Siculo Arabic family of Xerri

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Our data online is to share. We do appreciate if you find a connection to share your data, so it can help many others all across this planet. Prince Zerru bin Defyr, (1235-), married with issue. Nobile Bernardo bin Xerru, (1270-), married with issue. Nobile Zaccaru Xerri, (1300-), married with issue. Nobile Bernardu Xerri, (1330-), married with issue. Nobile Arrigu Xerri, (1360-), Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420., married with issue. Nobile Michele Xerri, (1390-), Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420, married with issue. Nobile Paolo Xerri, (1420-), married with issue. Michele Xerri, married 1480 and 1522 (Notary Giulio Cumbo) to Agata Pisani, daughter of Tomaso Pisani, with issue. Giacomo Xerri, married Ventura Tonna, with issue. Elizabetta Xerri, married 1525 to Leonardo Xuereb. Scolastica Xerri, married 1549 to Giuliano Moscati. Tomaso Xerri, dunm. Giovanna Xerri, married (1) Matteo Camenzuli., Married (2) Salvo Montagnes. Caterina Xerri, married (1) Luca Zammit, married (2) Not. Girolamo Cumbo. Judge Gregorio Scerri, Giudice e Assessore (1512), married (1) Marguerite Xuereb, married (2) 1535 to Paola Tabone, with issue. (First Marriage) Antonio Scerri, 'Tried for Heresy in 1563'., married (1) Isabella de Bordino, married (2) Giovanna Bartolo, with issue. Margarita Scerri, married Garzia Mompalao. Paola Scerri, 'nun'., dunm. Don. Salvatore Scerri, 'Canon', dunm. Girolamo Scerri, married Agata Vassallo, with issue. Dr. Gio Antonio Scerri JUD, married (1) 1599 to Agata Abela, married (2) 1603 to Lorenza Xara, with issue. (First Marriage) Agata Scerri, married (1) 1618 to Alfonso Xara, Married (2) 1625 to Dr. Gio Vincenzo Galea JUD. (Second Marriage) Antonia Scerri, married Dr. Gio Francesco Perdicomati JUD. Domenica Scerri (Xerri), (Later a Nun -Mistress to her Brother in-law, Dr Gio Vincenzo Galea JUD). Don. Alessandro Scerri, 'Canon', dunm. Dr. Orlando Scerri JUD, married (1) N.N, Married (2) 1637 Naxxar to Gerolama Sammut, with issue. (First Marriage) Gio Domenico Scerri, Capitano della Verga of Malta, married Virginia Xara., with issue. Giovanni Scerri, married 1680 Mdina to Clara Mamo, with issue. Rosa Xerri, (1683 Zebbug-. Scolastica Scerri (Xerri), (1687 Zebbug-, married 1707 Zebbug to Antonio Fenech. Clemenzio Xerri, (1690 Zebbug -. Pietro Xerri, (1693 Zebbug-, married 1711 Zebbug to Grazia Zammit, with issue. Paolo Xerri, (1712 Zebbug -. Pasquale Xerri, (1714 Zebbug -, married 1752 Valletta to Anna Xicluna, with issue. Francesco Xerri, (1716 Zebbug -. Giovanni Xerri, (1718 Zebbug -. Maria Xerri, (1720 Zebbug -. Paolo Felice Xerri, (1722 Zebbug -. Clara Paolica Xerri, (1725-. Anna Maria Giovanna Xerri, (1725 Zebbug -. Giuseppe Agostino Stefano Xerri, (1729-. Anna Sapienza Filippa Xerri, (1731 Zebbug -. Domenico Xerri, (1693 Zebbug -. Maria Xerri, (1695 Zebbug -. Caterina Xerri, (1698 Zebbug -. Marietta Scerri., dunm. Genevra Scerri, married Gio Filippo Cagnara. Caterina Scerri, married 1602 to Fabio della Graziolo of Naples. (Second Marriage) Gio Maria Xerri, married 1668 Valletta to Maria N, with issue. Antonio Xerri, married 1684 Valletta to Teodora Portelli, with issue. Rosa Maria Xerri, married 1728 Cospicua to Filippo Dimech, with issue. Anna Dimech, married 1759 Cospicua to Clemente Cachia., with issue. Grazia Cachia, maried 1789 Cospicua to Andrea Debono, with issue. Giovanni Debono, married to Anna Azzopardi. Vincenza Scerri, married (1) Giovanni Xara, Married (2) Gio Franco Castelletti. Dr. Niccolo Antonio Scerri JUD, married 1554 to Antonella Cassar, with issue. Angela Scerri, dunm. Marietta Scerri, married 1575 to Dr Bernardo de Laudhrit JUD. Salvatore Xerri, married 1575 Mdina to Imperia Xiberras, with issue.  Gio Paolo Xerri, married 1586 Naxxar to Agata Xiberras, with issue. (Second Marriage) Gio Francesco Scerri, 1580 Purchased the Barony of Castel Cicciano of Naples, married to Imperia dei Baroni Surdo, with issue. Antonella Scerri, married 1574 to Nobile Paolo Cumbo. Caterina Scerri, married 1567 to Nobile Gio Paolo Manduca. Gregorio Scerri (d. 1623), Barone di Castel Cicciano, Capitano della Verga of Malta 1584-1623, married 1579 to Imperia Cassia, with issue. Gio Francesco Scerri, "Baroncino di Castel Cicciano", (d. 1598) dunm. Caterina Scerri, (became a nun), dunm.l. (illegitimate with Fra Antoine de la Tour de Limevil) Petronilla de Xerri, married 1605 Mdina to Bernardo Cagliola, with issue. Speranza Cagliola, married 1622 Mdina to Mario Fanchel. Margarita Scerri, married 1603 to Dr Ascanio Surdo JUD, Barone di Castel Cicciano. (illegitimate) Gio Maria "Vito"de Xerri, married 1586 Mdina to Maria Giovanna Galea, with issue. Pietro Xerri, married 1651 Zebbug to Grazia Vassallo, with issue. Maruzzo Xerri, married to Margherita Camilleri (d/o Salvatore and Silvia), with issue. Giovanni Xerri., married 1743 Valletta to Silvestra Saguna (d/o Gio Domenico and Giovanna), with issue. Sir Raffaele Crispino Xerri, G.C.M.G. Chief Justice of Malta, (1745-1836). , married 1773 to Gaetana Buhagiar, with issue. Maria Teresa Xerri., married 1803 Valletta to Sir Claudio Vincenzo Bonnici JUD, KCMG. Giuseppe Bartolomeo Xerri, (1748-1821), Archbishop (Elect) of Tiana, dunm. Domenica Xerri, married 1693 Zebbug to Geronimo Azzopardi, with issue. Grazia Azzopardi, married 1711 Valletta to Francesco Muscat, with issue. Arcangelo Azzopardi, married 1734 Lija to Grazia Grima. Lorenzo Azzopardi, married 1761 Valletta to Caterina Cassar, with issue. Angelica Azzopardi, married 1788 Valletta to Giuseppe Bugeja. Speranza Azzopardi, married 1714 Valletta to Gaetano Bigeni. Maddalena Azzopardi, married 1719 Valletta to Saverio Schembri, (See on this page), with issue. Maria Schembri, married 1747 Valletta to Francesc Aloiseo Assenza, (see on this page). Olimpia Schembri, married 1766 Valletta to Francesco Aloisio Assenza, (see on this page).. Tomaso Xerri, married 1692 Zebbug to Domenica Zarb. Giuseppe Xerri, married 1677 Zebbug to Domenica Grima. Gregorio Xerri, married 1662 Zebbug to Anna Muscat. Giovannella Xerri, married 1624 Mdina to Stefano Abdilla. Don Lucis Scerri, "Chierco", dunm. (illegitimate) Giovanni Scerri, married 1584 Mdina to Donna Margarita Ruffo di Sinapoli, with issue. Scerri, married 1624 Mdina to Gio Maria Mifsud. Vincenzo Xerri, married 1625 Mosta to Agata Sammut, with issue. Maria Xerri, married 1656 Mosta to Giuliano Borg. Bernardo Xerri, married 1624 Mosta to Marietta Galea, with issue. Gio Maria Xerri, married 1667 Mosta to Maria Azzopardi, with issue. Domenico Xerri, married 1697 Mosta to Grazia Chetcuti, with issue. Maria Xerri, married 1720 Mosta to Domenico Mifsud. Evangelista Xerri, married 1727 Mosta to Giuseppe Muscat. Evangelista Xerri, married 1689 Mosta to Lazzaro Chetcuti. Speranza Xerri, married 1661 Mosta to Domenico Camilleri. (illegitimate) Maddalena Scerri, married 1603 Birkirkara to Bartolomeo di Parisi. Imperia Scerri, married (1) Lorenzo Cassar, Married (2) Antonio Bonello. Gio Matteo Scerri, 'Senza Prole', dunm. Sebastiano Scerri (Xerri), married (c. 1520) to Nobile Aloisetta Storiale, with issue. Geronimo Scerri, married 1559 Ghargur to Nobile Antonia Cusburella, with issue. Domenico Scerri, married at Ghargur to Agatha Grech, with issue. Biagio Scerri, married (1) 1617 Ghargur to Margherita Borg, married (2) 1665 Ghargur to Maria Buttigieg, with issue. (First Marriage). Domenico Scerri, married 1642 to Caterina Zarb, with issue. Pietro Scerri, married (1) 1684 Birkirkara to Maria Grech, married (2) 1686 Mosta to Antonia Azzopardi, married (3)1693 Gharghur to Anna Maria Bezzina, with issue. (Second Marriage) Tomaso Scerri., married 1717 Valletta to Elena Fenech., with issue. Giuseppe Scerri., married (1) 1764 Rabat Gozo to Teresa Apap, married (2) 1775 Kirkop to Caterina Zammit., with issue. (Second Marriage) Saveria Scerri., married 1795 Valletta to Conte Luigi Maria Gatto. Tomaso Scerri. Dr Enrico Scerri (Xerri) MD (Salerno) ., married 1800 Birkirkara to Maria Pajas (d/o Giuseppe and Maddalena)., with issue. Tomaso Scerri. Hon. Michele Angelo Scerri, (Member of 1st Council of Government of Malta), married 1834 Valletta to Vincenza Mamo, with issue. Don Goffredo Scerri, (Vicar General of the Cathedral), dunm 1885. Emilia Scerri, married to Antonio Pullicino. Enrico Scerri, married to Ursola Cipriott. Elena Scerri. Giulia Scerri, married 1875 to Col. Antonio Gatt. Giorgina Scerri, married to Vito Eugenio. Roberto Scerri, married 1871 Alexandria Egypt to Giuseppina Weiss, with issue. Elena Scerri, married to Giovanni Dingli. Dr Michele Angelo Scerri LLD, married 1902 to Adelina Pellegrini Petit, with issue. Robert Scerri, married to Amy Lowell. Dr Joseph Scerri Ph.C. MD, (Artist), ( 1905 - 93), married to Josephine Gatt, with issue. Ermina Scerri, married to Walter Gaffiero, with issue. Mary Scerri, married to Walter Caruana. Rosario Scerri married to Mary Pace Axiak, with issue. Edward Scerri, married Eleonora Spiteri Paris, with issue. Josephine Scerri, married 1975 to Joseph Delia, with issue. Dr Jurgen K. Delia, B.Ch.D, married 2009 to Laura Borg Bonnici. Capt. Giuseppe Scerri, married to Agnese Caruana, with issue. Caterina Scerri, married to Giuseppe Arpa, with issue. Giovanni Battista Scerri, married to Carmela Gatt, with issue. Gaetana Scerri., married (1) Dr Giovanni Grungo JUD., married 1805 Valletta to Dr Emmanuele Debono JUD. Don Salvatore Scerri. "Priest"., dunm. Elena Scerri. Maria Scerri, married 1760 Valletta to Conte Dr Francesco Giorgio Locano JUD. Gregorio Scerri, married 1711 Qormi to Graziulla Mifsud, with issue. Teresa Scerri, married (1) 1741 Qormi to Gabriele Causi, married (2) 1752 Valletta to Jean Francois Vincenzo Gai Lebrun of France, with issue. (Second Marriage) Giuseppe Gai Lebrun, married 1781 Valletta to Angela Gatt, with issue. Gio Battista Gai Lebrun, married 1811 Valletta to Rosa Micallef, with issue. Giovanni Gai Lebrun, married to Marietta Amore, with issue. Gioacchino Gai Lebrun, married 1855 Senglea to Angelica Gai Le Brun, (Cousin). Francesco Gai Lebrun, married 1810 Valletta (first cousin) to Ferdinanda Gai Lebrun, with issue. Angelica Gai Lebrun, married 1855 Senglea to Gioacchino Gai Le Brun, (See Above). Rosalia Gai Lebrun, married 1854 Senglea to Dr Gio Francesco Baldacchino MD. Giovanna Gai Lebrun, married 1807 Valletta to Nobile Isidore Farrugia Dodsworth, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, with issue. Nobile Annette Farrugia Gay, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married to Conte Paolo Felice. Nobile Fiorentina Farrugia Gay, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married to Conte Giuseppe Felice. Gioacchino Gai Lebrun, married (1) 1796 Valletta to Rosa Muscat, married (2) 1804 Valletta to Rosa Vella, with issue. (First Marriage) Ferdinanda Gai Lebrun, married 1810 Valletta to (First Cousin) Francesco Gai Lebrun. Maria Gai Lebrun, married 1775 Valletta to Louis Michele Chartier of Nogent sur Seine, France. Mery Gai Lebrun, (1756-1843), married 1785 Dordogne, France to Jeanne Maze, with issue. Jean Gay, (1793-1855), married 1816 Dordogne, France to Jeanne Baugier, with issue. Pierre Gay, (1817-1847), married 1844 Dordogne, France to Catherine Bonnet, with issue. Leonard Gay, (1846-1918), married 1872 Dordogne, France to Marguerite la Forest, with issue. Marguerite Gay, (1883-1974), married 1907 Dordogne, France to Maurice Doursenot, with issue. Renee Doursenot, (1908-2001), married 1934 Cahors, Lots, France to Nobile Andre de Laborde de Monpezat, with issue. Nobile Francoise de Laborde de Monpezat, married to Claude Bardin, with issue. Xavier Bardin. Antoine Bardin. Guillaume Bardin. Nobile Henri de Laborde de Monpezat, (1934-2018), HRH, Prince Consort of Denmark., married 1967 Copenhagen, Denmark to Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, with issue. HRH, Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark, (1968-, created in 2008, Count of Monpezat, married 2003 to Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, with issue. HRH, Prince Christian of Denmark, Count of Monpezat, (2005-. HRH, Princess Isabella of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat, (2007-. HRH, Prince Vincent of Denmark, Count of Monpezat, (2011-. HRH, Princess Josephine of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat, (2011-. HRH, Prince Joachim of Denmark, (1969-., created in 2008, Count of Monpezat, married (1) 1995 (Div 2005) to Alexandria Christina Manley, later created Countess of Fredericksborg, married (2) 2007 to Marie Cavallier, with issue. (First marriage) HH, Prince Nikolai of Denmark, Count of Monpezat, (1999-. HH, Prince Felix of Denmark, Count of Monpezat, (2002-. (Second marriage) HH, Prince Henrik of Denmark, Count of Monpezat, (2009-. HH. Princess Athena of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat, (2012-. Nobile Marie de Laborde de Monpezat, (1935-. Nobile Joseph de Laborde de Monpezat, (1939-. Nobile Therese de Laborde de Monpezat, (1940-. Nobile Jean-Baptiste de Laborde de Monpezat, (1943-., married to Isabella Vilgrain, with issue. Nobile Adelaide de Laborde de Monpezat, (1973-. Nobile Clemence de Laborde de Monpezat, (1974-, married 2010 to Pierre Cathala, with issue. Elie Cathala. Violette Cathala. Nobile Gregoire de Laborde de Monpezat, (1977-. Nobile Etienne de Laborde de Monpezat, married (1) to Isabella Comolli, married (2) to Gillian Marion Pretty, with issue. (First marriage) Nobile Raphael de Laborde de Monpezat, (1981-, married 2011 to Agnese Jany. Nobile Bertrand de Laborde de Monpezat, (1986-, married 2016 to Caroline Boucherit. Nobile Arthur de Laborde de Monpezat, (1988-. Nobile Catherine de Laborde de Monpezat, (1946-, Nun. Jeanne Gay, (1875-1934), married 1896 to Pierre Rebiere. Anna Gai Lebrun, married 1804 Valletta to Claude Perret of France. Maria Xerri, married 1742 Valletta to Giuseppe Gauci. Anna Xerri, married 1755 Qormi to Raimondo Tanti. Antonia Xerri, married 1748 Qormi to Antonio Bugeja., with issue. Giacomo Bugeja, married 1774 Valletta to Paolina Calo. Antonio Bugeja, married 1777 Valletta to Maria Micallef. Clemenzo Xerri, married 1669 Gharghur to Felicita Aquilina. Geronimo Xerri, married 1673 Gharghur to Giovannella Aquilina. Maria Xerri, married 166 Gharghur to Pietro Bezzina. Grazia Xerri, married 1672 Gharghur to Domenico Mifsud. Leonardo Xerri, married 1637 Naxxar to Maria Sammut, with issue. Domenico Xerri, married 1643 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Cardona, with issue. Francesco Xerri, married 1679 Matrice Gozo to Caterina Bigeni, with issue. Giuseppe Xerri, married 1707 Xaghra Gozo to Caterina Said, with issue. Grazia Xerri, married 1743 Qormi to Giuseppe Falzon. Paolo Xerri, married 1700 Valletta to Caterina Calleja. Gio Maria Xerri, married 1713 Rabat Gozo to Orsola Teuma. Giovanni Xerri, married 1675 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Pace. Salvatore Xerri, married 1681 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Agius. Maria Xerri, married 1670 Matrice Gozo to Giovanni Grech. Antonia Xerri, married 1701 Xaghra Gozo to Giuseppe Vella. Gio Maria Xerri, married 1668 Valletta to Marietta N. Grazio Xerri, married 1669 Valletta to Margherita Schembri. Vennera Xerri, married 1689 Mosta to Giovanni Farrugia. Maria Xerri, married 1656 Naxxar to Pietro Schembri. Xerri, married 1659 Naxxar to Clemenzio Magro, with issue. Mro Salvatore Magro, married 1684 Zebbug to Domitilla Evangelista Viriginia Zammit, with issue. Antonio Magro, married 1711 Mqabba to Maria Zammit, with issue. Gio Domenico Magro, married 1746 Qormi to Rafaela Zammit, with issue. Rosa Magro, married 1770 Qormi to Francesco Sacco. Vincenza Xerri, married 1586 Naxxar to Giovanni Calleja. Antonio Xerri, married 1573 Mdina to Marietta Cagege, with issue. Caterina Xerri, married 1596 Mdina to Nobile Leonardo sives Lazzaro Axac. Mariano Xerri, married 1616 Mdina to Maria Anna Taliana, with issue. Natale Xerri, married 1645 Mdina to Imperia Agius, with issue. Pietro Xerri, married 1671 Mdina to Margherita Azzopardi. Mro Dioniso Tomaso Xerri, married 1557 Mdina to Nobile Dorotea dello Re Storiale., with issue. Aloisetta Xerri, married 1600 Valletta to Mco Paolo Ramucci, with issue. Eufemia Ramucci, married 1631 Valletta to Mro Michele Busuttil. Genobia Xerri, married 1595 Valletta to Nobile Filippo Corogna. Mro Giuseppe Xerri, married (1) 1602 (Notary Bernardo Azzopardi ) to Nobile Speranza Hachem, married (2) 1608 (Notary Mario Allegritto) to Nobile Margherita Hachem. Salvatore Xerri, married 1618 Matrice Gozo to Laura Refalo, with issue. Gio Maria Xerri, married 1665 Matrice Gozo to Natalizia Mercieca, with issue. Giorgio Xerri, married 1710 (Notary Tomaso Cauchi) to Natalizia Portelli, with issue. Giorgio Xerri, married 1756 Valletta to Giuseppa Borg, with issue. Giovanni Xerri, married 1782 Valletta to Caterina Farrugia, with issue. Antonia Xerri, married 1807 Rabat Gozo to Michel Angelo Gatt. Nobile Andria Xerri, (1395-), Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420. Nobile Randinu Xerri, (1365-), Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420., married with issue. Nobile Cutajta Xerri, (1395-), Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420. Nobile Zaccaru Xerri, (1335-), married with issue. Nobile Ximuni Xerri, (1370-), Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420.

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