Conte della Catena, 1745, Baron Strickland of Sizergh Castle, 1928.
Last update: 17-11-2021.
Granted to: Nobile Pietro Gaetano Perdicomati Bologna.
By: Manoel Pinto de Fonseca, Grand Master of Malta.
On: 1745 in Valletta.
With Remainder to: Unlike the great majority of titles conferred by the Grand Masters, the title of Conte delle Catene, or delli Mori conferred by Grand Master Pinto, by a patent of the 20th January 1745, upon Pietro Gaetano Perdicomati Bologna was specifically conferred so as to further enhance a property already held in entail by the grantee. This title was granted on the 20th January 1745, upon Pietro Gaetano Perdicomati Bologna and his sons, born and to be born, as well as on his heirs and successors, whether relations or strangers. The entail referred to in the relative grant was the agnatial entail founded by Don Alessandro Perdicomati Bologna with a faculty to nominate amongst the male descendants. The following is an extract from the deed of grant:- "Te supradictum Dominum Petrum Cajetanum Perdicomati Bologna tuosque filios jam natos vel nascituros, haeredes et successores primogenitos et etiam extraneos, Comitem et Comites Territorii seu Tenutae delle Catene hodie vero delli Mori appellati, positi in hac Nostra Insula a te et antecesoribus possessi jure pleni dominii et proprietatis, nec non Primogenitura masculinae ordinatae per bon mem canonicum Don Alessandro Perdicomati feudum nobilem sub titulo comitis erigimus atque extollimus.". The entail is described in the footnote below was subject of court litigation. It is to be especially remarked that the terms of ennoblement extend to Perdicomati's sons, as well as on his heirs and successors, whether relations or strangers and that this title follows the tenure of the territory known as Catene. That is to say, unlike other titles which provide for a remainder in favour of descendants of the relative grantee, succession to this title is to be reckoned according to the possessor of the land who must be a male. This effectively means that the title may be succeeded to by strangers in blood of Pietro Gaetano Perdicomato Bologna. Moreover, the Report observes that the remainder of the above extract favours not only the one of the grantee's descendants, but the grantees sons (born and to be born) heirs, AND successors (tuosque filios jam natos vel nascituros, haeredes et successores primogenitos et etiam extraneos), meaning that grant may allow to a plurality of claims being founded on the grant dated 1745. This view appears to be reinforced by the grant's use of the term comitem et comites. See:- Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.) (Paras. 35-36). On the other hand, the entail referred to above was an indivisible primogenitura and that ulterior succession was to be limited according to a primogenitura favouring males. Therefore although the grant envisages the possibility of a plurality of sons of the grantee, the remainder is effectively restricted only by reason of the indivisible nature of the entail restricted in favour of males
List of Title holders: 
1. Nobile Pietro Gaetano Perdicomati Bologna, 1st Contesucceeded by his son.
2. Nobile Nicola Perdicomati Bologna, 2nd Conte, succeeded by his eldest daughter.
3. Nobile Johanna Perdicomati Bologna Bonnici Platamone, 3rd Contessasucceeded by her sister.
4. Nobile Maria Angelica Perdicomati Bologna Sceberras, 4th Contessa, succeeded by her son.
5. Nobile Sir Nicola Sceberras Bologna, KCMG, (d. 1875), 5th Contesucceeded by his grand nephew.
6. Nobile Sir Gerald Strickland KCMG, 1st Baron Strickland of Sizergh, UK, (d. 1940), 6th Conte, succeeded by his grandson.
7. Nobile Lt Cdr Thomas Henry Hornyold Strickland dei Marchesi Gandolfi, (d. 1983), 7th Conte, succeeded by his son.
8. Nobile Henry Charles Hornyold Strickland dei Marchesi Gandolfi, (1951-, 8th Conte.
HeirNobile Hugo Hornyold Strickland dei Marchesi Gandolfi, (1979-, Contino della Catena.
Granted to: Nobile Sir Gerald Strickland, KCMG, Count della Catena.
By: King George V of United Kingdom.
On: 1928 at London, England, UK.
With Remainder to: to his heir males of his body.
List of Title holders:
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