Foreign titles and Priviledges created to Maltese citizens or their descendants.

Last update: 10-06-2021.


-          (de Lusignan), Kings of Cyprus, Jerusalem, (cr: 1150): Currently in pretense use.
-          (de Nava) Duca di Pendia, (cr: 1392)extinct.
-          (Paleologo) Principe de Mystra, (cr: 1407)currently in use.
-          (Paleologo) Principe de Selimbria (cr: 1443)currently in use.
-          (Ottomani) Principe de Sayd (Ottomano) (cr: 1492); currently in use.
-          (Ottomani) Viscontes de Sayd (Ottomano) (cr: 1509); currently in use.
-          (d'Alagona) Barons di Bibino Magno (cr: 1544)currently in use.
-          (Sayd) Principe di Bibino Magno (cr: 1599)currently in use.
-          (de Ribera) Barons di San Paolino (cr: 1638)currently in use.
-          (Magri) Count Magri (cr: 1650)extinct.
-          (Stagno) Counts di Cassandola (cr: 1685)currently in use.
-          (Preziosi) Counts Preziosi (cr: 1718)currently in use.
-          (Magro) Count Magro (cr: 1730)extinct or dormant 1878.
-          Count Fenech Bonnici (cr: 1748)extinct.
-          Count Gatt (cr: 1751)extinct.
-          (Costanzo) Duca di Paganica (cr: 1758)currently in use.
-          (Fournier) Barons de Pausier (cr: 1768)currently in use.
-          (Sant) Count Palatine Sant (cr: 1769)currently in use.
-          (Fournier) Counts Fournier (cr: 1770)currently in use.
-          (Sant) Counts Sant (cr: 1770)currently in use.
-          (Formosa de Fremaux) Counts de Santa Sofia (cr: 1776)currently in use.
-          (Manduca) Counts Manduca (di Mont'Alto) (cr: 1776)currently in use.
-          Counts von Zimmermann (cr: 1790)currently in use.
-          (Mattei) Duca di Mondello (cr: 1800)extinct 1813.
-          Conte Sceberras Testaferrata (cr: 1800)extinct 1843.
-          Barone Barbara, (cr: 1813), dormant.
-          Count Scicluna (cr: 1875)extinct 1888.
-          Marquis Scicluna (cr: 1875); extinct.
-          Marquis Scicluna (cr: 1878); currently in use.
-          Marchese Scicluna, (cr: 1879)extinct.
-          Counts Messina (cr: 1864)extinct 1930.
-          Marquis Messina (cr: 1878)extinct 1930.
-         (Sant Fournier) Earl Fournier (cr: 1878)currently in use.
-          Marquis Bugeja (cr: 1887)extinct.
-          Marquis Bugeja (cr: 1891)claimant in use.
-          Marquis Apap Testaferrata (cr: 1889)extinct 1905.
-          Counts Tagliaferro (cr: 1892)currently in use.
-          Marquis Mattei (cr: 1899)currently in use.
-          Counts Bernard (cr: 1906)currently in use.
-          Count Camilleri (cr: 1914)extinct 1924.
-          Count de Vella Clary (cr: 1919)extinct.
-          Count Gonzi (cr: 1949)extinct 1984.
-          Lord Justice Judge (cr: 2008)currently in use.

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