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de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon family

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1.  Pons de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon, Seigneur de Ray, married to Mathelie N, with issue.
1.1. Othon de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon, (d. 1225), Seigneur de Ray., Cr: Lord of Athens 1205., married (1) N, married (2) 1208 to Elisabeth de Chappes, with issue.
1.1.1. (First Marriage) Guillaume de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon, Seigneur de Ray. (1218-62), married to Heiress of Veligosti e Damala.
1.1.2. Guy de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon, (d. 1263), Lord of Thebes, Lord of Athens (r 1225-63), Cr: 1260  Duke of Athens, married to N de Bruyeres of Karytaina, with issue. Jean de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon, (d. 1280), Duke of Athens, (r 1263-80). Guillaume de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon, (d.1287), Duke of Athens, (r 1280-87), married to Princess Helene Comneus of Epirus, with issue. Guy de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon, (d1303), Duke of Athens, (r1287-1308)., married 1300 to Mathilde de Hainaut, Princess of Achaia, dsp. Alice de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon, (d.1277), married 1249 to Jean d'Ibelin, Lord of Beirut. Marguerite de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon, (d.1293), married 1252 to Henri I, de Lorraine, Comte de Vaudemont. Isabelle de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon, married (1) 1256 to Geoffrey de Bruyeres, Lord of Karytaina, married 1277 to Hughes de Brienne, Conte di Lecce. Caterina de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon, married to Carlo di Lagonessa, Seneschal of Sicily, with issue. Agnese di Lagonessa, married to Gerardo Montalto, Barone di Buccheri.
1.1.3. Bonne de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon,  Heiress of Thebes, married 1220 to Bela de Saint-Omer.
1.1.4. (Second Marriage) Othon de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon, Seigneur de Ray (d. 1251),  Lord of Argos and Navplion, married 1239 to Marguerite de Tilchatel, with issue. Matilde de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon, married 1252 to Giovanni Barozzi, Duca di Candia.
1.2. Sibylle de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon, married to Jacques de Cicon,  Seigneur de Chatillon-Guyotte, Lord of Karystos in Eboea, with issue.
1.2.1. Othon de Cicon, (d. 1278). Triarch of Euboea., married to Agnesina Ghisi, with issue. Guy de Cicon, Triarch of Euboea., married with issue. Agnese de Cicon, married 1294 to Bonifazio da Verona.Triarch of Euboea.


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