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1.  Giberto da Verona, (d. 1209), a Noble from Mantua ItalyCreated Triarch of Euboea, married N, with issue.
1.1. Guglielmo da Verona, (killed in battle 1268), Triarch of Euboea, married (1) 1240 to Elena di Montferrato, married (2) 1255 to Simona de Villehardouin of Achaia, with issue.
1.1.1. (Second Marriage) Guglielmo II da Verona, (killed in battle 1275), Triarch of Euboea, married to Marguerite de Neuilly,  Lady of Passava., with issue. Bonifazio da Verona, Triarch of Euboea, married 1294 to Agnese de Cicon, Triarch of Euboea, with issue. Tomaso da Verona, (d. 1326), Triarch of Euboea, married with issue. Agnese da Verona, Lady of Larmena, married 1327 to Agnolotto Sanudo. Marulla da Verona, married 1317 to Don Alfonso Fadrique d'Aragona.
1.1.2. Giberto da Verona, (d. 1278), Triarch of Euboea, married to Maria Navigajoso, with issue. Beatrice da Verona, married to Grapozzo dalle Carceri, Triarch of Euboea., married (2) to Kean de Noyors, Sire de Maisy.
1.1.3. Margherita da Verona, married (1) Grapella da Verona, married (2) Othon de Saint-Omer, Lord of Thebes.
1.1.4. Porzia da Verona, married to Marino Sanudo, Lord of Paros.
1.1.5. Francesco da Verona, married with issue. Gaetano da Verona, Triarch of Euboea, married to Agnese Navigajoso, with issue. Maria della Carceri, married (1) to Alberto Pallavicini,  Marchese di Boudonitza., married (2) Andrea Cornaro. Bonifrzio da Verona, (d. 1317), Triarch of Euboea
1.2. Alberto da Verona, (d. 1255)., Triarch of Euboea., married to Maria de Milly, with issue.
1.2.1. Grapella da Verona, (d. 1262), Triarch of Euboea, married to Margherita da Verona.



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