Arfio Capodiferro origin ?


The question lies after many centuries to where Arfio Capo di Ferro sives Capodiferro  really came from. We dig into his possibilities of connections and make a few assumptions, though it is purely suggestions until a real piece of primary document shows who his parents really were.

From a historical point of view, in Malta, Abela suggested that the family were from the noble family of Rome but was not able to confirm it but for historical context, it was the view to all that wrote about this family in the future.. Without any confirmation or denial of possibilities.

It is suggested that Arfio was born around 1420, maybe in Rome or maybe in his true country of origin and at the time in Rome, a Battista Capodiferro was the Guerriero Ambasciatore of Pope Eugenio IV and married to a Ceccia Capocci.  So far, no genealogy of the earlier Capodiferro showed an Arfio as a member.

Battista Capodiferro and Cecilia Capocci had several known children, such as Bartolomeo, PierPaolo and Carolina.  The family were Nobiles of Rome and intermarried with important Roman families. It may be suggested that Arfio could have been a slave of the family and served well to manage freedom. Albanian slaves at the time were ripe in Rome amongst many old familes.  Albania at the time was going through horrid times of conflict with war with Venice. Perhaps upon the death of his master, Battista Capodiferro, Arfio was granted freedom. It is also possible that Arfio took on his masters surname upon receiving the christian faith.

As recorded history, we find Arfio in Syracusa around 1440 marrying the daughter of a Barone. And took up a Post in Malta as around 1479. This was the furtherest point from Rome. My question is, why so far from the Pinnical of the world, the Jewel of the World called Rome ?

Maybe, he was the younger son, or even an illegitimate son. Though it does not seem right to go to the ends of the world for a posting then settle there. There is no evidence to even suggest that Arfio had any ties to Rome or his so-called family.  You will find his grandson changed his surname to Testaferrata. If one came from an illustrious family, why would you change your surname !.  A Conti, Colonna, Orsini from Rome is GOLD and pure Roman nobility. If his grandson knew the true facts, he wanted it hiddien.. Think about it, why change ones surname, unless you have something to hide, perhaps !

I believe, possible to have received his freedom with high rank as a freeman, and much inheritances to be able to capture the daughter of a Sicilian Barone., then to settle in the island called Malta. Malta at the time was a fiefdom held by Sicilian nobility before the fiefdom was given to the Knights of St John of Rhodes.

The next question lies to Arfio’s grandson, Giacomo Capodiferro, who was born in Malta and changed his surname to Testaferrata. Around 1500 was the possible time when the surname of Testaferrata surfaced and became a Maltese surname. It can also be likely that Giacomo, who had married around 1500’s to the daughter of a Maltese nobleman. A new surname and the start of a new dynasty ! Can it be true that Giacomo found nothing to report of his ancestry and the true origin was to be hiddien from prying eyes. There also may be a chance that Giacomo may have burnt any documentation in Malta and in Syracusa linking Arfio’s true origin. 

The painting above was not done around the time of Arfio but much much later, when a descendant painting all the ancestors and gave each one of them a very noble look.

These are all questions unanswered and possiblities are just that. Untill an actual original document shows Arfio’s parents and origin, we will never know. A created past linking to ancient royalty and glorfication was the destination origin in all books that have written on the Testaferrata family.

Maybe the future will find in some deep dark archive, a dowry or a letter of Arfio. Though Giacomo Testaferrata made it impossible for further generations to even dig in any avenue for an answer.



Possible of the same family as the Orsini family.
1. Giovanni Capocci, (d.1225), che tuttavia attribuisce a giovanni la Podesteria di perugia nel 1223, ricoperta invece dal Giacomo, Senator of Rome 1194-1196, married with issue.
1.1. Giacomo Capocci, (c. 1260), per la carica di Podesta di Perugia nel 1223, E ancora in vita nel maggio 1259. La Tradizionale attribuzione della moglie al casato Orsini e erronea, La sua reale famiglia d'orgine, Senator of Rome 1254-1255, married with issue.
1.1.1. Pietro Capocci, (1244-1259), Cardinal of the Church.
1.1.2. Arcione Capocci, il matrimonio con una figlia di Riccardo Conti, il fratello di Innocenzo III, e stato actutmente ipotizzato da Jean Coste in base all'esame congiunto di alcune dispense matrimoniali di Giovanni XXII. married to N. Conti, with issue. Angelo Capocci, (c. 1286), Le fonti coeve non indicano mai esplicitamente la paternita di Angelo, che comunque viene qualificato come nepos del Cardinale Pietro, married with issue. Fiorenzo Capocci, (c. 1300), il nome della moglie risulta dal paragone di due lettere pontifice, una ci informa che il Cardinale Pietro Colonna aveva ottenuto da Clemente V una dispensa generale per i figli dei propri fratelli e sorelle, e che fra questi fligli figurava Fiorenzo, che era evidentemente figlio di una sorella del Cardinale, married to Aloisea Colonna, with issue. Giovanni Capocci sives Capodiferro, married (1) to Contessa Giovanna Conti, married (2) to Contessa Luciana Conti, married (3) to Perna de Albertis. Niccolo Capocci, Cardinal of the Church 1350-1368). Margherita Capocci, married to Giovanni Annibaldi. Francesca Capocci, married to Giacomo Capocci, (see below). Pietro Capocci, (d. 1308), Canon. Giacomo Capocci, (c. 1305), Signore di S.Angelo, married to Teresa Felice Orsini dei Signori di Mugnano, (see below), with issue. Margherita Capocci, married 1305 to Girolamo Colonna, Signore di Genezzano, Zagarolo, Gallicano. Fiorenzo Capocci, married 1350 to Maria Orsini dei Conti di Nola, (see below), with issue. Francesca Capocci, married to Stefano Colonna, Signore di Podio. Battista Capocci sives Capodiferro, Guerriero Ambasciatore ad Eugenio IV per gli Ordelaffi, married to Ceccia Capocci, (d/o Giacomo and Francesca), with issue. Bartolomeo Capodiferro, peritissimo nelle discipline legali, married to N. Casali, with issue. Filippo Capodiferro, (c. 1480), esperto Capitano servi Caterina Sforza contro il Duca Valentino, with issue. Evangelista Capodiferro, married to Nobile Andrea Maddaleni, Roman Nobile, with issue. Nobile Giulia Maddalena Capodiferro, married 1478 to Nobile Domenico Massimo, with issue. Nobile Camillo Massimo, (killed in the battle of Vicenza nel 1513). Nobile Lucio Massimo, d.inf. Nobile Faustina Massimo, married to Francesco Spannocchi. Nobile Nicola Massimo, d.inf. Nobile Angelo Massimo, d.inf. Nobile Francesco Massimo, d.inf. Nobile Silvio Massimo, (Mori di sette anni). Nobile Luca Massimo, (d. 1550), Signore di Prossede e Pisterzo, married to Virginia Colonna dei Signori di Montefortino, with issue. Nobile Pietro Massimo, (d. 1544), married to Faustina Rusticelli, with issue. Nobile Antonio Massimo, (d.1561), fu del Magistrato della Guerra e presto al papa in quest'ocassione pezzi d'artiglieria, married 1530 to Pantasilea Cesarini, with issue. Nobile Girolama Massimo, married 1529 to Giacomo Mattei. Nobile Angelo Massimo, (1491-1550), married (1) 1523 to Antonina Planca Incoronati, married (2) 1530 to Attilia Mattei e Borgia, with issue. (First marriage) Nobile Massimo Massimo, Maresciallo del Popolo Romano, Archbishop of Amalfi 1561, (d. 1579). Nobile Fabrizio Massimo. Nobile Tiberio Massimo, (d. 1588), married 1565 to Olimpia Mattei e Capranica, with issue. Nobile Valerio Massimo, (d. 1554), dunm. Nobile Giulio Massimo, (d. 1580), Laureato in teologia, dunm. Nobile Ottavio Massimo, (d. 1563), dunm. Nobile Livia Massimo, (d. 1587), Nun. Nobile Mario Massimo, (d. 1595), married to Artenisia Astalli, with issue. Nobile Eufemia Massimo, (d. 1611), Nun. Nobile Olimpia Massimo, married 1552 to Lorenzo Mancini. Nobile Alessandro Massimo, Podesta di Vitorchiano, Signore di Popolo Romano, (d. 1626), married to Olimpia de Cuppis, with issue. Nobile Flaustilla Massimo, married (1) 1557 to Flaminio Lante, married (2) to Conte Ugo Rangoni. Nobile Massimo Massimo, (primogenito mori fauiullo). Nobile Laura Massimo, (mori di quattordici anni). Nobile Ersilia Massimo, married 1512 to Tarquino Santacroce. Nobile Lucinia Massimo, married 1511 to Stefano Ghinucci of Siena. Nobile Silvestro Massimo, (d. 1517), dunm. Nobile Venturia Massimo, married (1) 1523 to Paolo Mazzatosta, married (2) 1532 to Onofrio Santacroce. Nobile Ippolito Massimo, (d. 1499), dunm. Nobile Giuliano Massimo, (Leo X nel 1520 la nomino sollecitore delle Lettere apotoliche, mapoco inclinato alla chieresia). Nobile Lorenzo Maddaleni Capodiferro, (1479-), Archbishop of Pesaro. Nobile Nicolea Maddaleni Capodiferro, married to Girolamo Altieri, Nobile Romano, with issue. Marcantonio Altieri, Nobile Romano, (1450-1532), married to Gregoria Paluzzi Alberteni, with issue. Giulio Altieri, Nobile Romano, married to Giulia Casali, with issue. Emilio Altieri, Nobile Romano, (d. 1579), married to Plautilla Altieri, dsp. Ottavio Altieri, Nobile Romano, (d. 1543), married to Giovanna Altieri, with issue. Marcantonio Altieri,  Nobile Romano, (d. 1571), married to Olimpia Altieri, with issue. Olimpia Altieri, Nobile Romano, (d. 1592), married to Marcantonio Altieri, Nobile Romano. Mario Altieri, Nobile Romano, married to Virginia Leni, with issue. Girolamo Altieri, Nobile Romano, (d. 1579), married to Ersilia Capranica, with issue. Orazio Altieri, Nobile Romano, (d. 1612), married to Anne du Blioul, with issue. Antonio Altieri, Nobile Romano, (1600-1665), married to Maria Virginia Altieri dei Conti Carpegna, married (2) to Lucrezia Ricci, Nobile Romana, with issue. Clemente Altieri, (1602-1649), Knight of St John of Maltadunm.l. (illegitimate with Donna Graziulla PeraltaDr Agostino Alfieri Peralta JUD, married 1660 Valletta (Notary Giuliano Felice) to Gennerosa Vincella di Santoro, with issue (Descendants Link). Ersilia Altieri, married to Girolamo della Porta, Nobile Romano. Anna Maria Altieri. Laura Altieri. Lorenzo Altieri, (d. 1638), married to Vittoria Delfini, Nobile Romana, with issue. Cardinal Giovanni Battista Altieri, (1589-1654). Pope Clement X (1590-1676). Giulia Altieri, married to Paolo del Bufalo, Nobile Romano. Lucrezia Altieri, married to Paolo Castellani, Nobile Romano. Nobile Faustina Paola Altieri, Nobile Romano, married to Nobile Bartolomeo Capo di Ferro sives Testaferrata. Bernardina Capodiferro, married to Alfonso Recanati, with issue. Girolamo Recanati Capodiferro, (1502-1559), Cardinal of the Church. Fiorenzo Niccolo Capodiferro, married to N. Capranica, with issue. Girolama Capodiferro Capranica, married 1531 to Giulio Mancini. Federico Capodiferro, married to Virginia N, with issue. Antonia Capodiferro, married to Pietro Antonio Mattei. Pantasilea Capodiferro, married to Mariano Crescenzi, with issue. Marcello Crescenzi, (1500-1552), Cardinal created 1542. PierPaolo Capocci, married to Maria Vitelli. Carolina Capocci, married to Giacomo Casali. Milite Arfio Capodiferro, (Took a post in the Kingdom of Sicily as Garison Commander),  possible stem to the Testaferrata family of Malta. Simonetta Capocci, married to Gentile Orsini, (see below). Oddone Capocci, (d. 1281), L'identificazione del padre in Arcione e confermata sia dall'attivita politica di Oddone intorno al 1250, sia dall'ubicazione del Castello da lui fondato o Mastorta, sita nell'area dei dominii familiari attribuita si infine dal successivo passaggio del castello ad altri discendenti di Arcione. Per la data di morte, di poco anteriore al 29 gennaio 1282, si veda il documento copiato da Pierluigi Galletti.
1.1.3. Costanza Capocci, married to Filippo Mareri.
1.1.4. Giovanni Medepanis Capocci, married Contessa Bianca Conti, with issue. Processo Capocci, (c. 1303), married with issue. Giacomo Capocci, (c. 1354), sposato con Francesca, risulta gia defunto nel 1354., married to Francesca Stefaneschi of Rome, with issue. Paolo Capocci., (c. 1375) Lorenzo Capocci, Canon, fra il 1330 e il 1334. Paolo Capocci, (c. 1360). Cesso Capocci, (d. 1343), Signore di San Angelo in Peschiera, married to Caterina N, with issue. Giovanni Capocci sives Capodiferro, (d. 1377), married to Giovanna Orsini, with issue. Loisio Capodiferro. Lella Capodiferro. Perna, married to Giovanni Bobone. Giacomo Capocci, married to Francesca Capocci, (see above), with issue. Buccio Capocci. Fiorenzio Capocci. Lucia Capocci. Cecca Capocci, married to Battista Capocci, (see above). Giovanna Capocci, married to Francesco Bonaventura. Pietro Capocci, (c. 1310), personaggi attestati solo da un atto del 1310, in cui compare Thomas domini Petri, e da una serie di atti del 1364-1371 relativi ai quattro matrimoni di una figlia di Tommaso, Caterinamarried to Caterina N, with issue. Tommaso Capocci. Paolo Capocci, Teste nel 1268 al testamento di Pietro di Vico, dispensato nel 1289 del quatrto grado di consanguineita per sposare. Podesta di Perugia nel 1292., married to Costanza Henrici, with issue. Giovanni Capocci., married with issue. Celenda Capocci, married 1329 to Stefano Colonna. Elizabetta Capocci, Signora di Palidoro, married to Valeriano Muti. Filippa Capocci, married to Bertoldo Orsini, (see below).
1.2. Giacomo Capocci, (c. 1258), si tratta di un ramo molto mal conosciuto, Un Iacobus minor, padre del dominus Angelus Capucie, e ricordato come defunto un una pergamena contenente tre pagamenti effettuati dal Cardinal Pietro Capocci in quanto esecutore testamentario di Stefano Arcioni. Forse sempre alla discendenza di Giacomo minor appartiene poi tal Giovanni padre del Canonico Stefano e Signore del Castello di Monte Fiore, ricordato in due lettere di Niccolo IV, with issue.
1.2.1. Angelo Capocci.
1.3. Costanza Capocci, married to Nobile Gentile Orsini, Signore di Mugnano, Penna, Nettuno e Pitigliano, Nobile Romano, with issue.
1.3.1. Romano Orsini, (d. 1274), Monk, dunm.
1.3.2. Perna Orsini, married to Pietro Stefaneschi, Signore di PortoNobile Romano.
1.3.3. Angela Orsini, married to Guasttarano de'Paparoni, Conte dell'Anguillara.
1.3.4. Bertoldo Orsini, (d. 1319), Signore di Penna, Pitigliano, Nettuno.., Conte di Romagna, married to Filippa Capocci, (See above), with issue. Gentile Orsini, (d. 1314), Signore di Pitigliano, Senator of Rome 1280, 1286, 1287, 1300, 1304, 1306, married (1) to Simonetta Capocci, (see above), married (2) to Clarice Ruffo dei Conti di Catanzaro, married (3) to Giacoma Pierleoni, Nobile Romano, with issue. (First marriage) Romano Orsini, (1268-1327), 1st Conti di Nola e Soana 1292, married 1293 to Anastasia de Montfort dei Conti di Nola e Soana, (d/o Guy de Montfort and Margherita Aldobrandesca), with issue. Roberto Orsini, (1295-1345), 2nd Conte di Nola, married 1329 to Sveva del Balzo dei Conti di Soleto, with issue. Nicola Orsini, (1331-1399), 3rd Conte di Nola, married 1352 to Giovanna de Sabran dei Conti di Ariano, with issue. Giacomo Orsini, (d. 1379), Cardinal of the Churchdunm. Anastasia Orsini, (d. 1351), married to Giordano Orsini, Signore di Montertondo. Maria Orsini, married 1350 to Fiorenzo Capocci, (see above). Guido Orsini, (d. 1348), 1st Conte di Pitigliano e Soana, married to Agostina della Gherardesca dei Conti di Donoratico, with issue. Aldobrandino Orsini, (d. 1384), 2nd Conte di Pitigliano e Soana, married 1350 to Mabilia dei Conti Gaetano, with issue. Gentile Orsini, (d. 1358), married to Gentilina da Varano dei Signorina di Camerinowith issue. Beatrice Orsini, (d. 1384). Aldobrandesca Orsini, (d. 1384), married to Corrardo Monaldoeschi dei Conti della Cervara. Gemma Orsini, (d. 1384). Nicola Orsini, (d. 1376). Romano Orsini, Nobile Romano. Benedetta Orsini, Nobile Romana. Bertoldo Orsini, (d. 1353), Senator of Rome 1347, married 1342 to Sancia Gaetani dei Conti di Fondi, with issue. Simona Orsini, married to Tommaso da Marzano, 1st Conte di Squillace. Anna Orsini, married to Orso Orsini di Campodifiore, Senatore of Rome 1315. (illegitimate) Pietro Orsini.  Costanza Orsini, married to Riccardo degli Annibaldeschi, Signoire di MolaraNobile Romano. Mabilia Orsini, married to Andrea Orsini di Campodifiore. Margherita Orsini, married (1) to Giovanni de'Boboni, Nobile Romano, married (2) to Aldobrandino Aldobrandeschi dei Conti di Santa Fiora. Angiola Orsini, married to Giovanni de'Normanni, Nobile Romano. Filippa Orsini, Nun. Perna Orsini, married to Poncello Orsini. Francesco Orsini, Priest. Orsina Orsini, married to Francesco I d'Este, Marchese d'Este. Matteo Rosso Orsini, (1320-1305), Nobile Romano, Cardinal 1262. Orso Orsini, (d. 1327),. Nobile RomanoSignore di Mugnano, married 1292 to Jacopa Savelli, with issue. Pietro Orsini, (d. 1326), Archbishop of Naples 1323. N. Orsini, married to Giacomo Sciarra Colonna. Felice Orsini, married to Pietro Giacomo Capocci. Napoleone Orsini, (d. 1325), Signore di Mugnano, Senator of Rome 1313., married to Paola N, with issue. N. Orsini, married to Jacopo Colonna. N. Orsini, married to Pietro N. Costanza Orsini, (d. 1330), married to Luchino Fieschi, Conte di Lavagna, Patrizio Genovese. Andrea Orsini. Poncello Orsini, Signore di Valerano 1307, married with issue. Elisabetta Orsini, married to Roffredo Caetani, Signore di Sermoneta.





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