List of Ancestry completed.
Online: 06-10-2022.





The list -:

* Marchese George Barbaro Sant, Patrizio Veneto - Eight Generations of ancestors;
* Freiherr Capt Alexander von Brockdorff, (1984-) - Eight generations of ancestors;;
* Nobile Arfio Niccolo Capodiferro - Six generations of ancestors;
* Giuseppe Cini - Eight generations of Ancestors.
* Mary Davis, 1742-1825), - Six generations of ancestors.
* Nobile Cosimo Giuseppe Maria de Medici, (1650-) - Seven generations of ancestors.
Nobile Victor Falzon Sant ManducaSeven generations of ancestors.
* Cardinal Mario Grech - Six generations of ancestors.
* Cardinal Prospero Stanley GrechSix generations of ancestors.
* Conte Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi - Direct link to the Kings of Sicily.
* Marie Vincent, nee Micallef, (1868-1930)Seven generations of ancestors;
* Spyros Niarchos, the Greek Billionaire- Six generations of ancestors;
Conte Dr Josef Preziosi, M.R.C.S, 10th Conte Preziosi - Six generations of ancestors;
* Hynacinthe-Gabrielle Roland - Six generations of ancestors;
Conte Charles Said-VassalloTen generations of ancestors.
* Nobile Gio Maria Said, (1866-1941 England) - Eight generations of ancestors.
* Dr Giuseppe Battista Sammut, MD - Seven Generations of ancestors;
* Conte Tyler e Conte Connor Sant FournierSeven generations of ancestors;
* Conte Peter Sant Manduca, Mayor of Mdina, Malta - Eight generations of ancestors.
* Nobile Pasquale Sceberras Trigona - Nine generations of ancestors.
* Contessa Vanessa Lorefice nee Seychell.- Seven generations of ancestors.
* Dr Agostino Alfieri Peralta JUD - Seven generations of ancestors..
* El Magnifico Giacomo I Testaferrata - Six generations of ancestors.
* Kenneth Zammit Tabona, Artist - Nine generations of ancestors.


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