Duke of Naples.


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Marino, Ruler of Naples, married to Euproxia, with issue.
1.1. Sergius I, Duke of Naplesr. 840 - 864, married to Drosu N, with issue.
1.1.1. Gregorius III, Duke of Naplesr 864 - 870, with issue. Sergius II, Duke of Naples, r. 870-878, married with issue. Princess N of Naples, married (1) to N, married (2) to Lando II, Count of Capua. Princess N of Naples, married to Atenolf, Count of Capua. Athanasius, Duke of Naples, died 900, with issue. Princess Matrona of Naples (+ ca. 924)., married to Docibile I detto “Magnifico” (* ante 867 + testamento: 2-906), Prefetturio, poi Ipato dall’875, il Papa Giovanni VIII gli diede il pieno dominio sul contado di Traetto e forse anche sul ducato di Fondi. Princess Gemma di Naples, married to Landulph I de Capua, Prince of Benevento. Princess Euprassia of Naples, married to Raniero di Castelli.
1.1.2. Prince Stefanus of Naples, Bishop of Naples, (d. 907).
1.1.3. Prince Athanasius of Naples, (d. 870).
1.1.4. Prince Marius of Naples, married with issue. Gregorius IV, Duke of Naples r. 898-915, married with issue. Ioannes II, Duke of Naples r. 915-919, married with issue. Marius I, Duke of Naples r. 919-928, married with issue. Ioannes III, Duke of Naples r. 928-968, married to Princess Theodora of N, with issue. Marius II, Duke of Naples r. 969-992. Prince Andreas of Naples, (d. 949). Prince Sergius of Naples, (d. 951). Prince Landolf of Naples. Princess Prosu of Naples, married to Ursus N. Princess Theodonanda of Naples, marreid to Ioannes II, Duke of Gaeta. Princess Maru of Naples, married to Prince Sergius of Naples (See below). Princess N of Naples, married to Prince Gregorius of Naples (See below). Prince Gregorius of Naples, (d. 955), married to Princess Anna of N, with issue. Prince Sergius of Naples, married to Princess Maru of Naples (See above), with issue. Prince Marius of Naples, (d. 972). Prince Petrus of Naples, (d. 974), married to Princess Theodonanda of N. Prince Ioannes of Naples, (d. 974). Prince Stefanus of Naples, (d. 954). Princess Maria of Naples, married to Prince Anastasius of N. Princess Orania of Naples, married to Dociblus II, Signore of Gaeta. Prince Stefanus of Naples, (d. 924), married to Princess Eufemia of Gaeta, with issue. Prince Gregorius of Naples, married to Princess N of Naples (See above), with issue. Sergius III, Duke of Naples r. 992-994, married with issue. Sergius IV, Duke of Naples r 1005-1038, married, with issue. Ioannes V, Duke of Naples r. 1016-1050, married with issue. Sergius V, Duke of Naples, r 1036-1075. Prince Ioannes of Naples, (d. 1075), married to Princess Sichelgaeta of N, with issue. Sergius V, Duke of Naples r. 1036-75, married to Princess Limpiasa of Capua, with issue. Ioannes VI, Duke of Naples r. 1079-1123, (d. 1127), married to Princess Eva Anna of Gaeta, with issue. Sergius VII, Duke of Naples r. 1123-1139. Princess Inmibojia of Naples, married to Landolf, Duke of Gaita.. Prince Atenolf of Naples, created Count of Puteolano, married to Princess Gaitelgrima of N, with issue. Prince N of Naples, Count of Puteolano, dunm. Prince Ioannes of Naples, Count of Puteolano, married with issue. Prince Atenolf of Naples, Count of Puteolano, married to Princess Maria of Capua, with issue. Prince Ioannes of Naples, Count of Puteolano, (d. 1122), married to Princess Gaetelgrima of N. Prince Sergius of Naples, (d. 1122). Prince Gregorius of Naples, (d. 1122), married to Princess Marcocta of N. Princess Sica of Naples, married to Aymon, Signore di Cikalia Prince Aldone of Naples, (d. 1087), created Conte di Abelle, dsp. Prince Daufer of Naples, Conte di Abella, married to Princess Trude of N, with issue. Prince Ioaness of Naples, Count of Abella, married with issue. Prince Gregorius of Naples, Conte di Abella, (d. 1132). Prince Marius of Naples (d. 1044). Princess Blatta of Naples, married to Prince Ioannes di Teano. Princess Anna of Naples, married to Prince Pandolf di Teano. Princess N of Naples, married to Rainulf, Conte di Aversa. Princess N of Naples, married to Stefanus N. Princess Maria of Naples, married to Lambert N. Princess Urania of Naples, married to Miles Teodoro Carazioluz, with issue. Nobile Teodonanola Carazioluz, married to Pietro N. Nobile Pietro Carazioluz, married with issue. Nobile Landolfo Caracciolo, married with issue. Nobile Giovanni Caracciolo, married with issue. Nobile Manfredo Caracciolo, Conte, married with issue. Nobile Olfo Caracciolo, (d. 1104). Nobile Pietro Caracciolo, (d. 1139). Nobile Gregorio Caracciolo, (d. 1139), married to Princess Sichelgaita of N, with issue. Nobile Giovanni Caracciolo, (d. 1139). Nobile Marino Caracciolo, married to Princess Riccarda of Capua dei Conti di Suessia d'Isernia. Nobile Landolfo Caracciolo, (d. 1138), married (1) to Nobile Anna Gaetani, married (2) to Saba Capece, with issue. Nobile Pietro Caracciolo, (d. 1110), Diacono. Nobile Riccardo Caracciolo, created Conte di Montemarano, married to Nobile Marietta dei Conti Montemarano, with issue. Nobile Giovanni Caracciolo Rossi, Conte di Montemarano, married with issue. Nobile Landolfo Caracciolo Rossi, Conte di Montemarano, married to Nobile Sybilla Capella, with issue. Nobile Riccardo Caracciolo Rossi, married with issue. Nobile Reginaldo Caracciolo Rossi, married with issue. (House of Carafa). Nobile Maria Caracciolo, Nun. Nobile Filippo Caracciolo, married to Nobile N. Pizquizi, with issue. Nobile Landolfo Caracciolo Pisquizi, married with issue. Nobile Pietro Caracciolo Pisquizi, married with issue. Nobile Malfredo Carazioluz. Nobile Maria Carazioluz. Nobile Gregorio Carazioluz, married with issue. Prince Athanasius of Naples. Prince Athanasius of Naples, (d. 956), Bishop of Naples. Prince Marius of Naples. Prince Maria of Naples.
1.1.5. Princess N of Naples, married to Landulf, Count of Capua.


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