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1. Etienne de Vaux, created Seigneur de Joinville (d. 1027), married with issue.
1.1. Geoffrey I de Joinville, Sire de Joinville, (d. 1080), married to Blanche de Reynel, with issue.
1.1.1. Houdouin de Nully.
1.1.2. Geoffrey II de Joinville, Sire de Joinville, (d. 1101), married to Hodierne de Courtenay, with issue. Etienne de Joinville. Renard de Joinville. Roger de Joinville, Sire de Joinville, (d. 1137), married to Adelaide de Vignory, with issue. Geoffrey III de Joinville, Sire de Joinville, (d. 1188), married to Felicite de Brienne, with issue. Geoffrey IV de Joinville, Sire de Joinville, (d. 1190), married to Helvide de Dampierre, with issue. Geoffrey V de Joinville, Sire de Joinville, (d. 1204), . Simone, Sire de Joinville, (d. 1233), married (1) to Ermengarde de Montclair, married (2) to Beatrice d'Auxonne, with issue. (Second marriage) Jean, Sire de Joinville, (1224-1317), Historian who wrote the life of St Louis IX of France, married 1230 to Alix de Grandpre (d/o of Henri IV, Comte de Grandpre), with issue. Goffredo de Joinville (sives Ianvilla), (d. 1285 in Italy), Cr Signore di Calvi e della Rocca di Mondragone in Naples, married 1270 to Mabile de Villehardouin di Lezinnes, with issue. Goffredo II Ianvilla, (d. 1297), Signore di Calvi e della Rocca di Mondragone..., married to Filippa di Beaumont (d/o Pietro Signore di Montescaglioso), with issue. Filippo Ianvilla, (d.1315), 1st Conte di Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi created 1313, married to Ilaria di Sus, Signora di Nusco..., with issue. Nicolo Ianvilla, (d.1335), 2nd Conte di Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi, married 1327 to Giovanna del Balzo, with issue. Giovanni Nicola Ianvilla, (d.1363), 3rd Conte di Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi, married (1) to Rebecca Marramaldo, married (2) 1338 to Francesca de Sabran di Ariano, (d/o Guglielmo, Conte di Ariano), with issue. Elisario Ianvilla, (d.1409), Abbot di Santa Maria di Gualdo, dunm. Amelio Ianvilla, (d.1413), 4th Conte di Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi, married 91) 1367 to Violante San Severino dei Conti di Mileto, married (2) to Violamte di Asperch, with issue. (Second Marriage) Giovanna Ianvilla, Contessa di Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi, married (1) to Simone III de'Sangro, Signore di Bugnara, married (2) to Luigi di Sabran, Conte di Ariano, married (3) Nicola Filangieri, Signore di Lapio. (illegitimate) Giovanni Nicola Ianvilla, (d.1443), Signore di San Giorgio di MontefuscoCapitano of Queen Giovanna II of Naples,  married with issue. Violante Ianvilla, (d. 1490), Signora di San Giorgio di Montefusco, married to Fusio Brancaccio I, Conte di Noia. (illegitimate) Violante Ianvilla, married to Francesco Attardo, 3rd Barone di Ginelfare, Migulup e Saggajja. Ilaria Ianvilla, (d.1529), Signora di Nusco, married to Pietro Brancaccio. Luigi Ianvilla, (d.1384), Signore di Maralfi, married (1) to Antonella di Sangro, married (2) to Orsolina de Yels dei Conti di Satriano., dsp. Filippo Ianvilla, (d.1382), married to Agnese di Pietramala., with issue. Luigia Ianville, Signorina di Maralfi, married to Milite Enrico la Malina, Knight, with issue. Niccolo la Malina, de Jure Signore di Maralfiexiled to Malta, married to Giovanna de la Porta, with issue. Fra Enrico la Malina, Canon, dunm. Lemo la Malina, founder of Gius. di S.Agata del Zurrico, married to Dulcia Sayd, with issue. Agatuccia la Malina, Nun. Paula la Malina, married 1479 to Salvatore Sayd. Francesca la Malina, de Jure Signorina di Maralfi, married 1475 to Pietro Bava. Fra Amelio la Malina, Priest, dunm. Erarda Ianvilla, married Filippo Siginolfo, Signore di Zuncolo. Giovanni II Ianvilla, (d.1299), Signore di Venafro e di Rivello, Grand Constable of Sicily, married (1) 1281 to Belladama Ruffo dei Conti di Catanzaro., married (2) 1284 to Isabela Filangieri dei Conti di Marsico, with issue. (Second Marriage) Goffredo Ianvilla, (d.1327), Signore di Venafro. Nicola Ianvilla, (d.1317), cr Conte di Terranova, married 1329 to Margherita di Lauria, Signora di Gerbi e Kerkel., dsp. Isabella Ianvilla, married 1306 to Roffredo Filomarino. Nicola Ianvilla, Regente della Vicaria 1291-1306), married to Giovanna de Toulouse-Lautrec, dei Conti di Mirabella, dsp. Guglielmo Ianvilla, (d.1314), Signore di Briquenay, married 1309 to Beatrice de Brienne dei Signori di Ramerupt, with issue. Alice Ianvilla, (d.1358), married 1335 to Jean II de Sarrebruck, Signore di Commercy. Jean d'Ancerville. Jean de Reynel. Anseau de Joinville, Sire de Joinville, (1265-1343), married (1) 1302 to Laure de Sarrebruck-Commercy, married (2) 1323 to Marguerite de Vaudemont, with issue. (First marriage) Jeanne de Joinville, Dame de Rimaucourt, married to Jean de Noyers, Comte de Joigny. (Second marriage) Henri V de Joinville, Comte de Vaudemont, Seigneur de Joinville, (1327-1365), married 1347 to Marie de Luxembourg, with issue. Marguerite de Joinville, (1354-1418), Comtesse de Vaudemonet, Dame de Joinville et de Houdan, married (1) 1367 to Jean I de Chalon, Seigneur de Montagu, married (2) 1374 to Pierre, Comte de Geneve, married (3) 1393 to Federick I, Duc de Lorraine. Alix de Joinville, (d. 1413), married 1373 to Thibault VII, Seigneur de Neufchatel. Isabeau de Joinville, married 1348 to Jean de Vergy, Seigneur de Mirebeau. Mathilde de Joinville, married to Charles, Seigneur de Haraucourt et de Louppy. Gautier de Beaupre. Andre de Bonney. Marguerite de Joinville. Alix de Joinville. Geoffrey de Joinville, (1225-1314), Sieur de Vaucouleurs in Champagnecreated 1298 Barone Geneville in Ireland, married to Maude de Lacy, with issue. Geoffrey de Geneville, (d. 1283). Sir Piers de Geneville of Trim and Ludlow, (1256-1292), married 1283 to Jeanne de Lusignan, with issue. Joan de Geneville, (1286-1356), married 1301 to Roger de Mortimer, 1st Earl of March. Maude de Geneville, Nun. Beatrice de Geneville, Nun. Joan de Geneville, married to Gerald FitzMaurice FitzGerald. Guillaume de Joinville, (d. 1226), Archbishop of Reims. Robert de Joinville, (d. 1205). Gertrude de Joinville. Guy III de Joinville, (1125-1190), created 1164 Comte Bishop de Chalon. Hadwige de Joinville, married to Gobert I d'Aspremont.
1.1.3. Etienne de Joinville, Abbott, dunm.
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