nicola Sayd, the releasement of Antonia and her children, who were also illegitimate children of Principi Nicola Sayd and to receive the Christian Baptism and the surname of Sanctu, the town in which was owned by Principi Nicola Sayd.  With their freedom, a house in Ghargur was provided and 2 turmi of land in that district.
  • Angelica "Manumessa of Margaret Allegritto", married 1581 to Mro Domenico Agius.
  • Andrea "Manumesso of Giuseppe Bezzina", married 1581 (Notary Vincenzo Cagege) to Gioannella "Manumessa de Bartolo".
  • Agata Anna Maria "Manumessa di Allegritto", married 1699 to Pascale Xicluna.
  • 2 Giug 1726, Manumessione - Chco Gio Maria Portelli del gdm Gio Abitenti del Tarxiem a favor di geronimia sua schiava di anno 17 fig di alta schiava di nome Teresa.
  •  Geronima Manumessa di Portelli of Naxxar, 1726, 7 Aug married to Antonio Xeberras.

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