Monsignor. Sir Pietro Pace, K.C.V.O. Bishop of Malta; Mons Giuseppe Pace, Bishop of Gozo, and family.

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Nobilis Mariano Pace (Click here for his ancestry), married 1587 Siggiewi to Noblis Gioannella Mamo, with issue


1. Noblis Giovanni Pace, married (1) 1604 Siggiewi to Marietta Callus, married (2) 1606 Siggiewi to Paoluccia Camilleri, with issue.
1.1. (Second Marriage) Noblis Nicolo Pace, (Migrated to Gozo during the repopulation), married 1639 Zebbug, Malta to Maria Casha, with issue.
1.1.1. Noblis Angelo Pace, married 1659 Rabat, Gozo to Paolina Grech, with issue. Noblis Gaetano Pace,  married 1690 at Rabat, Gozo to Maria Portelli, with issue. Noblis Michele Pace, married 1714 at Rabat, Gozo to Maria Busutill, with issue. Noblis Gio Maria Pace, married 1765 at Rabat, Gozo to Cecilia Grech, with issue. Noblis Francesco Pace of Rabat, Gozo, married 10th Sept, 1807 to Margherita Stellini, (Daughter of Pietro and Orsola) with issue Noblis Giorgio Pace, married 1848 to Dionisa Cassar, with issue Noblis Francesco Saverio Pace, married 1880 to Melita Peralta, with issue. Noblis Joseph Louis Pace, married 1925 to Esther dei Marchesi Lupi di Soragna, with issue. Noblis Hannibal Pace, married Edith Borg, with issue. Noblis Joan Pace, married David Engerer with issue Zachary Engerer Bernhardt Engerer Jonathan Engerer Noblis Erica Pace, married 1990 Floriana to Hector Spiteri, with issue. Marija-Evelina Spiteri, (1991-. Veronica-Anne Spiteri, (1993-. Edward-Hector Spiteri, (1997-. Noblis Roxanne Pace, married Adrian Rizzo Noblis Danielle Pace, married Dr. John Mizzi MD Noblis Eric Pace. Noblis Prof. Joseph Leslie Pace MD, married 1974 to Marchesa Evelyn Barbaro Sant dei Marchesi di San Giorgio, with issue. Count e Noblis Dr. Alistair Pace M.D, M.Sc., Dipl (Orth.), M.R.C.S., F.R.C.S ( Tr. & Orth.), (1975-, married 2015 to Dr Kimberley Bailey, M.B.B.S, M.R.C.S, with issue. Contessa e Noblis Caroline Pace, (2016-. Count e Noblis Dr. Clarence Pace M.D, B.Ch.D, M.F.D.S.R.C.S,  M.R.C.S, F.R.C.S (OMFS), (1976-, married 2004 to Dr Audrey Curmi, BChD, MJDFRCS (Eng),  MOrthRCS (Edin), MPhil (Orth), with issue. Count e Noblis Jean Pace, (2006-. Conte e Noblis Alex Pace, (2014-. Noblis George Pace, married Josephine Ripard Noblis Frank Pace, married Lilian Gouder Noblis Maurice Pace, married Nellie Jones Noblis Sister Antida Pace.  Noblis Lucy Pace, married Dr, Edgar Azzopardi MD Dr, Edgar Azzopardi MD, married Noble Sciberras Trigona Dr, JosephAzzopardi MD., married NN Louis Azzoaprdi, married Ruth N Cecil Azzopardi, married Josephine Pantalleresco Anton Azzopardi. May Azzopardi, married Frank Grixti Soler A&CE Dr, Norman Grixti Soler MD, married NN Dr. Alexander Grixti Soler MD, married N Cole Dr Anthony Grixti Soler MD, married N Abela Patrick Grixti Soler A&CE, married N. Sciberras Claudia Grixti Soler, married Dr.Godfrey Sant MD Lilian Azzopardi, married John Gambina A&CE Grace Azzoaprdi, married N. Vincenti Noblis Lina Pace, married Carmelo Sultana Dr. Donald Sultana MD, married to Miriam Vella Dr. Wilfred Sultana MD, married to Connie Muscat Dr, Herbert Sultana MD, married to May Muscat Noblis Arnold Pace, married NN  Noblis Dr Achille Pace LLD., with issue.  Noblis Margherita Pace, married 1866 to Felice Cremona, with issue Dr. Antonio Cremona Ph.D, (1880-1972)  Noblis Cecilia Pace, married 1886 Matrice Gozo to Noblis Gio Batta Pace, with issue. Noblis  Dr Luigi Pace LLD, married 1925 to Giovanna "Jane" Tabone, with issue. Noblis Colin Pace married Elizabeth Angus with issue (England) Noblis Louis Pace, married 1978 in St Albans, England (Div) to Lynne Micallef, married (2) 1988, St Albans England to Caroline Ridge, with issue. (Second Marriage) Noblis Joseph Pace Noblis Sophie Pace.  Noblis Catherine Pace. (issue from NN) Benjamin Pace. Noblis Colin Pace, married (1) 1979 England, (Div) to Jacqueline Hazelwood, married (2) 2002 to Maureen N, with issue. (First Marriage) Noblis Adam Pace. Noblis Lucy Pace. Noblis Barry Pace.  Noblis Anton Pace., married (1 (Div)) to Bridget Stanford, married (2) (Div) to Jane N, with issue. (First Marriage) Noblis Khaya Pace. Noblis Fabya Pace (Twin with Khaya). Noblis Sam Pace. Noblis Elizabeth Pace., married 1983 to Victor Denaro, with issue.  Noblis Alexander Denaro. Noblis Marie-Clare Denaro. Noblis Victoria Pace., married 1984 England to Graham Culham. Noblis Patrick Pace., married 1985 England to Tracy Allen, with issue. Noblis Nathalie Pace Noblis Patrick Pace. Noblis Chloe Pace. Noblis Alexandra Pace Noblis Cecilia Pace, married Joseph Coppini with issue. Noblis Lisette Pace, married to Dr John Rizzi Naudi MD, MRCP, with issue. Noblis Dr John Baptist Pace MD. FRCS, KM, married 1959 Lancs, England to Audrey Rock, with issue.  Noblis Dr Ian Gerard Pace MD married 1987 Bucks, England to Dr. Geraldine Gregory MD, with issue. Noblis Edward Pace Noblis Eleanor Pace Noblis Christine Mary Pace married 1993 Gozo to Maurice Greck, with issue. Olivier Greck. Natasha Greck. Noblis David Andrew Pace Noblis Dr Michael Anthony Pace MD, married 1995 England to Heidi Simonin, with issue. Noblis Andrew Pace Noblis Alexandra Pace Noblis Aidan Pace                 Noblis Dominique Pace Noblis Peter Louis Pace married 2009, Gozo to Anastasia Ponyatovskaya, with issue. Noblis Taisiya Raine Pace. Noblis Dante Gavriel Pace. Noblis Serafine Aryn Pace. Noblis Dr Paul Edward Pace PhD married 1999 Barnsley, England to Julie Booker, with issue. Noblis Daniel Pace Noblis Joshua Pace Noblis Marion Pace, married Denis Azzopardi. Noblis Dr Josie Pace LLD married Irene Noblis Donnatella Pace Noblis Jean-Pierre Pace Noblis Andrei Pace Noblis Victoria Pace, married Philip Amato Gauci. (See Amato for descendants). Noblis Mgr. Giuseppe Pace, Bishop of Gozo, (1890-1972), dunm. Noblis Daughter, married N.N. Sultana Noblis Rev. Canon Antonio Pace Noblis Sir. Mgr Pietro Pace K.C.V.O. of Rabat, Gozo, Arch-Bishop of Rhodes, Bishop Of Malta, (1831-1914) Noblis Maria Pace, married 1828 Rabat Gozo to Giusepe Mercieca. (Press here for descendants) Noblis Anna Pace, married 1795 to Carlo Emmanuele Palmier. (Press here for descendants) Noblis Michele Pace., married 1799 to Giuseppa Sayd., (Daughter of Petruzzo Sayd and Orsolica Vella)., with issue. Noblis Antonia Pace., married 1822 to Michele Pace. Noblis Orsola Pace., married 1836 Matrice Gozo to Giuseppe Aquilina. Noblis Maria Pace., married 1787 to Salvatore Zammit. Noblis Ignazio Pace, married 1778 Rabat Gozo to Tomasa Gauci. Noblis Felice Pace, married 1774 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Gauci, with issue. Noblis Maria Pace, married 1808 Rabat Gozo to Salvatore Stellini. Noblis Clara Pace, married 1814 Rabat Gozo to Giovanni Mercieca. Noblis Michele Angelo Pace, married 1758 Rabat Gozo to Orsola Camilleri. Noblis Giuseppe Pace, married 1773 Rabat Gozo to Maria Grima. Noblis Giuseppe Pace, married (1) 1720 Valletta to Caterina Tanti, married (2) 1773 Dingli to Monica Portelli, with issue. (First marriage) Noblis Michele Pace, married 1745 Valletta to Eugenia Abela, with issue. Noblis Giuseppe Pace, married 1785 Valletta to Gaetana Norvais, with issue. Noblis Michele Pace, married 1820 Valletta to Maria Debono. Noblis Natalizia Pace, married (1) 1812  Valletta to Michele Angelo Bugeja, married (2) 1818 Valletta to Michele Azzopardi. Noblis Angela Pace, married 1772 Cospicua to Giuseppe Zahra. Noblis Francesco Pace, married 1747 Lija to Maria Zahra. Noblis Pietro Pace, married 1755 Birkirkara to Rosa Psaila. Noblis Domenica Pace, married 1772 Dingli to Gio Maria Farrugia. Noblis Margherita Pace, married 1781 Dingli to Giovanni Gatt. Noblis Paolo Pace, married 1687 Cospicia to Margherita Mercieca, with issue. Noblis Grazia Pace, married (1) 1708 Cospicua to Giacobo Sorrentino, married (2) 1714 Valletta to Giorgio Fiamengotto.
1.1.2. Noblis Giovanni Pace., married 1659 to Caterina Gasan.., with issue. Noblis Margarita Pace., married 1678 to Alessandro Teuma. Noblis Domenico Pace., married 1691 to Vittoria Grech., with issue. Noblis Graziulla Pace., married 1738 to Salvatore Pace., with issue.
1.1.3. Noblis Clerica Pace., married 1660 to Gio Paolo Portelli.

1.1.4. Noblis Giovanna Pace, married 1703 Rabat Gozo to Michele de Miteli.
1.2. Noblis Giacomo Pace, married 1650 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Abejer.

1.3. Noblis Nicola Pace, married 1639 Zebbug to Mario Casha.

2. Noblis Bartolomeo Pace, married 1601 Siggiewi to Imperia Mamo, with issue.

2.1. Noblis Giulio Pace, married 1634 Mdina to Agostina N, with issue.

2.1.1. Noblis Domenico Pace, married (1) 1673 Mdina to Vittoria Caruana, married (2) 1715 Valletta to Caterina Balzan.

2.2. Noblis Gio Maria Pace, married 1637 Zebbug, Malta to Domenica Gatt.

2.3. Noblis Paolo Pace, married (1) 1639 Siggiewi to Marietta Pace (d/o Gio paolo), married (2) 1642 Siggiewi to Maria Camilleri, married (3) 1684 Valletta to Agostina N (ex-sister-in-law), with issue.

2.3.1. (First marriage) Noblis Mro Natale Pace, married 1660 Qormi to Maria Balzan.

2.3.2. Noblis Francesco Pace, married 1680 Qrendi to Caterina Zammit.

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