Conte's Tagliaferro, 1892.
The 1887 title of Conte Tagliaferro was obviously granted after the conclusion of the 1878 Commission. Therefore there can be no reference to that title in the 1878 report. It should be remembered that the purpose of that report (as the report reads) was to identify those titles which were granted or recognized by the sovereign authorities of Malta during the Government of the Knights of Saint John. Some may argue that this title is not one of those titles “recognised by the British Monarch”. That argument is flawed because the purpose of the 1878 Commission was not to “recognize” but to “identify” those titles which had already been granted or recognized during the Government of the Order (1530-1798). This is better explained by the terms of reference to the Commissioners that the Secretary of State for the colonies decided that the heads of the families who, before the annexation of Malta to the British Dominions, obtained tiles of nobility, should in accordance with a precedent during the administration of the late Governor, Sir Henry K. Storks, have precedence of the Chamber of Commerce, and in order to ascertain (etc). In this case, the title of Conte Tagliaferro is simply not one of those titles that were obtained during the Government of the Order. See: Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.): see letter of Chief Secretary to Government to Commissioners dated March 8, 1877 (page 52). 
Last Update: 04-06-2020.
Granted to: Chev Girolamo Tagliaferro.
By: Pope Leo XIII.
On: 1892 at Rome, Papal States
With Remainder to: Singularly to all his descendants in the male primogenial line born in lawful wedlock and not seperated from the catholic religion.
List of Title holders: 
1.  Chev Girolamo Tagliaferro, 1st Conte, succeeded by his son.
2. Conte Alfredo Tagliaferro, (d. 1913), 2nd Conte, succeeded by his nephew.
3. Conte Edward Sant Fournier, Conte Sant, 6th Conte Fournier e Barone de Pausier, 3rd Conte, succeeded by his son.
4. Conte Alfred Sant Fournier, (d. 1973), Conte Sant, 7th Conte Fournier e Barone de Pausier, 4th Conte, succeeded by his son.
5. Conte Alfred Sant Fournier, (d. 2002), Conte Sant, 8th Conte Fournier e Barone de Pausier, 5th Conte, succeeded by his second son.
6. Conte Simon Sant Fournier, (1972-Conte Sant, 6th Conte.
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