Komnenos family of Greece
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1. Manuel Komnenos, (d. 1025), Solider from Comne, near Adrianople, later General of Emperor Basil II, granted lands in Castamon, Paphlagonia, married with issue.
1.1. Isaac I Komnenos, (1005-1061), Byzantine Emperor, (r 1057-1061), married to Princess Ekaterina of Bulgaria, (d/o Ivan Vladislav), with issue.
1.1.1. Manuel Komnenos, (d. 1057).
1.1.2. Princess Maria Komnenos, (d. 1059), Nun.
1.1.3. Princess Helene Komnenos, married to Nima Kalbid, Emir of Agrigento and Castrogiovanni.
1.2. Princess N. Komnenos, married to Michael Dokeianos, with issue.
1.2.1. Prince N Dokeianos, (d. 1073).
1.2.2. Princess N. Dokeianos, married to Tailu Danismend, Malik of Sebastia.
1.3. Prince Joannes Komnenos, (1010-1067), married 1040 to Anna Dalassena, with issue.
1.3.1. Prince Manuel Komnenos, (1042-killed in battle 1071), married 1065 to Princess N. Diogene, (sister of Emperor Romanos IV Diogenes), with issue. Princess N. Komnenos, (1068-), married 1081 to Prince N. Botaneiates, (Grand son of Emperor Nikeforos III Botaneiates). Princess N. Komnenos, married to Gumustekin, Malik of Danismend. Princess N. Komnenos, married to Melik Gazi, Melik of Danismend.
1.3.2. Princess Maria Komnenos, (1044-), married 1060 to Prince Mickhael Taronites, with issue. Princess Anna Taronitissa, married 1079 to Mikhael Keroularios. Prince Joannes Taronites, (d. 1107), married with issue. Prince Mikhael Taronites. Prince Gregorios Taronites, (d. 1118). Prince N. Taronites, (1065-), married with issue. Prince Joannes Taronites, (1095-1147), married with issue. Princess N. Taronitissa, (1125-1176), married 1146 to Prince Joannes Doukas Komnenos.
1.3.3. Prince Isaac Komnenos, (1044-1104), Duke of Antioch (1074-1078), Governor of Constantinople, (1081-1082), married 1072 to Princess Irena of Georgia, with issue. Princess Anna Komnenos, (1072-), married to Prince N. Doukas. Prince Ioannes Komnenos, (1073-1106). married to Princess Anna Doukaina, with issue. Princess Eudokia Komnenos, married to Alexios Tarchanaiotes, with issue. Ioannes Komnenos Tarchaneiotes. Anna Komnenos Tarchaneiotes, married to Nikeforos Artabassdos. Prince Andronikos Komnenos, married to Princess Eudokia Doukaina, with issue. Princess Anna Komnenos, married to Prince Alexios Komnenos Anemas. Princess N. Komnenos, married to Mohammed, Malik of Danismend. Prince Alexios Komnenos, married to Eirene Synadene, with issue. Prince Adrianos Komnenos, married to Anna Kontostephanina. Prince Adrianos Komnenos. Prince Alexios Komnenos, (d. 1143), Governor of Durazzo, (1106-1108), married to Zoe N, with issue. Prince Ioannes Komnenos, married to Eudokia N. Princess Maria Komnenos, married to Mikhael Branas. Princess Maria Komnenos, (d. 1091), married 1091 to Gregorios Gabras, dsp. Prince Konstantinos Komnenos, (d. 1147), married to Antiochena Euphorbena, with issue. Prince Ioannes Komnenos, Monk. Prince Stefanos Komnenos, (d. 1156), married 1147 to Eudokia Axuchina, with issue. Prince Konstantinos Komnenos. Prince Eirene Komnenos, (1155-), married 1170 to Prince Isaakios Komnenos Batatzes, Emperor of Nikaia, (r. 1222-1254), with issue. Theodoros II Doukas Laskaris, (1221-1258), Emperor of Nikaia, (r. 1254-1258), married 1235 to Princess Elena Aasanina of Bulgaria, (d/o Ivan Asen II and Maria of Hungary), with issue.. Princess Eirene Laskarina, (d. 1269), married 1258 to Konstantin Tih, Tsar of the Bulgarians. Princess Maria Doukaina Laskarina, (d. 1258), married to Prince Nikephoros Doukas Komenos Angelos, Despot in Nikaia, with issue. Princess N. Doukas Komnenos Angelos, married to Prince Don Fadrique de Castilla. Princess N. Doukas Komnenos Angelos, married to Capo di Ferro II d'Aquino. Prince Ioannes Doukas Laskaris, (1250-1305), Emperor of Nikaia, (r. 1258-1261)dunm. Princess Theodora Laskarina, (d. 1273), married (1) 1258 to Mathieu de Mons, Baron de Velligosti, married (2) 1273 to Javov Svetoslav, Tsar of the Bulgarians. Princess Eudokia Laskarina, (1254-1304), married 1261 to Giullaume Pierre de Ventimiglia, Seigneur de Tende. Princess Eudokia Doukas Laskarina, married to Koten, Khan of the Cumans. Princess Anna Komneos, married to Ayyub Kalbid, Emir of Agrigento and Castrogiovanni. Prince Isaakios Komnenos. Princess Adrianos Komnenos, (d. 1164), married 1110 to N, with issue. Princess Theodora Komnenos, (1110-), married to Andronikos Kontostefanos. Princess Sofia Komnenos, (d. 1108), married to Nikolaos Dokeianos, with issue. Isaakios Dokeianos. Eirene Dokeianos. Princess Eudokia Komenes, (d. 1108), married to Nikeforos Botaneiates, with issue. Isaakios Botaneiates.
1.3.4. Princess Eudokia Komenos, (1048-), married 1067 to Nikeforos Melissenos, Byzantine Emperor, (r. 1080-1104), with issue. Prince Ioannes Komnenos Melissenos, married with issue. Prince Alexios Komnenos Melissenos.
1.3.5. Princess Thedoroa Komneos, (1050-1105), married 1068 to Prince Konstantinos Diogenes, (s/o Emperor Romanos IV), with issue.. Princess Anna Diogene, married to Euos, Grand Zupan of Serbia.
1.3.6. Prince Alexios Komnenos, (1056-1118), Byzantine Emperor, (r. 1081-1118), married (1) 1075 to N. Argyros, married (2) to Princess Eirene Doukaina, with issue. (Second marriage) Princess Anna Komnenos, (1083-1149), married 1097 to Nikeforos Bryennios, with issue. Princess Eirene Doukas Bryennios, (d. 1149). Prince Alexios Bryennios Komnenos, (d. 1161), married 1122 to Princess N of Georgia, (d/o Davit II), with issue. Prince Andronikos Komnenos Bryennios. Prince David Komnenos Bryennios. Prince Ioannes Doukas Bryennios, (d. 1166), married (1) 1122 to Theodora N, married (2) N, with issue. (First marriage) Prince Nikeforos Doukas Bryennios. (Second marriage) Prince Nikeforos Doukas Bryennios. Prince Andronikos Doukas Bryennios. Prince Alexios Doukas Bryennios. Prince Manuel Doukas Bryennios. Prince Andronikos Bryennios. Prince Konstantinos Bryennios. Prince Maria Bryennios, (d. 1149). Princess Maria Komnenos, (1085-1090), married (1) to Gregorios Gabras, married (2) 1100 to Nikeforos Euphorbenos. Prince Ioannes II Komnenos Doukas, (1087-1143), Byzantine Emperor, (r. 1118-1143), married 1104 to Princess Piposka of Hungary, with issue. Prince Alexios Komnene, (1106-1142), married (1) 1122 to Princess Dobrodjeja Mstislavna of Kiev, married (2) to Princess Kata of Georgia, with issue. (First marriage) Princess Maria Komnene, (d. 1167), married to Alexios Axuches, with issue. Prince Ioannes Komnenos Axouchos, (d. 1201), married with issue. Princess N. Axouchina, married to Alexios I Megas Komnenos, Emperor of Trebizond. Princess Maria Komnene, (1107-1144), married 1136 to Ioannes Dalassenos Rogerios, with issue. Prince Andronikos Komnene Rogerios, (d. 1166), married to Eirene Doukaina. Prince Alexios Komnene Rogerios, (d. 1191). Princess Anna Komnene Rogerios, married to Alexios Petraloifas, with issue. Prince N. Petraphoilas Komnene, married to Princess Helena of Bohemia. Princess Theodora Komnene Rogerios, married to Ioannes Kontostefanos. Prince Andronikos Komnene, (1108-1142), married 1124 to Eirene N, with issue. Princess Maria Komnene, (1126-), married (1) 1139 to Theodoros Dasiotes, married (2) 1145 to Ioannes Kantakouzenos. Prince Ioannes Doukas Komnene, (1128 - killed 1176), married 1146 to N. Taronitissa, with issue. Princess Maria Komnene, (1154-1217), married (1) 1167 to Amaury I, King of Jerusalem, married (2) 1177 to Balian of Ibelin, Lord of Rama. Prince Alexios Komnene, (d. 1187). Princess Theodoroa Komene, (d. 1184), married 1148 to Heinrich II, Margrave of Austria. Princess Eudokia Komnene, married (1) 1140 (Div 1149) to Thoros II, Lord of the Mountains, mistress to) 1150 to Prince Andronikos Komnene, later Emperor Andronikos I, married (2) 1152 to Mikhael Gabras. Prince Alexios Komnene, (1136-murdered 1183), married to Maria Doukaina, with issue. Prince Andronikos Komnene, d.inf. Princess Anna Komnene, (1110-), married 1125 to Stefanos Kontostefenos. Prince Isaakios Komnene, (1115-1174), married (1) 1134 to Theodora N, married (2) 1146 to Eirene Diplosynadene, with issue. Prince Alexios Komnene, (1134-), d.inf. Prince Ioannes Komnene, d.inf. Princess N Komene, married to Andronikos Doukas Kamateros, with issue. Prince Isaakios Doukas Kamateros, (1155-murdered 1196), Despot later Emperor of Cyprus 1184-1196), married (1) 1175 to Princessi N of Armenia, married (2) 1185 to N di Sicilia, (illegit daughter of Guillaume I, King of Sicily), with issue. (First marriage) Prince N. Doukas, (1178-1191), dunm. Princess N. Doukas, (1177-1204), married (1) 1200 (Div 1203) to Raymond VI, Comte de Toulouse, married (2) 1203 to Thierry de Flandre. Princess N. Komnene, married 1166 to Konstantinos Doukas. Princess Maria Komnene, married 1156 to Istvan IV, King of Hungary. (Second marriage) Princess Theodora Komnene, (1146-), married 1158 to Baudouin III, King of Jerusalem, mistress to Prince Andronikos Komnenos. Princess Eudokia Komnene, married (1) 1170 to Odone Frangipani, married (2) 1179 to Guelfo Paganello di Porcaria. Princess Theodora Komnene, (1116-1157), married to Manuel Anemas. Prince Manuel I Komnene, (1118-1180), Byzantine Emperor, (r. 1143-1180), married (1) 1146 to Bertha von Sulzbach, married (2) 1161 to Princess Marie of Antioch, with issue. (First marriage) Princess Maria Komene, (1152-1182), married 1180 to Ranieri di Monferrato. Princess Anna Komnene, (1154-1158), d.inf. (Second marriage) Prince Alexios II Komnene, (1169-1183), Byzantine Emperor, (r. 1180-1183), married 1180 to Princess Agnese of France, dsp. (illegitimate) Prince Isaakios Komnene, (died in prison 1196), married 1190 to Princess Anna Komnena Angelina, with issue. Princess Theodora Angelina Komnene, married (1) 1196 to Ivanko, of Bularia, married (2) 1201 to Dobomir Chrysos, Lord of Prosek. (illegitimate with Princess Theodora Komnene) Prince Alexios Komnene, (1152-1188), married 1183 to Princess Eirene Komnene, (illegiti d/o Andronikos I), with issue. (illegititmate with Princess Theodora Komnene) Princess N. Komnene, married to Konstantinos Tornikes, Greek Priest, with issue. Demetrios Tornikes Komnene, (d. 1252), married (1) to Princess N Paleologo, married (2) to N, with issue. (First marriage) Konstantinos Tornikes, married with issue. N. Tornikes, married to Prince Ioannes Komnene Palaiologos. N. Tornikoes, married 1262 to Prince Ioannes Doukas Angelos. Tornikaina Tornikes, married to Davit VI, King of Imerati. Ioannes Tornikes. Andronikos Tornikes, (d. 1259), married with issue. Isaakios Komnenos Doukas Tornikes, married to Princess Maria Komnene Branaina Laskarina Doukaina Palaiologina, with issue. Andronikos Tornikes, married to N. Tzamplakon, with issue. Anna Kantakouze Tornikes, married to Demetrios Tornikes. Maria Tornikes Komnenos, married to Suleyman, Emir of Esref. N. Tornikes, married 1250 to Theodoros Petraloifas. N. Tornikes later known Mahpari Hunat, married to Kay Khusraw II, (d. 1246), Sultan of Rum. (illegitimatePrincess N. Komnene, married to General Theodoro Maurozomes, with issue. Commander Manuele Komnene Maurozomes, (d. 1230), married to Princess Zuna of Meafarokin, with issue. Prince John Komnene Maurozomes, married with issue. Isaac John Komnene Maurozomes, married with issue. Michael Komnene Maurozomes. Princess N. Komnene Maurozomes, married 1203 to Kay Khusraw I, (killed in battle 1211), Sultan of Rum. Princess Eudokia Komnene, (1119-, married to Theodoro Batatzes, with issue. Prince Andronikos Komnene Batatzes, (killed in battle 1176), married with issue. Prince Alexios Komnene Batatzes, married to Princess Giovanna of Montferrato, with issue. Princess Maria Komnene Batatzes, married to El-Malek el-Ashref Modaffer ed-Din Musa, (d. 1262), Emir of Aleppo. Prince Ioannes Komnene Batatzes, (d. 1182), married to Maria Doukaina, with issue. Prince Manuele Komnene Batatzes, (blinded 1182). Prince Alexios Batatzes, (blinded 1182). Prince Isaakios Komnene Batatzes, (blinded 1182), married 1170 to Princess Eirene Komnene. Prince Alexios Komnene Batatzes, (blinded 1182). Prince Anna Komnene Batatzes, married to Alexios Branas, with issue. Eudokia Komnene Branas, married 1187 to Prince Isaakios Komnenos Doukas. Theodoros Branas, married 1204 to Princess Anna of France, with issue. Anna Branas, married to Narjot III de Toucy, Seigneur de Bazame. Princess Theodora Komnene, married (1) 1175 (Div) to Bohemond III, Prince of Antioch, married (2) 1180 to Gauthier de Bessan. Princess Eudokia Komnene, (1160-1204), married 1178 to Guillaume VIII, Seigneur de Montpellier. Princess Eudokia Komnenos, (1089-1130), married 1120 to Mikhael Iasites, with issue. Prince Alexios Iasetes, (1112-. Prince N. Iasetes. Prince Andronikos Komnenos, (1091-1130), married 1104 to Princess Irina Volodarovna of Tmutorokan, married (2) to Anna N, with issue. (First marriage) Prince Alexios Komnenos, (d. 1120). (Second marriage) Princess Maria Komnenos. Princess Anna Komnenos. Prince Ioannes Doukas Komnenos, (d. 1166). Prince Isaakios Komnenos, (1093-1152), married to Eirene N, with issue. Prince Ioannes Komenos Tzelepes, (d. 1145), married (1) 1131 to N, married (2) 1140 to Princess N of Rum, (d/o Masud I)with issue. Prince Isaakios Komnenos, (d. 1184). Princess Anna Komnenos, married 1136 to Ioannes Arbantenos. Prince Andronikos I Komnenos, (1123-1185), Byzantine Emperor, (r. 1183-1185), married (1) to Princess Helena of Georgia, married (2) 1184 to Princess Anna of France, with issue. (First marriage) Prince Manuele Komnene, (1152-1185), married to Princess N of Georgia, with issue. Prince Alexios Komnenos, (1181-1222), Emperor of Trebizond(r. 1204-1222), married to Princess N. Axouchaina, (see above), with issue. Princess N. Komnenos, married to Andronikos I, Emperor of Trebizond, (r. 1222-1235), dsp. Prince Ioannes I Komnenos, (d. 1238), Emperor of Trebizond, (r. 1235-1238), married with issue. Prince Ioannikios Komnenos, (d. 1238), dunm. Prince Manuel I Komnenos, (d. 1263), Emperor of Trebizond, (r. 1238-1263), married (1) to Anna Xylaloe, married (2) to Princess Rusudan of Georgia, married (3) to Eirene Syrikaina, with issue. (First marriage) Prince Andronikos II Komnenos, (d. 1266), Emperor of Trebizond, (r. 1263-1266)dunm. (Second marriage) Princess Theodora Komnenos, (d. 1285), Empress of Trebizond, (r. 1285-)dunm. (Third marriage) Princess N. Komnenos, married to N. Didebul, a lord in Georgia. Princess N. Komnenos, (d. 1289), married to Demetre II, King of Kakheti and Kartli. Prince Georgios Komnenos, (d. 1285), Emperor of Trebizond, (r. 1266-1285), dunm. Prince Ioannes Komneos, (d. 1297), Emperor of Trebizond, (r. 1280-1297), married 1282 to Princess Eudokia Palaiologina, with issue. Prince Alexios II Komnenos, (1283-1330), Emperor of Trebizond, (r. 1297-1330), married 1300 to Princess Djiadjak Jageli of Samtskhe in Georgia, with issue. Prince Andronikos III Komnenos, (d. 1332), Emperor of Trebizond, (r. 1330-1332), married to N. Syrikaina, with issue. Prince Manuel II Komnenos, (1323-1333), Emperor of Trebizond, (r. 1332-1333), dunm. Prince Mikhael Komnenos, (murdered 1330), dunm. Prince Georgios Komnenos, (murdered 1330), dunm. Prince Basileios Komnenos, (poisoned 1340), Emperor of Trebizond, (r. 1333-1340), married (1) 1334 to Princess Eirene Palaiologina, Empress of Trebizond, (r. 1340-1341), married (2) 1339 to Eirene N (Mistress), with issue. (illegitimate) Princess Maria Komnene, (d. 1408), married 1352 to Prince Fahreddin Kutlug, Khan of the White Sheep. (illegitimate) Princess Theodora Komnene, married 1358 to Haji Omar, Emir of Chalybia. (illegitimate) Prince Alexios Komnene, (1335-1349), dunm. (illegitimate) Prince Kaloioannes Alexios III Komnenos, (1338-1390), Emperor of Trebizond, (r. 1349-1390), married 1350 to Princess Theodora Komnene Kantakouzene, with issue. Princess Anna Komnene, (1357-1386), married 1366 to Bagrat V, King of Georgia. Prince Basileios Komnenos, (1358-1377), dunm. Prince Manuel III Komnenos, (1363-1412), Emperor of Trebizond, (r. 1390-1412), married (1) 1377 to Princess Gulkhan of Georgia, married (2) 1395 to Anna Philanthropena Kyra, with issue. (First marriage) Prince Alexios IV Komnenos, (1378-1429), Emperor of Trebizond, (r. 1412-1429), married 1395 to Princess Theodora Kantakouzene, with issue. Princess N. Komnene, (1396-1400), d.inf. Princess N. Komnene, (1398-1400), d.inf. Prince Kaloioannes IV Komnenos, (1403-1460), Emperor of Trebizond, (r. 1429-1460), married (1) to Princess N of Georgia, married (2) 1438 to N. of CrimeanTurks of Solkhat, with issue. (First marriage) Prince N. Komnenos, dunm. (Second marriage) Princess Theodora Komnene, (d. 1478), married 1458 to Uzan Hasan Khan of the White Sheep. Princess N. Komnene, married to Niccolo Crispo, Lord of Santorini. Princess Maria Komnene, (1404-1439), married 1427 to Emperor Ioannes VII of the Byzantine Empire. Prince Alexander Komnenos, (d. 1459), married 1437 to Maria Gattilusaina of Lesbos, with issue. Prince Alexios Komnenos, (1454-beheaded 1463), dunm. Prince David Komnenos, (Beheaded 1463), Emperor of Trebizond, (r. 1460-1463), married (1) 1429 to Princess Maria of Gothia, married (2) to Princess Helena Kantakouzene, with issue. (First marriage) Prince Basileios Komnene, (beheaded 1463). Prince Manuel Komnene, (beheaded 1463). Prince Georgios Komnene, (beheaded 1463). (Second marriage) Princess N. Komnene, married to Mamia, Gurieli, Duke of Guria 1450-1469, with issue. Kahaker II, Duke of Guria 1469-1483, married to Princess Anna of Dulkadir, with issue. Giorgio I, Duke of Guria 1483-1512, married to Princess Fatima of Ramadan, with issue. Mamia I, Duke of Guria 1512-1534, married to Princess N. Ketevan, with issue. Rostom, Duke of Guria 1534-1566, married with issue.  (House of Guria). Prince Giorgio of Guria, (d. 1533). Princess Trinatin of Guria, married to Levan, King of Kakheti. Princess N of Guria, married to George II, King of Imereti. Princess Antonella Afflitto Flavia Comneus Paleologina Guria, married 1510 Palermo to Conte Francesco de Vassallo Paleologo. Princess Ursola of Guria, married to Giyaseddin Halil Bey, Emir of Ramadan. (Second marriage) Princess Anna Komnene, (1447-1463), married (1) 1462 (Div 1463) to Mohammed Zagan Pasha, married (2) to Mohammed II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Prince Isaakios Komnene, (d. 1503 in Rome), married Princess Theodora Palaiologina, (d/o Constantine XI), with issue. Princess Maria Flavia Komnene, married to Conte Giovanni della Launizi. Princess Alexia Khanum of Trebizond, married to Mohammed II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.. Princess N. Komnene, married to N. Lord of Iberia. Princess N. Komnene, married 1422 to Kara Yuluk, Prince of the White Horde. Prince Basileios Komenos, (1382-), d.inf. (Second marriage) Prince N. Komnenos, married 1429 to Princess Eudokia Kantakouzena, dsp. Princess Eudokia Komnenos, (d. 1395), married (1) 1378 to Tadjeddin Pasha of Sinop, Emir of Limnia, married (2) 1387 to Konstantin Dragas, Lord of Varda and Serres. (illegitimate) Princess Maria Komnene, married to Suleiman Bey, Emir of Chalybia. (illegitimate) Princess N. Komnene, married to Mutakhartan, Emir of Ergincan. (illegitimate) Prince Andronikos Komnenos, (1355- murdered 1376), dunm. Princess Anna Komnene, (murdered 1342), Empress of Trebizond, (r. 1341-1342)dunm. Princess Eudokia Komnene, (d. 1357), married to Prince Omar of Sinop, (d. 1361), Emir of Chalybia. Prince Mikhael Komnenos, (1285-1355), Emperor of Trebizond, (r. 1343-1355), married 1324 to Princess N. Tornikaina Komnene Akropolotissa, with issue. Prince Ioannes III Komnenos, (d. 1362), Emperor of Trebizond, (r. 1342-1362), married with issue. Prince N. Komnenos, (d. 1362). Prince David Komnenos, (1184-1214). Prince Ioannes Komnenos, (1158-murdered 1185). Princess Maria Komnene, (1160-), married 1184 to Theodoro Synadenos. (Second marriage) Princess Asporsha Khanum (1300-1362), married to Orkhan, Sultan of Ottoman. (illegitimate with Princess Evodokia Komnene) Prince Alexios Komnene, (1150-), fled in 1185 Constantinople. Princess Eirene Komnene, (1150-), married to Nikeforos Palaiologos. (illegitimate Mistress no2) Princess N, married 1184 to Romanos, former slave, Governor of Durazzo. (illegitimate with Princess Thedora Komnene) Princess Eirene Komnene, married 1183 to Prince Alexios Komnenos, (illegit s/o Emperor MANUEL). Prince Alexios Komnene, (1170-). Princess Maria Komnenos, married to Iosephos Bryennios. Princess N. Komnenos, married to Kilic Arslan II, (d. 1192), Sultan of Rum. Princess Thedoroa Komnenos, (1096-), married 1110 to Konstantinos Angelos, with issue. Prince Ioannes Doukas Angelos, (d. 1200), Governor of Epirus and Thessaly, married to Princess Zoe Doukas Komenos, with issue. Prince Isaakios Komnenos Doukas Angelos, (killed in battle 1203), married 1187 to Princess Eudokia Komnene Branaina, (d/o Alexios Branas, Anti-Emperor). Prince Alexios Komnenos Doukas Angelos, (d. 1183). Prince Theodoros I Komnenos Doukas Angelos, (1180-1253), Lord of Epirus (1215-1253), 1224 Despot of Thessaloniki, 1225, Emperor of the Romans, married 1210 to Princess Maria Doukaina Komnene Petraloiphaina, with issue. Prince Ioannes Komnenos Angelos, (d. 1244), Emperor of the Romans, (r 1237-1244), Lord of Thessaloniki. Princess Anna Doukaina Angelina, (d. 1258), married 1219 to Prince Stefan Radoslav of Serbia. Princess Eirene Komnene Angelina, (1220-1241), married 1237 to Ivan Asen II, Tsar of the Bulgarians. Prince Demetrios Komnene Doukas Angelos, Lord of Thessaloniki, 1244-1246. Prince Konstantinos Komnenos Doukas Angelos, (d. 1242), Governor of Aetolia and Asarmania 1227. Prince Manuele Angelos Doukas Komnenos, (d. 1241), Emperor of Thessaloniki, married (1) 1216 to Princess Efimija of Serbia, married (2) 1225 to Princess Marija of Bulgaria, dsp. Princess N Angelina, married to N. Kantakouzenos, with issue. Prince Ioannes Komnenos Angelos Kantakouzenos, (1205-1257), married to Princess Eirene Komnene Palaiologina, with issue. Princess Theodora Palaeologi Komnene Kantakouzene, (1240-1300), married (1) 1256 to Georgios Mouzaion, married (2) 1261 to Ioannes Raoul Komnenos Doukas Angelos Petraliphas. Princess Maria Palaiologina Kantakouzene, (d. 1279), married (1) 1261 to Alexios Philes, married (2) 1269 to Konstantin, the Tsar of the Bulgarians, married (3) 1278 to Ivajlo, Tsar of the Bulgarians. Princess Anna Palaiologina Kantakouzene, (d. 1313), married 1264 to Nikephoros Doukas Komene Angelos, Despot in Nikaia. Princess Eugenia Palaiologina Kantakouzene, (1255-1329), married 1290 to N. Syrgiannes. Prince N. Kantakouzenos, (1264-1294), married to Princess Thedoroa Angelina Palaiologina, with issue. Prince Ioannes VI Palaiologinos Angelos Komnenos Kantakouzenos, (1294-1383), succeeded as Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, (r. 1341-1383), married to Princess Eirene Asanina of Bulgaria, with issue. Matthaios Asanes Kantakouzenos, (1325-1383), Co-Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, (r. 1353-1357), married 1341 to Princess Eirene Palaiologina, with issue. Prince Ioannes Kantakouzenos, (1342-1380). Prince Demetrios Kantakouzenos, (1343-1384), married with issue. Prince Theodoros Kantakouzenos, (1361-1410), married to Princess Euphrosyne Palaiologos, with issue. Prince Demetrios Kantakouzenos, married to Alexandria N, with issue. Prince N. Kantakouzenos, dunm. Prince Manuel Kantouzenos, married to N. Asen, with issue. Prince Andreas Kantouzenos, married to N. Palaiologos, with issue. Princess Eudokia Kantouzenos, married to Prince N. Komnenos of Trebizond. Prince Georgios Palaiologos Kantakouzenos, (d. 1459), married to Maria Ralli, with issue. Prince Theodoros Kantakouzenos, (d. 1456), married to Princess Helena Kantakouzenos, with issue. Prince Georgios Kantakouzenos, married to Eirene Amiroutzes, with issue. Princess Maria Kantakouzene, married to N. Ireachi. Princess Eudokia Kantakouzene, married to Matthaios Spandounes. Princess Alexandra Kantakouzene, married to N. Conneu. Prince Manuel Kantakouzene, married 1453 to Princess Helena Palaiologos, with issue. Prince Theodoros Kantakouzene, married to N. Bocchali, with issue. Princess Maria Kantakouzene, married to N. Suriano. Prince Thomas Kantakouzene, married to N. Sphrantzes, with issue. Princess N. Kantakouzene, d.inf. Prince Demetrios Kantakouzene, married to Simonisa Goudelina, with issue. Prince Andronikos Kantakouzene. Prince Manuele Kantakouzene. Princess Theodora Kantakouzene, married 1486 to Prince Theodoros Palaiologos. Prince Andronikos Kantakouzene. Princess Euphrosyne Kantakouzene, married to Prince Nikolaos Palaiologos. Princess Maria Kantakouzene, Nun. Princess Philippa Kantakouzene, married to Georges Ralli, with issue. Nobile Caterina Ralli, married to Nobile Antonio Ralli, (See below). Princess Eirene Kantakouzene, married to Giorgios Urana. Princess Anna Kantakouzene, married 1455 to Vladislav of Saint Sava. Princess Zoe Kantakouzene, married 1444 to Jacques de Flory, Count of Jaffa and Carpasso. Prince Andronikos Palaiologos Kantakouzenos, married to N. Amiroutzes, with issue. Prince Theodoros Kantakouzenos, (d. 1453), married to Nobile Maria Notaras, with issue. Prince Georgios Kantakouzenos, (d. 1459), married to Princess N. Palaeologo Gidos, with issue. Prince Theodoros Kantakouzenos. Prince Manuel Kantakouzenos, Governor of Mani, married 1453 to Maria N, dsp. Prince Thomas Kantakouzenos, Governor of Selimbriadunm. Prince Demetrios Kantakouzenos, married to Simonia Gadelina, with issue. Princess Maria Kantakouzenos, married 1486 to Prince Theodoros Paleologos. Princess N. Kantakouzenos, married to Georgios Ralli of Corfu, with issue. Nobile Antonio Ralli, married to Nobile Caterina Ralli, (see above), with issue. Nobile Margherita Ralli, married 1541 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Nobile Andrea Mallia. Princess N. Kantakouzenos, married to Prince Nikolaos Paleologos. Princess Zoe Kantakouzenos, (d. 1463), married to Jacques de Flory, Comte de Jaffa. Princess Eukokia Kantakouzenos, married to Mattaios Spandunes. Princess Anna Kantakouzenos, married 1455 to Vladislav, Duke of Santa Slava. Prince Thomas Kantakouzenos, (d. 1463), married to Princess N. Hohenfausen, dsp. Princess Theodora Kantakouzene, (d. 1426), married 1395 to Alexios IV, Emperor of Trebizond. Princess Maria Kantakouzene, d.inf. Princess Eirene Kantakouzene, married 1414 to Djuradj Vukovic Brankovic, Despot of Serbia. Prince N. Kantakouzene, married to N, with issue. Prince Ioaness Palaiologos Kantakouzene, Governor of Patras 1436-1443, married with issue. Prince Konstantinos Palaiologos Kantakousene, (d. 1452), Governor of Vostitza 1446-1448. Prince Demetrios Palaiologos Kantakouzene, (1392-1453), married with issue. Princess N. Kantakouzene, married to Prince Nikephoros Palaiologos. Princess Theodora Kantakouzene, Nun. Princess Helena Kantakouzene, (d. 1394), married 1361 to Don Luis Fadrique de Aragona, Count of Malta and Gozo. Princess Maria Kantakouzene, married to Ioannes Laskaris Kalopheros, Senator in Cyprus. Prince Manuel Palaiologos Kantakouzene, (1326-1380), married 1347 to Princess Isabella de Lusignan of Armenia. Princess Maria Kantakouzene, (d. 1379), married 1342 to Nikephoros II Doukas Orsini, Count of Kefalonia. Princess Theodora Kantakouzene, (d. 1381), married 1346 to Orkhan, Sultan of the Ottoman. Princess Helena Kantakouzene, (1333-1396), married to Ioannes V Palaiologos, Emperor of the Byzantine. Prince Andronikos Kantakouzene, (1334-1347), dunm. Princess Anna Komnene Angelina, married 1228 to Maio II Orsini, Count of Kefaalonia. (illegitimate) Prince Mikhael Angelos, (murdered 1215), Lord of Epirus, married to (1) N. Melissene, married (2) 1204 to N. Melissene, with issue. (First marriage) Princess N Komnenos Doukas Angelina, married 1209 to Eustache de Flanders. (Second marriage) Princess Maria Komnenos Angelina, married (1) to N. Sphrantzes, married (2) Konstantinos Chabaron. Prince Konstantinos Komnenos Angelo, (d. 1214). Prince Konstantinos Komnenos Doukas Angelos, (1205-1268), Lord of Epirus 1215-1267, married 1230 to Thedora Doukaina Petraloiphaina Basilissa, with issue. Prince Ioannes Doukas Angelos, (d. 1281), married to N. Tornikaine. Prince Nikephoros Doukas Komnenos Angelos, (1240-1296), Lord of Epirus 1268-1298), married (1) 1256 to Princess Maria Doukina Laskarina, (See above), married (2) 1264 to Princess Anna Palaiologina Kantakouzene, with issue. (First marriage) Princess N. Komnenos Angelina, married to Prince Don Fadrique de Castilla. Second marriage) Princess Maria Komnena Doukaina Angelina, married 1293 to Prince Giovanni Orsini, Count of Kefalonia. Princess Thamara Angelina Komnene Doukaina, (d. 1311), married 1294 to Prince Philippe of Sicily, Principe di Tarento. Prince Mikhael Doukas Angelos, (d. 1296 Naples), dunm. Prince Thomas Komneno Doukas Angelos, (1288-1318), Lord of Epirus 1296-1318, married 1307 to Princess Anna Palaiologina, (d/o Michael IX), dsp. Prince Demetrios Doukas Komnenos Angelos, (d. 1304), married 1278 to Princess Anna Komnene Palaeologos, (d/o Emperor Michael VIII), married (2) 1301 to Princess Ana of Bulgaria, with issue. (First marriage) Prince Andronikos Paleioloogos Angelos, (d. 1326), married to N. Kokala, with issue. Princess Anna Palaiologina Angelina, (d. 1355), married 1328 to Ioannes II Doukas Komnenos Angelos Orsini, Count of Kefalonia, married (2) 1355 to Prince Ivan Asen, of Bulgaria. Princess N Palaiologina Angelina, married to Prince Ioannes Angelos. Princess Tamara Palaiologina Angelina, married to Mubarizuddin Mehmed Bey, Emir of Esref. Prince Konstantinos Palaiologos Angelos, (d. 1345), married to Princess Effendi of Sogut, with issue. Princess Eudokia Palaiologina Angelina, (d. 1366), married to Demetrios Tsamplakon. Prince Andronikos Palaiologos Angelos, (drowned 1344), married 1341 to N. Apokavke, with issue. Prince Alexios Palaiologos Angelos, (1342-1376), married with issue. Princess Theodora Palaiologina Angelina, (d. 1376), married to Mikhael Philanthropenos. Princess Anna Palaiologina Angelina, (d. 1400), married to Komnenos Branas. Princess Helena Doukaina Angelina, (1242-1271), married 1259 to Manfred, King of Sicily. Princess Anna Komneno Doukaina Angelina, (d. 1284), married (1) 1254 to Guillaume II de Villehardourin, Prince of Achaia, married (2) 1280 to Nicolas II de Saint Omer, Lord de Thebes. (illegitimate) Prince Ioannes Doukas Komnenos Angelos, (d. 1289), Lord of Thessaly 1267-1289, married to Nobile Beatrice Ruffo, with issue. Prince Mikhael Doukas Komnenos Angelos, (murdered 1307), dunm. Prince Konstantinos Komnenos Doukas Angelos, (d. 1303), Lord of Thessaly 1289-1303, married to Anna Evagionissa, with issue. Prince Ioannes Doukas Angelos, (1295-1318), Lord of Thessaly 1303-1318, married 1315 to Princess Eirene Palaiologina, (illegit d/o Andronikos II), dsp. Princess Helena Komnenos Doukaina Angelina, (d. 1294), married (1) to Guillaume de la Roche, Duke of Athens, married (2) 1291 to Hughes de Brienne, Conte di Lecce. Prince Theodoros Bartolomeo Komnenos Doukas Angelos, (1254-1321), Cavaliere di Carlo I of Naples, created 1289 the Foundation of St Benedetto in Capua, married 1272 to Princess Giulia Komnenos, with issue. Prince Guglielmo Angelo Comneno, (1285-1349), married to Princess Angela Doukaina, with issue. Prince Guido Angelo Comneno, (1329-1407), e nominato da Carlo III of Naples, Capitano comp. di 300 lance, married to Princess N. Tophia of Albania, with issue. Prince Angelo Angelo Comneno, (1386-1480), Segretario di Giovanna II e Alfonso di Aragona, married to Princesse Agnese di Span, with issue. Prince Bartolomeo Angelo Flavio Comneno, (1434-1511), married to Nobile Eleanora Carafa, with issue. Prince Benedetto Angelo Flavio Comneno, (1463-1529), married to Nobile Isabella Coppola, with issue. Prince Andrea Angelo Flavio Comneno, (1485-), married 1538 to Nobile Giovanotta Piccolomini. Prince Girolamo Angelo Flavio Comneno, (1487-1582), Military Commander and Joint 1st Constantinian Grand Master 1551-1582, married to Maria Ursola Barozzi, with issue. Prince Michele Leone Salvatore Angelo Flavio Comneno, (1557-1623), married 1590 to Nobile Lucrezia Michiel, with issue. Prince Girolamo Angelo Flavio Comneno, dunm. Prince Angelo Maria Angelo Flavia Comneno, Principe di Macedonia, Duca di Durazzo e Drivasto4th Constantinian Grand Master r. 1634-1678dunm. Prince Marco Angelo Flavio Comneno, Principe di Macedonia, Duca di Durazzo e Drivasto5th Constantinian Grand Master r. 1678-1679dunm. Princess Ursola Angelo Flavio Comneno, married to Prince Apostoli di Angelo Flavio Comneno, (see below). Princess Maria Altadonna Angelo Flavio Comneno, married (1) to Prince Marco Lazier, (See below), married (2) to Giovanni Battista Vukovic Lazari, with issue. (Second marriage) Nobile Michele Vukovic Lazari, Vice Chancellor of the Constantinian Order. Princess Laura Angelo Flavio Comneno, dunm. Prince Leone Angelo Flavio Comneno, (d. 1591), dunm. Prince Pietro Angelo Flavio Comneno. Prince Andrea Angelo Flavio Comneno, (1578-1644), married five times, with issue. Prince Girolamo Angelo Flavio Comneno, Principe di Macedonia, Duca di Durazzo e Drivasto6th Constantinian Grand Master r. 1679-1687, married with issue. Princess Laura Angelo Flavio Comneno, (d. 1756), Nun, dunm. Prince Pietro Angelo Flavio Comneno, d.inf. Prince Giov'Andrea Angelo Flavio Comneno, Principe di Macedonia, Duca di Durazzo e Drivasto7th Constantinian Grand Master r. 1687-1698, married to N. Mandricardi, dsp. Prince Francesco Angelo Flavio Comneno, (1510-1581), married to Maria Pisanelli, with issue. Prince Bartolomeo Angelo Flavio Comneno, (1532-1580), married (1) to Lucrezia Salimbeni, married (2) to Maria Garagnani, with issue. Prince Benedetto di Angelo, (1552-1612), married (1) to Marulla da Bitetto, married (2) to Rosa Tocci del Piano, with issue. Prince Benedetto di Angelo Flavio Comneno, created Principe di Mesagne e Epiodunm. Prince Giov'Battista di Angelo Flavio Comneno, (1609-1683), succeeded as 2nd Principe di Mesagne e Epiro, married to Leonarda Gherardini, with issue. Prince Apostoli di Angelo Flavio Comneno, married to Princess Laura Angelo Flavio Comneno, (see above), with issue. Prince Parisi di Angelo Flavio Comneno, married 1695 Vittoriosa, Malta to Anna Maria Sacco, with issue. Giovanni Albino di Angelo, married 1745 Vittoriosa to Anna Portelli, with issue. Maria di Angelo, married 1762 Valletta to Giovanni Valentini of Corfu. Teresa di Angelo, married 1769 Valletta to Gio Antonio Tanti, with issue. Vincenzo Tanti, married 1798 Valletta to Giovanna Galea. Baldassare Tanti, married (1) 1800 Senglea to Alessandra Parnis, married (2) 1821 Senglea to Maria Anna Zammit, with issue. (Second marriage) Teresa Tanti, married (1) 1837 Senglea to Giuseppe Gozzi, married (2) 1839 Senglea to Salvatore Depon. Antonio Tanti, married 1803 Valletta to Partemia Saisun, with issue. Pietro Tanti, married 1835 Senglea to Margherita Micallef. Rosa di Angelo, married (1) 1733 Vittoriosa to Gioacchino de Gregorio, married (2) 1746 Vittoriosa to Ludovico Bonomo, with issue. (First marriage) Polixena de Gregorio, married 1755 Vittoriosa to Felice de Giovanni, with issue. Michele de Giovanni, married 1793 Valletta to Caterina Fenech, with issue. Felice de Giovanni, married 1815 Cospicua to Liberata Farrugia, married (2) 1822 Cospicua to Liberata Scerri, with issue. (First marriage) Maria de Giovanni, married 1837 Cospicua to Salvatore Micallef. Francesco de Giovanni, married 1831 Valletta to Maria Anna Falzon. Modesta di Angelo, married 1731 Valletta to Francesco Briffa, with issue. Grazia Briffa, married 1753 Valletta to Gio Maria Fenech, with issue. Marcella Fenech, married 1774 Senglea to Pietro Paolo Caruana, with issue. Gio Maria Caruana, married 1806 Senglea to Maria Anna Patignott. Maria Fenech, married (1) 1770 Senglea to Palmo Frendo, married (2) 1798 Senglea to Giuseppe d'Ambrogio. Caterina di Angelo, married 1723 Vittoriosa to Georgio Coggio Prince Giovanni di Angelo Flavio Comneno, married 1606 Cospicua to Princess Nathalia Lascaris. Prince Ciarle di Angelo Flavio Comneno, married 1621 Senglea to Speranza de Sira Crispo, with issue. Princess Isabella di Angelo, married 1663 Senglea to Antoine Arnaud. Prince Pietro Antonio di Angelo, married 1658 Vittoriosa to Aloisea Vella. Prince Nicola di Angelo, married 1657 Vittoriosa to Maria de Giovanni. Prince Giacomo Angelo Flavio Comneno, (1536-), married to Princess Giacoma Angelo Flavio Comneno, (see below), with issue. Prince Costanzo di Angelo, married 1580 Vittoriosa to Geronima Bellia, with issue. Lucianco Geronimo di Angelo, married 1615 Vittoriosa to Domenica Giulia Cassar, with issue. Grazio di Angelo, married 1646 Birkirkara to Maria Borg, with issue. Geronimo di Angelo, married 1680 Valletta to Grazia Borg, with issue. Grazio di Angelo, married 1737 Birkirkara to Maria Mallia, with issue. Maria di Angelo, married 1769 Birkirkara to Mario Xiberras. Prince Francesco di Angelo, married 1587 Vittoriosa to Barbara la Crucetta, with issue. Giuseppe di Angelo, married 1626 Senglea to Caterina de Micheli, with issue. Anna di Angelo, married 1645 Senglea to Guglielmo Lesiere of France, with issue. Francesco Lesiere sives Lazier, married to Giacobina Neiro, with issue. Prince Gian Antonio Lazier Angelo Flavio Comneno, Claimant of the Constantinian Order, (1678-1738), [Wikipedia]. Prince Marco Lazier, married to Princess Maria Alktadonna Angelo Flavio Comneno, (see above). Gaspare di Angelo, married 1651 Senglea to Evangelista Camilleri. Giovanni di Angelo, married 1655 Senglea to Paolina de Ciari, with issue. Caterina di Angelo, married 1672 Senglea to Giuseppe Beringher, with issue. Lorenzo Beringher, married 1756 Cospicua to Giuseppa, Orpheline de l'Hospital. Prince Gio'Demetrio Angelo Flavio Comneno, (d. 1571), Joint 1st Constantinian Grand Master 1551-1571, married to N. Franceschina, with issue. Prince Pietro Angelo Flavio Comneno, (d. 1592), Principe di Macedonia, Duca di Durazzo e Drivasto, 2nd Constantinian Grand Master, r. 1582-1592, married to Lucrezia Beolchi, with issue. Prince Giov'Andrea Angelo Flavio Comneno, (1569-1634), Principe di Macedonia, Duca di Durazzo e Drivasto, 3rd Constantinian Grand Master r. 1592-1634, married but sp. Prince Giacomo Antonio Angelo Flavio Comneno, (d. 1610), dunm. Princess Giacoma Angelo Flavio Comneno, married to Prince Giacomo Angelo Flavio Comneno, (see above). Prince Alexis Angelo Flavio Comneno, dunm, killed in battle. Prince Paolo Angelo Flavio Comneno, Canon of Briana, d. 1586. Prince Andrea Angelo Flavio Comneno, PriestPrincipe di MacedoniaFounder of the Constantininan Order, 1st Grand Master 1551-1580. Prince Battista Antonio Angelo Comneno, Abbott of San Benedetto in Capua. Prince Paolo Angelo Comneno, Archbishop of Durazzo, Papal Legate 1427-1469). Prince Benedetto Angelo Comneno, Abbott of St Benedetto in Capua. Prince Riccardo Angelo Comneno, married 1310 to Margherita di Brussone. Princess N Komnenos Doukina Angelina, married to Andronikos Tarchanaiotes. Princess Helena Angelina, (d. 1299), married 1276 to Prince Stefan Uros Milutin of Serbia. (illegitimate) Prince Theodoros Komnenos Doukas Angelos, (killed in battle 1257),  Governor of Karachisar, married to N, with issue. Princess Helena Angeloslater known as  Hajsa Hatan, married to Bamsi Beyrek of Kayis clan, with issue. Aybar Beyrek of Kayis clan, (d. 1332), married to Hayme Hatun bin Sungurtekin of Soget, with issue. Aslihan Beyrek of Kayis clan, married to Korkut, Bey of Cavdar clan, (d/o of Turget Alp, Bey of Cavdar and Aslihand Hatun of Cavdar), with issue. Alptekin , Bey of Cavdar clan, married with issue. (illegitimate) Prince Manuel Komnenos Doukas Angelos, Governor of Karachisar,  married with issue. Princess Caterina Angelos, later known as Colpan Hatun, married to Ural Bey of Cavdar clan. (illegitimate) Princess N Komnenos Doukas Angelina, married to Prince Yagdi Bey of Danismend. Prince Alexios Komnenos Angelos, (d. 1166), married with issue. Prince Mikhael Angelos, (d. 1190). Prince Andronikos Doukas Angelos, (d. 1185), married 1155 to Euphrosyne Kastamonitissa, with issue. Prince Konstantinos Angelos, (c. 1185). Prince Ioannes Angelos, married with issue.. Prince Andronikos Angelos, (c. 1189). Princess N. Angelina, married to Prince Saribah of Sogut. Prince Alexios III Komnenos Angelos, (1155-1211), Byzantine Emperor, (r 1195-1211), married 1170 to Euphrosyne Doukaina Kamaterina, with issue. Princess Eirene Komnene Angelina, (d. 1203), married (1) to Andronikos Kontostefanos, married (2) 1199 to Alexios Komnenos Palaiologos. Princess Anna Komnene Angelina, (1175-1212), married (1) 1190 to Prince Isaakios Komnenos, married (2) 1199 to Prince Theodoros I Laskaris, Emperor of Nikaia, (r 1205-1222), with issue. (Second marriage) Prince Nicholas Laskaris, (d. 1212), dunm. Prince John Laskaris, (d. 1212), dunm. Princess Irene Laskaris, married (1) to Prince Andronikos Paleologos, married (2) to John III Doukas Vatatzes, Emperor of Nikaia, (r. 1222-1254), with issue. (Second marriage) Theodore II Laskaris, Emperor of Nikaia, (r. 1254-1258), married 1235 to Princess Elena Asenina of Bulgaria, with issue. Princess Irene Doukaina Laskaris, married to Constantine I, King of Bulgaria. Princess Maria Doukaina Laskaris, married to Nikephoros I Komnenos Doukas, Duke of Epirus. Princess Theodora Doukaina Laskaris, married to Mathieu de Mons, Barone di Veligosti. Princess Eudoxia Laskarina, married to Peter I, Conte di Ventimiglia. John IV Doukas Laskaris, Emperor of Nikaia, (r. 1258-1261), (d. 1305) dunm. Princess Maria Laskaris, married to Bela IV, King of Hungary. Princess Sophia Eudokia Laskaris, married (1) Frederick II, Duke of Austria, married (2) Anseau de Cayeux, Governor of Asia Minor. Princess Eudokia Komnene Angelina, (d. 1208), married (1) 1191 to Stefan Nemanja, Grand Zupan of Serbia, married (2) 1204 to Alexios Doukas Mourzouflos, later Emperor Alexios V of the Byzantine Empire (r. 1204-), married (3) 1204 to Leon Squiro. Princess Theodora Komnene Angelina, (1180-1246), married 1203 to Leopold VI, Duke of Austria. Princess Maria Komnene Angelina, married to Suleiman Bey, (d. 1397), Emir of Chalybia. Prince Mikhael Angelos, (blinded 1184). Prince Theodoros Angelos, (blinded 1184). Prince Isaakios II Angelos, (1155-1204), Byzantine Emperor, (r. 1185-1204), married (1) 1181 to Eirene Tornikaina, married (2) 1185 to Princess Margit of Hungary, with issue. (First marriage) Princess Euphrosyne Angelos, married to Jafar VIII, Emir of Malta. Prince Alexios IV Angelos, (1180-murdered 1204), Co-Emperor 1203dunm. Princess Anna Angelos, married 1196 to Roman Mstislavich, Prince of Volynia. Princess Eirena Angelina, (1180-1208), married (1) 1192 to Roger, King of Sicily, married (2) 1197 to Prince Philipp von Hohenstaufen, Duke of Swabia. (Second marriage) Prince Manuel Angelos, (1192-1212). Prince Ioannes Angelos, (d. 1254), married to Mathilde von Vianden, with issue. Princess Helena Angelina, (d. 1314), married 1250 to Stefano Uros I, King of Serbia. Princess Maria Angelina, (d. 1285), married 1254 to Anseau V de Cayeux. Princess Margit Angelina, married 1240 to Prince Dunbar of Sogut. Princess Eirene Angelina, married 1170 to Ioannes Kantakouzenos. Princess Theodora Angelina, (d. 1195), married 1187 to Corrardo, Marchese di Montferrato. Princess Maria Angelina, married 1160 to Konstantinos Kamytzes. Princess Eudokia Angelina, married to Goudelios Tsyandeles. Princess Zoe Angelina, married to Andronikos Synadenos. Prince Isaakios Angelos, married with issue. Prince Konstantinos Angelos, Duke of Crete 1185-1192. Prince N. Angelos, Governor of Karachisar., married with issue. Prince Manuel Angelos, (d. 1191)., Governor of Karachisar. Prince Manuele Komnene, (1097-). Princess Zoe Komnene, (1098-).
1.3.7. Prince Adrianos Komnenos, (1158-1105), married 1081 to Princess Zoe Doukaina, (d/o Emperor Konstantinos X), with issue. Prince Alexios Komnenos, married with issue. Princess N. Komnenos, (1105-), married to Alexios Doukas Palaiologos. Princess Helena Komnenos, (d. 1183), married to Prince Iurii Vladimirovich of Kiev. Princess Barbara Komnenos, (d. 1125), married 1103 to Sviatopolk II Isiaslavich, Grand Prince of Kiev.
1.3.8. Prince Nikeforos Komnenos, (1060-1137), married with issue. Prince Alexios Komnenos.



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