The Sayd sives Saydon family.
This small branch of the Sayd family originated from the Arabic descendants of Malta . This branch were quite wealthly and perhaps with their surname's meaning of "Lord or Leader" perhaps were descendants of the Arabic/Maltese Masters prior to the arrival of the Normans . Also Note, Arabics in the 13th and 14th centuries perhaps had harems, which is difficult to determine their wives. Towards the latter part of the 14th century, most converted to christianity or were enslaved. 
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Note: Not all descendants are listed.
Nobile Albano Sa'id sives Sayd, (1350-1420)Arabic convert living at Mdina, married to Nobile Richilde Parisi, with issue
1. "NobleLemu Sayd of Kibir, Malta, (1370-), (1419-20 Militia List)., married to Corrada Girbinus, with issue.
1.1. "Noble" and "CavelloAlbano Sayd of Kibir, Malta, (1419-20 Milita List), married to Nobile Ursula Murina., with issue. 
1.1.1. Noble Dionisio Sayd, (1456-1544), married to Nobile Contanza de Bandino, with issue Luca Sayd, married (1) (c 1540) to Cilia Cusburella, (See below), married (2) to Agnese Cusburella, (See below), with issue. (First marriage) Caterina Sayd m. 1575 Gudica, Malta to Domenico Camilleri Publio Sayd m. 1575 Gudica, Malta to Paula Zammit, with issue. Agostino Sayd, married 1625 Qormi to Giovanna Galdes, with issue. Marietta Sayd, married 1658 Mdina to Antonio Farrugia, with issue. Domenico Farrugia, married 1681 (Notary Gio Domenico Gatt) to Maria Mallia, with issue. Mro Domenico Farrugia, married 1716 Lija, (Notary Gio Maria Felici) to Maria Micallef, with issue. Michele Angelo Farrugia, married 1739 Valletta to Caterina Ciccalo, with issue. Saverio Farrugia, married 1787 Valletta to Maddalena Gambin, with issue. Vincenzo Farrugia, married 1814 Valletta to Teresa Zammit, with issue. Marianna Farrugia, married 1848 Valletta to Onorato Medati. Matteo Sayd m. 1575 Gudica, Malta to Maria Gatt Albano (Giulio) Sayd m. 1574 Gudica Malta to Domenica Falca m. 1600 Zurico, Malta to Agata Sammut, with issue. (First marriage) Vincenza Sayd. m. 1612 Siggiewi to Domenico Vella Dianora Sayd (Testo 1660: Not Fabrizio Bigeni) m 1617 Siggiewi to Domenico Psaila Giacobina Sayd m. 1627 to Siggiewi to Pasquale Pace, with issue. Maria Pace, married 1670 Siggiewi to Salvatore Bugeja. (Second marriage) Bartolomeo Sayd (Testo 1676: Not Gio Domenico Gatt) m. 1627 Siggiewi to Caterina Pace. Agata Sayd m. Zurico Malta to Gio Maria Debono Caterina Sayd m. 1619 Zurico to Mro Francesco Barbara. Bernardina Sayd m. 1628 to Gio Paolo Camilleri Angelica Sayd Matro 1597: Not Ferdinand Ciappara, to Antonio Cutajar Gaspare Sayd, (Testo 1612: Not. Bernardo Azzopardi)(Testo 1611: Not Gio Simone de Lucia) Matro 1587: Not Nicola Xeberras, to Maddalena Azopardi Gio Luca Sayd Marietta Sayd-Testo 1677/1684: Not Gio.Dom Gatt m to Gio Maria Mamo Domenica Sayd Agata Sayd Imperia Sayd m1. 1575 Matro: Not Gioannello Falson to Domenico Gatt m2. 1586 Matro: Not Gioannello Falson to Marino Psaila Paolo Sayd, (Testo 1589: Not Niccolo Xeberras) m. 1541 Matro- Not Giorgio Buttigieg to Agata Balzon Matro 1543: Not Giuliano Muscat, to Angela Farrugia Vennera Sayd m. 1562 to Pancrazio Mangion Clemenza Sayd (Donazione 1630: Not Andrea Allegritto) m Notary. Domenico Portelli Giovanna Sayd m. Matteo Camilleri Vincenzo Sayd,  married to  Bernardina Capo di Ferro, (Dau of Antonio and Giovannella)-Testo 1596: Not Pietro Calleja, with issue. Paolo Sayd, (Testo 1628: Not Bernardo Azzopardi) Division 1632: Not Bernardo Azzopardi, Matro: 1605: Not Ferdinand Ciappara, to Bartolomea Bonnano-Testo 1638: Not Mario Attard Caterina Sayd Clemenza Sayd m. Damieno Portelli Bartolomea Sayd, (Testo 1638: Not Mario Attard) Donazione 1632, 1642: Not Gio Paolo Fenech, Testo 1644: Not Gio Paolo Fenech Matro 1635: Not Mario Attard) to Lorenzo Pachi (Son of Salvo and Laura Azzopardi, dau of Not. Bernardo Azzopardi) Gioannella Sayd, (Matro 1604: Not Matteo Dingli) to Marianno Attard Caterina Sayd, (Division 1638: Not Mario Attard) married to Antonio Capo di Ferro. Giulia Sayd, married 1598 Siggiewi to Leonardo Cassar. Paolina Sayd, married 1577 Siggiewi to Paolo Callus, with issue. Paolina Callus, married 1618 Siggiewi to Angelo Borg. Agnese Sayd, married 1568 Siggiewi to Giuseppe Saliba. Agata Sayd, married 1544 to Giovanni Camilleri Paolo Sayd, married to Clerica.., with issue Giovanni Sayd (Division 1631: Not. Bernardo Azzopardi) married to Isabella… Vincenza Sayd, dunm. Leonora Sayd m. Domenico Psaila Giacobina Sayd, (Testo 1681: Not Gio.Dom Gatt),  married to Pasquale Pace Bartolomeo Sayd Filippo Sayd sives Saydon, (Spent time in France as a Merchant in Marseilles), married (1) 1613 to Geronima Sayd (See below), maried (2) 1626 (Notary Gio Paolo Fenech) to Agatuzza Catania, with issue (Second marriage) Giovanni Saydon, married 1656 (Notary Giovanni Azzopardi), to Caterina Cassar, with issue Mro Giov Maria Saydon, married 1694 (Notary Giovanni Azzopardi)  to Margherita Micallef Petit, with issue Chco Gio Batta Saydon, married 1726 Zurrieq  to Teresa Chircop, with issue. ChcoPietro Paolo Saydon, married 1770 Zurrieq to Teodora Sammut., with issue. Giuseppe Saydon., married 1802 at Qormi to Orazia Mifsud, with issue. Pietro Paolo Saydon, married 1843 at Zurrieq to Giuzzeppa Mallia Michelangelo Saydon, married 1892 at Qormi to Giorgia Coleiro Lawrence Saydon, married to  Maximilla Cutajar Joseph Saydon, married to M’Ann Camilleri Catherine Saydon Orazio Saydon, married 1952 Zurrieq to Maria Damaxxena Attard, with issue. Joseph Saydon, married to Tessie Farrugia. Arthur Saydon married to Sharon Chacia. Catherine Saydon married to Frankie Zammit. Cynthio Saydon, married 1989 at Naxxar to Nathalie Vella, with issue. James Saydon, (1990-. Luke Saydon, (1994-. Rachel Saydon, (1998-. Gulina Saydon. Lukarda Saydon. Emanuel Saydon. Gorgia Saydon. Charles Saydon. Doris Saydon. Peter Saydon. Reverend Vincent Saydon. Joseph Saydon. Peter Paul Saydon. Gio Maria Saydon, married 1936 at Sliema SM to Pawlina Pullicino. Guzeppa Saydon, married Alfonzo N. Elena Saydon, married Guzeppi N. Catherine Saydon. Reverend Paul Saydon. Grazia Saydon, married 1904 Zurrieq to Dr Notary Francesco Farrugia. Giuseppe Saydon, married 1893 Zurrieq to Catherine Bugeja. Gejtan Saydon. Dolor Saydon. Professor Monsignor Pietru Pawl Saydon (1895 to 1971). Maria Saydon. Gio Maria Saydon, married 1842 Naxxar to Angela Attard. Antonia Saydon, married 1845 Zurrieq to Michele Angelo Zammit. Teresa Saydon, married 1835 Zurrieq to Arcangelo Mallia. Dr Gio Batta Saidon JUD, married 1801 Cospicua to Giuseppa Ros-Testaferrata, with issue. Paolica Saidon, (1805 -). Dr. Gaetano Saydon JUD, married 1778 Zurrieq to Marianna Dalli, with issue Gio Batta Saydon, married 1801 Valletta  to Vincenza Delicata, married (2) 1838 Vittoriosa to Saveria Santucci, with issue. (Second marriage) Gaetano Saydon, married 1848 Cospicua to Caterina Borg. Giuseppe Saydon, married 1822 at Birkirkara to Rosalea Muscat Gregorio Saydon, married 1854 at San Paolo, Valletta to Adelaide Galizia, married (2) 1871 Vittoriosa to Paola Spiteri. Caterina Saydon, married 1852 Birkirkara to Lorenzo Abela. Marianna Saydon, married (1) 1871 Birkirkara to Aloisio Decelis, married (2) 1876 Birkirkara to Aloisio Galea. Salvatore Saydon, married 1811 Senglea to Maria Carmela de Bertis. Maria Saydon, married 1817 Valletta to Tomaso Sciortino. Gregorio Saydon, married 1775 Cospicua to Giovanna Cassar. Aloisio Saydon, married 1693 Vittoriosa to Rosa Debono, with issue. Raimondo Saydon, married 1749 Mdina to Maddalena Aquilina. Barbara Saydon, married 1739 Valletta to Vittorio Sciortino. Mro Antonio Saydon, married 1678 (Notary Gio Paolo Fenech) to Grazia Tonna. Tomaso Sayd, married 1654 to Maria Sayd, (see on this page), with issue Giuseppe Sayd, married 1690 at Vittoriosa to Grazia Mallia, with issue Grazio Sayd, married 1724 at Porto Salvo, Valletta to Giuseppina Chetcuti, with issue Michele Sayd,. married 1767 Mdina to Caterina Mercieca, with issue Felice Sayd, married 1804 at Porto Salvo, Valletta to Grazia Camenzuli, with issue Maria Said, married 1824 at Birkirkara to Carmelo Dalli Antonio Said, married 1828 at San Paolo, Valletta to Maria Camenzuli, with issue. Grazia Said, (1844 St Croix, Tunisia -). Antonina Maria Said, married 1852 St Croix, Tunisia to Giovanni Farrugia, married (2) 1862 St Croix, Tunisia to Filippo Muscat. Carmela Said, marrried 1853 St Croix, Tunisia to Michele Baldacchino. Elizabetta Said, married 1865 St Croix, Tunisia to Lorenzo Baldacchino. Orazio Said, married 1794 at San Paolo, Valletta to Teodora Fenech. Luca Sayd, married (1) Porto Salvo, Valletta to Teodora Mifsud, married (2) 1783 to Teresa Grech. Carlo Said, married 1765 at San Paolo, Valletta to Polixemia Muscat, with issue. Giuseppa Said, married 1782 at Porto Salvo, Valletta to Natale Psaila, with issue. Vincenza Psaila, married 1819 Valletta to Aloiseo Giuseppe Micallef, with issue. Giuseppina Micallef, married 1839 to Paolo Mallia. Orsola Psaila, married 1815 Valletta to Salvatore Tedesco. Teresa Said, married 1793 at Porto Salvo, Valletta to Stefano Sceberras, with issue. Gaetana Sceberras, married 1815 Valletta to Dr Aloiseo Gravagna JUD. Aloisea Sceberras, married (1) to Antonio De Salvo, married (2) 1824 Valletta to Dr Aloisio Gravagna JUD. Liberta Said, married 1806 at Porto Salvo, Valletta to Pasquale Petrofila. Gio Maria Sayd, married 1716 Porto Salvo, Valletta to Giovanna Dingli. Salvatore Sayd, married 1700 Porto Salvo, Valletta to Rosalia Vella, with issue. Aloiseo Sayd, married 1730 Porto Salvo Valletta to Margherita Chircop, with issue. Pasquale Sayd, married 1762 Porto Salvo, Valletta to Giovanna de Galea, with issue. Aloiseo Said, married 1785 at San Paolo, Valletta to Caterina Pace. Anna Said, married 1796 at Porto Salvo, Valletta to Angelo Psaila. Maria Said, married 1791 San Paolo, Valletta to Giuseppe Portelli. Giuseppe Said, married 1769 at San Paolo, Valletta to Liberta Borg, with issue. Anna Said, married 1799 at Porto Salvo, Valletta to Giuseppe Serra. Vincenzo Said, married (1) 1791 at San Paolo, Valletta to Maria Caruana, married (2) to Saveria Morello., with issue. (First Marriage) Salvatore Said, married 1818 at San Paolo, Valletta to Carmela Gasan. Silvestra Sayd, married 1688 Rabat Gozo to Nobile Felice Cumbo. Cleria Sayd. Margherita Sayd m. Giuseppe Farrugia. Caterina Sayd, married to Giorgio Mallia. Lorenza Sayd, married to Giordanio Jordajna, with issue. Geronimo Jordajna sives Giordano, married (1) 1576 Gudja to Antonia Azzopardi, married (2) 1579 Gudja to Margherita Casha, with issue. (First marriage) Pasquale Giordano, married 1610 Valletta to Domenica Napolitano, with issue. Vincenza Giordano, married 1640 Vittoriosa to Giacchi Pace. Pollonia Giordano, married 1643 Vittoriosa to Gio Maria Azzopardi. Giuseppe Giordano, married 1628 Attard to Grazia N, with issue. Angelica Giordano, married 1647 Vittoriosa to Alessandro Maurett, Greco. Sr Caterina Giordano, (became a Nun after the birth of her child), dunm.l. (illegtimate with Gabriele de Blancheforte, Knight of Malta) Grazia de Giordano, married 1602 Birkirkara to Nicola del Zante, with issue. Speranza del Zante, married 1634 Senglea to Giuseppe Zuccaro, estero, with issue. Antonino Zuccaro, married 1663 Senglea to Alfonsica Durante. Bartolomeo Sayd, married to Dulcia.... (Donazione 1552: Not Giorgio Buttigieg) Giovanna Sayd, married to Giovanni Gandolfo
1.1.2. Gregorio Sayd, married to Agata de Cantore, (See below), with issue. Giacomo Sayd, married 1498 to Agnese Manjura. Gregoria Sayd, married to Nobile Paolo Hachem.
1.1.3. Caterina Sayd, married to Nobile Pasquale de CantoreFounder del Gius di San Giorgio e del Giuseppe dell S.S. mo Salvatore de Mirechel., with issue. Gine de Cantore,  married Fironona Bonello, with issue. Inico de Cantore,  married (1) Margarita Allegritto, married (2) Caterina Calava, (see above), with issue. (First Marriage) Don. Giovanni de Cantore, Archdeacon of Malta (c.1512), with illegitimate offsprings. (illegitimate) Antonio de Ciantar., (1500-), with illegitimate issue. (illegitimate) Giovanni de Ciantar, (c. 1540), with illegitimate issue. (illegitimate) Giorgio de Ciantar, married 1582 Valletta to Lucrezia Bonello (d/o Stefano), with issue. Paoluccia Ciantar, married 1608 Mdina to Vincenzo Azzopardi, with issue. Giovanni Azzopardi, married 1652 Mdina to Domenica Camilleri, with issue. Aloisio Azzopardi, married 1687 Mdina to Francesca Parnis, with issue. Gio Maria Azzopardi, married 1721 Mdina to Palma Galea, with issue. Giovanni Azzopardi, married 1755 Valletta to Rosa Debono, with issue. Lorenzo Azzopardi, married 1803 Valletta to Saveria Bonnici, with issue. Giovanni Antonio Azzopardi, married 1825 Valletta to Giuseppa Farrugia, with issue. Carlo Azzopardi, married 1862 Floriana to Angela Xicluna, with issue. Riccardo Azzopardi, married 1889 Sliema to Maria Gatt, with issue. Emilia Azzopardi, married to Emanuele S. Camenzuli, (Migrated to the USA). Angiolina Azzopardi, married 1930 St Julians to Gerald Tabone. Attilio Azzopardi (d. 1980), married to Dollie N. Carmelo Azzopardi, later Catt, (Migrated to the USA), (1888 -., married to Contessa Millie Barbaro di San Giorgio., with issue. Emmanuele Azzopardi, (Migrated to the USA), (1893 - 1961), married to Giovanna Bellia. Anthony Azzopardi, later Catt, (Migrated to the USA), (1898 -1955), married to Contessa Evelyn Barbaro di San Giorgio, with issue Domenica Azzopardi, amrried 1714 Mdina to Ignazio Camilleri. Vincenzo Azzopardi, married 1699 Mdina to Domenica Bonnici. Francesco Azzopardi, married 1705 Mdina to Maria Borg. Maria Azzopardi, married 1705 Valletta to Felice Muscat. Grazia Azzopardi, married 1629 Mdina to Michele Xiriha. Paolo Azzopardi, married 1652 Zebbug to Grazia Sayd. Daniele Ciantar, married 1603 Valletta to Margarita Laber, with issue. Caterina Ciantar, married 1635 Valletta to Pancrazio Fenech. Isabella Ciantar, married 1589 Siggiewi to Don Giovanni dei Principi Sayd. Margarita Ciantar, married 1593 Siggiewi to Mariano Vassallo. (illegitimate) Caterina de Ciantar, married to Milite Giovanni Masio Barbara. (illegitimate) Michele de Ciantar, married 1556 Zebbug to Gugliarda Vassallo (d/o Giorgio). (illegitimate) Filippo de Ciantar, married 1555 Siggiewi to Antonia Cap. (illegitimate) Damiano (Blasio) de Ciantar, married 1568 Mdina to Agata Cares, with issue. Mariano Ciantar, married 1586 Siggiewi to Narduzza de Brincat, with issue. Grazia Ciantar, married 1607 Qormi to Leonardo Bugeja, with issue. Giovanni Bugeja, married 1623 Zejtun to Angelina Agius, with issue. Benedetto Bugeja, married 1650 Zejtun to Francesca Farrugia, with issue. Salvatore Bugeja, married 1675 Mdina to Imperia Ciantar, with issue. Giovanni Bugeja, married 1719 Zejtun to Teodora Dorotea Abela, with issue. Carmelo Bugeja, married 1750 Zejtun to Antonia Camilleri, with issue. Michele Bugeja, married 1780 Zejtun to Maria Ciantar (See below), with issue. Carmelo Bugeja, married 1809 Zejtun to Maria Grech, with issue. Michele Bugeja, married 1834 Zejtun to Antonia Carabott, with issue. Maria Bugeja, married 1867 Zejtun to Simone Caruana. (illegitimate) Giovanni de Ciantar, married to Laura N, with issue. Vincenzo Ciantar, married 1586 Zebbug to Margherita de Brincat, with issue. Giuseppe Ciantar, married 1621 Vittoriosa to Domenica Rondinelli, with issue. Francesco Ciantar, married 1686 Zejtun to Geornima Mifsud, with issue. Antonio Ciantar, married 1713 Zejtun to Caterina Tonna, with issue. Lorenzo Ciantar, married 1744 Zejtun to Evangelista Seichel, with issue. Maria Ciantar, married 1780 Zejtun to Michele Bugeja, (See above). Giuseppa Ciantar, married 1724 Zejtun to Antonio Cassar. Cesare Ciantar, married 1624 Zurrieq to Valenza Farrugia, with issue. Filippa Ciantar, married 1647 Cospicua to Raffaele Scatin of Genoa, Italy, with issue. Cesare Scatin, married 1675 Vittoriosa to Margherita N. Agostino Scatin, married 1691 Cospicua to Teresa Spiteri, with issue. Raffaele Scatin, married 1720 Cospicua to Lucrezia Xicluna, with issue. Benigno Scatin, married 1757 Vittoriosa to Francesca Fenech, with issue. Maria Scatin, married 1778 Senglea to Aloisio de Gabriele. Giuseppe Scatin, married 1787 Cospicua to Vittoria Bovet. Teodora Scatin, married 1758 Cospicua to Gio Battista Chetcuti. Caterina Scatin, married 1675 Cospicua to Stefano Failla. Eugenia Scatin, married 1677 Cospicua to Giuseppe Gioccho, estero. Giovanni Giuseppe Ciantar, married 1598 Vittoriosa to Caterina di Conti, with issue. Paolo Ciantar, married 1626 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Debono, with issue. Gio Maria Ciantar, married 1654 Birkirkara to Giovannella Sammut, with issue. Paolo Ciantar, married 1701 Valletta to Francesca Debono. Salvatore Ciantar, married 1711 Zejtun to Teresa Bonnici. Domenico Ciantar, married 1661 Senglea to Maruzza Bonnici. Pietro Ciantar, married 1666 Valletta to Maruzza N. Caterina Ciantar, married 1652 Matrice Gozo to Gregorio Spiteri. Francesco Ciantar, married 1634 Senglea to Agata Tonna. Andrea de Ciantar. Don Matteo de Ciantar, Master Notary of the Bishops' Court., dunm. Giuseppe  de Ciantar., dunm. Leonora Agnese de Ciantar, married 1528 to Niccolo Galea. Giovanna de Ciantar, married 1530 to Mco Nobile Francesco Rapa. Isabella de Cantore, married Matteo Cassar. Palma de Cantore, married Manfredo Caxaro. (Second Marriage) Chco. Giovanni de Cantore, (c.1511), dunm. Biagio de Cantore (d.1520), married Agnese Vassallo, with issue. Caterina de Cantore, married 1520 to Nobile Nicolo Pellegrino, with issue. Noble Clement Pellegrino., married 1550 to Nobile Stefana de Nava, with issue. Nobile Giovanna Pellegrino., married 1580 to Gio Domenico Zammit. Nobile Antonio Pellegrino., married to Antonio Calava. Nobile Franco Pellegrino. (c. 1571), dunm.l. (illegitimate) Martino Pellegrino, married 1592 Valletta to Marulla de Leone, with issue. Angelica Pellegrino, married 1628 Valletta to Dioniso d'Amico. Caterina Pellegrino, mistress to Fra Parisio Provost. Nobile Giovanni Pellegrino. Don. Joannes de Cantore, 'Priest', with an illegitimate son. (illegitimate) Michael Benedetto Ciantar, married to a Bartolomea N, with issue. Marietta Ciantar, married 1574 Zebbug to Cataldo Baldacchino, with issue. Vincenzo Baldacchino, married 1602 Zebbug to Girolama Casha, with issue. Aloisio Baldacchino, married 1632 Zebbug to Maria Gatt, with issue. Vincenzo Baldacchino, married 1656 Qormi to Caterina Vassallo, with issue. Pietro Baldacchino, married 1695 Qormi to Anna Maria Psaila, with issue. Vincenzo Baldacchino, married 1738 Zebbug to Grazia Mifsud, with issue. Giorgio Baldacchino, married 1780 Qormi to Eugenia Attard, with issue. Carlo Baldacchino, married 1807 Qormi to Maria Agius, with issue. Giorgio Baldacchino, married 1841 Tunisia to Rosa Sammut, with issue. Maria Carmela Baldacchino, married 1857 Nicolas Lorenzo Bonello. Luigi Andrea Baldacchino. Carlo Baldacchino. Carla Baldacchino. Annunziato Baldacchino. Vittorio Baldacchino. Giuseppe Baldacchino, married 1678 Qormi to Vincenza Ellul, with issue. Vincenzo Baldacchino, married 1700 Qormi to Antonia Chetcuti, with issue. Gio Paolo Baldacchino, married 1739 Qormi to Giuseppa Caruana, with issue. Salvatore Baldacchino, married 1769 Qormi to Rosa Mifsud, with issue. Giuseppe Baldacchino, married 1797 Qormi to Contessa Caterina Inguanez. Gio Maria Baldacchino, married 1801 Qormi to Maria Pace. Salvatore Baldacchino, married to Paolina N, with issue. Salvatore Baldacchino, married 1655 Zejtun to Giovanna Caruana, with issue. Giovanni Baldacchino, married 1694 Mdina to Anna Spiteri, with issue. Felice Baldacchino, married 1741 Zejtun to Margherita Mallia, with issue. Caterina Baldacchino, married (1) 1768 Zeitun to Angelo Caruana, married (2) 1775 Vittoriosa to Giaocchino Bartolo. Teresa Baldacchino, married 1775 Zejtun to Giovanni Borg. Maria Baldacchino, married (1) 1783 Zejtun to Giuseppe Schembri, married (2) 1783 Zejtun to Giovanni Azzopardi. Alfonso Baldacchino, married 1765 Qormi to Maria Bonavia. Giacomo Baldacchino, married 1766 Zejtun to Clara Abela. Giovanni Baldacchino, married 1767 Zejtun to Maria Caruana. Aloiseo Baldacchino, married 1769 Qormi to Veneranda Mifsud. Giuseppe Baldacchino, married 1772 Zejtun to Teresa Xuereb. Gio Paolo Baldacchino. Domenico Baldacchino. Vincenzo Baldacchino. Gio Maria Baldacchino. Giacenta Baldacchino. Maria Baldacchino. Paolo Baldacchino. Marietta Baldacchino. Gioanella Baldacchino. Grazia Baldacchino. Enziona Baldacchino. Maria Baldacchino. Domenico Baldacchino. Mattia Baldacchino. Paolo de Chiantar, married to Caterina Busuttil, with issue. Bartolomea Ciantar, married 1566 Qormi to Mro Angelo Azzopardi, with issue. Pasquale Azzopardi, married 1589 Attard to Caterina Mallia, with issue. Gio Paolo Azzopardi, married (1) 1631 Cospicua to Marietta Muscat, married (2) 1678 Zebbug to Margherita Guarrier, with issue. (First marriage) Gio Maria Azzopardi, married 1652 Zebbug to Caterina Gatt, with issue. Maria Palma Azzopardi, married 1692 Zebbug to Dr Gabriele Calleja JUD. Mco Giuseppe Azzopardi, married 1688 Zebbug to Flaminea Azzopardi, with issue. Mco Pietro Paolo Azzopardi, married 1727 Valletta to Anna Maria Calleja, with issue. Dr Giuseppe Azzopardi JUD. Maria Azzopardi. Angelica Azzopardi., married 1757 to Francesco Fenech., with issue. Maria Fenech., married Lorenzo Bugeja., with issue. Maria Bugeja., married 1865 to Notary Lorenzo Carmelo Pisani. Giuseppina Fenech. Fra. Domenico Fenech. Gaetano Fenech. Pietro Paolo Fenech., married Marianna Palma., with issue. Giuseppe Fenech. Dr Carlo Fenech JUD, married with issue. Mary Fenech, married 1847 to Richard Gilbert. Dr Francesco Fenech JUD. Generosa Azzopardi. Rosa Azzopardi, married 1731 Zebbug to Pietro Grimaud, with issue. (Second marriage) Giuseppe Grimaud, married 1755 Valletta to Antonia Buhagiar, with issue. Margherita Grimaud, married 1778 Valletta to Antonio Briffa. Paola Grimaud, married 1768 Cospicua to Giacobo d'Armania. Benedetto Grimaud, married 1770 Cospicua to Teresa Dimech, with issue. Saveria Grimaud, married 1814 Cospicua to Giuseppe Teodoro Micallef. Eugenia Azzopardi, married 1679 Zebbug to Niccolo Battista Mallia. Paolina Azzopardi, married 1683 Zebbug to Alessandro Magro. Geronimo Azzopardi, married 1628 Birkirkara to Valenza Micallef. Michele Azzopardi, married 1629 Mdina to Romana Fanchel. Mro Domenico Azzopardi, married 1646 Attard to Valenza Attard, with issue. Bernarda Azzopardi, married 1688 Attard to Arcangelo Psaila. Paolina Azzopardi, married 1675 Attard to Domenico Borg.  Imperia Azzopardi, married 1597 (Notary Antonio Angelo Falsone) to Mariano Mangion. Luchina de Cantore, married to Notary Ferdinand Calava, (“uno de’ principali cittadini”, 1420) Giurato nel 1438, with issue. Leonardo Calava, (c1482), (“Giurato  nel 1482”), married Firstly to NN. Married Secondly to Antonia Cassar. Issue from both Marriages. (Second Marriage) Raniero Calava, (“Giurato nel 1512, 1516, 1520 & 1521”), married 1494 to Giovanna de Federico, with issue. Paolo Calava. Leonardo Calava, ‘Priest’. (First Marriage) Leonardo Calava, married to Nobile Caterina Falsone. Girolama Calava. Paulo Calava, married 1519 to Nobile Entiona Cassar, with issue. Antonia Calava., married 1540 to Nobile Paulo Saura, (see on this page). Gioannello Calava, married to Nobile Agata de Bordino. Isabella de Calava, married (1) Barone Mario Inguanez. Married (2) Barone Pietro de Nava. (Second Marriage) Paolo Calava, (c1507), “nominato Miles nel suo testamento, che fe’ l’anno 1507”, married 1500 to Isabella Falsone, with issue. Francesco Calava, (“Calava’essendo stato creato Archiviario, e Conservatore degl’ atti della Corte per provisione del Vicere’, data in Malta nella Citta’ nostra a’ 9 di Maggio 1492, non solamente gli viene confermata dal Re’ Ferdinando in vita, ma fe gli concede di potersi eliggere successore uno de’ suoi figliuoli, come si vede in un privilegio spedito in Barcellona a’ 18 di Luglio 1503";  similar post held by Rainieri in 1505-1520),  married to  Preziosa de Bernardo, 3rd Baronessa di Barberi, Baronessa di Majnuni., with issue. Giovanni (Leonardo??)  Calava, 4th Barone di Barberi, Barone di Majnuni,   Signor (Barone) di Ghajn Qajjed (“ quale hebbe Leonardo Calava’ dal Signor Gran Maestro de Villiers, a’ pena giunta in Malta la Sacra Religione, certa vece d’acqua, & alcune pezze di terra da’ beni del Principato, per gratia riconoscenza della premura, e divotione, che dimostrata haveva verso il servigio della Religione, quando a’ suo nome si venne a’ prender il possesso di questo Dominio”) Giovanni Calava is described as “Giurato nel 1528 & Ambasciadore al Vicere’ nel medesimo anno; e nel 1530, l’istesso deputato dalla nostra Citta’ per uno degl’ Ambasciadori destinati a’ congratularsi in Siracusa co’ l Sig. Gran Maestro de Villiers, e Sacra Religione per l’acquistato dominio di quest’ isole, & a’ rendergli ubidienza a’ nome di tutta l’Universita’, a’ 16 di Luglio 1530”).  Married Firstly to Paola Laureri-Saguna. Married Secondly to Giovanna Caxaro-Inguanez. Issues from Both Marriages. (Second Marriage) Pietro Calava, 2nd Signor (Barone) di Ghajn Qajjed, married 1533 to Paola de Nava, with issue. Federico Calava, 3rd Signor (Barone) di Ghajn Qajjed, married 1548 to Elisabetta de Nava, and dsp. Giovanna Calava, ‘Nun’. Francesco Calava, 5th Barone di Barberi, Barone di Majnuni., married 1540 (Notary Giuliano Muscat) to Vincenza Zammit, with issue. Giovanni Calava (1535-88), 4th Signor (Barone) di Ghajn Qajjed, married 1570 to Laura Vagnola, with issue. Chco. Francesco Calava, (1572-1645), 5th Signor (Barone) di Ghajn Qajjed, married (1) 1590 to Donna Lucrezia Cassares, married (2) 1594 to Anna Vassallo, married (3) 1602 to Laura Vassallo, married (4) 1613 to Anna Maria Vassallo, with issue. (First Marriage) Giovanni Calava, (1592-1601), d.inf. (Second Marriage) Maria Calava, (1599-1602), d.inf. (Third Marriage) Tomaso Calava, (1603-20), married 1620 to NN, dsp. Antonia Calava, (1604-15), dunm. Louisa Calava, (1606-1702), 6th  and Last Signora (Baroness) di Ghajn Qajjed, ‘Nun’, dunm. Carlo Calava, (1573-1628), ‘Priest’. Antonina Calava, (1576-), married to Antonio Pellegrino. Louisa Calava, (1578-), ‘Nun’. Agata Calava, (1580-), married to Giacomo Cassia. Edgar Calava, (1582-1636), married 1599 to Louisa Vassallo, with issue. Giovanni Calava, (1601-49), married 1623 to Maria Vassallo, with issue. Francesco Calava, (1625-73), ‘Priest’. Carlo Calava, (1603-72), ‘Priest’. Maria Calava, (1606-48), ‘Nun’. Federico Calava, (1537-1602), ‘Priest’. 6th Barone di Barberi, Barone di Majnuni. Giovanna Calava, (1538-), ‘Nun’. Vittoria Beatrice Calava, (1540-), 7th Baronessa di Barberi, Baronessa di Majnuni,  married 1560 to Angelo Mannara. Agata Calava, (1541-), ‘Nun’. Antonia Calava, (1543-), ‘Nun’. Caterina Calava, married Niccolo de Bondino. Chiara Calava, married Gioannello de Nava. Margherita Calava, married to Nobile Nicola de Teuma. Armanda Calava, married to Nobile Antonio de Teuma. Beatrice Calava, married Giuliano Baglio. Giovanna Calava, married Franchino Allegritto. Agata Calava, married Matteo di Manuele, with issue. Margherita Calava, married Giovanni de Laimo, with issue. daughter (“una sua figliuola, che mori’ senza posterita’”). (First Marriage) Gugliarda Calava, 'Nun'una Badessa del Monistero di S. Pietro”). (Second Marriage) Caterina Calava, married Inico de Cantore. Agata de Cantore, married Gregorio Sayd, (See above). Matteo de Cantore, married 1480 to Lucrezia de Forreggiani, with issue. Andrea de Cantore., ‘Priest’. Antonio de Cantore., ‘Priest’. Giorgio de Cantore, married to Ismeralda N, with issue. Sebastian de Chiantar, married 1561 Siggiewi to Elizabetta Spiteri. Cola Antonio de Chiantar, married 1571 Matrice Gozo to Elizabetta Pontremoli. Francesco de Chiantar, married 1572 Matrice Gozo to Giovanna Cilia, (d/o Giuseppe), with issue. Maria Chiantar, married 1623 Valletta to Alberto Watts, (s/o William Watts, First English Consul in Malta 1623, Testamente 1610 Notary Gio Simone de Lucia)), with issue. Domenichella Vatz (Watts), married 1649 Valletta to Leonardo de Candia. Graziulla Vatz (Watts), married 1659 Valletta to Grazio Vella, with issue. Gio Maria Vella, married 1691 Vittoriosa to Lucrezia Caruana. Giovanni Vatz (Watts), married 1656 Valletta to Argentina Onofrio. Yolanda de Cantore, married (c. 1505) to Bartolomeo Sillato. Isabella de Cantore, married 1500 to Notary Pietro Saura, with issue. Nobile Paulo Saura, married 1540 to Antonia Calava, (see on this page), with issue. Nobile Paula Saura, "Nun", dunm. Mro. Nobile Pietro Manfredo Saura., married to Nobile Perona Maniuni, with issue. Nobile Giovanella Saura, married 1569 Mdina to Francesco Laurer (other descendants here)., with issue. Nobile Ziata Laurea, married 1588 Mdina to Giorgio Farrugia, with issue. Paolo Farrugia, married 1616 Valletta to Maria Tabuni. Margherita Farrugia, married 1629 Mdina to Gio Paolo Calleja, with issue. Giacomo Calleja, married (1) 1651 Mdina to Vincenza Taliana, married (2) 1661 Mdina to Maria Micallef, with issue. (First marriage) Maria Calleja, married 1673 Mdina to Grazio Buttigieg. (Second Marriage) Giuseppe Calleja, married 1690 Mosta to Teresa Agius, with issue. Paolo Calleja, married (1) 1728 Mosta to Grazia Deguara, married (2) 1734 Mosta to Rosa Bezzina, with issue. (First marriage) Alessandra Calleja, married (1) 1751 Mosta to Lorenzo Cauchi, married (2) 1769 Mosta to Eugenio Fenech. (Second Marriage) Bartolomeo Calleja, married 1763 Mdina to Grazia Zahra, with issue. Giuseppe Calleja, married (1) 1786 Cospicua to Graziulla Xiriha, married (2) 1799 Qormi to Gabriela Xicluna, with issue. (First marriage) Giovanni Calleja, married 1816 Valletta to Gaetana Gatt. Agostino Calleja, married 1775 Dingli to Anna Vella. Grazia Calleja, married 1764 Mosta to Bartolomeo Saguna. Teresa Calleja, married 1767 Mosta to Gregorio Frendo. Maria Calleja, married 1715 Mdina to Paolo Busuttil. Anna Calleja, married 1728 Mdina to Vincenzo Debono. Ignazio Calleja, married 1685 Attard to Grazia Fenech. Isabella Calleja, married 1684 Mdina to Simone Cachia. Simone Calleja, married 1666 Mdina to Agatuzza Zerafa, with issue. Margherita Calleja, married 1692 Mdina to Carlo Stivala. Grazia Calleja, married 1694 Mdina to Vincenzo Mifsud. Carlo Calleja, married 1674 Qormi to Maria Mifsud, with issue. Gio Paolo Calleja, married 1703 Qormi to Elena Calleja (d/o Pietro and Anna). Petronilla Calleja, married 1690 Qormi to Domenico Caniolo. Domenica Calleja, married 1690 Qormi to Martino Villa. Mariuzza Calleja, married 1655 Qormi to Agostino Agius. Nobile Mario Saura, married 1569 Mdina to Caterina Laurea., with issue. Nobile Dr Niccola Saura JUD, married 1606 Mdina to Margherita Vassallo (d/o Giovanni), with issue. Nobile Isabella Saura, married 1655 Mdina to Andrea Castelletti. Nobile Gioalla Saura, married 1570 Mdina to Francesco Laurea. Nobile Romano Saura, married 1575 Mdina to Imperia de Albano, with issue. Nobile Vittoria Saura, married 1587 Vittoriosa to Gio Pietro Fiteni. Nobile Agnese Saura, married 1596 Vittoriosa to Nobile Domenico Bellia dei Baroni di Capopassero e Camemi, (son of Ottavio, 9th Barone di Capopassero e 10th Barone di Camemi), with issue. Silvestro Bellia, married 1628 Qormi to Vincenza Mallia, with issue. Tomaso Bellia, married 1658 Valletta to Nataliza Pallallarisi, with issue. Rocco Bellia, married 1700 Valletta to Clara Aicard, with issue. Carlo Bellia, married 1741 Valletta to Guiditta de Sceberras, with issue. Felice Bellia, married 1780 Valletta to Anna Fugard, with issue. Vincenzo Bellia, married 1809 Valletta to Antonia Schembri, with issue. Carmelo Bellia (sives Ballini), married 1855 Valletta to Nobile Rosaria Triolo dei Baroni di Sant'Anna e di Radibesi, with issue. Maria Assunta Bellia, married 1881 Valletta to Nobile Antonio Sceberras Trigona dei Baroni di Castel Cicciano. Irene Bellia, married 1837 Valletta to Vincenzo Sammut. Vittoria Bellia, married 1765 Valletta to Andrea Falzon. Maria Bellia, married 1742 Valletta to Angelo Axisa. Giovanna Bellia, married 1743 Valletta to Filippo Axisa. Gio Battista Bellia, married (1) 1688 Valletta to Geronima Bugeja, married (2) 1705 Valletta to Maria Galea, with issue. (Second Marriage) Tomaso Bellia, married (1) 1735 Valletta to Teresa Farrugia, married (2) 1747 Senglea to Francesca Ciuma Ferro, with issue. (First marriage) Maddalena Bellia, married 1764 Senglea to Don Francesco Torres of Spain, with issue. Dona Maria Torres, married 1781 Senglea to Benedetto Ungaro. Nicolao Bellia, married 1660 Gharghur to Vennera Aquilina. Maria Bellia, married (1) 1653 Qormi to Grazio Morello, married (2) 1660 Qormi to Francesco Balzan, (Adopted by Mro Salvatore Balzano), with issue. (Second Marriage) Tomaso Balzan, married 1688 Valletta to Nobile Orsola Sasso. Antonio Balzan, married 1694 Valletta to Nobile Giuseppa Sasso, with issue. Pasquale Balzan, married 1731 Cospicua to Grazia Felici, with issue. Michele Angelo Balzan, married 1753 Valletta to Maria de Andicotto, with issue. Rosa Balzan, married 1788 Siggiewi to Francesco Zammit. Domenica Bellia, married 1659 Qormi to Agostino Debono. Nobile Domenico Saura, married 1647 Dingli to Isabella Galea, dsp. Nobile Giacomo Saura, married 1577 Mdina to Lucia Axac. (Adoptive daughter of Bartolomeo), with issue. Nobile Leonora Saura, married 1614 Valletta to Domenico Muscat. Nobile Giuseppe Saura, married 1597 Siggiewi to Imperia Ciantar, with issue. Nobile Domenica Saura, married 1622 Mdina to Luca Agius. Nobile Sperzana Saura, married 1583 Mdina to Giacomo Falzon. Nobile Caterina Saura, married 1561 Mdina to Mro Andrea Hellul. Nobile Paolo Saura, married 1557 Siggiewi to N. Schembri, with issue. Nobile Luca Manfredo Saura, married 1586 Zebbug to Giovannella Baldacchino, with issue. Nobile Pietro Saura, married 1615 Zebbug to Geronima de Celis, with issue. Nobile Virginia Saura, married 1649 Zebbug to Tommaso Dimech. Nobile Alonisca Saura, married 1640 Zebbug to Sebastiano Dalli. Nobile Domenico Saura, married 1650 Zebbug to Marietta Sayd Alliata, (see on this page), with issue. Nobile Don Pietro Saura, 'Monk'. Nobile Sr Geronima Saura, Nun. Don Chevalier Giuseppe Saura, (Moved to Messina, Sicily), married 1667 Messina to to Eleanora di Naro Dudley, with issue. Don Angelo Saura, (moved to Malta), married 1691 Zebbug to Sapienza Psaila, with issue.  Nobile Ferrando Saura,. married 1596 Valletta to Antonia Vadali, with issue. Nobile Giovanni Maria Saura, married 1658 Senglea to Maruzza Mauti, with issue. Nobile Luca Saura, married 1684 Birkirkara to Fiorenza Lucrezia Mallia. Nobile Margherita Saura, married Niccolo Felici. Nobile Giovanna Saura, married 1576 Siggiewi to Giovanni Mangion. Nobile Vincenza Saura, married 1561 Mdina to Aloisio Dioniso Cassar. Nobile Perona Saura, married 1534 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Nobile Andrea Maniuni. Nobile Agatuccia Saura, married (c. 1570) to Salvatore de Mangion. Nobile Don Leonardo Saura, (1528-72), dunm. Nobile Don Giovanni Saura, "Canon", had illegitimate offsprings. Nobile Don Gregorio Saura, "Priest of Zeitun", has illegitimate offsprings. Nobile Don Leonardo Saura, dunm. 1571. Nobile Mro Martino Saura, married 1603 Vittoriosa to Dianora Bonnici, with issue. Nobile Andreotta Saura, married 1629 Mdina to Imperia Maria Bonnici, with issue. Nobile Valentino Saura, married 1670 Valletta to Antonio Abdilla. Nobile Isidora Saura, married 1699 Vittoriosa to Gio Maria Luca Zarb. Nobile Chco Ludovico Saura, married 1641 Mdina to Publia Agostina Agius. Nobile Anna Saura, married to Bartolomeo d'Amedeo. Nobile Gaddo Saura, married with issue. Nobile Lena "Sives Margherita" Saura, married 1501 to Giovanni Bartolo. (illegitimate) Antonio Raficano, married with issue. Matteo Raficano. (c 1545). Agnese Raficano (c 1545).
1.1.4. Richilde Sayd, married to Andrea Sayd, (Cousin - see below).
1.2. Isabella Sayd, married to Nobile Cola Hachem.
2. Julianu Sayd, (1375-). (Militia List 1419-20), married his neice to Bartolema Sayd.
2.1. Brancat Sayd. (Milita List 1419-20)
2.2. Paulu Sayd. (Milita List 1419-20).
3. Orlando Sayd, (1380-), married to Guglielma Bastardo di Ragusa, with issue.
3.1. Martinu Sayd. (Milita List 1419-20), married to Nobile Ursula de Bellara, with issue.
3.1.1. Andrea Sayd of Buzubudi. (Milita List 1419-20), married Richilde Sayd (cousin), with issue. Lucia Sayd, married c.1418. to Don Cataldo Cusburella. Giovanni Cusburella,  married to Pina di Tarento, with issue. Agnese Cusburella, married 14.. to Milite Niccolo Raficano, with issue. Pina Raficano, married to Vituzzo de Licata. Agata Raficano, married (her uncle) Niccolo Antonio Cusburella. Fatima Raficano, married to Matteo Delie. Zuna Raficano, married (1) to Pietro de Santoro, married (2) 1502 (Notary Giulio Cumbo) to Notary Inguenz de Brancato, with issue. (First marriage) Guilio de Santoro, married 1550 (Notary Matteo Vassallo) to Nobile Imperia Cumbo. Niccolo de Santoro. Cuncta Raficano, married to Giacomo Raspullo. Niccolo Antonio Cusburella, married (Niece) to Agata Raficano, with issue. Paolina Cusburella, married to Geronimo Vassallo. Antonia Cusburella, married 1559 Ghargur to Geronimo Xerri. Giuseppe Cusburella, married 1547 Naxxar to Agnese Fenech, with issue. Bernardo Giuliano Cusburello 'sives Cosbor', married (1) 1567 Birgu to Marietta Felici, married (2) 1606 Zejtun to Valenza Bonnici, with issue. (First Marriage) Vincenza Cosbor, married 1604 Zejtun to Gio Paolo Xuereb. Paolo Cosbor, married 1613 Zejtun to Geronima Cassar, with issue. Maria Cosbor, married 1636 Zejtun to Diego Sinara. Natale Cosbor, married 1653 Rabat Gozo to Flavia Sayd, with issue. Onorata Cosbor, married 1680 Cospicua to Giurando Mizzi. Maria Cosbor, married 1691 Cospicua to Giuseppe Stellini. Caterina Cosbor, married 1649 Zejtun to Salvatore Azzopardi. Isabella Cosbor, married 1653 Zejtun to Filippo Azzopardi. Marietta Cosbor, married 1605 Zejtun to Pietro Psaila. Domenico Cosbor, married 1604 Zejtun to Alonzica Azzopardi, with issue. Grazio Cosbor, married 1645 Zabbar to Margherita Abela, with issue. Andrea Cosbor sives Chercop, married 1675 Naxxar to Maria Calleja, with issue. Salvatore Chercop, married 1703 Naxxar to Pasquala Mifsud, with issue. Teodora Chircop, married 1730 Naxxar to Gio Domenico Mallia. Andrea Cosbor, married 1643 Zejtun to Grazia Grima, with issue. Alonzica Cosbor, married 1670 Zejtun to Antonio Pantaleone Massarella (estero), with issue. Margherita Anna Maria Massarella, married 1699 Cospicua to Nicolo Giorgio Patignott of Parmos, Greece., with issue. Giovanni Patignott, married 1726 Cospicua to Giuseppa Vella, with issue. Benigno Patignott, married 1750 Ghaxaq to Teodora Farrugia, with issue. Diana Patignott, married 1768 Ghaxaq to Giuseppe Bonnici. Palma Patignott, married to Giuseppe Schembri, with issue. Francesca Schembri, married 1773 Cospicua to Salvatore Gatt, with issue. Francesco Gatt, married 1805 Cospicua to Liberata Mifsud, with issue. Maria Grazia Gatt, married 1841 Cospicua to Matteo Livori. Paolo Gatt, married 1841 Cospicua to Giuseppa Grech. Maria Teresa Gatt, married 1824 Cospicua to Giovanni Debono, with issue. Liberata Debono, married 1845 Cospicua to Paolo de Galea. Caterina Gatt, married 1831 Cospicua to Angelo Cardona. Maria Gatt, married 1802 Cospicua to Lorenzo Curmi, with issue. Michele Curmi, married 1829 Cospicua to Maria Giuseppa Chetcuti, with issue. Concetta Curmi, married 1863 Cospicua to Alessandro Styles, with issue. Giorgia Styles, married 1889 Cospicua to Giuseppe Said, (see above). Lorenzo Curmi, married 1858 Cospicua to Joseph Spiteri de Franchis. Carmelo Curmi, married 1854 Cospicua to Maria Antonia Cilia. Giuseppe Curmi, married 1830 Cospicua to Maria Xerri, with issue. Angela Curmi, married 1848 Cospicua to Paolo Camilleri. Francesca Curmi, married 1853 Cospicua to Pasquale Camilleri. Francesca Curmi, married 1820 Cospicua to Paolo Darmania. Palma Curmi, married 1843 Cospicua to Antonio Xuereb. Caterina Curmi, married 1845 Cospicua to Salvatore Coreschi. Maria Concepta Curmi, married 1852 Cospicua to Salvatore Calleja. Felice Gatt, married 1797 Cospicua to Caterina Mifsud, with issue. Francesco Gatt, married 1845 Cospicua to Teresa Camilleri. Maria Gatt, married 1841 Cospicua to Rosario Xerri. Giovanni Gatt, married 1812 Zebbug to Grazia Buhagiar, with issue. Maria Patignott, married 1747 Cospicua to Lorenzo Saliba de Chiaromonte. Federico Patignott, amrried 1716 Cospicua to Teresa Indiana, with issue. Ubaldesca Patignott, married 1754 Cospicua to Giuseppe Borg. Celestino Giuseppe Patignott, married 1727 Cospicua to Rosa Seichel, with issue. Paolo Patignott, married 1774 Senglea to Caterina Farrugia. Nicolo Patignott, married 1766 Birgu to Maddalena di Masi, with issue. Joseph Michaele Patignott, (1767 -. Romana Lucretia Patignott, (1771 -. Anna Maria Patignott, (1777 -. Antonius Vicentius Patignott, (1789 -, married 1858 Vittoriosia to Carmela Zahra, with issue. Assuerus Rosarius Franciscus Patignott, (1859 -. Michaela Antonia Patignott, (1862 -. Anna Modesta Patignott, (1783 -. Francesco Patignott, married (1) 1765 Cospicua to Maria Dalli, married (2) 1779 Cospicua to Maria Teresa Bugelli, with issue. (First marriage) Giovanni Patignott, married 1801 Zabbar to Maria Saliba, with issue. (Second marriage) Giuseppe Patignott, married 1802 Zebbug Gozo to Maria Aqulina, with issue. Paulo Patignott, married 1834 Birgu to Maria Concepta Mallia, with issue. Laurentis Giovanni Patignott, (1835 -., married 1866 Birgu to Philomena Baron. Antonius Franciscus Patignott, (1838 -. Laurentia Josepha Patignott, (1840 -. Joseph Caitanius Patignott, (1843 -. Carmena Filomena Patignott, (1845 -. Joseph Joannes Patignott, (1848 -. Victoria Maria Vincentia Patignott, (1850 -. Maria Theresa Angela Patignott, (1853 -. Franciscus Thomas Patignott, (1856 -, married 1891 Vittoriosa to Rosa De Marco, with issue. Maria Concepta Patignott, (1894 -. Antonius Michelangelus Patignott, (1896 -. Dominica Catherina Patignott, (1898 -. Maria Rosaria Patignott, (1900 -. Francisicus Laurentis Patignott, (1903 -. Laurentius Joannes Baptista Patignott, (1860 -. Filippo Patignott, married 1782 Cospicua to Generosa Tanti. Maria Patignott, married 1765 Birgu to Giuseppe Chircop. Giuseppe Patignott, married 1765 Birgu to Caterina Chircop, with issue. Giovanni Patignott, married 1803 Zejtun to Antonia Cassar. Rafaele Patignott, married 1807 Zejtun to Caterina Cutajar, with issue. Michael Joannes Baptista Patignott, (1816 -., married  (1) 1841 Vittoriosa to Caterina Caruana, married (2) 1853 Vittoriosa to Teresa Caruana, with issue. (First Marriage) Laurentia Gratia Patignott, (1841 -. Raphael Paulus Patignott, (1844 -. Maria Carmela Paula Patignott, (1848 -. Michel Franciscus Patignott, (1820 -. Grazia Patignott, married 1828 Birgu to Giovanni Bugeja. Giuseppe Patignott, (1786 -. Maria Lucretia Patignott, (1788 -. Maria Lucretia Angela Patignott, (1791 -. Antonius Lucretius Patignott, (1798 -, married 1837 Vittoriosa to Maria Caruana, with issue. Raphael Eduardus Patignott, (1839 -. Paula Caterina Laurentia Patignott, (1846 -. Rosa Patignott, married 1716 Cospicua to Filippo Borg. Maria Patignott, married 1716 Cospicua to Nicola de Patmos. Filippa Patignott, married 1739 Cospicua to Salvatore Debono. Girolama Patignott, married 1753 Cospicua to Bernardo Leonardo di Giorgio of Sardinia, with issue. Sebastiano di Giorgio, married 1785 Cospicua to Vincenza Xerri, married (2) 1788 Cospicua to Vincenza Gauci, with issue. (First marriage) Teresa di Giorgio, married 1811 Cospicua to Lorenzo Grima. Antonio Patignott, married 1754 Senglea to Maddalena Piott, with issue. Filippo Patignott, married 1778 Cospicua to Graziella Micallef, with issue. Antonia Patignott, married 1823 Cospicua to Nicola  Fenech. Giuseppe Cosbor, married 1640 Qormi to Angelica Zammit, with issue. Alonso Cosbor, married 1664 Zebbug Gozo to Natalizia Cassar. Stefano Cosbor, married 1667 Qormi to Leonora Cassar. Mario Cosbor, married 1677 Mqabba to Caterina Zammit. Pietro Cosbor, married 1627 Zejtun to Marietta Imperia Calleja, with issue. Andrea Cosbor, married 1666 Ghaxaq to Teresa Natalizia Baldacchino, with issue. Grazia Cosbor, married 1700 Senglea to Paolo Felici. Bartolomeo Cosbor, married 1715 Cospicua to Caterina de Candia, with issue. Michel 'Angelo Cosbor, married 1778 Senglea to Vittoria Pavia. Prudenza Cosbor, married 1650 Cospicua to Antonio Cassuri. Domenico Cosbor, married 1647 Zejtun to Maria Attard. Bernardo Cosbor, married 1632 Birgu to Sapienza Stramundo. Gioannella Cosbor, married 1645 Zejtun to Andrea Xicluna. Maruzzo Cosbor, married 1659 Mdina to Anna Vella, with issue. Caterina Cosbor, married 1682 Mdina to Pietro Baron, with issue. Anna Baron, married (1) 1720 Senglea to Onorato Rebull, married (2) 1735 Senglea to Mco Gio Francesco Mancuso. Maria Anna Cosbor, married 1608 Birgu to Michele Ellul. Matteo Cosbor, married 1603 Zejtun to Marietta Farrugia, with issue. Bernardo Cosbor, married 1633 Zejtun to Margherita Agius., with issue. Bernardo Cosbor, married 1659 Zejtun to Clara Cassar. Maria Cosbor, married 1634 Zejtun to Luca Magro. Vittorio Cosbor, married 1610 Gudja to Geronima Baldacchino. Gio Philippo Cosbor, married 1617 Birgu to Argenta Calleja, with issue. Laura Cosbor, married 1664 Birgu to Vincenzo Gandolfo. Spernaza Cosbor, married 1677 Birgu to Geronimo Borg. Clemente Cosbor, married 1644 Birgu to Maria Sans. Giuseppe Cosbor, married 1663 Birgu to Maddalena Cassar. Margherita Cosbor, married 1595 Birgu to Giorgio Gauci. Rendo Cosbor, married 1587 Birgu to Laura Falzon d/o Demetrio, with issue. Daniele Cosbor, married 1624 Mdina to Giovanna Bonavia, with issue. Mario Cosbor, married 1659 Mdina to Anna Vella, with issue. Caterina Cosbor, married 1682 Mdina to Pietro Baron. Gregorio Cosbor, married 1622 Dingli to Margherita N, ex Wife of N. Cumbo. Agata Cosbor, married 1616 Birgu to Petruzzo Cauchi. Barbara Cosbor, married 1622 Birgu to Giovanni di Trabes di Sonia. Margherita Cosbor, married 1639 Birgu to Giovanni Bonnici. Speranza Cosbor, married 1639 Birgu to Geronimo Bartoli. Cilia Cusburella, married to Luca Sayd, (See above). Agnese Cusburella, married to brother in law, Luca Sayd, (See above). Giacoma Cusburella, married to Milite Peris Camenzuli., with issue. Milite Girolamo Camenzuli, married Agata Mamo, with issue. Lucia Camenzuli, married Pasquale Allegritto. Gioannella Camenzulu, married 1564 Qormi to Biagio Grima. Milite Michele Camenzuli, married 1509 (Notary Consalvo Cansciur -Matro) to Paola Azzopardi, with issue. Antonio Camenzuli, (c. 1558, 1567), married to Margarita Cumbo, with issue. Giuseppe Camenzuli, married (1) to Chiara Pace. , married (2) to Imperia Vella, with issue. (First marriage) Giuseppe Camenzuli, married 1601 Birkirkara to Grazia Cirico, with issue. Mro Consalvo Camenzuli, married 1635 Mdina to Grazia de Brin Calavrese, with issue. Giuseppe Camenzuli, Resident and Captaino of Fort Manoel, married 1681 Zebbug to Raimonica Maddalena Muscat, with issue. Mro Albano Alonzo Camenzuli, Capitano of Fort Manoel, married 1712 Valletta to Dianora Mallia, with issue. Rosa Camenzuli, married 1740 Valletta to Mco Carlo Aquilina. Mro. Domenico Camenzuli, married 1681 Senglea to Lucia Borg, with issue. Flora Camenzuli, married 1750 Valletta to Giuseppe Aquilina, with issue. Generosa Aquilina, married 17.. Valletta to Saverio Bugeja, with issue. Margareta Bugeja, married 1797 Valletta to Vincenzo Abdilla. Grazia Mattia Camenzuli, married c. 1685 Luqa to Matteo Camenzuli, (See below). Mro Ugolino Camenzuli, married 1662 Mdina to Andrianna Vella, with issue. Publio Camenzuli, married 1698 (Notary Gio Domenico Pace) to Rosa Grech, with issue. Ignazio Camenzuli, married (1) 1740 Mdina to Rosa Taliana, married (2) 1756 Mdina to Teresa Azzopardi, with issue. (Second marriage) Paolo Camenzuli, married 1787 Kirkop to Teresa Chircop, with issue. Maria Camenzuli, married 1807 Cospicua to Vincenzo Bugeja. Anna Camenzuli, married 1724 Mdina to Tomaso Gristi, (see on this page). Bernardo Camenzuli,  married 1571 to Paulinucca Sillato, with issue. Margarita Camenzuli, married 1608 to Mario Bonici, married (2) Giovanni Burlo. Dr. Gio Maria Camenzuli JUD,  married (1) Nobile Angelica Testaferrata, Married (2) to Nobile Maria de Noto, Married (3) 1608 to Antonia Farrugia Gusman, with issue. (Second Marriage) Flaminia Camenzuli, dunm. (Third Marriage) Teresa Camenzuli, married Gio Luca Pace. Flaminea Camenzuli, married Nobile Dr. Pietro Paolo Vassallo JUD. Dr. Ignazio Francesco Camenzuli JUD, married 1633 Vittoriosa  to Nobile Barbara Abela Manduca, with issue. Elena Camenzuli, married 1651 to Lazzaro Allegritto. Gio Batta Arcangelo Camenzuli, married 1672 Senglea to Maria Psaila, with issue. Gio Battista Camenzuli, married 1710 Vittoriosa to Geltrude Savona, with issue. Infantino Camenzuli, marreid 1757 Senglea to Marcella Lucano, with issue. Salvatore Camenzuli, married 1768 Valletta to Regina Gilestri, with issue. Salvatore Camenzuli, married 1794 Valletta to Saveria Arnaud, with issue. Michele Camenzuli, married 1837 Valletta to Maria Farrugia, with issue. Paola Camenzuli, (1858 Valletta -). (Unknown father) Giovanni Maria Pietro Paolo Camenzuli, (1879-), married 1909 Sacre Coeur, Tunis to Carolina Farrugia, with issue. Domenica Camenzuli, (1910 Sacre Coeur, Tunis -. Paul Camenzuli, (1910 Sacre Coeur, Tunis -. Andrea Camenzuli, (1912 Sacre Coeur, Tunis -. Joseph Camenzuli, (1914 Sacre Coeur, Tunis -. Theresa Camenzuli, (1915 Sacre Coeur, Tunis -. Vittorio Camenzuli, (1917 Sacre Coeur, Tunis -. Emilie Camenzuli, (1918 Sacre Coeur, Tunis -. Carmel Camenzuli, (1919 Sacre Coeur, Tunis -), d.inf. Carmelo Camenzuli, (1921 Sacre Coeur, Tunis -. Regina Camenzuli, married 1829 Valletta to Nobile Teodoro Cumbo. Barbara Camenzuli, married 1786 Valletta to Gaetano Schembri. Maria Camenzuli, married 1735 Senglea to Gio Battista Angelotti. Teresa Camenzuli, married 1748 Vittoriosa to Michele Antignolo. Matteo Camenzuli of Luqa, (Testament 1718 by Notary Gio Maria Sammut), maried (c. 1685 Luqa) to Grazia Mattia Camenzuli, (See above), with issue. Vittoria Camenzuli, married 1714 Luqa to Gio Pietro Brincat. Gio Maria Camenzuli, married (1) 1716 Zebbug to Maria Zammit, married (2) 1720 Zebbug to Grazia Cilia. Leonardo Bernardo Camenzuli, married 1713 Zebbug to Grazia Magro, with issue. Giovanni Camenzuli, married 1745 Valletta to Giuditta La Porta, (See on this page), with issue. Michele Camenzuli, married 1771 Valletta to Grazia Gauci, with issue. Margherita Camenzuli, married 1787 Valletta to Mario Aquilina. Michele Camenzuli, married 1738 Valletta to Maria La Rocca. Giuseppe Camenzuli, married 1754 Zebbug to Caterina Xiberras. Salvatore Camenzuli, married 1736 Birkirkara to Rosa Micallef. Paolo Camenzuli, married 1738 Zebbug to Lorenza Bonnici. Maria Cusmana Camenzuli, married 1687 to Dr. Marc'Antonio Bonici JUD. Marguerita Camenzuli, married Michele Ducoss. Girolama Camenzuli, married 1590 to Carlo Caxaro. Girolamo Camenzuli, married to Betta Cassia, married (2) 1593 to Agnese Xeberras., with issue. (First Marriage) Matteo Camenzuli, married 1597 to Imperia Falsone, with issue. Lucrezia Camenzuli, married (1) Notary Andrea Allegritto, Married (2) Dr. Niccolo Cilia JUD. Filippo Camenzuli, married Angelica Mangione, with issue. Girolama Camenzuli, married to Nobile Angelo Girolamo Manduca. Gio Matteo Camenzuli, married 1653 to Maria ..., with issue. Anna Camenzuli. Marguerita Camenzuli. Antonio Fortunato Camenzuli. Giuseppe Camenzuli. Franco Camenzuli. Dr. Antonio Camenzuli JUD, married 1682 Valletta to Camilla de Castiglione, Alunna di Principe e Marchese Don Luigi Gonzaga 1647-1702, Knight of Malta e Contessa Anna Castiglione. Attilia Camenzuli, married 1681 to Salvatore Grima. Aloisea Camenzuli, married Andreotto Mallia. Isabella Camenzuli, married Albano Falzone. Giuseppe Camenzuli, married to Margherita Bonnici, with issue. Giacomo Camenzuli, married 1654 Zejtun to Maria Caruana, with issue. Lazzaro Camenzuli, married 1707 Zejtun to Caterina Spagnol, with issue. Giuseppe Camenzuli, married 1729 Valletta to Elisabetta Muscat, with issue. Benedetto Camenzuli, married 1768 Valletta to Rosaria Mifsud, with issue. Elisabetta Camenzuli, married 1792 Valletta to Angelo Bugeja. Aloiseo Camenzuli, amrried 1649 Zeitun to Caterina Xuereb, with issue. Maria Camenzuli, married 1670 Zeitun to Bartolomeo Gatt. Imperia Camenzuli, married Lorenzo Galea. Marguerita Camenzuli, married Girolamo Vella. Angela Camenzuli, married Simone Vella. Matteo Camenzuli, married Giovanna Xerri. Agata Camenzuli, married 1545 (Matro by Notary Giuliano Muscat) to Berto Zammit. Milite Antonio Camenzuli. Milite Salvatore Camenzuli. Agata Cusburella, married to Don Tarquino Vella. Roggerio Sayd, 'Founder of the benefit of Cossin 1458(Moved to Gozo c 1450), married to Imperia N .., with issue. Antonia Sayd, married 1501 to Bernardo Sayd (her uncle), with issue Bernardo Sayd, married Antonia Sayd (his neice), with issue Matteo Sayd, married 1549 to Francesca di Manuele, with issue Giovanni Sayd, married to Imperia di Manuele, with issue. Giovanna Sayd, married to Don Gio Maria Bavascandalo. Matteolo Sayd, married 1585 Qormi to Paola Schembri, with issue. Maria Sayd, married 1631 Ghaxaq to Albino de Lia, with issue. Anasica Lia, married 1663 Zabbar to Gio Maria Bonavia, with issue. Giovannella Bonavia, married 1698 Zabbar to Gaetano Carlo Grech. Maruzzo Bonavia, married 1708 Zabbar to Evanglista Tabuni. Maria Bonavia, married 1703 Zabbar/Mdina to Giacomo Bellavita. Giacoma Lia, married 1656 Zabbar to Giacomo Zammit. Caterina Lia, married 1673 Cospicua to Mro Pietro Dandalona. Don. Giovanni Sayd, (c1549), Priest. Antonio Sayd, married with issue. Marietta Sayd, married 1577 Birkirkara to Matteo Greco/Grech, with issue. Angelica/Enziona Grech, married 1597 Birkirkara to Giacomo Micallef. Salvatore Sayd of Casal Luca, Siggiewi, married 1479 to Paula La Malina,  with issue Stefano SaydCorsair 1520 - noted for services with the royal armament at Trapani, married (1) 1512 (Notary Consalvo Cansciur) to Francesca Imbroglio, married (2) 1522 (Notary Consalvo Cansciur) to Vennera Mallia, with issue. Nicola Sayd, (Testament 1536 by Notary Nicola de Agatiis, 1554 by Notary Don Brandino Caxaro), (Buried in Principi Sayd Chapel, Santi), Corsair 1520 - noted for services with the royal armament at Trapani, (Slavery in the islands of Malta and Gozo 1000-1812) by Godfrey Wettinger, 2002, PEG Ltd, married (1) to Angela del Burgo, married (2) 1532 to Isabella Cassia, with issue. (First Marriage) Giam Piero Sayd b. 1521 Santi, Malta d. 1600 Santi, Malta,  (Buried in Principi Sayd Chapel, Santi), Matro 1543: Not Brandino Caxaro, Zebbug, Malta to Bernardina Bonici, married (2). 1559 Zebbug, Malta to Donna Marguerita Borgo  (Noted as Giuseppe, Giovanni, Gioamperio and Gio Pietro in Notarial acts); with issue. (Second Marriage)  Magco Lorenzo Sayd b. 1561 Santi, Malta d. 1637 Zebbug, Malta,  (Buried in Principi Sayd Chapel, Santi), m. 1610 Zebbug, Malta to Marietta Sayd Alliata, b. 1597 Palermo, Sicily d. 1643 Zebbug, Malta ; Testo 1643: Not Bernardo Azzopardi ; Donazione 1643: Not Gio Batta Azzopardi ; Donazione 1647: Not Giovanni Azzopardi . Bernarda Sayd b. 1615 Santi , Malta d. 1666 Birkirkara , Malta ; m.(Matro:1628:Not Bernardo Azzopardi) 1628 Zebbug , Malta Gio Pietro Camilleri  married (Matro:1632: Not Bernardo Azzopardi) 1632 Zebbug , Malta to Ambrogio Calleja, with issue. (First Marriage) Sapienza Camilleri, married 1652 Zebbug to Carolo Fenech, with issue. Speranza Fenech, married 1702 Zebbug to Antonio Camilleri, with issue. Carole Camilleri, married 1747 Mdina to Maria Debono, with issue. Giuseppe Camilleri, married 1784 Cospicua to Grazia Said, with issue. Francesco Camilleri, married 1805 Mosta to Caterina Catania. Maria Camilleri, married 1744 Zebbug to Francesco Attard. Grazia Camilleri, married 1752 Mdina to Giuseppe Bonnici. Pietro Fenech, married 1691 Mqabba to Lazzarina Gatt. Francesco Fenech, married 1692 Cospicua to Teresa Dandolina, with issue. Maria Fenech, married 1717 Cospicua to Antonio Galdes. (Second marriage) Giovanni Maria Calleja, married 1658 Zebbug to Maria Muscat, with issue. Giovanni Calleja, married 1684 Zebbug to Anna Farrugia, with issue. Sapienza Calleja, married 1708 Zebbug to Paolo Cap. Pietro Calleja, married 1671 Zebbug to Evangelista Muscat. Gio Domenico Calleja,   married 1682  Zebbug to Nobile Maria Vassallo, with issue. Arcangelo 'sives Michele Angelo' Calleja, married (1) 1731 Qormi to Caterina Calleja, married (2) 1739 Tarxiem to Domencia Camilleri, with issue. (First Marriage) Paolo Calleja, married 1751 Qormi to Maria Bezzina, with issue. Saverio Calleja, married 1783 Attard to Maria Cilia. Angelo Calleja, married 1781 Qormi to Rosa Camenzuli, with issue. Andrea Calleja, married 1806 Valletta to Anna Cauchi. Giorgio Calleja, married 1858 Valletta to Caterina Barbara. Grazia Calleja, married 1801 Gudja to Carlo Azzopardi. Maria Calleja, married 1803 Gudja to Francesco Pace., with issue. Grazio Pace, married 1852 Gudja to Teresa Micallef. Giuseppe Pace, married 1828 Gudja to Felicita Calleja, with issue. Loreta Pace, married 1866 Gudja to Giuseppe Frendo. Antonio Calleja, (migrated to Constantinople, Turkey), married 1767 Constantinople, Turkey to Maria Georgiana N, with issue. Francesco Calleja, (1768-1833), married 1803 Constantinople, Turkey to Veronica Tergimanoglu, with issue. Professor Antoin Calleja, (1806-1893), created Bey in the Sultan of Turkey, married 1845 Constantinople, Turkey to Maria Aspasie Vlasterachi, with issue. Rosa Evelina Clelia Calleja, (1846-, married 1889 Constantinople, Turkey to Baudouin Gustave Ernest Henry. Veronica Lucia Elvira Calleja, (1848-. Francesco Antonio Attilio Calleja, (1852-1887). Maria Calleja, (1807-1882), married 1834 Constantinople, Turkey to Federick William Taylor, with issue. Anna Carolina Taylor, (1837-. Anna Thecla Taylor, (1839-1920), married to Dr Luigi Mongeri, with issue. Federico Giuseppe Antonio Mongeri, (1860-, married 1885 Constantinople, Turkey to Berthe Marie Louise Caroline Leroux de Lens. Elena Anna Maria Mongeri, (1862-1949), married 1881 Constantinople, Turkey to Jean Marie Vitale Radeglia, with issue. Thecla Emilie Lavinia Radeglia, (1884-, married 1905 Constantinople, Turkey to Ferdinando de Galateo, married (2) 1918 Constantinople, Turkey to Roberto Giulio Carlo Mongeri. Charles Radeglia, (1888-. Jean Edoard Michel Radaglia, (1893-, married 1929 Paris, France to Marguerite Llewellyn. Joseph Michel Radaglia, (1897-. Alfred Damas Dorothea Radaglia, (1898-. Giuseppe Michele Mongeri, (1864-. Maria Tecla Francesca Mongeri, (1866-. Alfred Cesar Louis Mongeri, (1867-. Luigi Georgio Guglielmo Mongeri, (1869-. Roberto Giulio Carlo Mongeri, (1873-, married (1) 1898 Constantinople, Turkey to Catharina Pelagia Capodaini, married (2) 1903 Constantinople, Turkey to Christina Capodaini, married (3) 1918 Constantinople, Turkey to Thecla Emilie Lavinia Radeglia, with issue. (First marriage) Guido Maria Napoleone Luigi Mongeri, (1900-1935), married 1929 Constantinople, Turkey to Emilie Lili Josephine Carmela Rosolato. Adelaide Taylor, (1843-. Maria Evlina Taylor, (1846-1920), married 1864 Constantinople, Turkey to Cesare Stampa, married (2) 1879 Constantinople, Turkey to Georgio Panajotidhi. Edwina Taylor, (1847-1925). George Taylor, (1846-1920). Tecia Calleja, (1810-), married 1829 Constantinople, Turkey to Eduardo Ottone, with issue. Romolo Antonio Francesco Ottone, (1831-. Viriginia Aristea Ottone, (1833-. (illegitimate with Henri Peroud) Joseph Louis Peroud, (1859-. Antonio Emilio Frederico Ottone, (1836-. Ersilia Florida Paolina Ottone, (1839-. Pietro Paolo Enrico Gaetano Francesco Ottone, (1846-. Maria Adelaide Ottone, (1852-1858), d.inf. Lucia Calleja,. (1812-. Pierre Calleja, (1814-. Carlo Calleja, (1818-1847). Joseph Calleja, (1773-. Victoria Maria Calleja, (1777-. Nicoletta Calleja, (1779-. (Second marriage) Dr Ugolino Calleja, JUD., (d. 1803), (Cr:1792) Baron di San Cosimo., married 1766 Valletta to Angelica Bigeni, dsp.l. (illegitimate) Rosa de Calleja, married 1814 Valletta to Matteo Debattista. I Calleja, (1751-1800), migrated to Imperia Russia and Created Baron Callejov and to his descendants by Tsar Paul I 1799 and Knight of St George of Russia and St John of Malta, married 1799 to Countess Alexia von Browne., with issue. Anna Calleja Vassallo, married (1) 1739 Birkirkara to Salvatore Aquilina, married (2) 1746 Birkirkara to Giusto Debono, with issue. (Second Marriage) Gio Maria Debono, married 1782 Birkirkara to Angela Grech, with issue. Giusto Debono, married 1805 Valletta to Carmela Portelli. Giovanni Debono, married 1808 Valletta to Antonia Schembri. Vittoria Debono, married 1807 Valletta to Carlo Grech, with issue. Vincenza Grech, married 1835 Valletta to Emmanuele Lucchese. Rosa Grech, married 1835 Valletta to Michele Grech. Anna Debono, married 1815 Valletta to Vincenzo Psaila, with issue. Maria Psaila, married (1) 1838 Valletta to Michele Frendo, married (2) 1847 Valletta to Antonio Psaila. Maria Debono, married 1777 Birkirkara to Lorenzo Borg, with issue. Anna Borg, married 1801 Birkirkira to Francesco Fenech. Angela Borg, married 1808 Birkirkara to Gaetano N. Caterina Borg, married 1810 Birkirkara to Giovanni Fenech. Francesco Borg, married 1801 Qormi to Maria Xicluna. Giusto Borg, married 1804 Birkirkara to Grazia Borg. Salvatore Borg, married 1808 Birkirkara to Vittoria Mallia. Costanzo Borg, married 1815 Birkirkara to Francesco Grech. Margherita Calleja Vassallo, married 1721 to Teodosio Busuttil. Caterina Calleja, married 1663 Birkirkara to Basileo Seichel, with issue. Giovanni Seichel, married 1705 Birkirkara to Lucrezia Psaila, with issue. Maria Seichel, married 1727 Birkirkara to Giovanni Borg. Isabella Calleja, married (1) 1677 Birkirkara to Giovanni Vella, married (2) 1682 Birkirkara to Gio Battista Odrifa. Maria Calleja, married 1667 Valletta to Giovanni Grima. Salvatore Sayd, "styled" Principi di Bibino Magno. (b.1618 Santi, Malta d.1699 Santi, Malta), Salvatore travelled to Sicily upon his grandfathers' request and stayed in Sicily for some years. Married a distant cousin/heiress to an ancient fief in Sicily near Messina and settled upon his grandfather’s death in Malta. Acquired the title of Principi through his wife and acknowledged by the Grand Master as such, throughout his life., married 1649 Zebbug to Donna Speranza Dingli, 5th Principessa di Bibino Magno, with issue. Simone Sayd, ( b. 1650 Santi, Malta – 1710 Santi), Styled 9th Principe Romano (de Sayd), 6th Principe e 9th Barone di Bibino, Landowner, married into a prominent Maltese family and acquired much land around Mgiarro, Mosta, Ghajn Tuffieha, Ghajn Rihani, and Rabat (all in Malta). The Vassallo family were quite wealthy and owned much lands around Rabat and Mosta for centuries., Did obtain acknowledgement from the Grand Master of Malta, though as a descendant of Prince Djem, The nobility was noted as a style and descent from the Turkish Imperial family, invited to many events socially amongst the Knights, Clerics and Nobility and was referred to as Principi Simone, married 1675 Mosta to Nobile Maria Vassallo, with issue Don Lorenzo Sayd, (1677-1770), Styled 10th Principe de Sayd Romano, 7th Principe e 10th Barone di Bibino, Lorenzo led an interesting life, in the merchant trade. Enjoying countries such as Italy , France , Turkey , Spain and Tunis , his adventures were rewarded with success and survival battling against pirates and Arabs. Eventually retiring back in Malta to marry his long awaiting love, whom he was able to settle down and have a family. Though it is said he had itchy feet, wanting to go back to the seas, with his cousins, (Vassallo) whom he spent much of his travels with. Upon settling down, a man of his late forties, seeing his brothers with maturing children, it was high time to start one of his own., Led a peaceful long life in the Santi, Mosta and Zebbug and recognised locally as Principi Lorenz. Never obtained formal acknowledgement through the Knights of St John of Malta, though never considered to be within the noble circles in Malta., married 1723 Mosta to Nobile Teresa Xiriha di Cristoforo, with issue. Don Giovanni Maria Sayd Xiriha di Cristoforo, (1725- Executed by the French 1799), Styled 11th Principe de Sayd Romano, 8th Principe e 11th Barone di Bibino, Inherited a small privateers business with his cousins and spent time in Greece, Venice, Croatia, and the Adriatic Sea, though sold his interest to his brother Jacob and settled full time in Malta. Principe Salvatore was involved with many leading Maltese against the French. Though unsuccessful, all the leaders were rounded up and fired upon. An inscription can be found at Mdina of all those killed for their efforts against the French., married (1) 1778 Mosta  to Grazia Galea, (d. 1781), married (2) 1782 Mosta to Nobile Grazia Debono, with issue. (First Marriage) Domenica Said, (1779 – 1876), ‘Nun’. Don Lorenzo Francesco Sayd, (1781- ), thought to have died but it seems to have moved to Cospicua and taken over the family's Privateers business and styled 12th Visconte de Sayd e Barone di Bibino Magno, married 1831 Cospicua to Caterina Camilleri, with issue. Don Giuseppe Lorenzo Paolo Said, (1832 Cospicua -). Don Giovanni Said, styled 13th Visconte de Sayd e 13th Barone di Bibino Magno, married 1870 Cospicua to Maria Caruana, with issue. Don Carmelo Said, styled 14th Visconte de Sayd e 14th Barone di Bibino Magno, (1889 Cospicua - 1940 Egypt), married 1930 in Malta to Emilia Louise Carbonaro, with issue. Don Harry John Said, styled 15th Visconte de Sayd e 15th Barone di Bibino Magno, (1931 Cairo - March, 2019 South Australia), married 1958 South Australia to Margaret Agnese Schinckel, with issue. Donna Mary Said, (1958 -), d.inf. Donna Caroline Anne Said, (1959-, married to Mark Vince, with issue. Jack Charles Vince, (1992-. Ross Edward Vince, (1993-. Harrison Mark Vince, (1995-. Charlotte Lilly Vince, (1996-. Don Paul Gerard Said, (1961- August, 2019), styled 16th Visconte de Sayd e 16th Barone di Bibino Magno, married to Sharron Fry, with issue. Don Jayden Paul Said, styled 17th Visconte de Sayd e 17th Barone di Bibino Magno, (1989-, married to Abbey Conroy, with issue. Donna Madison Kate Said, (2018-. Donna Tiarna Meeka Said, (1991-. Donna Khatora Shenay Said, (1994-, married to Kevin Opperman. Don Mark Andrew Said, (1961-. Don John Philip Said, (1963-, married to Marites Silvestre, with issue. Donna Kiah Angelique Said, (1995-. Don Josh Andre Said, (2000-. Don Peter Michael Said, (1966-, married to Anita Aslin, with issue. Donna Dakota Tane Said, (2003-. Donna Madeleine Louise Said, (1968-. Donna Jennifer Mary Said, (1971-, married to Justin Fahey, with issue. Samuel Justin Fahey, (2005-. Olivier Harry Fahey, (2008-. Lila Margaret Fahey, (2010-. Don David Patrick Said, (1974-2012), dunm. Donna Mary Joan Said, (1932 Egypt - 2009 South Australia), married to Brian Neville, with issue. Karen Jane Neville, (1957-, married to William Adams. Sally Denene Neville, (1959-, married to Antony Adey, with issue. Brooke Thea Nevill Adey, (1989-. Paige Neville Adey, (1993-., amrried to Ravin N. Christopher Mark Neville, (1963-, married to Catherine Reid, with issue. Georgina Monica Neville, (2002-. Maria Concepta Benvenuta Michela Sayd, (1838 Cospicua -). (Second Marriage) Don Salvatore II Gio Maria Said Xiriha di CristoforoStyled 12th Principe de Sayd Romano(1790-1888), Upon his father death, led a quite life on his properties at Rabat, Mosta, Santi, Zebbug and Mgiarro (all in Malta). Though his children led adventures lives and travelled around Europe., Refused to involved in the British Royal commission regarding his nobility patents stating his loyalty lies with the Kingdom of Italy, married 1815 Mosta to Maria Dimech Testaferrata, (a descendant of the Cassar Testaferrata branch), with issue. Don Giovanni Maria II Said Testaferrata, (1832-1907), Styled 13th Principe de Sayd Romano, Giovanni Maria travelled to London, Italy, France and Scotland with his brother. Settled business matters upon his sister's death. A landowner with properties around Santi, Mosta, Rabat, Fiddien and Mgarr (all in Malta)., married to Teresa Vella Sant, 14th Baroness di Baccari, with issue. (illegitimate by Anna Marie Somerville, died 1905) Angela Somerville ( 1850-1916), married to Capt. John Howard of Malta. (illegitimate by Anna Marie Somerville, died 1905) John Somerville ( 1849-1918), married firstly in 1870 to Lady Octavia Bonici dei Baroni di Qlejjgha dei Conti della Dundee., and secondly in 1876 to Anne Pulis, with issue. Marriage ) John Somerville-Bonici8th Earl of Dundee(1871-1943), Moved to Egypt, married 1900 to Henrietta Said (See Below), with issues (Descendants moved during the Egyptian Revolution to Australia, England and New Zealand) John Somerville LLB, (1904 Egypt – 1974 Melbourne, Australia), 9th Earl of Dundee, married 1922 Cairo Egypt to Leonora Jackson, with issue. John Somerville LLB, (1925 Port Said, Egypt - 2009 Mornington, Victoria,  Australia). Moved to Melbourne with family. 10th Earl of Dundeemarried 1956 to Ingrid Liney, with issue. John Somerville, B.Com, (1959-., 11th and Present "Jacobite" Earl of Dundee married 1997 Melbourne Victoria Australia to Victoria Christie LL.B. Hon Andrew Somerville, (1962-, B.Eng., styled Viscount of Eythorn, married 1988 to Patricia Donaldson, with issue. Hon Ursula Somerville, (1990-, married 2014 Melbourne, VIC to Marchese Lucas Fontani. Hon Russell Somerville, (1990-, married 2015 Cape Hope, SA to Marchesa Katherine Fontani, with issue. Marchese John VI  Sommerville Fontani, (2017 -. Marchese Alexander Sommerville Fontani, (2019-. Marchesa Olivia Sommerville Fontani, (2021-. Lady Violet Somerville, (1929 Port Said -2016), Moved to Perth WA, Australia., married 1953 to Anthony La Rosa, with issue. Giovanni La Rosa, (1955-., married with issue. Philippa La Rosa, (1958-., married with issue. Lorenzo La Rosa, (1961-, married with issue. Hon George Somerville, (1931- Port Said - 1959 Lebanon), dunm. Hon Charles Somerville (1907 Egypt – 1963 Wellington, New Zealand), married with issue. Jonathan Somerville, (1926 Egypt -1949 Cairo Egypt), married with issue. Charlton Somerville, (1948 Port Said, Egypt -), married with issue. Alexander Somerville, (1981 Auckland New Zealand -), married with issue. Jonathan Somerville, (2018 Auckland New Zealand -. Aloisia Somerville, (2020 Auckland, New Zealand -). Jane Somerville, (1984 Auckland New Zealand -, married 2012 to David Henry Hardie. David Somerville, (1929 Egypt -2010)., married with issue. Veronica Somerville, (1927 Egypt -2005), married with issue. Hon Edward Somerville, (1911- Egypt – 1969 Bath, England), married with issue. Lady Katherine Somerville, (1914 Egypt – 1989 Sydney Australia), married with issue. Lady Jane Somerville, (1916 Egypt – 2001 Southampton, England), married with issue. Hon Edward Somerville., ( 1872-1944 Cape Hope, South Africa) married 1902 to Mary Assunta Wright, with issue John Edward Somerville,  (1904 Cape Hope, South Africa -1965 Cape Hope, S.A), Married 1932 to Jane Fanny Scott, with issue Edward John Somerville,  (1936 Cape Hope, S.A - 2015), married 1961 to Georgina Mallia with issues John Edward Somerville (1964 Cape Hope, S.A -), married 1986 to Emily Bellia, with issue Edward John Somerville III, (1989 Cape Hope, S.A-), married 2014 to Rachel Chapman, with issue. John Edward Somerville III, (2015 Cape Hope S.A-). Stephen Somerville, (2018 Cape Hope, S.A-). Tanya Somerville, (1992 Cape Hope-). Peter Somerville, (1995 Cape Hope-). Stephen Somerville, (1967- Cape Hope-), married 1999 to Stephanie Jorge, with issue Frederick Somerville, (1973- Cape Hope-)., married 2015 to Vera Charlotte Bowes, with issue. Leanne Natalie Somerville, (2018 Cape Hope -. Ann Somerville, (1966- Cape Hope-), married 1994 to Jaime Sorgne with issue Henry Somerville, (1940- Cape Hope - 1989 Toronto, Canada), married 1960 to Karen Anne Belard with issue Sean Somerville, (1961- Toronto, Canada-), married 1979 to Katherine Rogue with issue Henry Somerville, (1980 Toronto, Canada-), married 2015 Toronto, Canada to Todd William White. (Issue from Alley SmithChad Somerville-Smith, (2001 Toronto, Canada-). (issue from Bianca Dodds), Rita Somerville Dodds, (2019 Toronto, Canada -). Christopher Somerville, (1982 Toronto, Canada-). Stacey Somerville, (1984 Toronto, Canada-). Leanne Somerville, (1964- New York City, U.S.A-), married with issue Anthony Somerville, (1966- Toronto, Canada-). Patricia Somerville, (1969- Toronto, Canada-). Anthony Somerville (1907 Cape Hope, S.A.-1969 Durban, S.A), married 1930 to Enrica Ostermann, with issue. Charles Somerville (1910 Cape Hope, S.A- 1971), married 1937 to Maria Dolores Fontani, with issue. Anne Mary Somerville (1905 Cape Hope, S.A- 1999) married with issue. Eliza Somerville (1911 Cape Hope, S.A - 1996) married with issues Timothy Somerville (1915 Cape Hope, S.A -1983) Married with issues Lady Eugenia Somerville ( 1873-1874), d.inf. (Second Marriage ) Eleanor Somerville ( 1877-1968 Paris, France), married 1900 to Edward Dunbar. (illegitimate) Don  Salvatore (III) Said Testaferrata, (Born: 13-8-1859 at Mosta - 1923 Cairo Egypt)., styled 14th Principe de Sayd e Bibino Magno,  married  1875 to Leonora Mallia Tabone dei Marchesi di Fiddien., with issue. Don Enrico Said Testaferrata, (1877 Cairo Egypt - 1944 Paris France), Styled 15th Principe de Sayd e Bibino Magno,  married 1898 Cairo Egypt to Daniella Ursino, with issue. Don Salvatore (IV) Said, (1901-45 Paris France), styled 16th Principe de Sayd e Bibino Magno, married 1932 Paris France to Georgiana Tobin, with issue. Donna Vera Said, (1935-2020).,  married 1959 Paris France to Charles Napier,  MA, with issue. Serge Napier, (1961 Perth, Australia -, married 1990 to Barbara Contini, with issue. Vera Napier, (1993 Perth, Australia -. Amanda Napier, (1996 Perth, Australia. Donna Theresia Said, (1937-2019), dunm Donna Ursula Said, (1940-2020), dunm Donna Diane Said, (1904- 92 Paris France), married  1927 to Arnold Hoher, with issue. Donna Edwina Said, (1905- 64 Paris France), married 1928 to Francois Tuckwell, with issue. Donna Bianca Maria Said, (1906 -1953 Paris France)., married 1930 to Enrico Moscati de Pembroke Don Riccardo Said Testaferrata, (1878 Cairo - 1952 Paris France),  styled 17th Principe de Sayd e Bibino Magno, married 1905 Cairo Egypt to Yolanda de la Falaise, with issue. Don Louis Said, (1907 Cairo - 1991 Paris France), styled 18th Principe de Sayd e Bibino Magno, married 1939 to Eloise Moscati de Pembroke, with issue. Don Ricard (II) Said de Pembroke, (1942  Paris - 2010 Paris France),  styled 19th and last Principe de Sayd e Bibino Magno, married 1957 to Eloise Sceberras Trigona, Baronessa di Vallegrande e Budunetto, with issue. Don Louis Said de Pembroke, (1959 Paris - 2009 Coen Brittany France), Styled Hereditary Principe de Sayd e Bibino Magnodunm Donna Antoinette Said, (1962 Paris -),  married 1988 Paris to Louis Martin de Chavrigy, with issue. Adelaide de Chavrigy, (1992 Paris -, married 2018 Paris, France to Santino Ferrucci, with issue. Luigi Amadeus Ferrucci, (2019-. Chantelle Ferrucci, (2021-. Diane de Chavrigy, (1996 Paris -, married 2019 Paris, France to Sergey Sirotkin, with issue. Alexandre Sirotkin, (2021-. Don Arthur Said, (1909 Cairo - 1986 St Denis Paris France)., dunm Don Kenneth Said, (1912 Cairo - 1949 Cairo)., married 1948 to Doris Delicata, dsp. Don George Said Testaferrata, (1882 Cairo -1950 Port Said Egypt), married 1910 Cairo Egypt to Anne de la Yves, with issue. Donna Daniella Said, (1912 Cairo - 1952 Cairo)., married 1845 to Bernardo Bonici Donna Bianca Said, (1915 Cairo - 1998 Jordan)., married 1947 to William Mallia Donna Henrietta Said, (1880 Cairo - 1968 Lebanon), married 1900 Cairo Egypt to John Somerville-Bonici, 8th Earl of Dundee (See Above). Donna Louisa Said, (1885 Cairo - 1980 London England), "Nun", dunm. (illegitimate) Donna Carmela Said, (Born: 19-1-1862 at Mosta)., married 1875 to Innico Mallia Tabone dei Marchesi di Fiddien. Don  Francesco Xaverio Said Testaferrata, (1867-1956), Styled 14th Principe de Sayd Romano, 15th Barone di Baccari, Travelled to Italy in his twenties, enjoying a full bachelor life travelling to favourite places in Sicily, until settling down to marry in 1910, where he focused on family landed properties around Mosta, Santi, Dingli and Mgarr (all in Malta). Served as an Officer in World War One with the British Army., engaged to Nobile Marianna Mallia Tabone, but broke off the engagement, later married 1910 Rabat Malta to Helena Farrugia, with issue. (Mistress/Girlfriend, Fortunata Zammit) Giuseppe Zammit, (1886 Tripoli -), married 1909 Birkirkara to Felicita Gauci, married (2) 1919 Birkirkara to Giorgia Camilleri. Don Giovanni Maria Said Testaferrata (1912-2004), 16th Barone di Baccari,.  Migrated to Sydney Australia,  [Renounced all Sayd successions prior to departing for Australia], married to Giuseppina Teresa Galea, with issue. Don Francis Xavier Said17th Barone di Baccari, (1946-, married 1970 to Carmen Sammut., with issue Don Paul Said (1975-, Baroncino di Baccari, married in 1998 to Sonia Vella, with issue. Don Anthony Said. Don Matthew Said. Donna Sarah Said. Don Michael Said (1981-, married to Melissa N, with issue. Donna Alannah Said. Donna Laura Said. Donna Helen Said ( 1948-, married 1968 to Jerome Attard, with issue. Jennifer Attard, (1973-), married 1996 to Chris Sherry, with issue. Aaron Sherry, (1998-). Braydon Sherry, (2001-). Luke Sherry, (2001-). John Attard, (1970-). Donna Maria Said (1950-, married 1973 to Charles Pisani, with issue. Lisa Pisani, married to Michael Dimech, with issue. Amelia Dimech. Ella Dimech. Mark Pisani. Peter Pisani, married (1) to Alison N (died), married (2) to Kylie N, with issue. Mia Pisani. Erica Pisani. Renee Pisani. Rhys Pisani. Anthony Pisani, married to Megan N, with issue. Zara Pisani. Benji Pisani. Donna Doris Said (1952-, married 1973 to Joseph Deguara, with issue. Christine Deguara, married to Michael Abela, with issue. Lincoln Abela. Steven Deguara, married to Susan Muscat, with issue. Jude Deguara. Lacey Deguara. Michelle Deguara, married to Jeffrey Vella, with issue. Joshue Vella. Lachlan Vella. Monique Vella. Luke Vella. Donna Emmanuela (Leina) Said (1954-, married 1974 to Anthony Camilleri, with issue. Robyn Camilleri, married to Patrick N, with issue. Jett N. Thor N. Daniel Camilleri, married to Lisa N, with issue. Charlie Camilleri. Noah Camilleri. Don Carmelo Said Testaferrata, (1916-73),  Styled 15th Principe de Sayd Romano, (served in World War II in Malta, led a farming life), married 1947 Mgarr, Malta to Maria Vassallo, Lineal heiress of de Lusignan, Signorina di Mugiarro, Styled Baronessa di Djar il Bniet e Buqana e Ghajn Rihani.., with issue. Don Giuseppe Said (-Testaferrata), (1949-.  Styled 16th Principe de Sayd Romano, Lineal heir to de Lusignan of Cyprus, de jure Barone di Djar il-Bniet e Buqana, Barone di Ghajn Rihani and Signore di Mugiarro, (migrated to Sydney, Australia), married 1970 Sydney, Australia to Nobile Mary Doris Vassallo, 11th Baronessa di Frigenuini, with issue. Don Charles Said VassalloK.St.G, Dip.Mgt., Grad.Cert.Busin. Adm.(UWS), (1971 Sydney -. [Ancestry] Donna Lisa Marie Said, (1974 Sydney -.,  married 1994 at Kellyville, N.S.W, Australia to Paul.A. Bigeni, Dip.Build., with issue. Don David A. Said, (1975 Sydney -, married (1) 2003 (Divorce 2008) at Kellyville, N.S.W, Australia to Alison Grima-Carr. (Niece of Virgina Grima, the wife of Paul Said), .married (2 ) Civil 2009 Sydney to Carolina Vivaldo of Leichhardt, and with issue. (First Marriage) Donna Monique Giorgia Said., (2004 Sydney -. Don Joel Isaac Said, (2005 Sydney -. (Second Marriage) Don Darcy David Said, (2009 Sydney -. Donna Bronte Anne Said, (2011 Sydney -. Donna Natalie Said, (1978 Sydney -., engaged to Elvin Sammut. (Issue of Elvin Sammut dei Baroni Inguanez) Naima Sammut, (2008 Malta -. Don Angelo Said of Sydney Australia,  (Company Director) ,(1952-, married to Grace Borg, with issue. Don Matthew Said ( 1976 Sydney -), married 1999 Sydney to Diane Sultana, with issue. Don Joachim Said, (2001- Don Aaron Said, (2004- Donna Renee Said, (2008-, (Twin). Don Ryan Said, (2008-, (Twin) Don Daniel Said ( 1981- Don Sean Said (1984-., married (Civil) 2012 at Sebel Resort, Hawkesbury Valley, NSW, Australia to Rebecca Cunningham, with issue. Don Joel Brian Said, (Oct 2009 -. Donna Mia Rose Said, (June 2013 -. Don William Charles Said, (Nov 2016-, (Twin) Don James Said, (Nov 2016-, (Twin). Don Paul Said of Sydney Australia, (Company Director), (1954- , married Virgina Grima, with issue. Donna Leila Said. Dip. Mkt (1976-, married 1998 to James Sammut. Donna Cheryl Said, LL.B, B.Com., ( 1980 -., married 2011 to Michael J. Nomarhas. Donna Amanda Said, B.Com., (1983-  Don David Said of Malta, Some time President of Mgarr United Football, (1956-, married to Mary Chetcuti, Council Councillor of Mgarr Malta (2009-2014), with issue. Don Gordan Said ( 1981 Malta -), married 2016 to Annmarie Ebejer. Don Johann Said ( 1983 Malta -). Donna Lorraine Said (1979 Malta -).  Donna Francesca Xaveria Said ( 1998 Malta -).  Don Moses Said of Malta, (1958-, married Miriam Calleja-Scicluna,  with issue. Don Charles Alexander Said (1983 Sydney -) Don Olivier Said (1985 Sydney -). Don Fabien Said (1998 Malta -) Donna Hon. Dr Alicia Said, Ph.D, MP in Malta, (2022-, (1987 Sydney -), married 2021to Malcolm Bugeja. Donna Maria Said (1991 Malta -).  Don Orazio Said,  (Company Director), ( 1960-, married Josephine Bezzina, with issue. Don Charles Orazio Said ( 1987 Sydney -). Don Micheal Said ( 1991 Sydney -). Donna Stephanie Said ( 1983 Sydney -). (Fashion Designer/Jeweller in Sydney, Australia). Donna Samantha Said (1985 Sydney -), married 2015 (Divto Luke Baldacchino.  Don Emmanuele Said of Sydney Australia, (1961-, married to Teresa Grech , with issue. Don Julian Charles Said (1991 Sydney -). Donna Carla Marie Said (1988 Sydney -). Donna Mariah Frances Said ( 1995 Sydney -).  Don Rev. Mario Said of Malta, ( 1969-, "Parish Priest in Malta". Donna Francesca Xaveria Said ( 1948-1994 England), married to Arthur Lynn of Norfolk England. Donna Agnes Said of Malta, ( 1950-, married to Charles Bezzina. Donna Helene Said of Malta, (1966-, married to Jesmond Vassallo. . Don Paulo Said of Malta, (1917- 2012), married Teresa Muscat, with issue. Don Giuseppe Said Donna Saveria Said, married to Zaren N. Donna Carmen Said, married to Charlie N. Don Emmanuel Said of Sydney Australia, ( 1948 -, married to Rose Marie Micallef, with issue Don Paul Angelo Said (1974-, married 2002 to Monica Vella, with issue Don Daniel Said, (2003-. Don Margaret Said ( 1976-, married John Grech, with issue. Donna Helen Said, married to Karmenu N Don Zaren Said, married to Mary N. Don Edgar Said, married to Carmen N. Don Luigi Said, of Sydney Australia, married Mary Bugeja, with issue. Don Paul Said, (1985-. Don Michael Louis Said, (1986-2006), dunm. Don Joseph Said Don Daniel Said Donna Lisa Marie Said. Don Louis Said, married to Mary N. Don Giovanni Said, married to Rose N. Donna Mary Said, married to Saviour N. Donna Lucy Said, married to Aurelio N. Donna Joan Said. . Don Samuele Said of Malta, (1919- married to Zora Galea, with issue. Donna Frances Said. Don Pio Said. Donna Gusa Said. Donna Maria Said, married to Edgar Camilleri, with issue. Joey Camilleri. Giovanni Camilleri. Samuel Camilleri. Rosemary Camilleri. Daniel Camilleri. Sylvania Camilleri. Don Charlie Said, married to Mary N, with issue. Don Jason Said, married to Clair N, with issue. Don Levi Said. Don Toby Said. Don Matthew Said, married to Loralie N, with issue. Don Hadyen Said. Don Tony Said, married to Doris N, with issue. Donna Annabel Said. Don Mario Said. Donna Leila Said, married to Joe Vella, with issue. Samantha Vella, married to Charlie N. Sharon Vella. Donna Helen Said. Donna Rena Said, married to Peter Walker, with issue. Andrew Walker. Tim Walker. David Walker. Michelle Walker. Don Gino Said, married to Marella N, with issue. Donna Janice Said. Don Luke Said. . Donna Grazia Said,  (1914-99), married 1933 Hamrun to Espedito Emmanuele Paolo Saverio Buttigieg Donna Maria Teresa Said of Malta, (1920-2003), married Orazio Vella, with issue Saverio Vella Pietru Vella Carmelo Vella., married to Rita Vassallo., with issue. Michael Vella. Daniel Vella. Paul Vella., (1980-2005)., married 2005 to Veronica …, dsp. Joe Vella Leli Vella Cecilia Vella Paul Vella Goretti Vella Rita Vella Edgar Vella Mario Vella David Vella Antida Vella Doris Vella Donna Teresa Maria Said of Sydney Australia, (1924-2019), married 1945 Mgarr to Saverio Galea (d. 2009), with issue. Frances Galea, (1947-), married 1967 to Sam Xuereb, with issue. Marianne Xuereb, (1968-). Catherine Xuereb, married to Michael Dries, with issue. Jacob Dries. Eijah Dries. Zachary Dries. Nathaniel Dries. Tobios Dries. Daniel Xuereb, married to Samantha N, with issue. Thomas Xuereb. Angela Xuereb. Joshua Xuereb. Alex Xuereb. Christopher Xuereb, married to Sandra N, with issue. Jackson Xuereb. Maria Galea, (1948-), married 1976 to Louis Dalli, with issue. Michele Dalli. (issue with Thomas Covell) Elora Covell. (issue with Thomas Covell) Rayden Covell. Karen Dalli. (issue with Tayo Wilson) Quincey Wilson. Patricia Dalli, married to Mark Thomas, with issue. Flynn Thomas. Casey Thomas. Teresa Dalli, married to Denny Gibbison, with issue. Gavin Gibbison. Carmen Galea. Giuseppe Galea, (1951-, married to Paulina N, with issue. Anne-Marie Galea, married to Glen Hewkins, with issue. Jayde Hewkins. Paige Hewkins. Jeannette Galea, married to Ky Cullen, with issue. Sydney Cullen. Samuel Cullen. Josephine Cullen. Louise Galea. (Unknown)  Adam Galea. (Unknown) Justin Galea. (Unknown) Dani Galea. Benny Galea, married to Charlene N, with issue. John Galea. Jacob Galea. James Galea. Jasmine Galea. Simone Galea, married to Adrian Alexandro, with issue. Joey Alexandro. Mackenzie Alexandro. Nancy Galea. Eddie Galea, (1953-), married (Div) to Doris N, with issue. Nerice Galea. Lydia Galea. Dean Galea. Freddie Galea, (1953-1968), dunm. Charlie Galea, (1954-), married 1984 to Christine N, with issue. Jason Galea. (Issue with Sarah N) Louis Galea. Michael Galea.  David Galea. Sarah Galea, married to Jonno Thompson, with issue. Jack Thompson. Mia Thompson. Emma Galea. Jim Galea, (1956-), married to Maude N, with issue. Melissa Galea., married to Ben Sultana, with issue. Briel Sultana. Christian Sultana. Joshua Sultana. Jamie Galea, married to Joanna N, with issue. Jessica Galea. Jayden Galea. Bernadette Galea, married to Anthony Farrugia, with issue. Leo Farrugia. Eva Farrugia. Philip Galea, married to Danielle N, with issue. Joel Galea. Sophie Galea. Elliana Galea. Chloe Galea, married to Jeremy Attard. Paul Galea, (1958-), married 1982 to Lynnette N, with issue. Alyce Galea, married to Jarryd N, with issue. Cooper N. Hunter N. Erin Galea, married to Chris Camilleri, with issue. Orlando Camilleri. Dakota Camilleri. Leonardo Camilleri. Florence Camilleri. Sr Pia Galea, (1960-), Nun. David Galea, (1964-), married 1988 to Sharon N, with issue. Allyson Galea. Jasmine Galea. Patrick Galea, (1968-), d.inf.  Donna Maria Giuseppa Filomena Said, (born: 11-10-1870 at Mosta)., married 1883 to Basile Fontani dei Conti Senia., with issue.  Donna Maria Angela Carmela Giuseppa Said, (born: 22-6-1873 at Mosta)., married (1) 1885 to Napoleon Richardo Fontani dei Conti Senia., married (2) to Pacifico Pisani, with issue. Giuseppe Pisani, (1905 Mosta - 1977 San Bruno, CA, USA), migrated to USA, married 1946 to Carmela Calleja, with issue. Mary Josephine Pisani, (1946 San Francisco, CA, USA -), married 1975 to Albert H. Gates. Barbara Jean Pisani,. (1948 San Francisco, CA, USA -), married 1969 to James Garris. Aniela Anne Pisani, (1949 San Francisco, CA, USA -), married 1973 to John N. Berube. Kathleen Rose Pisani, (1951 San Franciso, CA, USA -), married 1975 to Gregory F. Isom, with issue. Nicholas Joseph Isom, (1977 - 2009). Don Giuseppe Said TestaferrataWent with his brother Giovanni Maria to London in search of their sister Marie whom died in London to salvage and settle any debts or business. (1835-95), (Note: First Malta Stamp was addressed to Don Giuseppe), married 1866 Mosta to Salvina Tonna, with issue.  Donna Marie Said Testaferrata ( 1820-48 London, UK), mistress to Alexander Sceberras Testaferrata, 15th Baron di Castel Cicciano, secondly to Prince Charles Laurien Bonaparte, Principe di Canino e Musignan [wiki], and thirdly to Lord Robert Grosvenor, 1st Baron Ebury. She died in London. Led an interesting life starting in Malta, then to Europe, dying a mistress to a British Baron, with issue. (First Liaison) Fr. Carmelo Trigona, (1838 - 1888 Naples), Priest, dunm (Second Liaison though acknowledged as the wife child) HH, Prince Napeolon Charles Gregoire Jacques Philippe Bonaparte, (1839-1899), 5th Principe di Canino e Musignan, married 1859 Rome to Donna Maria Cristina dei Principi Ruspoli, with issue. HH, Princess Zenaide Eugenie Bonaparte, (1860-1862), d.inf. HH, Princess Marie Leonie Eugene Mathilde Zenaide Bonaparte, (1870-1947), married 1891 to Enrico Gotti. HH, Princess Eugenie Laetitia Barbe Caroline Bonaparte, (1872-1949), married 1898 (sep 1903) to Napoleon Ney, Prince de Moslowa, Duc d'Elchingen, dsp. (Second Liaison though acknowledged as the wife child) HH, Princess Bathilde Aloise Leonie Bonaparte, (1840-1861), married 1856 Paris to Louis, Comte de Cambaceres. (Second Liaison though acknowledged as the wife child) HH,  Princess Albertine Marie Therese Bonaparte, (1842-), d.inf. (Second Liaison though acknowledged as the wife child) HH, Prince Charles Albert Bonaparte, (1843-1847), d.inf. (Third Liaison) Robert Ebury Said, (1846-1879)., adopted after Marie’s death by his Uncle and brought back to Malta, later known as Paolo Montebello, married 1867 Kirkop to Anna Callus. Marie-Eleanor Ebury Said, later known as Mihr-i-Shah Malika Khanum (1848-1927 Baghdad, Iraq)., adopted after Marie’s death by her Uncle and brought back to Malta. Later travelled in a group to Lebanon where she met Abdul I-Llah, then married  HH. Amir Abdul l-Ilah, Grand Sharif and Amir of Mecca, (r.1881-82, 1908)., with issue.  Sharif Salim Pasha, married with issue. Sharif Dr Ahmad Hazim Bey, married HRH, Princess Jalila of Hijaz, dsp. Sharif Hashim Bey. Sharif Musbah Khanum. Sharifa Abdiya Khanum, dunm. Sharifa Nafissa Khanum, (1886- Killed 1958), married 1906 to King Ali ibn Hussein, King of the Hijaz, Grand Sharif of Mecca GBE, with issue. HRH, Prince Abd al-Llah of Hiaz, Crown Prince of Hijaz, GCMG, GCVO, (1913-58 ), Regent of Iraq, (1939-41), Head of the Hashimite House  (1951-58 ), married (1) 1936 to Melek Yehia, married (2) 1948 to Faiza al Tarabulsi, married (3) 1956 to Hiyam al-Habub of the Rabia tribes of Kut, dsp. HRH, Princess Khadija Abdiya of Hijaz, (1907-58), dunm. HRH, Princess Aliya of Hijaz, (1911-50), married 1934 to King Ghazi I of Iraq, with issue. King Faisal II of Iraq, GCVO, (r1939-58),  (1935-58), dunm. HRH, Princess Badia of Hijaz, (1920-2020), married 1949 Baghdad, Iraq to H.H. Al-Sharif Hussein bin Ali’ Bey of Mecca, with issue.  Al-Sharif Muhammad bin Al-Hussein, (1951-, married 1986 (Div) to Amina M. Machkhas, married (2) 1993 to Ladan Al-Hussein Forough Azam Ladan Heshmati, with issue. (Second marriage) Al-Sharif Hussein bin Muhammad Al-Hussein, (1999-. Al-Sharif 'Abdu'llah bin Al-Hussein. b. at Baghdad, Iraq, 1952., married 1988 to Antonella Sophia Gabrielle Maria Wynn Harvey, with issue. Al-Sharif Abdu'l-illah bin 'Abdu'llah, (1992-. Al-Sharif  Hassein bin 'Abdu'llah, (1994-. Al-Sharifa Badia bint 'Abdu'llah, (1990-. Al-Sharif 'Ali bin Al-Hussein, (1956-, educ. Univ. of Essex. (Self-proclaimed Pretender to the Throne of Iraq (not in accordance with the laws of succession), married 1986 London to Lina K. Khan, with issue. Al-Sharif Faisal bin Ali Al-Hussein, (1992-. Al-Sharifa Hala bint Ali Al-Hussein, (1988-. Al-Sharifa Alia bint Ali Al-Hussein, (1990-. Al-Sharifa Hiba bint Ali Al-Hussein, (1996- HRH, Princess Jalila of Hijaz, (1923-55), married Sharif Dr Ahmad Hazim Bey, dsp. Donna Anna Said Testaferrata, married 1839 to Gio Batta Fenech, with issue. Salvatore Fenech, married 1873 Naxxar to Maria Vittoria Galea, with issue. Giovanni Fenech, married 1927 St Paul’s Bay to Domenica Schembri. Donna Grazia Said Testaferrata, married in 1844 to Paolo Bonnici, with issue. Donna Caterina Said Testaferrata , married in 1864 to Giuseppe Mifsud, with issue. Donna Teresa Said Testaferrata, married firstly 1870 to Giuseppe Azzopardi, secondly in 1881 to Lazzaro Agius., with issue. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Teresa a former slave from Tunisia). Alexander Alunno, (1800 - 1841), married 1823 Salerno, Italy to Donna Aloisea Grimaldi, with issue. Amelia Spiteri, (1830 -1911), mistress to Conte Cav. Saverio Vella-Wallace. RMA, (1842-65)., Baroncino di Baccari Don Salvatore Spiteri, (1832 -), Abbott, dunm. Suor Fiametta Spiteri, (1835-, Nun, dunm. Carmelo Spiteri, (1838 - 1853), dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Teresa, a former slave from Tunisia). Gaetana Alunna, (1802 - 1868), married 1821 Valletta to Michele Xicluna (s/o Annunicato and Caterina). (illegitimate from Mistress, a Teresa, a former slave from Tunisia). Caroline Alunna, (1804-1851), married 1823 Vittoriosa to Filippo Lambertenghi of Milan (illegitimate from Mistress, a Teresa, a former slave from Tunisia). Maria Concetta Alunna, (1806-1842), married 1832 Valletta to Andrea Azzopardi, (s/o Giuseppe). (illegitimate from Mistress, a Teresa, a former slave from Tunisia)Carmelo Alunno, (1808 -1826), dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Teresa, a former slave from Tunisia)Benjamino Alunno sives Spiteri, (1812 - 1841), dunm.l. (illegitimate with Caterina Grech Delicata) Salvatore Grech, (1841-), married 1863 Senglea to Rosa Frendo, with issue. Giovanni Grech, married 1894 Senglea to Anna Galea-Pulis, with issue. Vincenzo Grech, married 1924 Vittoriosa to Amelia Gatt-Segona, with issue. Professor Fr. Prospero Stanley Grech, O.S.A., C.O.M, (1925-2019). , titular Bishop of Portireone, Papal Sacristan and Vicar of His Holiness for Vatican City, created Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church on 18th February 2012dunm (illegitimate from Mistress, a Teresa, a former slave from Tunisia). Giorgiana Alunna, (1814 -1872), married 1848 Valletta to Giuseppe Vella, (s/o Benedetto and Marcella Grima). (illegitimate from Mistress, a Teresa, a former slave from Tunisia). Giovanni Alunno, (1816-1864), married 1855 Kirkop to Maria Ellul. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Teresa, a former slave from Tunisia). Maddalena Alunna, (1817-1885), married 1840 Valletta to Gio Battista Zarb, (s/o Giuseppe and Caterina Borg). (illegitimate from Mistress, a Teresa, a former slave from Tunisia). Emilea Tomasina Alunna, (1819-1892), married 1846 Valletta to Francesco Debono. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Teresa, a former slave from Tunisia)Francesco Saverio Alunno de Camilleri, (1821 - 1883), married 1849 Tarxiem to Teresa Fenech, with issue. Emilia de Camilleri, married 1882 Tarxiem to Antonio Mifsud. (illegitimate from Elisabetta Ellis). Guglielmo Said, (1839 Athens -1896), married 1867 Valletta to Filomena Pisani, with issue. Henrietta Said, (1868 Valletta -1952 New Mexico), married 1885 Vienna Austria to Heinrich von Wallburg (died 1888 Krems), (his father was Archduke Ernest of Austria and his morganatic wife), married (2) 1912 New Mexico to Nicolas Carbajo, with issue. (First Marriage) Guglielmo Ernest von Wallberg, Styled Prince of Hungary,  (1886 Vienna -.1941 New Mexico USA), married 1908 London to Nobile Vera dei Marchesi Delicata, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, with issue. Laura Elizabetta von Wallberg, Styled Princess of Hungary, (1888 Vienna -., married 1908 London to Francesco dei Marchesi Alessi Fontani. Enrichetta Said, married 1917 St Paul's Bay, Malta to Dr Francesco Buhagiar LLD, Prime Minister of Malta. Arturo Said, married 1903 Valletta to Maria Luigia Pullicino, with issue. John Said Pullicino, married 1934 Valletta to Hilda Pace, with issue Rev Mgr Arthur Said Pullicino, (1935-2020), (Appreciation tribute)dunm Dr Joseph Said Pullicino LLD, Chief Justice of Malta 1995-2002, married 1977 Floriana to Geraldine Micallef, with issue. Lara Said Pullicino, married to Andrew Mallia, with issue. Beppe Mallia, (2014 -. Antoine Said Pullicino, married to Jane Stafrace, with issue. Rachel Said Pullicino. Rebecca Said Pullicino., married to Ian Willers, with issue. Juan Willers. John Paul Said Pullicino (issue from Anna Dungan) Eli Said Pullicino. Louis Said Pullicino, married to Agnes Buttigieg, with issue. Ivan Said Pullicino Alexia Said Pullicino. Philip Said Pullicino, married to Lizette Azzopardi, with issue. Daniel Said Pullicino Maria Said Pullicino. Veronica Said Pullicino. Mary Anne Said Pullicino, married to Joseph Tabone Adami Margaret Said Pullicino. Evelyn Said Pullicino. Mary Said Pullicino. Bice Said Pullicino. Sr. Antoinette Said Pullicino. Dr Ruggiero Said MD, married to Fiorenza Adami, with issue. Dr Walter Said MD, married Mary Cheney., with issue. Roger Michael Said, married to Mary Gabrielle Mc Kenna, with issue. Sarah Said. Valerie Said, married (1) to Jeffrey Holt, married (2) to James Shillito. Francis Said., married to Maria Anna Abela., with issue. Veronica Said. Simon Said Giovanni Said Julian Said William George Said Dudley-Ward, (1906 Malta -), migrated to Canada., married (1) 1956 Sliema by Proxy to (Annulment by the Vatican 1969) to Elizabeth Harvey Magro., married (2) 1973 Montreal, Canada to Evelyn MacGillivray, with issue (disputed) (First marriage) Lawrence Said Dudley Ward, (1957 -, married (1) 1992 (Div) to Emer Borg, married (2) to Caroline Zammit, with issue. (First marriage) Timothy Lawrence Said Dudley Ward, (1995-. Clara Kathlyn Said Dudley Ward, (1999-. (Second marriage) Veronica Dudley-Ward. Roger Dudley-Ward Don Lorenzo Sayd Xiriha di Cristoforo (1792 - 1863), married in 1815 Mosta to Nobile Grazia Cuschieri, with issue. Gio Maria Said, married 1848 to Marchesa Maria Louisa Alessi dei Marchesi di Taflia., with issue. Lorenzo Said (died 1895), 1870 - Migrated to Mexico City, Mexico., married 1880 Mexico City to Maria Antonia Sedano y Leguizano (illegitimate daughter of Ferdinand MAXIMILIAN Joseph Maria, Emperor of Mexico)., with issue. Maximiliano Jose Carlos Said y Sedano, (1882-., married 1915 to Marchesa Regina Testaferrata, with issue. Luca Jose Said, (1918-47), married 1941 to Marina Fantina, with issue. Maximiliano Said, (1943-2019), married 1968 (cousin) to Maria Cristina Said, with issue. Aimone Said, (1970-., married 1999 to Daniela Zeymuro, with issue. Luca Said, (2002-. Anna Said, (2005-. Maria Scilla Said, (1973-, married 2012 to Andrew Hanbury. Argentina Said, (1945-., Nun. Pia Maria Said, (1946-., married to Alessandro Biasto. Maria Louisa Said, (1919-1998), married 1948 to Carl Auguste Said, (see on this page). Maria Antonia Said, (1921-2001), Nun. Maria Vittoria Said, (1923-2003), Nun. Enrico Said y Sedano, (1884-1926)., married 1915 to Marchesa Aloisea Testaferrata., with issue. Maria Cristina Said, (1916-1973)., 'Nun'. Maria Josepha Said, (1918-1959)., 'Nun'. Maria Teresa Said, (1919-1993)., married. Maria Zuna Said, (1921-2019)., 'Nun'. Maria Carolina Said, (1923-2018)., married. Enrico Said, (1925-2017)., married 1948 to Maria Louisa Said, (see on this page), with issue. Maria Susanna Said, (1949-., married. Tomaso Said, (1951-, married 1985 to Maria Stefania Said, (see on this page), with sisue. Cristiano Said, (1988-. Mathilde Said, (1991-. Mario Said, (1953-., married 1988 to Fredericke N, with issue. Stefan Said, (1990-. Aloisea Said, (1993-. Alvaro Said, (1994-.. Maria Antonia Said y Sedano, (1885-., married 1915 to Carlo Stagno. Ferdinanda Said y Sedano, (1888-., married 1919 to Giorgio Alessi. Pedro Said y Sedano, (1889- 1956)., dunm. Carmelo Said, 1870 - Migrated to Mexico City, Mexico., married 1876 Mexico City to Maria Jose Orosio y Henriene, with issue. Maximiliano Giorgio Said y Orosio, (1878-., 1918), Priest, dunm. Innico Said y Orosio, (1881- 1926), married to Cristina N, with issue. Carlo August Said, (1915 - 1951), married 1948 to cousin Maria Louisa Said, (see on this page), with issue. Maria Cristina Said, (1949-., married 1968 to Maximiliano Said, (see on this page). Innico II Carmelo Said, (1951-., married 1980 to Xaveria Said, (see on this page), with issue. Innico III Said, (1983-, married 2013 Mexico to Teresa Calvocoressi, with issue. Innico IV Carmelo Said, (2015 Mexico -). Veronica Said, (2018 Mexico -). Enrica Said, (1986-. Louisa Said, (1989-. Karl Said, (1991-. Nathalie Said, (1994-. Maria Stefania Said, (1950-, married 1985 to Tomaso Said, (See above). Maria Louisa Said, (1918-., married to Enrico Said, (see on this page). Maria Octavia Said, (1919-2009)., Nun.. Maria Anna Said y Orosio, (1883-1908)., dunm. Maria Catherina Said y Orosio, (1885-1982)., Nun, dunm. Maria Victorie Said y Orosio, (1887-1986)., Nun, dunm. Clement Said y Orosio, (1889-1932)., Monk, dunm. Francesco Said y Orosio, (1890-1964)., Monk, dunm. Maria Said, married 1850 to Nobile Calcedonio Azopardi dei Baroni di Buleben. Donna Therese Sayd Xiriha di Cristoforo, married firstly in 1811 to Giuseppe Mula, (See on this page), secondly in 1815 to Gio Maria Agius Donna Maria Anne Sayd Xiriha di Cristoforo, married 1821 Messina to Corrado dei Baroni Cafici, dsp Don Giovanni Maria Sayd'Priest', dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress Maria Christina, a North African slave, died 1755). Minichella Muna Alunna, (1741 -1795), Mistress to a Marchese Testaferrata, with issue. Silvestra, Alunna di Arbo, married 1771 Valletta to Gregorio Gilibert (illegitimate from Mistress Maria Christina, a North African slave, died 1755). Maria Anna Alunna, (1742 -1778), married 1764 Lija to Gio Maria Agius, (s/o Luca and Rosa), with issue. Maria Agius, married 1794 Gharghur to Pietro Vella. (illegitimate from Mistress Maria Christina, a North African slave, died 1755). Tomasina Margarita Alunna, (1743 -1768), married 1767 Messina, Sicily to Sig. Giuseppe Regnaud (illegitimate from Mistress Maria Christina, a North African slave, died 1755). Victorine Alunna, (1744 -1774), 'Suor', dunm (illegitimate from Mistress Maria Christina, a North African slave, died 1755). Alessandro Alunno, (1745- 1758), dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress Maria Christina, a North African slave, died 1755). Francesco Filippo Giacomo Alunno di Camilleri, (1747 - 1782), married 1764 Valletta to Lucia Grech, with issue (illegitimate from Mistress Maria Christina, a North African slave, died 1755). Carmelo Alunno, (1749 -1757), dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress Maria Christina, a North African slave, died 1755). Clara Elizabetta Alunna, (1750 - 1788), 'Suor', dunm.l (illegitimate) Caterina Spiteri, married 1809 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Bucherino of Ragusa. (illegitimate from Mistress Maria Christina, a North African slave, died 1755). Antonio Alunno, (1752 - 1790), married 1770 Messina to Aloisea Fournier, with issue. Giovanni Giuseppe Spiteri, (1772 Messina Sicily -), married 1802 Lija to Francesca Vella. Maria Louisa Spiteri, (1773 Messina Sicily - Floriana 1837), married (1) 1792 Vittoriosa to Enrico Chircop, (d. 1805), married (2) 1808 Valletta to Michele Gauci of Siggiewi, with issue. Maria Ignazia Chircop, married 1823 Naples to Cav. Tommaso Costanzo di Pagnacia Maria Concetta Gauci, married 1847 Vittoriosa to Andrea Borda Maria Vincenza Gauci, married to Giuseppe Borda Fra. Antonio Gauci, 'Monk', dunm. Enrico Remigio Spiteri, (1775 Messina Sicily -), married 1806 Valletta to Vincenza Pace. Mario Spiteri, ( 1778 Messina Sicily -), married 1807 Birkirkara to Anna Axiach. Maria Carolina Spiteri, ( 1782 Messina Sicily -), married 1822 Valletta to Emmanuele Leone of Sardinia Antonia Spiteri, (1784 Messina, Sicily- 1884 St Pauls Bay Malta), married (1) 1811 Valletta to Giovanni Maria Abela, married (2) 1812 Valletta to Giovanni Micallef, married (3) 1814 Valletta to Marcello Axiach married (4) 1822 Valletta to Andrea Buhagiar Maria Vittoria Spiteri, (1786 Messina, Sicily -), married 1814 Valletta to Salvatore Falzon. Maria Benventua Spiteri, (1787 Messina, Sicily -), married 1814 Valletta to Salvatore Borg. (illegitimate from Mistress Maria Christina, a North African slave, died 1755). Beniamino Alunno, (1754 -1774), 'Abbott', dunm (illegitimate from Mistress Maria Christina, a North African slave, died 1755). Giuseppe Alunno, (1756 - 1788), married 1770 Messina to Elisabetta Fournier, with issue. Beniamino Aloiseo Spiteri, (1773 Messina Sicily -), married 1824 Valletta to Agata Gatt. Luca Spiteri, (1776 Messina Sicily -). Carmela Spiteri, (1784 Messina, Sicily-), married 1830 Birkirkara to Nobile Francesco Zrenzo Paolo Spiteri, (1785 Messina, Sicily -), married 1832 Valletta to Grazia Vella. Salvatore Spiteri, (1788 Messina, Sicily -), married 1835 Gudja to Teresa Mifsud, with issue. Giovanni Spiteri, married 1865 Gudja to Anna Caruana. Carmela Spiteri, married 1865 Gudja to Michele Dimech. Angelo Spiteri, married 1876 Ghaxaq to Giovanna Abela. (illegitimate from Mistress Domenica, a North African slave). Doris Alunna, (1755 -1779), 'Suor', dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress Domenica, a North African slave). Petronilla Vincenza Alunna, (1757 -1793), married 1771 Valletta to Giuseppe Camilleri, with issue. Teresa Camilleri, married 1795 Valletta to Giuseppe Debono. Maria Camilleri, married 1795 Valletta to Giovanni Agius, with issue. Giuseppe Agius, married 1819 Cospicua to Loretta Pace. Caterina Agius, married 1814 Valletta to Aloisio Caruana. (illegitimate from Mistress Lara, a slave). Stefania Alunna, (1758 -1789), dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress Lara, a slave). Francesca Alunna, (1759 -1793), dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress Lara, a slave). Pietro Alunno, (1762 -1778), dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress Isabella, a Corsican black slave). Caterina Natale Alunno, (1767 -1845), married 1783 Valletta to Salvatore Bartolomeo Gauci (illegitimate from Mistress Isabella, a Corsican black slave). Stefania Alunna di Sacco, (1769 -1785), married 1784 Vittoriosa to Pietro Moscati. (illegitimate from Mistress Isabella, a Corsican black slave). Maria Anna Alunna, (1771 -1823), married 1802 Valletta to Pasquale Galea, (s/o Giuseppe and Teresa). (illegitimate from Mistress Isabella, a Corsican black slave). Francesco Alunno Borg, (1773 - 1861), married (1) 1794 Birkirkara to Anna Xiberras, married (2) 1818 Birkirkara to Maria Grech, with issue. (First marriage) Salvatore de Borg, married 1826 Gharb Gozo to Maria Apap. Giuseppe de Borg, married 1837 Birkirkara to Maria Farrugia, with issue. Carmelo Borg, married (1) 1886 Mdina to Maria Carmela Zahra, married (2) 1895 Mdina to Carmela Catania. Caterina de Borg, married (1) 1817 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Zammit, married (2) 1823 Birkirkara to Bernardo Grech. (Second marriage) Carmelo de Borg, married 1865 Birkirkara to Carmela Ciantar, with issue. Michele Borg, married 1896 Birkirkara to Caterina Aquilina, with issue. Carmela Borg, married 1918 Birkirkara to Carmelo Frendo. Francesco Borg, married 1892 Birkirkara to Michelina Micallef. Grazia Borg, married 1900 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Grima (illegitimate from Mistress Isabella, a Corsican black slave)Giovanni Saverio Alunno, (1775 -1813), 'Abbott', dunm (illegitimate from Mistress Isabella, a Corsican black slave)Michele Angelo Alunno di Sacco, (1777 - 1840), married 1796 Valletta to Colombia de Delicata, with issue. Giuseppe Sacco, married 1826 Valletta to Vincenza Tabone, with issue. Leonardo Sacco, married 1857 Kirkop to Francesca Mizzi. Paola Sacco, married 1855 Kirkop to Francesco Grech. Carmela Sacco, married 1867 Kirkop to Paolo Callus. Margherita Sacco, (1798 -), dunm.l (illegitimate with Charles Hamilton, Comte d'Arran) Maria di Sacco, (1813 -., married 1826 Rabat Gozo to Antonio Tabone (illegitimate with Charles Demorny, later cr Duc de Moray, 1811-1865) Giuseppa di Sacco, (1824 -, married 1849 Kirkop to Giovanni Farrugia, with issue. Andrianna Farrugia, married 1881 Zurrieq to Sig Carmelo Caruana. (illegitimate with Charles Hamilton, Comte d'Arran) Angela di Sacco, (1816 -. (illegitimate with Freiherr Carl Friedrich Wilhelm von Woehrstein, illeg of Prince Joseph Wilhelm Hohenzollern-Hechingen, Prince-Bishop of Ermland) Maria di Sacco, married (1) 1853 Kirkop to Giovanni Busuttil, married (2) 1877 Sannat Gozo to Antonio Saliba. (illegitimate with Freiherr Carl Friedrich Wilhelm von Woehrstein, illeg of Prince Joseph Wilhelm Hohenzollern-Hechingen, Prince-Bishop of Ermland) Rosa di Sacco, married 1852 Kirkop to Salvatore Darmanin (illegitimate with Freiherr Carl Friedrich Wilhelm von Woehrstein, illeg of Prince Joseph Wilhelm Hohenzollern-Hechingen, Prince-Bishop of Ermland)Salvatore di Sacco, married 1870 Matrice Gozo to Maria Bonnici. . (illegitimate with Charles Hamilton, Comte d'Arran) Margarita di Sacco, (1818-. (illegitimate with Freiherr Ferdinand von Prillwitz) Coronato di Sacco, married 1854 Nadur Gozo to Angelica Meilach, with issue. Giuseppe Sacco, married 1879 Nadur Gozo to Maria Attard, with issue. Angelo Sacco, married 1909 Nadur Gozo to Rosaria Attard. Paolo Sacco, married 1927 Xaghra Gozo to Giovanna Azzopardi. Annunziata Sacco, married 1928 Nadur Gozo to Giovanni Said, (s/o Francesco and Rosa Azzopardi) Paola Sacco, married 1921 Nadur Gozo to Giovanni Muscat. Filomena Sacco, married 1918 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Portelli. Margarita Sacco, married 1912 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Muscat. Grazia Sacco, married 1909 Nadur Gozo to Salvatore Portelli. Carmela Sacco, married 1905 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Muscat. Rosina Sacco, married 1899 Nadur Gozo to Carmelo Buttigieg. (illegitimate with Freiherr Ferdinand von Prillwitz) Rosa de Spiteri, married 1860 Valletta to Peter Burlle of Dublin, Ireland. (illegitimate with Freiherr Ferdinand von Prillwitz) Celestino de Spiteri, adopted pa Giovanni e Anna Sultana, married 1861 Valletta to Giuseppa Farrugia. Teresa Sacco, married 1825 Valletta to Gaetano Borg. (illegitimate from Mistress Isabella, a Corsican black slave). Vincenza Alunna, (1779 - 1826), married 1802 Lija to Giuseppe Camilleri, with issue. Pasquale Camilleri, married 1841 Valletta to Saveria Annunziata Camilleri, with issue. Carmelo Camilleri, married 1883 Zurrieq to Giuseppa Gauci. Don Simone Sayd, married 1756 Mosta to Celidonia Attard, with issue. Tomaso Sayd, married (1) to Anna Sammut, married (2) 1802 Mosta to Anna Buhagiar, married (3) 1828 Naxxar to Angela Azzopardi. Giovanni Said, married 1811 Mosta to Anna Calleja, with issue. Simone Said, married 1849 Naxxar to Paula Vella. Salvatore Sayd, married 1813 Mosta to Paula Mangion. Teresa Sayd, married 1809 Mosta to Giuseppe Vella. Don Lorenzo Sayd, (Gifted Soprano, "The Great Maltese Composers, Joseph Vella Bondin, 2016, p 163, 167), married 1759 Mosta to Grazia Fenech, with issue. Giuseppe Said, (d. 1826), Guiseppe Sayd (died 1826),  Migrated to Imperia Russia and Created Baron Sayd and to his descendants by Tsar Paul I 1799 and Knight of St George of Russia and St John of Malta, married 1797 Mosta to Celidonia Muscat, with issue. Baron Feodor Saidov, 2nd Baron (1799-1846), married 1820 to Duchess Louisa Delicatasky, with issue Barone Mario Said, married 1844 Naxxar to Paola Vella, with issue. Barone Salvatore Said, married 1887 Mdina to Antonia Giordmania. Baron Alexis Saidov, (1801-76), married 1821 to Marchioness Anastasia Preziosisky, with issue. Baron Simon Saidov, (1802-95), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia , dunm. Baroness Catherine Saidov, (1803-), married 1823 to Duke Paul Testaferratasky. Baroness Stefania Saidov, (1805-), married 1825 to Count Saviour Apapov. Francesco Sayd, married 1776  Rabat , Gozo to Angela Spiteri. Michele Said, married 1776 Rabat Gozo to Grazia Busuttil. Giovanni Said, married 1777 Zebbug to Maria Gatt, with issue. Anna Said, married 1822 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Burlo. Don Salvatore Sayd (died 1810),  Migrated to Imperia Russia and Created Count Sayd and to his descendants by Tsar Paul I 1799 and Knight of St George of Russia and St John of Malta, married 1777 Mosta, Malta to Orazia Gauci, with issue Don Jacobo Sayd., (Migrated to Sparta , Greece as a Merchant 1752), married 1755 Corfu to Alexia Niarchos., with issue. Don Lorenzo Sayd., (1756-, d.inf.) Don George "sives Giorgio" Sayd., (1758-1821 Sparta Greece)., Merchant, married 1791 Athens (First cousin) to Bettina Niarchos (sister of Philippo, Niece of Alexia), with issue. Jacobo Sayd, (1793 Athens -), Merchant, Descendants may be using the the surname of Savopoulos.. Faustino Sayd, (1796 Athens -), Merchant. Caterina Sayd, (1798 Athens -). Vincenzo Sayd, (1799 Athens -), Merchant. Maria Xaveria Sayd, (1801 Athens -), later known as Maria Myrian Hanem, married to Colonel Joseph Seve, later known as Soliman Pasha al-Faransawi in Egypt, with issue. Zohra al-Faransawi, (1830-. Madhi al-Faransawi. Nazil al-Faransawi, (1833-1916), married to Mohammad Chief Pasha, Prime Minister of Egypt 1879, 1881-1882, 1882-1884, with issue. Tewfika Charif, married to Abdel Rahim Sabri Pasha, Minister of Agriculture in EgyptGovernor of Egypt, with issue. Nazil Sabri, (1894-1978), married to Fouad I, King of Egypt. Sherif Sabri Pasha, (1895-, married 1922 to Naila Khanum. Amina Sabri, (1906-1925). Donna Elena Maria Sayd., (1759-1812)., married 1787 Athens to Philippo I Niarchos, Merchant of Sparta Greece., with issue. Constantine I Niarchos., Sea Merchant, (1794- ., married 1820 Messina Sicily to Nobile Louisa Grimaldi, with issue. Georgio Stavros Niarchos., Sea Merchant, (1834-., married 1855 at Athens, Greece to Ubaldesca Sant, with issue. Constantine Niarchos, (1856 -), d.inf Spryros Niarchos, (1858 -), d.inf Louise Niarchos, (1861- ). Martha Niarchos, (1864 -). Spyros Niarchos, (1867 -1872), d.inf Philippo II Niarchos, (1869-). Alessandre Niarchos, (1871 -). Spyros I Niarchos., Sea Merchant, (1873 - 1955), (Migrated to USA and returned to Greece c. 1909)., married to Eugenia Coumantoros, (1885-1980)., with issue. Stavros I Niarchos., (1909 USA- 1996 Zurich, Switzerland),  One of the World Richest Shipping Tycoons. [See his genealogy chart below], Married (1) 1930 (Div 1930) Helen Sporides., married (2) 1939 to Melpomene Capparis, (Div 1947)., married (3) 1947,  (Div 1965) to Eugenia Livanos, (d. 1970),, married (4) 1965, (Div 1967) to Charlotte Ford., married (5) to  Athina Livanos, Marchioness of Blandford., with issue. (Third Marriage) Philippo Niarchos, married 1984 to Victoria Guinness., with issue. Stavros III Niarchos., (1985-, married 2020 (Civil) Paris to Dasha Zhukova. Eugeni Niarchos, (1986-. Theodorakis Niarchos., (1991-. Electra Niarchos., (1995-. Stavros II Niarchos., (1957-., married 1987 (Div) to Hon. Daphane Guinness., with issue. Nicolas Niarchos., (1989-. Alexis Niarchos., (1991-. Ines Niarchos (1994-. Maria Isabella Niarchos., married to Stephane Gouaze, with issue. Constantinos II Niarchos., (d. 1999)., married (1) 1987 to Donna Alessandra Borghese., married (2) 1998 to Silvia Martin, dsp (Fourth Marriage) Elena Anna Niarchos., (1966-, married (1) 1991 to Stanley Jozef Olender, married (2) Joe Rippolone., with issue. Constintine Niarchos, (1875-. Philippo Niarchos, (1822-. Alessandra Niarchos, (1825-. Constantine Niarchos, (1828-. Elena Niarchos, (1831-. Jacobo Niarchos, (1796-. Alexia Niarchos, (1797-. Martha Niarchos, (1799-. Giorgio Niarchos, (1801-. Alessandro Niarchos, (1802-. Simone Niarchos, (1805-. Maria Antonia Sayd., (1762-94)., married 1777 Vittoriosa Malta to Dimitri Ralli of Greece, (died 1822)., with issue. Alexandre Ralli., (1782-1858 Corfu Greece)., married Julia Psomadi., with issue. Marigo Ralli., (1812-91 London England)., married 1831 to Spiro Mavrogianni, with issue. Alexander Mavrogianni, (1833-1900 England), married 1860 Livorno Italy to Alexandra Vlasto, with issue. Maria Mavrogianni, (1863 -1932 London), married to Pandia Ralli, married 1910 London to Andreas Nicolas Argenti, with issue. Robert Peter Ralli, (1899 -1927 London), dunm. Captain Spiridion Alexander Mavrogianni, (1866-1930), married 1899 London to Dorothy Airds, with issue. Nesta Mavrogianni, (1911-2001), married to Thomas T. Streeter, with issue. Patrick Streeter, (1946 -., married to Judith Turk. Alexandra Mavrogianni. Sybil Mavroigianni. Dorothy Mavrogianni. Evelyn Mavrogianni. Mary Mavrogianni. Julia Ralli., (1822-81 Brindisi Italy)., married 1839 to Christophoros Lavrano., with issue. Amalia Lavrano., married 1858 to Dr Elie Politis MD., with issue. Dr George Politis MD, (1860-1957)., married Argyros Ralli., with issue Athanase Politis., (1893-1968 New York, USA). Ambassador of Greece. Theodore Politis., (1894-. Dr Jean Politis Ph.D., (1863-1939), married Yolande Cojevina., with issue. Nicolas Politis. Eleanore Politis. Alice Politis. Elia Politis. Michele Politis. Prof. Nicolas Socrate Politis. (1872-1942)., married 1905 to Catherine Ralli., with issue. Dr Jacques Politis., (1913-, Greek Minister., married 1945 to Catherine Michalopoulo-Eliasco., with issue. Atalanta Politis., married 1979 to Comte Henri-Jean de Castellance. Nicolas Politis. Sophia Politis., married Spyros Rossolimo. Athanase Politis., (1868-1957)., dunm. Philene Politis., married to Androcles Papadatos Elisabeth Politis., married (1) to Angelo Cojevina., married (2) John Eliasco. Theodoro Ralli., (1789-1871 Corfu Greece)., married Corfu to Stamatoula Sgouta., with issue. Dimitrios Ralli., (1825-96), married 1850 to Aspasia Skilitzi., with issue. Theodore Ralli., (1851-1935)., married Emily Baylis. Sapho Ralli., (1855-), married 1878 to Alexandrine Jani Lagonico., dsp. Maria Ralli, (1856-1921)., married 1880 to Nicola Marchetti. Emmanuele Ralli., (1858-1933)., married Catherine Herbert., dsp. Alexandre Ralli., (1866-), married 1901 to Catherine Bramhall., dsp. Jacob Ralli., (1826-71)., married 1851 to Catrina Psiachi., with issue. Theodore Ralli., (1852-1909), married 1881 to Julia Mavrogordato., with issue. Catherine Ralli., (1882-1948)., married 1905 to Nicolas Politis. Spiro Ralli., (1856-1915)., dunm. Manoli Ralli., (1858-1917)., dunm. Arghiro Ralli., (1860-1947)., married 1886 to Ambrose Skilitzi, with issue. Catherine Skilitzi, (1887- 1908 Paris France), dunm Jean Skilitzi, (1888 - 1910 Switzerland), dunm.. Sophia Ralli., (1870-), married 1898 to Leopold Pralon. Marietta Ralli., (1828-84)., married 1846 to Pandia Theodore Ralli., with issue. Marouko Ralli., (1847-81)., married Epamindas Casanova. Caterina Ralli., (1849-81)., married 1877 to Dimitri Dimitriou. Sophia Ralli., (1852-1907)., married 1871 to Leon Iliadi-Vesanos. Aspania Ralli., (1853-1930)., married Spiro Licouris. Spiridion Ralli., (1831-81)., dunm. Joanna Ralli., (1837-1925)., married 1857 to Nicolas Maniaki, with issue. Eleni Maniaki, (d. 1936), dunm. Alexandra Maniaki, (d. 1948), married to Spiridon Gennata, dsp. Sapfo Maniaki, (d. 1953), dunm. Julia Maniaki, (d. 1920), married to Dimitrio Tsiklitira, with issue. Nikolao Tsiklitira. Aspasia Maniaki, (d. 1957), married (1) to Gerassimo Marketo, married (2) to Giorgio-Sava Marketo, with issue. (First marriage) Giorgio-Savva Marketo, dunm. Nicolo Marketo, d.inf. Giovanna Marketo, married 1918 to Capt Herbert Disney Vaughan-Hughes, with issue. Disney Mainwaring Vaughan-Hughes, (1919-2000), married to Elizabeth P. Tetley, with issue. David Vaughan-Hughes. Timothy Vaughan-Hughes. (Second marriage) Theodora Marketo. Adamantina Maniaki, dunm. Theodore Maniaki, (d. 1931), dunm. Alexandre Maniaki, dunm. Jacob Maniaki, dunm. Marko Maniaki, dunm Alexandre Ralli., (1839-1913)., married 1873 to Zambelou Zygomala., with issue. Sophia Ralli., (1873-1936). Julia Ralli., (1875-1952). Jeanne Ralli., (1883-. Anthiope Ralli., (1843-1923)., married 1860 to Nicola Ionidi. Donna Chiara Sayd, mistress to Comte Charles Hamilton de Arran. (illegitimate from his Mistress, a Petronilla, a Grecian/Cretian Slave) Leonardo Alunno, (1693 - 1717), dunm. (illegitimate from his Mistress, a Petronilla, a Grecian/Cretian Slave) Maruccia Antonia Alunna, (1695 -1729), (later a Nun), married Nobile 1710 Mignano, Italy to Nobile Giuseppe Afflito, with issue. Nobile Mazzeo Afflitto, (1711 -), 6th Barone di Roccagioriosa, dunm. Nobile Giovanni Battista Afflito, (1714 -), 7th Barone di Roccagioriosa, married (1) 1733 to Donna Anna Maria Barretta dei Duchi di Casalicchio (d. 1759), married (2) to Nobile Maria Antonia d'Auria de Tommasi, with issue. (First Marriage). Nobile Fortunata Afflito, "Nun". Nobile Giuseppa Afflito, married 1756 to Don Pietro Figliola, Duca di Civita Sant'Angelo e Patrican of Trani. Nobile Maria Vincenza Afflito, (1736 - 1816), 'Nun'. Nobile Mazzeo Afflito, (1739 -), dunm. Nobile Eustacchio Afflito, (1742 -), dunm. Nobile Violante Afflito, (1746 - 1836), 'Nun'. Nobile Leonardo Afflito, (1750 - 1825), 9th Barone di Roccagioriosa, married (1) to Maria Silvestri (d. 1800), married (2) 1806 to Maria Giuseppa Silvestri (d. 1808), with issue. (First Marriage) Nobile Maria Carmela Afflito, (1800 - 1871), married 1818 to Pietro de Angelis. (Second Marriage) Nobile Maria Francesca Afflito, (1805 - 1807), d.inf. Nobile Giovanni Afflito, (1807 -), d.inf. (Second Marriage) Nobile Rachele Afflito, (1763 - 1852), 'Nun'. Nobile Maria Amelia Afflito, (1767 -), married 1797 to Michele N. (illegitimate from his Mistress, a Petronilla, a Grecian/Cretian Slave) Pio Alunno, (1697 -1705), dunm,. (illegitimate from his Mistress, a Petronilla, a Grecian/Cretian Slave) Vina Anna Alunna, (1699 -1724), married 1714 Valletta to Antonio Agius, with issue. Gio Maria Giuseppe Agius, married 1739 Valletta to Angelica Grech, with issue. Paolo Agius, married 1781 Valletta to Anna Grech. Maria Agius, married 1776 Valletta to Giuseppe Gauci. Speranza Agius, married 1740 Qormi to Francesco di Giorgio. Maria Agius, married 1757 Zebbug to Nicola Cachia. Giovanna Agius, married 1762 Zebbug to Saverio Cardona. (illegitimate from his Mistrss, a Petronilla, a Grecian/Cretian Slave) Caterina Alunna, (1701 -1746), married (1) 1722 Valletta to Domenico Candeloro, married (2) 1737 Valletta to Aloisio Raimondo Bouchett, with issue. (Second marriage) Maddalena Bouchett, married 1758 Valletta to Antonio Crespi. (illegitimate from his Mistress, a Petronilla, a Grecian/Cretian Slave) Maria Alunna, (1703 -1743), 'Nun', dunm. (illegitimate from his Mistress, a Philippina, a Cyprian Slave) Saveria Alunna, (1705 -1750), 'Nun', dunm. (illegitimate from his Mistress, a Philippina, a Cyprian Slave) Francesca Alunna, (1707-1743), dunm. (illegitimate from his Mistress, a Philippina, a Cyprian Slave) Giorgiana Alunna, (1708-1761), 'Nun', dunm. (illegitimate from his Mistress, a Philippina, a Cyprian Slave) Carmen Alunna, (1710 -1748), married 1745 Lija to Gio Maria Sammut (s/o Gio Domenico and Valenza), with issue. Giuseppe Sammut, married 1765 Valletta to Domenica Decelis, with issue. Angelo Sammut, married 1809 Birkirkara to Caterina Aquilina Cauchi. Francesco Sammut, married 1782 Attard to Anna Gauci, with issue. Giovanni Sammut, amrried 1821 Valletta to Rosaria Fava. Antonio Sammut, married 1787 Ghaxaq to Maria Dimicoli, with issue. Maddalena Sammut, married 1830 Ghaxaq to Giuseppe Debrincat. Marguerite Sammut, married 1830 Ghaxaq to Giovanni Debrincat. Giovanni Maria Sammut, married 1822 Valletta to Maria Borg. (illegitimate from his Mistress, a Philippina, a Cyprian Slave) Clara Alunna, (1712 -1739), married 1729 Lija to Giovanni Sammut, with issue. Maria Sammut., married 1748 Lija to Nobile Pietro Cutajar, with issue. Giovanni Cutajar, married 1792 Qormi to Teresa Borg, with issue. Maria Cutajar, married 1807 Valletta to Gio Battista Camilleri. Gio Battista Cutajar, married 1823 Valletta to Maria Grima, with issue. Teresa Cutajar, married 1842 Valletta to Salvatore Baldacchino, (see on this page). Paolo Cutajar, married (1) 1781 Lija to Anna Camilleri, married (2) 1789 Lija to Grazia Borg, with issue. (Second Marriage) Maria Cutajar, married 1813 Lija ti Giovanni Mifsud. Anna Cutajar, married 1815 Lija to Geronimo Debono. Rosa Cutajar, married 1825 Lija to Giuseppe Mifsud. Saveria Cutajar, married 1782 Lija to Giuseppe Pullicino, with issue. Giovanni Pullicino, married 1807 Lija to Teresa Borg. Paolo Pullicino, married 1815 Lija to Caterina Mallia. Maria Pullicino, married 1808 Lija to Nobile Gio Maria Sayd, (see on this page). Beatrice Cutajar, married 1775 Lija to Francesco Baldacchino, with issue. Michele Baldacchino, married 1827 Valletta to Vittoria Bonello. Giovanni Baldacchino, married 1804 Birkirkara to Giovanna Borg. Pietro Baldacchino, married 1804 Lija to Grazia Agius, with issue. Lirinis Baldacchino, married 1843 Valletta to Annunziato Muscat. Giuseppe Baldacchino, married 1847 Valletta to Carmela Cutajar, with issue. Pietro Paolo Baldacchino, married 1874 Birkirkara to Emilia Bardon. Aloiseo Baldacchino, married 1851 Birkirkara to Carmela Buttigieg. Salvatore Baldacchino, married 1842 Valletta to Teresa Cutajar, (see on this page), with issue. Spiridione Baldacchino, married 1875 Birkirkara to Carmela Pace, with issue. Henry Baldacchino, (1877 Valletta -), married 1902 Floriana to Helen Buchanan, with issue. Rinaldo Rene Baldacchino, (1929 Sliema -), married 1958 Sliema to Leonilda Hilda Vassallo, with issue. Fr Peter Baldacchino, (1960 Sliema -), Auxilary Bishop of Miami, (r. 2014-2019), Bishop of Las Cruces, (r. 2019-. Maria Baldacchino, married 1862 Valletta to Lorenzo Busietta. Aloiseo Baldacchino, married 1803 Lija to Giovanna Bezzina, with issue. Maria Baldacchino, married 1823 Lija to Filippo Borg. (illegitimate from his Mistress, a Philippina, a Cyprian Slave) Margherita Alunna, (1714 -1800), married (1) 1726 to Albano Vassallo, married (2) 1739 Lija to Maurizzo Sammut, (s/o Paolo and Paolina). (illegitimate from his Mistress, a Isabella, North African slave) Anna  Maria Alunna, (1717 - 1762), married 1731 Valletta to Marcello Giorgio Libreri. (illegitimate from his Mistress, a Isabella, North African slave) Cristina Maria Alunna, (1719 -1763), married 1741 Valletta to Sig Grazio Caramia of Naples, with issue. Palma Caramia, married 1770 Valletta to Michele Angelo Attard, with issue. Carlo Attard, married 1807 Valletta to Maria Anna Brancalari, with issue. Maria Concetta Attard, married 1838 Valletta to Giuseppe Buhagiar. Pietro Paolo Attard, married 1806 Birkirkara to Giovanna Debono. Maria Caramia, married (1) 1770 Valletta to Paolo Bigeni, married (2) 1777 Valletta to Carlo Psaila, married (3) 1795 Valletta to Giovanni Borg. (illegitimate from his Mistress, a Isabella, North African slave) Domintella Alunna, (1720 -1768), married 1740 Lija to Pietro Agius, (s/o Domenico and Maria). (illegitimate from his Mistress, a Isabella, North African slave) Carla Alunna, (1721 -1767), married 1757 Valletta to Francesco Bondi, with issue. Maria Bondi, married 1776 Valletta to Giuseppe Bartolo, with issue. Caterina Bartolo, married 1806 Valletta to Vincenzo Fenech, with issue. Maria Fenech, married 1837 Senglea to Giuseppe Busuttil. Giuseppe Fenech, married 1832 Cospicua to Maria Grima. Elizabetta Fenech, married 1833 Cospicua to Giuseppe Scolaro. Antonio Bartolo, married 1804 Valletta to Vincenza Busuttil. Nicola Bartolo, married 1804 Valletta to Giovanna Xerri. Vincenzo Bartolo, married (1) 1810 Valletta to Antonia de Felici, married (2) 1822 Valletta to Grazia Cassar, married (3) 1838 Valletta to Maria Teresa Micau, with issue. (First Marriage) Lorenzo Bartolo, married 1831 Valletta to Loretta Farrugia. Giovanni Bartolo, married 1841 Valletta to Francesca Micau. Carla Bartolo, married 1835 Valletta to Calcedonio Bologna. Carmela Bartolo, married 1837 Valletta to Virto Spiteri. (Second Marriage) Maria Anna Bartolo, married 1859 Valletta to Vincenzo Callus. Gioacchino Bondi, married 1794 Valletta to Caterina Chircop. Antonio Bondi, married 1787 Vittoriosa to Vincenza Pace. Vincenza Bondi, married 1786 Valletta to Lorenzo Fabri. (illegitimate from his Mistress, a Isabella, North African slave) Alexandra Alunna, (1722 -1812), 'Later a Nun'. (a daughter with Bartolomeo Dudley, (1706-1753), 6th Duca di Northumbria), dunm.l. (illegitimate from his Mistres, a Isabella, North African slave) Giorgio Francesco Alunno Sayd, (1724 -1796). Don Publio Sayd,  Matro 1710: Not Bart Mangion, to Maria Vella, with issue. Teresa Sayd, Matro 1737: Not Bart Mangion, to Giuseppe Fenech Michele Fenech, married 1758 Mdina to Grazia Abejer. Eugenia Sayd, m. 1739 Mosta Gio Batta Sant (Son of Giovanni and Domenica)., with issue. Pietro Sant, married 1767 Birkirkara to Elena Fenech, with issue. Gregorio Sant, married 1788 Birkirkara to Maria Borg, with issue. Paolo Sant, married 1817 Birkirkara to Nobile Maria Vassallo. Giuseppe Sant, married 1830 Birkirkara to Nobile Saveria Vassallo. Maria Sant, married 1792 Birkirkara to Michele Vassallo. Teresa Sant, married 1796 Birkirkara to Andrea Cassar. Francesco Sayd, m. 1747 Mosta to Scolastica Muscat, with issue. Publio Sayd, m. 1774 Mosta to Caterina Debono, m. 1777 Mosta, Malta to Rose Grima, with issue. (Second marriage) Maria Said, married 1805 Mosta to Pacifico Pisani Gio Maria Sayd, m. 1778 Mosta to Domenica Agius, with issue. Francesco Said, m. 1810 Mosta to Caterina Bartolo, with issue. Teresa Said, married to Giuseppe Xiberras, with issue. Marianna Xiberras. Francesca Xiberras. Giuseppe Sayd, married 1750 Gharghur to Maddalena Xerri, with issue. Gio Maria Sayd, married 1779 Mosta to Eugenia Galea, with issue. Giuseppe Sayd, married (1) 1807 Mosta to Grazia Mifsud, married (2) 1826 Mosta to Evangelista Zahra, with issue. (First Marriage) Giovanni Maria Said, married 1842 Naxxar to Angela Attard, with issue. Giovanni Said, married 1878 Mdina to Marianna Calleja, with issue. Giuseppe Said, married 1923 Rabat Malta to Maria Grazia Camilleri, with issue. Maria Said, (1924-., married 1923 Dingli to Nicholas Spiteri. Michele Said, (d. 1897), married 1894 Naxxar to Nobile Maria Milanesi dei Conti Ciantar Paleologo. Nobile Giovanna Said dei Conti Ciantar Paleologo, married 1916 Qormi to Giuseppe Maria Leonardi. Paolo Said, married 1859 Naxxar to Maria Carmela Borg, with issue. Salvatore Said, married 1888 Naxxar to Evangelista Buhagiar, with issue. Joseph Said, (1900 Naxxar -), married to Rita Grech, with issue. Roberto Said. Josephine Said., married to N. Abdo. Maria Sayd, married 1810 Mosta to Salvatore Buhagiar. Maddalena Sayd, married 1818 Mosta to Giuseppe Galea. Don Giuseppe Sayd b. (d. 1725)., (Buried in Principi Sayd Chapel, Santi),(Testo 1725/1728/1745: Not Bart Mangion), m.1714 Mosta, Malta Maria Scerri, (Matro-Not Ignazio Debono), m. 1718 Mosta, Malta Caterina Galea, ( Matro-Not Bart Mangion) Don Salvatore Sayd, Matro 1719: Not Gio Maria Felici, (Attard) to Maria Cachia Grazia Sayd, m. 1746 Mosta to Lorenzo Vella, (Matro: Not Bart Mangion) Pietro Vella, married 1776 Valletta to Maria Anna Sammut. Maria Vella, married 1765 Mosta to Giuseppe Borg. Simone Sayd, m. 1750 Mosta , Malta Maria Portelli (Matro: Pietro Paolo Mangion), m. 1766 Mosta , Malta Maria Piscopo (Marriage 2) Battista Sayd Giacomo Sayd, m. 1777 Mosta , Malta to Eugenia Mifsud Teresa Sayd, Matro 1750: Not Francesco Magro, to Alberto Bartolo Claudio Sayd, m. 1764 Qormi , Malta , to Evangelista Chetcuti Angelo Said, m. 1793 Qormi , Malta to Gabriella Galdes, with issue. Paola Said, married 1825 at Porto Salvo, Valletta to Giovanni Apap, with issue. Gabriele Apap, married 1851 Valletta to Carmelo Bonello. Maria Said, married 1785 to Alessandro Camilleri, with issue. Giovanni Camilleri, married (1) to Teresa N, married (2) 1814 Gudja to Caterina Azzopardi, with issue. Concetta Camilleri, married 1839 Gudja to Giovanni Barbara. Teresa Camilleri, married 1855 Gudja to Giuseppe Saliba. Gabriella Sayd, married 1798 Qormi to Lorenzo Scicluna. Don Petruccio Sayd, m. 1717 Caspicua, to Maria Busuttil Don Giovanni Domenico Sayd, married 1709 Mosta (Matro: Not Bart Mangion) to Grazia Busuttil, with issue. DonGiuseppe Sayd, m. 1738 at Mosta to Nobile Domenica Capello dei Conti di Lavagna, (Matro: Not Bart Mangion), with issue. Evangelista Sayd, m. 1779 at Mosta to The Noble Bartolomeo Vassallo, Barone di Bavuso. Don. Domenico Sayd, (1740-89), Priest, dunm. Donna Giovanella Sayd, m. 1792 Mosta to Giuseppe Farrugia Donna Grazia Sayd, (1743-, married 1775 Mosta to Gio Maria Debono. Don Gio Maria Sayd, m1 1738 Birkirkara to Maria Borg, m2 1753 Mosta to Maria Attard, with issue. (First Marriage) Carlo Sayd, married 1761 Birkirkara to Anna Sammut, with issue. Maria Sayd, married 1782 Birkirkara to Franco Farrugia, with issue Giuseppe Farrugia, married 1819 Birkirkara to Rosaria Balzan. Rosa Farrugia, married (1) 1804 Birkirkara to Arcangelo Pisano, married (2) 1814 Bikirkara to Carlo Grech. Caterina Farrugia, married 1824 Birkirkara to Gio Maria Psaila. Liberta Sayd, married 1793 Birkirkara to Michele Grech, with issue. Maria Grech, married 1818 Birkirkara to Francesco Spiteri "Alunno". Gioacchina Sayd, married 1794 Birkirkara to Michele Pisano, with issue. Maria Pisano, married 1819 Bikirkara to Giuseppe Dimicoli, with issue. Michele Dimicoli, married 1847 Birkirkara to Francesca Debono. Antonio Dimicoli, married 1864 Birkirkara to Rosa Schembri, with issue. Elena Dimicoli, married 1897 Birkirkira to Giuseppe Francalanza. Vincenza Dimicoli, married 1901 Birkirkara to Victorino Aquilina. Francesca Dimicoli, married 1843 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Fenech, with issue. Giuseppe Fenech,. married 1873 Birkirkara to Maria Schembri. Gioacchina Dimicoli, married 1851 Birkirkara to Antonio Agius. Giuseppe Sayd, married 1794 Birkirkara to Rosa Cauchi, with issue. Francesco Said, married 1815 Valletta to Liberta Mifsud. Carlo Said, married 1828 Valletta to Carmelo Attard. (Second Marriage) Alessandra Sayd, m. 1801 at Mosta Malta to Francesco Vella. Grazia Sayd, m. 1794 Mosta to Gio Maria Aguis, with issue. Maria Agius, married 1821 Mosta to Pacifico Frendo. Tomaso Said, married 1782 Naxxar to Maria Muscat, with issue. Maria Spiteri, married (1) 1819 Naxxar to Vincenzo Stivala, married (2) 1848 Naxxar to Paolo Stivala. Giuseppe Spiteri, married 1839 Birkirkara to Rosa Galea, with issue. Salvatore Spiteri, married 1874 Birkirkara to Giuseppa Galea, with issue. Emmanuele Spiteri, married 1909 Birkirkara to Maria Aquilina. Rosa Spiteri, married 1903 Birkirkara to Paolo Micallef. Nicolo Spiteri, married 1866 Birkirkara to Teodora Xuereb. Don Grazio Sayd, m. 1748 Attard , Malta to Grazia Galea, (Matro: Not Pietro Paolo Mangion) Giovanni Said, m. 1789 Attard , Malta to Maria Sammut Grazia Said, m. 1818 Attard to Giuseppe Farrugia Michele Said, m. 1844 Zebbug , Malta to Antonia Cuschieri Annunziato Said, m. 1880 Notabile, Rabat , Malta to Anna Ciappara Carmelo Said, m. 1916 at Lija , Malta to Giovanna Cutajar Joseph Said, m. 1956 at San Paolo, Rabat , Malta to Josephine Buhagiar. Maria Sayd, married 1866 Attard to Michele Borg. Spiridione Said, married 1865 Valletta to Annunziata Capello, with issue. Emmanuele Said, married 1896 Mdina to Maria Carmela Pisani. Antonio Said, married 1901 Birkirkara to Elena Micallef. Giuseppe Said, married 1870 Attard to Maria Said, (see below. Giuseppe Said, married 1843 Attard to Crofissica Baldacchino, with issue. Maria Said, married 1870 Attard to Giuseppe Said, (see above). Salvatore Sayd, married 1774 Attard to Giovanna Calleja, with issue. Fortunato Said, married 1802 Attard to Angelica Delicata., with issue. Salvatore Said of Rabat , married 1844 Mdina to Teresa Tonna, with issue Said of Rabat, (d. 1925), married (1) 1886 at Lija to Marianna Fenech (1847-1909)., married (2)  to Philippa Farrugia, with issue (First Marriage) Pietro Said, married to NN with issue. Rev Rapheal SaidMonk with the name of Rev. Father Paolino Said CPM Carmena Said married nn Spiteri with issue Guiseppe Said married nn with issue Michael Said married to Dolores N., with issue Saviour Said married Catherine Felice, with issue Josephine Said married to Salvinu Gatt 1949 with issue. Catherine Gatt Said married Joseph Said (brother of Mary Said married to Vincent Ellul Joyce Gatt Said married to Mario Bonnici with issue Brian Lawrence Bonnici (1973- Gina Said married to Josie Camilleri with issue Brigiette-Maria Camilleri married to Oscar Delia with issue Karl Delia Ruth Camilleri married to Victor Refalo with issue Tiziana Refalo Chiara Refalo Anthony-Claude Camilleri married nn with issue Marianna Said married to George Zahra with issue Antionette Zahra Sonny Zahra married to Marianna Cauchi with issue Simone Zahra married to Charles Salerno France Said (d.inf) Francis Said (d.inf) Doris Said (d.inf) Rita Said (d.inf) Carmelo Said married Mary NN with multiple issue Pawlu Said married to Alice NN, with issue Anthony Said married Nora (fromIreland ) with issue Said married to Giovanna nn with multiple issue Said  (died tragically at 21). Giuseppe Said, (1889-1945), married (1) to NN. Scicluna, Married (2) Antoinette Spanpinato, with issue (First Marriage) Chev Emmanuel Said KM of Emmanuel Said Stamps and Coins,  (1914-65), married Rosina Borda, with issue. Chev Godwin Said KM, (1939-99), married Angela Aquilina, with issue. Daniela Said Sacha Said, married 2008 Valletta  to Denise Abela, with issue. Shaun Said, (2001-. Remy Said Bettina Said Yvonne Said, married Anthony Terreni, with issue Gilbert Terreni Pierre Terreni Chantal Terreni  (Second Marriage) Annina Said Gino Said Guiseppina Said, married Paul Abela, with issue Jason Abela, resides in Australia . Lewis Said, (1870-1951), married 1902 to Maria Said, (See on this page), with issue. George Said, (1903-99), dunm. Giuseppe Said (1904-72), married Giuseppina Bonello, with issue Carmelo Said, (1940-, married Sally Bonnici, with issue Claire Said. married nn with issue Stephanie Said, married nn with issue Erika Said, with issue Mary Said, (1943-, married Carmelo Paris, with issue Phillip Paris, (1968- Sheri Ann Paris, (1969-, married Garry Forrester, with issue. Lindsay Maree Forrester, (2003-. Aidan John Forrester, (2006-. Catherine Said, (1948-. Alexander Said, (1906-90), dunm Theresa Said, (1908-2004), dunm Carmelo Saidd.inf Carmelo Said, (1912- 2006), married Giovanna Zarb (1920- 2004), with issue Joseph Said, (1945-2009). (migrated to Australia ) , married (1) Catherine Gatt-Said, (See on this page), married (2) to Prisille Romarate, dsp Mary Said, (1946-. married to Vincent Ellul, (1949-. Ronald Said, (1950-, married Grace Micallef, with issue Maria Said (1979-), married 2009 to Ramon Chircop, with issue. Daniel Chircop, (2013 -. Nicholas Chircop, (2018-. Andrew Said, B.Com, (1984-), married 2016 to Dr Vanessa Bonnici BA, LLD (Notary Public), with issue. Kyle Said, (2018-. Francesco Said, died an infant Marianna Said, (1914-90), nun. Emmanuele Said, (1916-86), married Iris Zarb, with issue. Said, married Marthese Magro, with issue Said, (2002-. Said, (2002-. Salvatore Said married Carmela Fenech, (d. 1945), with issue. Carmelo Said, (1895 - 1965), married Maria Carmen Perrett nee’Vassallo, with issue. Edward Charles Said, (1932 -), married (1) 1955 to Carmen Camilleri, married (2) 1993 to Audrey Sungaua, nee Morris, with issue (First Marriage) Rose Said, (1956-. Paul Said, (1961-. Elizabeth Said, (1964 -. Noel Said, (1968 -. Fr. Albert Said. S.J (Second Marriage) Carmelo Said, (1913-,  married Maria Victoria Formosa, with issue. Joseph  Said, (1946-, married Josephine Barbara, with issue Jeffrey Said married to NN. with issue Kurt Said Dr Dorothy Said M.D Ernest Said, b.1947 married 1972 to Josephine Grima, with issue Maria Said, (1973-, married 1994 to Keven McKay Anna Said, (1975-, married 1997 to Alexander Abela Mark Said, (1976-. Therese Said, (1979-, married Dimitri Crescioli Alexandra Said, (1984-. Phillip Said b.1949 Paul Said b.1951 married Nathalie nn with issue Rossette Said Robert Said Stephen Said Maryanne Said, b.1953 married Raymond Meli. With issue Susanne Meli Michelle Meli Rita Said b.1957 Anna Said, d. Inf. b, 1948 Marie Therese Said b.1962 Carmelo Said married Grazia Attard with issue Giuseppe Said Paulo Said married nn and lived in East Street Valletta Marianna Said Carmela Said Maria –Angela Said Fortunato Said married Maria Carmela Fenech with issue Fr Mark Said (Dominican) OP. (1918-2006The only Maltese who features in The International Register of Profiles ( Cambridge , 1981) Maria Said, (1921 - 2012), married Francis Demanuele of Rabat with issue Joseph Demanuele married Josette Mallia with issue Thea Demanuele, married to Carl Olsson. Jevon Demanuele, married to Adriana N. Adriana Demauele. Anna-Maria Demanuele Nun o.p. (d.5/12/2001) Demanuele MSSP (Priest) Carmen Demanuele married to Michael Cassar with issue Cassar B.A. (hons) History of Arts. David Cassar BE&A (Hons) A&CE Poly Demanuele emigrated to Australia Carmelo Said married Josephine Aquilina,  with issue Dr. Mario Said M.D. ENT Fortunato Said BE&A (Hons) A&CE Dr Joseph R. Said MD, married 1978 (Div 1985) to Mary B. Dougall, with issue. Richard G. Said, (1979 London, England-. Grazia Said married Emmanuel Abela of Zebbug Malta with issue Stella Abela Carmen Abela Pawlu Abela Michael Abela Filippa Abela Natalino Abela Michael Said m 1812 Attard to Saveria Xerri Giuseppe Said,  married 1815 Attard to Maria Borg, with issue. Salvatore Said, married 1871 Attard to Maria Caruana. Luca Said, married 1863 Attard to Caterina Cachia. Grazia Said m 1809 Attard to Bartolomeo Calleja Paolo Said m 1807 Mosta to Rosa Deguara Giovanni Sayd married 1760 Porto Salvo Valletta to Rosalia Agius Paolo Sayd married 1764 Dingli Malta to Maria Farrugia Grazia Said, m. 1809 Attard to Bartolomeo Calleja.  Paolo Sayd, married 1764 Dingli to Maria Farrugia. Don Salvo Sayd, Matro: 1746 Not Pietro Paolo Mangion to Anna Muscat Maria Said, m. 1777 Attard to Carlo Stivala Ignazio Said, m. 1789 Attard to Rosa Bonici Teresa Said, m. 1782 Attard to Saverio Azopardi Grazia Said, m. 1770 Attard to Giuseppe Camilleri, with issue. Francesco Said, married 1805 Mosta to Caterina Catania. Don Giorgio Sayd, Matro: 1750, Not Arcangelo Pullicino, to Maria Cardona Donna Evangelista Sayd, m. 1739 to Paolo Micallef Donna Teresa Sayd, Matro: 1737, Not Bart Mangion, to Giuseppe Vella Grazia Vella, married 1764 Mosta to Giovanni Grech. Margherita Vella, married (1) 1760 Mosta to Giuseppe Grima, married (2) 1768 Mosta to Mario Sammut, with issue. Anna Sammut, married 1802 Mosta to Salvatore Busuttil. Maria Sammut, married (1) 1792 Mosta to Gio Battista Bezzina, married (2) 1794 Mosta to Pasquale Agius. Donna Maria Sayd, Matro: 1737, Not Bart Mangion, to Salvatore Frendo Donna Domenica Sayd, married 1754 Mosta to Nobile Antonio Cappello, 13th Conte Palatine de Lavagna Don Michelangelo Sayd, married 1734 Rabat Gozo to Maria Calleja, with issue. Pietro Sayd, married (1) 1766 Rabat Gozo to Ursola Xerri, married (2) 1797 Rabat Gozo to Rosaria Caruana, with issue. (First Marriage) Giuseppa Said, married 1799 Matrice Gozo to Michele Pace. (Second Marriage) Salvatore Said, married 1835 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppa Vella, with issue. Pietro Said, married 1856 Matrice Gozo to Annunziata Farrugia, with issue. Salvatore Said, married 1877 Mellieha Malta to Giuseppa Sant, with issue. Francesco Said, married 1898 Lija Malta to Maria Dolores Borg, with issue. Giuseppe Said (1902-65), married 1930 Birkirkara to Maria Borg, with issue. Maria Victoria Said, (1943-., married 1971 Mosta to Brian John Wright, with issue. Mark John Wright LLM, (1973-., married 1999 to Renata Cerna, with issue. Charlotte Caroline Wright, (2002-. Dr Steven Martin Wright Ph.D, (1978-, married 2009 Doha Qatar to Mariko Ishizuka. Salvina Said, (1931-), d.inf. George Said, (1934-), d.inf. Carmen Said, (1936-99). Katarina Said, (1937-99)., married 1969 to Michael Madden, with issue. Francis Madden, (1969-., married to Catherine Cleeton, with issue. Charles Madden, (2004-. Thomas Madden, (2001-. Frederick Madden, (2006-. Catherine Mary Madden, (1970-., married 2000 Hawaii to Andrew James Sharpe, with issue. Mathew Francis Sharpe, (2001-.  James Richard Sharpe, (2004-. Agnese Maria Said, (1941-., married 1962 to Frederick Savage with issue. Joseph Frederick Savage, (1963-., married 1986 to Vanda Mary Glover, with issue. Soraya Mary Savage, (1987-. Jacqueline Margaret Savage, (1964-., married 1985 to Garry Harry Hayward, with issue. Danial Garry Hayward, (1988-. Alix Jacquiline Hayward, (1990-. Joseph Mario Said, (1938-84)., married 1977 Birkirkara to Mary Azzilla, with issue. Jason Mario Said, (1978-. Maria Natalizzia Said, (1981-. Francis Said, (1932- 2009), married 1979 Floriana to Mary Lordes Ciantar.  Ludwig Said, (d. 1979). Antonio Said, (d.1977). Spiro Said Zarenu Said Angelo Said Giuseppe Sayd, married 1761 Rabat Gozo to Anne Farrugia, with issue. Maria Sayd, married 1792 Rabat Gozo to Salvatore Portelli. Alessandro Sayd, married 1786 Rabat Gozo to Maria Pace. Maruzzo Sayd, married 1780 Xewikja Gozo to Maria Grima, with issue. Francesco Said, married 1828 Nadur Gozo to Maria Mercieca. Giuseppe Said, married 1834 Nadur Gozo to Orsola Portelli, with issue. Paola Said, married 1868 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Sacco, with issue. Carmelo Sacco, married 1913 Matrice Gozo to Maria Portelli. Maria Antonia Sacco, married 1913 Matrice Gozo to Giuseppe Attard. Michel Angelo Said, married 1881 Nadur Gozo to Carmela Tabone. Orsola Said, married 1800 Xewkija Gozo to Giuseppe Farrugia, with issue. Carmela Farrugia, married 1831 Valletta to Vincenzo Camilleri. Maria Farrugia, married 1822 Valletta to Giuseppe Callus. Franco Sayd, married (1) 1762 Rabat Gozo to Margherita Portelli, married (2) 1803 Nadur Gozo to Grazia Vella, with issue. (First Marriage) Caterina Said, married 1809 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Attard. Maria Said, married 1805 Nadur Gozo to Angelo Muscat. Giovanni Said, married 1805 Casal Caccia Gozo to Caterina Attard. Giuseppe Said, married (1) 1791 Rabat Gozo to Rosa Galea, married (2) 1806 Valletta to Rosa Farrugia, married (3) 1827 Nadur Gozo to Orsula Buttigieg, with issue. (First marriage) Antonio Said, married 1814 Sannat, Gozo to Evangelista Attard, with issue. Michele Angelo Said, married 1850 Rabat Gozo to Teresa Grech, with issue. Antonio Said, married (1) 1883 Rabat Gozo to N. de Battista, married (2) 1889 Zebbug Gozo to Teodora Aquilina, with issue. (Second marriage) Georgio Lorenzo Filippo Said, married 1921 Valletta to Emmanuela Spiteri Medati, with issue. Dodi Said, married to Piju Xuereb. Anthony Said. Joseph Said. Manuel Said. Stella Said. Carmela Said. Michele Angelo Said., married 1920 Valletta to Giorgia Borg. Maria Said, married 1914 Rabat Gozo to Francesco Sacco. Francesco Said, married 1852 Rabat Gozo to Rosa Debono. Michele Said, married 1857 Xaghra Gozo to Angela Bonello, with issue. Antonio Said,. married 1885 Matrice Gozo to Giuseppa Zammit, with issue. Paolo Said, married 1913 Matrice Gozo to Francesca Gauci. Michele Said, married 1922 Matrice Gozo to Maria Vella. Aloisio Said,. married 1886 Rabat Gozo to Maria Borg, with issue. Giuseppe Said., married 1920 Rabat Gozo to Carmela Xicluna. Georgio Said, married 1888 Nadur Gozo to Rosina de Manuele, with issue. Giuseppe Said, married 1919 Valletta to Maria Carmela Azzopardi. Michele Said, married 1826 Birkirkara to Anna Borg. Antonio Said, married 1802 Valletta to Giuseppa Micallef. Felice Said, married 1830 Nadur Gozo to Maria Spiteri, with issue. Francesco Said, married 1865 Nadur Gozo to Carmela Azzopardi, with issue. Giuseppe Said, married 1892 Nadur Gozo to Maria Portelli. Pietro Said, married 1906 Nadur Gozo to Margherita Azzopardi. Donna Caterina Said, married 1726 Mdina to Giuseppe Cilia. Don Francesco Said, married 1752 Zebbug to Maria Magro, with issue. Salvatore Said, married 1783 Zebbug to Saveria Caruana, with issue. Filippo Francesco Gio Antonio  Said, (1784 Zebbug -), married 1812 Zebbug to Teresa Mamo, with issue. Francesco Salvatore Filippo Giuseppe Said, (1824 Zebbug -1885), married 1846 Zebbug to Caterina Felici, with issue. Gaudenzio Salvatore Philippo Giuseppe Said, (1858-1905), married (1) 1881 Zebbug to Maria Tanti, married (2) 1893 Algeria to Marie Rosine Col, with issue. (First marriage) Francesco Said, married (1) 1906 Valletta to Maria Ferrante, married (2) 1923 to Nobile Maria Debono, with issue. (First Marriage) Dr Ernesto Said Ferrante ?. (Second Marriage) Antoine Said, (1925 Tunis -1998 Malta), married with issue. Francis Dominic Said, (1953 Malta -), married (div), with issue. Marie Said, (1926-2004), married 1946 Malta to Kenneth David Ransom, with issue. Jean Martha Ransom, (1947 Malta -1948 Malta), d.inf. Doreen Barbara Ransom, married 1972 Adelaide, South Australia to Stefan Robert Kosak, with issue. Carmel Said, (1928 Tunis - 1960 Malta), dunm. Emmanuel Said, (1931 Tunis -1977 Scotland), married to Margaret Starrs Dornan, (d. 2020), with issue. Kenneth Emmanuel Said, (1960 Scotland -), married with issue. Mandy Davina Said, (1964 Scotland -), married with issue. (Second marriage) Laurence Catherine Said, (1884 Algeria -. Francois Said, (1885 Algeria -., married 1911 to Lucie Marie Josephine Poulet Dominique Said, (1887 Algeria -., married 1912 to Berthe Marie Acotto, with issue. Gabrielle Paulette Said, (1913 Algeria -. Jeanne Said, (1890 Algeria -., married 1913 to Joseph Charles Bouvier. Maurice Joseph Said, (1894 Algeria -., married 1918 to Paule Guibal. Ferdinand Nicolas Said, (1898 Algeria -., married 1921 to Justine Souriau. Marcel Joseph Said, (1902 Algeria -., married 1926 to Margherita Gazza. Maria Rosa Said, (1844 Zebbug -). Filippo Lazzaro Niccolo Said, (1847 Zebbug -). Joseph Jean Vincent Louis Said, (1852-, married (1) 1885 Algers, Algeria to Marie Dolores Axiach, married (2) to Lucie Carmelle Grima, with issue. Paul Gabriele Said, (1896 Algers, Algeria -). Francesca Grazia Saveria Said, (1813 Zebbug -). Giovanna Maria Rosaria Said, (1815 Zebbug -). Giuseppa Francesca Filippa Said, (1817 Zebbug -). Maria Saveria Said, (1819 Zebbug -). Saveria Francesca Said, (1821 Zebbug -). Filippa Grazia Said, (1829 Zebbug -). Giovanna Giuseppa Said, (1831 Zebbug -). Gaudenza Clara Said, (1837 Zebbug -). Giovanna Anna Maria Said, (1838 Zebbug -). Salvatore Aloisio Said, (1833 Zebbug -). Domenica Grazia Said, (1785 Zebbug -). Maria Said, married 1776 Zebbug to Giovanni Pisano, with issue. Michele Pisano, married 1801 Vittoriosa to Maria Teresa Agius, with issue. Aloiseo Pisano, married 1825 Vittoriosa to Maria Ellul-Ferriggi. Giuseppe Pisano, married 1827 Vittoriosa to Antonia Azzopardi. Salvatore Pisano, married 1838 Cospicua to Francesca Farrugia
. Domenico Antonio Said, (1757 Zebbug-). Lorenzo Antonio Filippo Said, (1767 Zebbug -). Don Gio Maria Sayd, m. 1719 Porto Salvo, Valletta , to Giovanna Dingli, with issue. Tomaso Sayd, m. 1736 Porto Salvo, Valletta to Maria Borg, with issue. Antonio Sayd, m. 1784 Birkirkara to Maria Teresa Cassar, with issue. Serafino Said, married 1810 Mdina to Caterina Agius, with issue. Rosa Said, married 1832 Mdina to Felicano Zahra. Cajetano Gaetano Said, married 1810 Mdina to Grazia Balzan.. Caterina Sayd, m. 1788 Birkirkara to Vincenzo Zammit, with issue. Maria Zammit, married (1) 1819 Valletta to Giuseppe Farrugia., married (2) 1837 Valletta to Giuseppe Xerri. Saveria Zammit, married 1825 Valletta to Vincenzo Micallef. Francesco Sayd, married 1769 Porto Salvo, Valletta, to Aloisea Metexa of Greece (Second Marriage) Giuseppina Sayd, married 1792 to Lorenzo Walters (son of Giovanni and Dorothea). Baldassare Said, married 1817 at Porto Salvo, Valletta to Rosa Vella. Francesca Sayd, m 1752 Valletta to Giovanni Gatt, with issue. Giuseppe Gatt, married 1788 Vittoriosa to Giovanna Rosa Mifsud. Rosa Gatt, m 1784 Senglea, to Domenico Ferrentino. Giovanna Gatt, married 1772 Valletta to Gaetano di Battista. Calcedonia di Battista, married 1814 Valletta to Antonio Masucci. Maria Anna di Battista, married 1806 Valletta to Notary Pietro La Ferla., with issue. Carmelo La Ferla, married 1829 Valletta to Pasquala Camenzuli. Emmanuele La Ferla, married 1827 Valletta to Nicola Pace. Geronima Gatt, married 1779 Senglea to Giuseppe Busietta. Paolo Sayd, (Buried in Principi Sayd Chapel, Santi), m. 1686 Mosta, Malta Marie Borg, (Matro: Not Bart Mangion), dsp. Lawrence Sayd b. 1654 Dingli, Malta(Matro.1683: Not Marco Antonio Pullicino) Zebbug Maruzza Dimech, with issue. Salvatore Sayd, (Donazione: 1737, Not Gio Benedetto Micallef) m. 1712 Mdina to Rosa Stivala, (Matro: Not Ignazio Debono) Antonia Sayd m. 1742 Mdina to Battista Fenech., with issue. Salvatore Fenech, married 1772 Valletta to Orsola Anna Frendo, with issue. Giuseppe Fenech, married 1800 Birkirkara to Antonia Camilleri, with issue. Salvatore Fenech, married (1) 1831 Valletta to Maria Anna Anfus, married (2) 1834 Valletta to Caterina Tonna. Gio Battista Fenech, married (1) 1808 Valletta to Giovanna Mirabella, married (2) 1823 Valletta to Antonia Attard. Maria Teresa Fenech, married 1809 Valletta to Enrico Balbi. Maria Fenech, married 1771 Valletta to Pasquale Cachia. Orazio Sayd m. 1730 Porto Salvo, Valletta, to Maria Chetcuti. Maria Geronima Sayd, married 1731 Tarxiem to Andrea Sapiano. Caterina Sayd b. 1652 Dingli, Malta d. 1702. m (Matro 1662:Not Nicolo Allegritto). 1662 Zebbug, Malta Don Agostino Cortis (Testo 1702: Not Giuseppe Gaetano Grech) (Divisione 1700. Not Giuseppe Gaetano Grech), with issue. Marie Sayd b. 1657 Dingli, Malta (Matro 1675:Not Nicolo Allegritto) Zebbug to Maruzzo Farrugia, with issue. Anna Farrugia, married (1) 1698 Zebbug to Giuseppe Francesce, married (2) 1704 Mdina to Domenico Taliana, with issue. Rosa Taliana, married (1) 1722 Mdina to Gaetano Debattista, married (2) 1747 Mdina to Nicola Zerafa. Francesco Farrugia, married 1692 Ghaxaq to Teodora Calleja, with issue. Maria Farrugia, married 1712 Ghaxaq to Salvatore Zahra, with issue. Giuseppe Zahra, married (1) 1735 Valletta to Maria Alunna, married (2) 1747 Valletta to Caterina Dingli, with issue. (First Marriage) Angelo Zahra, married 1789 Zejtun to Giovannella Lavantieri, with issue. Giuseppe Zahra, married 1808 Zejtun to Angela Tabone. Maria Zahra, married 1809 Zejtun to Giuseppe Monti of Naples. Vincenza Zahra, married 1782 Valletta to Antonio Farrugia. Anna Zahra, married 1786 Zahra to Angelo Cassar. (Second Marriage) Salvatore Zahra, married 1787 Curmi to Benedetta Zammit. Maria Zahra, married 1780 Valletta to Vincenzo Xerri. Giovanni Zahra, married 1744 Valletta to Maria Azzopardi, with issue. Gioacchino Zahra, married 1766 Zejtun to Paola Dimech. Gaetana Zahra, married 1765 Valletta to Giuseppe de Barbantemo. Caterina Zahra, married 1766 Zejtun to Angelo Bonnici. Francesco Zahra, married 1771 Ghaxaq to Teresa Bonnici. with issue. Domenica Zahra, married 1809 Zejtun to Giuseppe Azzopardi. Maria Zahra, married 1814 Zejtun to Giuseppe Spiteri. Antonio Zahra, married 1778 Tarxiem to Maria Caruana. Felice Zahra, married 1778 Valletta to Liberta Azzopardi. Michele Zahra, married (1) 1780 Zejtun to Maria Baldacchino, married (2) 1789 Valletta to Giuseppe Grech., with issue. (First Marriage) Giovanni Zahra, married 1807 Zejtun to Marianna Camilleri. Grazia Zahra, married 1811 Zejtun to Paolo Cuschieri. Caterina Zahra, married 1803 Zejtun to Grazio Cassar. Rosaria Zahra, married 1812 Zejtun to Vincenzo Cassar. Tomaso Zahra, married 1757 Zejtun to Maria Magro, with issue. Salvatore Zahra, married 1790 Zejtun to Grazia Cumbo. Caterina Zahra, married 1781 Zejtun to Pietro Camenzuli. Domenica Sayd b. 1658 Dingli, Malta d. 1689 (Matro 1679:Not Nicolo Allegritto) Zebbug, Malta to Guilio Debono., married (2) 1687 to Carlo Daniele Castriota. (First Marriage) Rosa Debono, married 1701 Zebbug to Tomaso Vassallo. Maria Debono, married 1694 Mdina to Angelo Attard., with issue. Geronima Attard, married 1724 Zebbug to Michele Frendo. Pietro Attard, married 1719 Zebbug to Anna Psaila, with issue. Maria Attard, married 1728 Zebbug to Michele Vassallo. Lucrezia Attard, married 1763 Naxxar to Michele Fenech. Salvatore Attard, married (1) 1739 Zebbug to Giulia Magro, married (2) 1763 Qormi to Maria Farrugia. Baldassare Attard, married (1) 1739 Zebbug to Maria Muscat, married (2) 1761 Zebbug to Sapienza Farrugia. Francesco Attard, married 1740 Zebbug to Maria Zammit. Ignazio Attard, married 1749 Zebbug to Teresa Cauchi. Paoluccia Sayd b. 1620 Zebbug , Malta   (Matro1638: Not Bernardo Azzopardi) Zebbug , Malta to Nobile Domenico Debono dei Baroni di Culeja, with issue. Caterina Debono, married 1675 Lija to Bartolomeo Fenech. Angelica Debono, married 1657 Attard to Lucio Cutajar Domenica Debono, married 1676 Attard to Angelo Attard. Francesca Debono, married 1662 Attard to Orazio Debono, with issue. Paolo Debono, married 1689 Valletta to Angelica Debono. Domenico Debono, married 1697 Lija to Caterina Agius, with issue. Margarita Debono, married 1741 Lija to Giuseppe Galea, with issue. Silvestro Galea, married 1776 Lija to Maria Briffa, with issue. Maria Galea, married 1790 Mosta to Pietro Camilleri. Elizabetta Galea, married 1806 Mosta to Giovanni Pisano. Francesca Galea, married 1758 Lija to Giovanni Briffa. Anna Galea, married 1770 Lija to Andrea Abejer, with issue. Maria Galea, married 1796 Lija to Aloisio Camilleri. Caterina Galea, married 1796 Lija to Giuseppe Sant. Anna Debono, married 1703 Lija to Pietro Zarb, with issue. Giusta Zarb, married 1724 Valletta to Giuseppe Tonna. Maria Zarb, married 1746 Valletta to Giacomo Mangion. Maruzza Debono, married 1668 Lija to Pietro Fenech, with issue. Anna Fenech, married 1698 Lija to Pasquale Calafato, with issue. Stefano Calafato, married 1727 Birkirkara to Rosa Attard, with issue. Giovanni Calafato, married 1755 Birkirkara to Angelica Dimech. Domenico Fenech, married 1690 Gharghur to Maria Bezzina, with issue. Gio Battista Fenech, married (1) 1710 Gharghur to Grazia Zarb, married (2) 1727 Tarxiem to Margareta Vella. Francesco Fenech, married 1712 Tarxiem to Antonia Busuttil, with issue. Filippo Fenech, married (1) 1735 Tarxiem to Rosa Camenzuli, married (2) 1755 Valletta to Evangelista Gauci. Michele Fenech, married 1742 Curmi to Maria Ellul. Vincenzo Fenech, married 1714 Valletta to Anna Teresa Barbarigo, with issue. Giuseppe Fenech, married 1735 Valletta to Elizabetta Veneranda Fenech, with issue. Paola Fenech, married 1766 Valletta to Giuseppe de Felice, (Neofito and Released Slave of the Felice family, married (1) 1766 Valletta to Orsola Tanti - see on this page)., with issue.. (First Marriage) Lorenzo de Felice., (Migrated to France), married 1789 Valletta to Marguerite Perrettini., with issue.   Giuseppe Lorenzo Felici “sives de Felice”., (Later Migrated to Corsica, France) married (1) 1813 to Mathee Oliva., married (2) 1829 to Marianna Paolantonacci., with issue. (First Marriage) Antoine Felici., (1814-15)., d.inf. Toussainte Felici., (1817-., married 1845 to Charles Michel Santarelli. Giuseppe Antonio Felici., (1824-. Gracieuse Felici., (1826-1904). Rosanna Felici., (1828-29)., d.inf. (Second Marriage) Pauline Felici., (1829-1910)., married 1862 to Joseph Baptiste Peri. Marie-Mathee Felici., (1831-. Laurent Dominique Felici., (1835-., married 1862 to Felicite Cauro., with issue. Felicite Anne Marie Felici., married Isidore Joseph Jean Clos. Adrienne Felici. Agatha Marie Felici. Jean Joseph Felici. Xaviere Marianne Felici. Marianne Agatha Felici., married Louis Louvet-Delang. Vincensina Felici., (1842-47)., d.inf. Xaviere Felici., (1843-60). Victoire de Felice, (1802 Toulon - 1879 in Ajaccio, Corsica)., married 1824 Ajaccio, Corsica to Nicolas Tavera, with issue. Jean-Dominique Tavera, (1831-1889 Ajaccio, Corsicua)., married 1861 Ajaccio to Nataline Muraccioli, with issue. Joseph Tavera, (1862 Sartene - 1922 Bastia), married 1891 Sartene to Nicolette Manetti, with issue. Jean Tavera, (1892 -1917 Craonne), dunm (Died in action WWI). Cesar Tavera, (1894 Sartene - 1976 Bastia), married 1924 Bastia to Jeanne Pekle, with issue. Helene Tavera, (1925 Cassis - ), married 1945 Erbalunga-Brando to Dominique Ferretti, with issue. Nicole Ferretti, (1946 Bastia -), married 1970 Marseille to Jean-Jacques Martin, with issue. Valerie Martin, (1971 Marseille -), married (1) 1997 (Div) Marseille to Jean-Philippe Gallet, with issue. Marie Gallet, (1999 Marseille -). (issue from Eric Casoni) Lea Casoni, (2010 Marseille -). Pascale Martin, (1973 Marseille -), married 1999 Marseille to Franck Oliveri, with issue. Baptiste Oliveri, (2000 Marseille -). Matthieu Oliveri, (2005 Marseille -). Nicolas Martin, (1979 Marseille -), married 2011 Hanoi (Italian Embassy) to Nadia Murgia, with issue. Louis Martin, (2012 Saigon-Hoshiminville -). Pierre Dominique Martin, (2015 Menton, France -). Pierre Ferretti, (1952 Bastia -), married 1981 Saint Nicolas de la Balerme to Edwige Isnard, with issue. Sandrine Ferretti, (1982 Marseille -), married 2013 Pernes Les Fontaines, France to Thibaud Masselot, with issue. Gabriel Masselot, (2014 Avignon, France -. Mathilde Masselot, (2016 Avignon, France -. Anne Ferretti, (1984 Marseille -), married 2011 at La Ciotat, France to Valentin Beugnies, with issue. Paul Beugnies, (2012 Nice, France -). Adele Beugnies, (2015 Nice, France -). Felicite Ferretti, (1956 Marseille -), married 1985 Marseille to Patrick Cianfarani, with issue. Marie-Laetitia Cianfarani, (1987 Marseille -). Dominique Cianfarani, (1992 Marseille -). Madeleine Tavera, (1929 Bastia - 2003 Vence), dunm. Marcelle Tavera, (1932 Bastia -2015), married 1955 Bastia to Xavier Seta, with issue. Andre Seta, (1957 Bastia -), married 1986 Sainte Rose de la Reunion to Aidee Ango, with issue. Saveria Seta, (1988 Bastia -). Mathieu-Xavier Seta, (1990 Bastia -). Jean-Dominique Seta, (1958 Erbalunga-Brando -), married 1984 Paris to Monique Chan-Si-Shi, with issue. Vannina Seta, (1986 Paris -). Julie Seta, (1989 Paris -). Anne Seta, (1963 Bastia -), married 1989 Vence to Rene Salanski, with issue. Stephane Salanski, (1990 Nice -). Alexis Salanski, (1995 Bastia -). Marcel Tavera, (1896 Sartene - 1918 Sancy), dunm (Died in action WWI) Georges Tavera, (1898 Sartene - 1979 Paris), married to Berthe Farnaud, with issue. Josette Tavera, (1927 Marseille -2019 Paris, France), married 1951 Paris (Div) to Pierre Lapresle, with issue. Dr Philippe Lapresle, (1952 Paris - ), married 1973 Neuilly-sur-Seine to Catherine Solle, with issue. Stephanie Lapresle, (1976 Neuilly-sur-Seine -), married 1999 to Mathieu Geffrier, with issue. Benjamin Geffrier, (2003 Neuilly-sur-Seine -). Timothee Geffrier, (2006 Neuilly-sur-Seine -). Amelie Lapresle, (1978 Neuilly-sur-Seine -), married 2001 Neuilly-sur-Seine to Pierre-Emmanuel Gelis, with issue. Alexandre Gelis, (2005 Neuilly-sur-Seine -). Victoire Gelis, (2007 Neuilly-sur-Seine -). Pauline Lapresle, (1980 Neuilly-sur-Seine -), married 2003 Neuilly-sur-Seine to Loic Gelis, with issue. Martin Gelis, (2006 Neuilly-sur-Seine -). Clement Gelis, (2010 Neuilly-sur-Seine -). Clementine Lapresle, (1983 Neuilly-sur-Seine -), married 2006 to Aymeric Arnaud, with issue. Philippine Arnaud, (2012 Neuilly-sur-Seine -). Valentine Arnaud, (2015 Neuilly-sure-Seine -). Constance Arnaud, (2017 Levallois-Perret -). Marion Lapresle, (1987 Neuilly-sur-Seine -), married 2012 Neuilly sur Seine, France to Georges de La Taille, with issue. Joseph de La Taille, (2014 Paris, France -. Charles de La Taille, (2016 Paris, France -). Rosine Lapresle, (1953 Paris -). Georges Lapresle, (1957 Amiens -). (issue from Dominique Lion) Antonin Lapresle, (1990 Fort-de-France, Martinique -). (issue from Dominique Lion) Victoria Lapresle, (1991 Fort-de-France, Martinique -). Laurent Tavera, (1835 Ajaccio -), married 1859 Ajaccio to Xaviere Tavera, with issue. Constantin Tavera, (1867 Ajaccio-), married 1901 Ajaccio to Louise Peraldi. Jean-Paul Tavera, (1839 Ajaccio -), married (1) 1863 Ajaccio to Laure Poggi, married (2) 1868 Ajaccio to Marie-Antoinette Salini.  Giovanni de Felice., married 1828 to Maria Francoise Savona., with issue. Laurent Felici., (1829-96)., married 1848 to Livie Desanti., with issue.   Josephine Argentina Felici., (1849-., married Joseph Marie Mancini.   Antoine Crispimano Felici., (1850-70)., dunm.  Jean Felici., (1853-1942).  Angele Marie Felici.  Francoise Felici.  Michele Felici.  Paul Michel Felici., married Felicite Carboni., with issue. Antoine Elie Felici., married to Celie Marcelle Blaize. Elie Felici., married Eugenia Jeanne Louise Mary., with issue. Andre Eugene Felici. Raymond Felix Felici. Eliane Felicite Felici., married to Christian Bordes. Paule Raymonde Felici., married NN. Moridet. Jerome Laurent Felici., married Marthe Marie Colin. Laurent Noel Felici., married Caroline Tavera., with issue. Paul Felici., married to Josephine Anne Mariani., with issue. Laurent Jeromine Felici. Jeanne Antoinette Felici., married to Claude Bacci. Paul Michel Felici., married Helene Quilichini., with issue. Paul Michel Felici. Jacqueline Felici., married to Xavier Ollandini. Felix Felici., married to Marie-Francoise Alata., with issue. Paul Marie Felici, married to Lucie Paoli, with issue. Stella Felici. Laurence Felici. Laurent Felici, married to Marie Ferrali, with issue. Alice Felici. Felix Felici. Jean Baptiste Felici. Marie Antoine Felici. Joseph Antoine Felici., (1831-70)., married (1) 1852 Ajaccio, Corsica to Anne Marie Muraccioli., married (2) 1869 Tolla to Diana Rossi, with issue. Marriage) Marie-Francoise Felici. Angelique Felici. Jeanne Felici., d.inf. Marie-Josephine Felici. Jeanne Felici. Angele Felici. (Second Marriage) Anne-Marie Felici, (1870 Ocana -), married 1892 to Jean-Martin Romanetti, with issue. Marie-Gracieuse Romanetti. Marie-Isabella de Felice., (1833-. Noel de Felice., (1836-97)., married 1842 to Anne-Marie Selli., with issue. Jean Olivier Felici. Laurent Philippe Felici. Antoine Felici., married Lucie Ceccaldi., with issue. Marie-Madeleine Felici., married to Nicolas Marc Carrega. Jeanne Marie Josephine Felici., married to Andre Arsac. Joseph Felici., married to Laure Graux., with issue. Laurent Felici. Vincent Felici., married (1) to Francoise NN., married (2) to Daniele Caillot., with issue. (Second Marriage) Laura Felici. Jacominette Felici. Joseph Felici., married to Mathilde Giorgi., with issue. Maurice Felici. Jacqueline Felici., married (1) to Antoine Pugliesi-Conti., married (2) Paul Saint Guily., married (3) to Francis Hure. Jacqueminette  Martine Felici. Joseph Felici., married to Jeanne Andree Poitevin. Elie Felici. Marie-Francoise Felici., married to Jean-Baptiste Maurice Emmanuel Fiterre. Marie-Josephine Felici. Philippe Joseph Felici. Philippe Felici. Noel Felici., married (1) to Etea Rosa Susanna Scordino., married (2) NN., with issue. (Second Marriage) Noel Felici., married NN., with issue. Jean-Noel Felici. Marguerite de Felice., (1840-1842)., d.inf. Vincent Marcel Felici., (1845-., married 1865 to Paule Marie Ucciani, with issue. Anne Marie Felici., married to Jean Chappaz. Jean Felici., married to Odile Amelie Guidon. Marie-Antoinette Felici. Paule Marie Felici., married Seraphin Jules Rocca. Marie-Francoise Felici., married to Jean Broustra. Francoise Angele Felici. Marie-Antoine Felici., married Francois Nevaggioli. Josephine Jeanne Felici., married to Francois Godde. Francois Emmanele Felici., (1847-)., d.inf. Marie Lucrece Felici., (1851-)., married to Charles Comiti. Vincentina Felici, (1805 Ajaccio, Corsica -1851 Sari, Corsica), married 1822 to Giuseppe Diana, with issue. Marguerite Diana, (1832 Ajaccio, Corsica -, married (1) 1849 Philippeville, Algeria to Jacques Louhart, married (2) 1868 Philippeville, Algeria to Cyprien Guillaume Marcanibac, with issue. (First marriage) Marie Laurence Louhart, (1852-1854), d.inf. Louise Henrietta Louhart, (1854-. Marie Louise Louhart, (1856 Philippeville, Algeria -1879 Collo, Algeria), married 1873 Philippeville, Algeria to Jacques Michel Guitart, with issue. Ignace Guitart, (1873 Philippeville, Algeria -, married 1987 Collo, Algeria to Isabelle Cassant, dsp. Albertine Rose Guitart, (1876 Collo, Algeria -, married 1896 Algeria to Louis Jacques Kussler, with issue. Louise Marie Kussler, (1897 Collo, Algeria -1946 Constantine, Algeria), married 1919 Collo, Algeria to Henri-Louis Dieudonne Cariven. Emilie Ferdinand Kussler, (1899 Collo, Algeria -1957 Conde-sirl'Escault, France), married 1925 Montagne du Nord, France to Jeanne Celina Durif. Albert Joseph Kussler, (1902 Collo, Algeria -1949 Algeria), married 1923 Algeria to Julia Louise Pelli. Florian Jean Kussler, (1906 Collo, Algeria -1960 Algeria), married 1929 Algeria to Charlotte Adrienne Marquant. Emilie Louis Guitart, (1879 Bessombourgh, Algeria -), married (1) 1901 Stora, Algeria to Marie Augustine Angela Sainte Franchi, married (2) 1910 Philippeville, Algeria to Marie Rose Franchi, with issue. (First marriage) Alexis Jacques Guitart, (1902 Duzerville, Algeria - 1988 Auray, France), married 1927 Philippeville, Algeria to Marie Louise Lerza. Emilienne Marie Guitart, (1904 Mustapha, Algeria -, married 1926 Philippeville, Algeria to Paulin Jean Laganc. Felicie Louise Giutart, (1879-1880), d.inf. Louis Augustin Louhart, (1858-1928). Adelaide Louhart, (1861 -. Antoine Diana, (1833 Ajaccio, Corsica -1879 Lyon, France), married 1862 Philippeville, Algeria to Melanie Faure, with issue. Joseph Honore Diana, (1865 El Arrouch, Algeria -), married 1885 Guelma, Algeria to Marie Eugenie Mazier, with issue. Eugenie Diana, (1886-1886), d.inf. Valentin Diana, (1871-1875), d.inf. Laurent Diana, (1835 Ajaccio, Corsica -), married 1861 Philippeville, Algeria to Adelaide Piola, with issue. Felicite Marie Diana, (1862 El Arrouch, Algeria -), married 1881 Collo, Algeria to Louis Augustin Louhaut, with issue. Laurent Marguerite Louhart, (1882  Collo, Algeria-, married 1899 Collo, Algeria to Jacques Desire Sorbiere, with issue. Louise Marie Anne Sorbiere, (1900 Collo, Algeria -1965 Parmain, France), married 1927 La Meskiana, Algeria to Jean Casimir Gaubert. Louis Pierre Sorbiere, (1904 Collo, Algeria -. Mathilde Laurence Sorbiere, (1912 Akbou, Algeria -2007 Toulouse, France), married 1935 Kouba, Algeria to Norbert Achille Soupier. Henriette Marie Louhart, (1885 Collo, Algeria -, married to Henru Marcelin Pinedon, with issue. Fernard Marcellin Pinedon, (1920 Bessomborgh, Algeria - 1945 Spire, Germany). Marie-Louise Louhart, (1886 Collo, Algeria -, married 1905 Collo, Algeria to Pierre Marie Seguillon. Henrietta Emilie Diana, (1867 Marseille, France -), married 1891 Collo, Algeria to Dominique Eon. Mathilde Marguerite Diana, (1876 Marseille, France -, married 1900 Collo, Algeria to Andre Marius Vernoux. Noel Diana, (1837 Ajaccio, Corsica - 1867 Algeria), dunm Maria Teresa de Felice., married 1796 San Paolo, Valletta to Aloiseo Barsia, with issue. Giuseppe Barsia, married 1825 Valletta to Vincenza Abdilla, with issue. Aloiseo Barsia, married 1851 Vittoriosa to Anna Maria Callus. Emmanuele de Felice, married 1804 Valletta to Maria Teresa Schembri, married (2) 1830 Valletta to Maria Anna Azzopardi. Simone Fenech, married 1754 Mosta to Maria Farrugia., with issue. Grazia Fenech, married 1788 Lija to Carlo Xicluna. Maria Fenech, married 1761 Valletta to Tomas Zammit. Gio Francesco Fenech, marreid 1753 Ghaxaq to Marhgarita Rosa Agius, with issue. Caterina Fenech, married (1) 1776 Tarxiem to Giuseppe Grima, married (2) 1785 Ghaxaq to Salvatore Saliba. Michele Fenech, married 1716 Tarxiem to Maria Bianco, with issue. Giuseppe Fenech, married 1741 Lija to Anna Muscat. Giovanni Fenech, married 1742 Lija to Rosa Camilleri. Lorenzo Fenech, married 1744 Tarxiem to Maria Grech. Andrea Fenech, married 1751 Zejtun to Caterina Bugeja. Antonio Fenech, married 1756 to Caterina Spiteri. Pietro Fenech, married 1719 Ghargur to Teresa Sammut, with issue. Giuseppe Fenech, married 1764 Mdina to Caterina Sammut. Michele Fenech, married 1770 Attard to Angela Borg. Maruzzo Fenech, married 1722 Ghargur to Anna Maria Xiberras. Giovannella Debono, married 1677 Zebbug to Don Giorgio Platamone. Filippo Sayd b. 1622 Zebbug , Malta . (Arbitante of Rabat , Gozo); m 1648 Zebbug , Malta Angelica Calabro, ( de la Grotta Grand -Ghar il-Kbir, Troglodytes), with issue. (First marriage) Sapienza Sayd m. 1684 Dingli, Malta to Paolo Debattista, with issue. Grazio 'Giovanni' Debattista, ( de la Grotta Grand -Ghar il-Kbir, Troglodytes), married 1706 Dingli to Grazia Xuereb, with issue. Giuseppe Debattista, married 1733 Rabat Malta to Anna Allegritto, with issue. Paolo Debattista, married 1760 Rabat Malta to Giovanna Xuereb, with issue. Michele Debattista, married 1794 Valletta to Serafina Carbonaro, with issue. Francesco Debattista, married 1818 Valletta to Anna Napolitano, married (2) 1822 Valletta to Maria Cassar, with issue. (Second Marriage) Paolo Debattista, (1844-. Carmelo Fortunato Debattista, (1846-80)., married 1868 Floriana to Gratia Catania, married (2) 1883 Qormi to Vincenza Muscat, with issue. (First Marriage) Giovanni Debattista, (1871-. Francesco Debattista. Spiridione Debattista. Luigi Debattista. Salvatore Debattista. (Second Marriage) Maria Debattista. Gaetano Debattista. Carmelo Debattista. Antonia Debattista. Giuseppe Debattista. Emanuele Debattista, (1884-., married to Rosaria Coppola, with issue. Gianna Debattista. Antonio Debattista. Maria Debattista. William Debattista. Paul Debattista. Carmelo Debattista. Cetta Debattista. Teresa Debattista. Joseph Debattista, (1929-., married 1952 Hamrun to Doris Cuschieri, with issue. Charles Debattista, (1953-. Noel Debattista, (1954-. Martin Debattista, (1956-., married 1982 (Div) to Nobile Celia Trigona dei Baroni di Castel Cicciano e Montagno di Marzo, with issue. Mariella Debattista, (1965-. Rosetta Debattista, (1969-. Giuseppe Debattista. Paolo Debattista. Giuseppe Debattista. Maria Debattista, married 1758 Rabat Malta to Antonio Vassallo, (s/o Angelo and Maddalena). Maria Debattista, married 1739 Rabat Malta to Salvatore Calleja. Vincenzo Debattista, married 1760 Rabat Malta to Orsolica de Vella. Paolo Debattista, married 1740 Rabat Malta to Eugenia Xicluna, with issue. Anna Debattista, married 1768 Mdina to Gio Maria Vella Francesco Debattista, married 1742 Qormi to Veneranda Bugeja, with issue. Giovanni Debattista, married 1770 Qormi to Nobile Maria Vassallo, with issue. Giuseppe Debattista, married 1809 Qormi to Caterina Mifsud, with issue. Salvatore Debattista, married 1846 Qormi to Maria Borg, with issue. Giorgio Debattista, married 1875 Qormi to Carmela Mercieca, with issue. Marianna Debattista, married 1897 Qormi to Salvatore Saliba Testaferrata. Teresa Debattista, married 1785 Vittoriosa to Francesco Cassar. Giovanella Sayd m. 1691 Dingli, Malta to Maruzio Busutill, with issue. Michele Angelo Busuttil, married 1721 Valletta to Rosa Grech, with issue. Giuseppe Busuttil, married 1760 Valletta to Maria Azzopardi, with issue. Francesco Busuttil, married 1781 Valletta to Domitilla Mizzi, with issue. Giuseppe Busuttil, married 1808 Valletta to Margherita Zammit. Vincenzo Busuttil, married 1810 Valletta to Costanza Camilleri. Angela Busuttil, married 1804 Valletta to Gio Maria Xerri. Anna Busuttil, married 1825 Valletta to Alessandro Mallia. Maria Busuttil, married 1803 Valletta to Giuseppe Farrugia. Anna Busuttil, married 1779 Senglea to Andrea Aubert. Natalia Busuttil, married (1) Cospicua to Lorenzo Zammit, married (2) 1786 Cospicua to Pietro Farrugia. Mario Busuttil, married 1765 Valletta to Teresa del Ceppo. Salvatore Busuttil, married 1769 Senglea to Margaret Ellul, with issue. Giovanni Busuttil, married 1797 Cospicua to Anna Schembri Pace, with issue. Francesca Busuttil, married 1828 Cospicua to Augusto Balzan. Gio Maria Busuttil, married 1774 Rabat Gozo to Maria Galea, with issue. Giuseppe Busuttil, married 1802 Birkirkara to Gaetana Mallia. Rosa Busuttil, married 1798 Valletta to Giuseppe Debrincat. Anna Busuttil, married 1800 Rabat Gozo to Aloiseo Libreri. Saveria Busuttil, married 1817 Valletta to Francesco Libreri. Antonia Busuttil, married 1739 Valletta to Matteo Zammit. Santa Busuttil, married 1769 Cospicua to Alberto Dingli. Maria Busuttil, married 1745 Valletta to Giovanni Galea. Anna Sayd m. 1696 Dingli to Salvo Scerri (Xerri).; Matro: Not Giuseppe Gaetano Grech., with issue. Pietro Xerri, married (1) 1722 Mdina to Anna Ebejer, married (2) 1744 Mdina to Vincenza Vella, with issue. (First Marriage) Gioacchino Xerri, married 1748 Mdina to Caterina Farrugia, with issue. Maria Xerri, married 1770 Dingli to Francesco Micallef.. Rosa Xerri, married 1789 Dingli to Salvatore Saguna. Margherita Xerri, married 1795 Dingli to Giuseppe Bugeja. Pietro Xerri, married 1786 Mdina to Modesta Farrugia, with issue. Francesco Xerri, married 1815 Dingli to Rosa Fenech, with issue. Rocco Xerri, married 1743 Mdina to Nobile Anna Vassallo, with issue. Paolo Xerri, married 1786 Cospicua to Caterina Cassar. Felice Xerri, married 1791 Cospicua to Angelica Mansueto, with issue. Giuditta Xerri, married 1772 Cospicua to Paolo Gulia Antonio Xerri, married 1801 Cospicua to Vittoria Bugeja. Caterina Sayd, married 1707 San Paolo, Valletta to Giuseppe Xerri, with issue. Ignazio Xerri, married 1735 Kirkop Angela Ellul. Maria Xerri, married 1738 Curmi to Francesco Cassar, with issue. Anna Cassar, married 1769 Curmi to Orazio Fenech, with issue. Maria Fenech, married 1791 Curmi to Ludovico Mifsud. Giovanni Fenech, married 1798 Curmi to Clara Tanti. Francesco Fenech, married 1803 Curmi to Giovanna Tanti. Angelo Cassar, married 1780 Zejtun to Eufemia Farrugia. Felice Cassar, married 1781 Rabat Gozo to Margherita Saliba. Francesco Cassar, married (1) 1774 Mosta to Anna Sammut, married (2) 1775 Mosta to Teresa Muscat. Serafina Cassar, married (1) 1773 Curmi to Pietro Grech, married (2) 1782 Curmi to Giuseppe Caruana, with issue. (Second Marriage) Francesco Caruana, married 1803 Qormi to Maria Sant. Grazio Sayd,  married (1) 1634 Qormi to Vennera Psaila,  married (2) 1649 Curmi to Caterina Camilleri, with issue. (Second Marriage) Natalizia Sayd,  married 1675 Valletta to Antonio Abbate, with issue. Modesta Abbate, married 1707 Valletta to Giovanni Taboni, with issue. Barbaro Taboni, married 1742 Valletta to Diana Tonna. Francesco Taboni, married 1752 Rabat Gozo to Isabella Tabone, with issue. Bartolo Taboni, married 1786 Rabat Gozo to Rosa Micallef. Modesta Taboni, married 1800 Rabat Gozo to Nicolo Stellini, with issue. Giuseppe Stellini, married 1830 Rabat Gozo to Rosa Gauci. Maddalena Taboni, married 1760 Valletta to Giuseppe Santolis. Evangelista Abbate, married (1) 1715 Valletta to Giovanni Debono, married (2) 1724 Valletta to Francesco Brincat Salvatore Sayd, married 1669 Mdina to Maria Casha, with issue. Claudio Sayd, married 1736 Qormi to Beatrice Camilleri. Antonio Sayd, married 1730 Qormi to Grazia Camilleri, with issue. Innocenza Sayd, married 1757 Qormi to Battista Capo, with issue. Giuseppe Capo, married (1) 1804 Qormi to Maria Said, (see on this page), married (2) 1816 Qormi to Margherita Galea, with issue. (Second marriage) Battista Capo, married 1844 Qormi to Giovanna Borg, with issue. Gio Maria Capo, married 1861 Attard to Modesta Agius, with issue. Giovanna Capo, married 1896 Qormi to Giorgio Zammit. Maria Capo, married (1) 1794 Qormi to Francesco Buhagiar, married (2) 1803 Qormi to Natale Caruana. Donna Marina Sayd m. 1634 Mdina to Dr. Marco Psaila, JUD m. 1637 Mdina to Gio Paolo Schembri. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Elvira, a North African Slave, died 1593) Antonia Alunna, (1582 -1611), dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Elvira, a North African Slave, died 1593) Maria Lucrezia Alunna, (1584 -1611), dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Elvira, a North African Slave, died 1593) Petrus Alunno, (1585 -1627), married 1625 Zejtun to Angelica Coleiro. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Elvira, a North African Slave, died 1593) Benaniano Giuseppe Alunno di Sayd, (1586 -1653), Monk, dunm (illegitimate from Mistress, a Elvira, a North African Slave, died 1593) Isabella Alunna, (1587 -1619), 'later a Nun', dunm.l., (mistress to Nobile Pietro Paolo Santa Mauro) (illegitimate from Mistress, a Elvira, a North African Slave, died 1593) Enziona Alunna, (1588 -1629), married 1606 Cospicua to Gio Domenico Calimniano. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Elvira, a North African Slave, died 1593), Tomasina Alunna, (1589 -1632), married 1611 Cospicua to Giulio de Orlando. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Elvira, a North African Slave, died 1593), Maria Anna Alunna, (1591-1643), dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Elvira, a North African Slave, died 1593), Imperia Alunna, (1592 -1644), married 1615 Cospicua to Battista Burle. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Francesce, a North African slave)Antonio Alunno, (1594 -1616), 'Monk', dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Francesce, a North African slave)Christiano Alunno, (1595 -1648), 'Monk', dunm, (illegitimate from Mistress, a Francesce, a North African slave)Enrico Alunno, (1597 -1638), 'Monk', dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Francesce, a North African slave), Maria Bianca Alunna, (1598 -1619), dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Francesce, a North African slave), Maria Andrea Alunna, (1599 -1626), married 1621 Cospicua to Andrea Nigret, with issue. Giovannello Nigret, married 1647 Cospicua to Flaminea Gambin, with issue. Evangelista Nigret, married 1664 Cospicua to Lorenzo Cassar.. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Francesce, a North African slave) Maria Chiara Alunna, (1601 -), married 1618 Cospicua to Giaine Olive. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Francesce, a North African slave) Maria Daniele Alunna, (1603 -1626), 'Nun', dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Francesce, a North African slave) Maria Grazia Alunna, (1605 -1638), married to Salvatore de Mura, with issue. Maria Grazia de Mura (1630 -), married 1647 Valletta to Giuseppe Ricca of Sicily, with issue. Antonio Ricca, married (1) 1673 Valletta to Giuseppa Zammit, married (2) 1683 Valletta to Caterina Micallef, with issue. (First Marriage) Francesco Ricca, married 1701 Valletta to Margherita Rinald, with issue. Vincenzo Ricca, married 1740 Valletta to Caterina Grech, with issue. Francesco Ricca, married 1765 Valletta to Anna Camilleri, with issue. Vincenzo Ricca, married 1787 Valletta to Caterina Grech, with issue. Francesco Ricca, married 1801 Valletta to Maria Anna Pisani, with issue. Giuseppa Ricca, married 1819 Valletta to Giovanni Micallef. Maria Ricca, married 1821 Valletta to Michele Cauchi. Saveria Ricca, married 1795 Valletta to Filippo Gonzi. Salvatore Ricca, married 1815 Valletta to Orsola Gatt. Antonia Ricca, married 1787 Valletta to Ignazio Cauchi. Maria Ricca, married 1767 Valletta to Stefano Callus, with issue. Vincenza Callus, married 1792 Valletta to Gio Battista Portelli Antonia Ricca, married 1770 Valletta to Emmanuele Mannarino Teodora Ricca, married 1733 Valletta to Mario Antonio Buhagiar. Diana Ricca, married 1727 Cospicua to Francesco Gioacchino Grambois, with issue. Giuseppa Grambois, married 1767 Valletta to Stefano Zammit, with issue. Gaetano Zammit, married 1801 Valletta to Maria Casha., with issue. Rafaele Zammit, married 1845 Birkirkara to Caterina Gatt. Gabriella Ricca, married 1744 Birgu to Giuseppe Schembri, with issue. Bianca Schembri, married 1771 Valletta to Rocco Manuele of Marseille, France. Caterina Schembri, married 1774 Valletta to Emmanuele Psaila, with issue. Giuseppe Psaila, married 1798 Cospicua to Rosanna Cassar. Aloisia Schembri, married 1775 Valletta to Sig. Sancto Psaila. Teresa Schembri, married 1786 Valletta to Giuseppe Azzopardi. Angela Ricca, married 1753 Birgu to Giovanni Gauci, with issue. Francesco Gauci, married 1784 Vittoriosa to Lucrezia Rizzo. Maddalena Ricca, married 1695 Valletta to Lorenzo Vella. (Second Marriage) Polixema Ricca, married (1) 1716 Valletta to Gio Battista Vinarese, married (2) 1738 Valletta to Giovanni Bonino. Teresa Ricca, married 1717 Valletta to Paolo Mallia. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Francesce, a North African slave) Maria Isabella Alunna, (1607 -1609), d.inf. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Francesce, a North African slave) Terziana Alunna, (1609 -1641), married 1629 Cospicua to Giorgio Adriano. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Francesce, a North African slave) Costanza Maria Alunna, (1611 - 1662), married 1629 Birgu to Francesco di  Santi. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Francesce, a North African slave) Margherita Alunna, (1612 -1638), married 1629 Cospicua to Francesco Fighiera. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Francesce, a North African slave) Angelica Alunna, (1614 -1639), married 1630 Cospicua to Antonio Zunal. Giovanni Sayd b. 1568 Santi, Malta, (Buried in Principi Sayd Chapel, Santi),  married 1588 Zebbug (; Matro:1588 Not. Ferdiand Ciappara; Division 1625: Not Bernardo Azzopardi) to Giovanna Buttigieg, with issue. Don Matteo Sayd  m. 1597 Zebbug, Malta Margherita Fenech, with issue. Maruzza Sayd Matro 1654: Not Mario Saliba, to Rocco Muscat, with issue. Grazio Muscat, married (1) 1672 Mdina to Maria Busuttil, married (2) 1706 Mdina to Maria Gambin, with issue. (First Marriage) Anna Muscat, married 1706 Mdina to Bartolomeo de Spiteri, Alunno Trove, with issue. Giuseppe Spiteri, married 1742 Siggiewi to Grazia Farrugia, with issue. Alberto Spiteri, married 1775 Siggiewi to Antonia Farrugia. Antonio Spiteri, married 1743 Siggiewi to Orazia Camilleri. Alonso Muscat, married 1706 Mdina to Maria Gambin. Giuseppe Sayd Matro 1671: Not Niccolo Allegritto, to Grazia Muscat Don Giacobo Sayd (Moved to Gozo 1604); m 1604 Matrice Gozo to Caterina Azopardi Don Pietro Sayd; (Matro 1622: Not Giacomo Xeberras) Mdina, Malta Antonia Xicluna ; m. 1635 Rabat, Gozo to Innocenza Cardona (First Marriage) Elena Sayd; m. 1632 Mdina to Angelo de Rinaldo. (Second Marriage) Angelica Sayd., married 1654 Matrice Gozo to Pietro Meilach. Paulina Sayd, married 1669 Rabat Gozo to N (Manumesso). Maria Sayd, married 1688 Valletta to Giovanni Cardona (Manumesso from Ethiopia), with issue. Francesca Cardona, married (1) 1728 Zebbug to Cesare Subino (Ursulino), married (2) 1754 Zebbug to Francesco Camilleri, with issue. (First Marriage) Pasquale Ursulino, married 1749 Zebbug to Caterina Cachia, with issue. Vincenza Rosaria Orsolino, married 1776 Cospicua to Paolo Agius, with issue. Santo Agius, married 1814 Kirkop to Caterina Schembri, with issue. Benedetto Agius, married 1815 Birkirkara to Costanza Micallef, with issue. Giuseppa Agius, married 1836 Kirkop to Tomaso Farrugia. Anna Agius, married 1843 Kirkop to Giovanni Caruana. Paola Agius, married 1855 Kirkop to Giuseppe Camilleri. Angelo Agius, married 1815 Kirkop to Paola Saliba, with issue. Francesco Agius, married 1852 Kirkop to Angela Cassar. Benedetto Agius, married 1863 Kirkop to Giuseppa Saliba. Leonardo Agius, married 1864 Kirkop to Giovanna Ellul. Giuseppa Agius, married 1836 Kirkop to Angelo Grech. Domenica Agius, married 1824 Kirkop to Gio Maria Grech. Giuseppe Orsolino, married 1784 Cospicua to Teresa Azzopardi. Maria Orsolino, married 1808 Valletta to Bartolomeo Chircop. Maria Ursolino, married 1751 Zebbug to Francesco Camilleri. Grazia Cardona, married 1716 Zebbug to Giuseppe Grech. Carmine Cardona, married 1758 Qormi to Giuseppe Cachia, dsp. Don Domenico Sayd; m. 1627 Qormi, Malta, to Margherita Zammit. Don Giuseppe Sayd, (d. 1661 Rabato, Malta), ( Matro 1630: Not Bernardo Azzopardi) Zebbug Angelica Magro ;( Testo1661: Not Giovanni Azzopardi ; Division 1625: Not Bernardo Azzopardi; Migrated with some of the Family to Gozo around the 1600's), with issue. Angelica Sayd, d. 1683 m. 1661 Zebbug, Malta Domenico Mangion Simone Sayd, (1625 Rabat, Gozo -), married to Maria N, with issue. Domenica Sayd, married 1667 Matrice Gozo to Salvatore Mercieca, with issue. Caterina Mercieca, married 1730 Xewijka Gozo to Domenico Busuttil. Andrea Sayd,  (1615 Rabat, Gozo -), married 1645 Matrice, Gozo to Beatrice Cremona, with issue. Grazio Sayd m. 1669 Matrice, Gozo to Maria Galea, with issue. Pasquale Sayd, (1682 Rabat Gozo -), married. 1711 Rabato Gozo to Aloisea Vella, with issue. Grazio Sayd m. 1740 Rabato Gozo to Evangelista Mizzi m. 1761 Nadur, Gozo to Maria Portelli, with issue. (First Marriage) Giuseppe Pasquale Michele Angelo Sayd married 1769 Rabat, Gozo to Margherita Cassar, with issue. M'Angelo Sayd m. 1789 Nadur, Gozo to Liberta Xuereb m2 1791 Rabat, Gozo, to Anna Grima (First Marriage) Maria Said, married 1813 at San Paolo, Valletta to Gio Maria Sammut. (Second Marriage) Giuseppa Sayd m. 1812 Nadur, Gozo, to Giuseppe Camilleri Caterina Sayd m. 1812 Nadur, Gozo, to Lorenzo Camilleri Francesco Sayd m. 1791 Nadur, Gozo, to Anne Grech Margherita Sayd m. 1810 Nadur, Gozo, to Michele Buttigieg. Maria Sayd,. married 1793 Matrice Gozo to M'Angelo Vella. Martino Sayd, married 1798 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppa Grech, with issue. Luigi Giuseppe Lorenzo Sayd, (1814-1874), married 1852 Sainte Croix, Tunisia to Maddalena Maria Farrugia, with issue. Carmela Said, (1853-1885), married 1875 St Croix, Tunisia to Francois Mineo, with issue. Cristoforo Mineo, (1877 St Croix, Tunisia -). Luigi Mineo, (1880 St Croix, Tunisia -). Carmela Mineo, (1885 St Croix, Tunisia -). Giuseppa Maria Crocifissa Said, (1855-1924), married 1876 Sainte Croix, Tunisia to Giuseppe Francesco Giovanni Debono. Martino Said, (1857-1860), d.inf. Maria Leonarda Giuseppa Said, (1859-), married 1881 St Croix, Tunisia to Joseph Impinna. Fortunata Oliva Angela Said, (1862-1895), married 1888 St Croix, Tunisia to Jean Ducasse. Giovanna Antonia Carmela Said, (1866-), married 1886 St Croix, Tunisia to N. Ducasse. Maria Sayd m. 1762 Nadur, Gozo to Baldassare Attard Domenico Sayd, (1670 Rabat, Gozo -),  married 1702 Rabat, Gozo, to Caterina Conti, with issue. Felice Sayd m. 1723 Rabat, Gozo, to Caterina de Battista Benigro Sayd m. 1789 Nadur, Gozo, to Anna Muscat Maria Sayd m. 1790 Nadur, Gozo to Coronato Grima Franco Sayd m. 1782 Rabat Gozo, to Margherita Camilleri Giovanni Sayd m. 1805 Casal Caccia, to Caterina Attard Giuseppe Sayd m. 1791 Rabat, Gozo to Domenica Galea Coronato Sayd m. 1801 Rabat, Gozo to Rose Farrugia Angelo Sayd m. 1734 Rabat, Gozo, to Maria Calleja, with issue. Giuseppe Sayd m. 1761 Rabat Gozo, to Anna Farrugia. Alessandro Sayd m. 1786 Rabat, Gozo, to Maria Pace Maria Sayd m. 1806 Rabat Gozo, to Angelo Muscat Caterina Sayd m. 1809 Rabat Gozo, to Giuseppe Attard Francesco Sayd m. 1762 Rabat Gozo, to Margherita Portelli Giuseppe Sayd m. 1791 Rabat, Gozo to Rose Galea Petruccio Sayd m.1 Xewkija, to Maria Grima m2, 1797 Rabat Gozo, to Rosaria Caruana Gio Domenico Sayd m. 1790 Rabat Gozo, to Antonia Farrugia, with issue. Salvatore Said, (d. 1857 Bone, Algeria), married 1820 Valletta to Maria Mercieca, with issue. Antoine Said, (1833-1881), married 1853 Algeria to Carmena Mariani, with issue. Salvatore Said, (1859-), married 1887 Algeria to Maria Carmen Azzopardi, with issue. Felicita Said, (1889-), dunm. Paul Said, (1890-), d.inf. Eugene Emilie Said, (1890-), d.inf. Antoine Said, (1892-), married 1919 Algeria to Angela Marie Giraud. Emilie Said, (1894-), married (1) 1911 Algeria to Marcel Meloni, married (2) 1915 Algeria to Raymond Joseph Meloni. Salvatore Said, (1896-), dunm. Noel Said, (1898-), married 1922 Algeria to Lucie Rose Catrogno. Eugene Paul Said, (1901-), dunm. Leon Henri Said, (1903-1981), married 1933 to Marie Cursio. Anna Carmelle Said, (1906-1924)., dunm. Jean-Baptiste Said, (1908-), dunm. Louis-Philippe Said, (1911-), dunm. Joseph Laurent Said, (1856-1923), married 1881 Algeria to Marie Adele Delbos, with issue. Antoinette Said, (1882-1889), d.inf. Eugenie Said, (1883-), married 1906 Algeria to Pierre Meloni, with issue. Aimee Meloni, (1907-2000), married 1925 Constantine, Algeria to Etienne Henri Bodio. Yvonne Meloni, (1908-1993), married 1929 Constantine, Algeria to Firmin Raymond. Francois Joseph Meloni, (1909-). Georges Meloni, (1911-). Pierre Meloni, (1914-1969). Josephine Rose Meloni, (1917-). Berthe Said, (1885-), d.inf. Paul Said, (1886-1887), d.inf. Baptistine Said, (1889-), married 1906 Algeria to Adolphe Jean Morot. Joseph Edward Said, (1891-). Antoine Said, (1897-), d.inf. Philomena Said, (1857-1858), d.inf. Dominque Said, (1860-1866), d.inf. Lewis Said, (1863-), d.inf. Auguste Said, (1864-), married 1886 Bone, Algeria to Carmen Xicluna, with issue. Berthe Antoinette Said, (1886-), d.inf. Marcel Antoine Said, (1887-), d.inf. Armand Charles Said, (1889-). Armand August Said, (1890-1922). Philomena Said, (1866-), married (1) 1887 Algeria to Jean Paul Ellul, married (2) 1899 Algeria to Henri Joseph Samuel, with issue. (First marriage) Eugenie Ellul, (1891-). Rosina Camena Said, (1868-1869), d.inf. Pierre Said, (1870-1871), d.inf. Rosina Josephine Said, (1873-1876), d.inf. Auguste Said, (1875-1877), d.inf. Leon Said, (1878-1880), d.inf. Francois Said, (1825-1884), married 1859 Algeria to Francesca Rera, with issue. Philomene Said, (1851-), married 1873 Algeria to Michele Hyppolite Betoulle, with issue. Baptiste Dominique Betoulle, (1873-1957), married 1899 to Marie Louise Voiron. Albert Etienne Betoulle, (1875-1942), married 1899 to Ernestine Marthe Virginie Gerbaulet. Salvatore Said, (1853-1855), d.inf. Antoinette Said, (1855-), d.inf. Dominque Luciene Said, (1870-), married 1901 Algeria to Carmele Rizzo, with issue. Marie Francoise Said, (1904-), married in Algeria to Antoine Publius Cauchi. Auguste Salvatore Said, (1875-), married (1) 1897 to Jeanne Col, married (2) 1915 Algeria to Marguerite Darsch, married (3) 1927 to Louise Walter, with issue. (First marriage) Henri Dominique Said, (1900-. Maria Said, 1801 Rabat Gozo to Salvatore Grima. Elena Sayd., married 1752 to Giuseppe Mercieca. Andrea Sayd, (1674 Rabat, Gozo -), married 1696 Zabbar to Anna Maria Gusman, with issue. Giovanni Maria Giuseppe Said, (1698 Zabbar -). Antonio Sayd, (1699 Zabbar -). Paolica Grazia Sayd, (1702-), married 1723 Zabbar to Don Michele Angelo Diacono. Pasquale Sayd, (1703-). Caterina Maria Sayd, (1705 Zabbar -). Maria Sayd, (1707 Zabbar -). Fiorenza Caterina Sayd, (1708 Zabbar -). Alonsa Sayd, (1714 Zababr -). Giuseppa Sayd, (1678 Rabat Gozo -). Filippo Sayd, (1682 Rabat Gozo -). Gio Maria Sayd m. 1670 Rabat, Gozo Vittoria Galea. Giuseppe Sayd m. 1690 Nadur, Gozo Marujja Mercieca. Gio Maria Sayd m. 1716 Nadur, Gozo Caterina Portelli. Rosa Sayd m. 1746 Nadur, Gozo to Andrea Xerri. Caterina Sayd m. 1707 Casal Caccia, Gozo to Guiseppe Xerri. Giovanni Sayd m. 1693 Nadur, Gozo Aloisea Mizzi, with issue. Guiseppe Sayd m. 1716 Nadur, Gozo to Orsola Sayd (See Above). Marino Sayd m. 1754 Matrice, Gozo to Rosa Debono. Maria Sayd m. 1789 Casal Caccia, Gozo, to Michele Refalo. Veronica Sayd  m. 1716 Nadur, Gozo to Paolo Teuma Domenico Sayd  m. 1696 Nadur, Gozo Mattea Cassar. Gio Maria Sayd  m. 1725 Nadur, Gozo to Graziulla Buttigieg. Maria Sayd m. 1755 Nadur, Gozo, to Lorenzo Spiteri. Michele Sayd, married 1765 Matrice Gozo to Giovanna Teuma, with issue. Maria Sayd, married 1797 Senglea to Vincenzo Bonello, with issue. Francesco Bonello, married 1833 Cospicua to Maria Giulia, with issue.  Felicita Bonello, married 1858 Senglea to Nobile Giuseppe Spiteri, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Grazia Sayd, married 1784 Senglea to Paolo Pace. Giuseppe Sayd sives Said, married 1795 Valletta to Anna de Giorgio, with issue. Gio Battista Said, married 1843 Senglea to Anna Pepe, with issue. Antonia Said, married 1878 Senglea to Carmelo Mizzi. Eugenio Mizzi, (1886 Senglea -), migrated to New York, USA), married with issue. Emanuele Mizzi, (d. 1918 New York, USA), married 1910 New York, USA to Maria Pauline Danza, (remarried to Alfred Pardi), with issue. Mary Antoinette Mizzi, later Pardi, (1913-). Charles John Mizzi, later Pardi, (1914-1988 San Mateo, CA, USA). Edgar Anthony Mizzi, later Pardi, (1916-). Eugene Manuel Mizzi, later Pardi, (1918-1995 San Mateo, CA, USA). Francesco Said, married 1841 Senglea to Vittoria Gonzi. Caterina Said, married 1829 Senglea to Bernardo Chircop. Teresa Sayd, married 1837 Senglea to Aloisio Azzopardi. Ersola Sayd m. 1726 Nadur, Gozo Gio Maria Portelli Margherita Sayd  m. 1730 Nadur, Gozo Antonio Magro Natalizia Sayd  m. 1746 Nadur, Gozo to Don Giovanni Vella. Giacomo Sayd  m1. 1731 Xaghra, Gozo to Grazia Hili; m2. 1769 Nadur, Gozo Maria Tabone (First marriage) Michele Sayd m. 1763 at Nadur, Gozo to Gabriella Tabone, with issue. Marcella Sayd m. Nadur, Gozo to Francesco Falzon. Francesco Sayd, married 1806 Nadur Gozo to Grazia Sultana, with issue. Giuseppe Sayd, married 1837 Nadur Gozo to Anna Muscat, with issue. Grazia Sayd, married 1860 Nadur Gozo to Saverio Muscat. Rosina Sayd, married 1866 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Tabone. Maria Sayd, married 1870 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Borg. Lorenzo Sayd m1. 1734 Nadur, Gozo, to Grazuilla Portelli, m2 1776 at Lia, Malta, to Anna Gauci. (First Marriage) Maria Sayd m. 1759 Nadur, Gozo to Simone Grech. Giovannella Sayd; m. 1761 Nadur, Gozo to Andrea Grech. with issue. Caterina Grech, married 1797 Valletta to Giuseppe Agius. Francesco Sayd m. 1776 Rabat, Gozo to Angela Spiteri Michele Sayd m. 1776 Lija, Malta to Grazia Busutill, with issue. Filippo Sayd, married 1844 Mdina to Rosa Formosa, with issue. Martino Said, married 1891 Mdina to Marianna Galea. Giuseppe Said, married 1882 Mdina to Cajetana Agius. Petra Sayd  married (1) 1691 Casal Caccia, Gozo to Bartolomeo Bajada,  married (2) 1701 Casal Caccia, Gozo Paolo Grech, with issue. (First marriage) Giulio Bajada, married 1718 Matrice Gozo to Domenica Gafa, with issue. Evangelista Bajada, married 1743 Xaghra Gozo to Francesco Borg, with issue. Michele Borg, married 1780 Xaghra Gozo to Ursola Grech, with issue. Giuseppe Borg, married 1811 Xaghra Gozo to Angela Sultana, with issue. Lorenzo Borg, married 1840 Xaghra Gozo to Grazia Grima, with issue. Michele Borg, married 1871 Qormi to Giovanna Portelli, with issue. George Borg, married 1904 Qormi to Josephine Gauci, with issue. Maria Borg, married to Carmenu Cuschieri. Giovanna Borg, married to Lorenzo Brincat. Paul Borg. Michele Borg, married to Carmen Carrie Caruana. Chevalier Emanuele Borg. Gratia Grace Borg. Carmelo Borg. Giuseppe Borg. Agostina Christina Borg, married to Franz Cachia.. Agnese Borg Gauci, married 1945 Qormi to Leone Borg. Joseph Borg, married to Josephine Catania Spiteri. Melita Borg. Lucia Borg. Gesuarda Borg, married to Manuel Leli Pace. George Borg. Giovanna Borg. Romano Borg, married 1839 Xaghra Gozo to Modesta Camilleri. Coronato Borg, married 1859 Xaghra Gozo to Saveria Gatt, with issue. Francesco Borg, married 1888 Xaghra Gozo to Vittoria Teuma, with issue. Francesco Borg, married 1916 Xaghra Gozo to Carmela Saliba. Lorenzo Borg, married 1918 Xaghra Gozo to Loreta Bonello. Fortunato Borg, married 1897 Xaghra Gozo to Michelina Zammit, with issue. Giuseppe Borg, married 1932 Zebbug Gozo to Maria Bonello. Antonio Borg, married 1911 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Cassar. Marianna Borg, married 1886 Xaghra Gozo to Michele Saliba. Rosina Borg, married 1889 Xaghra Gozo to Luigi Teuma. Carmela Borg, married 1896 Xaghra Gozo to Salvatore Hili. Concetta Borg, married 1904 Xaghra Gozo to Giovanni Xiberras. Petronilla Borg, married 1912 Xaghra Gozo to Giuseppe Grima. Michele Borg, married 1874 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Azzopardi, with issue. Aloisio Borg, married 1892 Nadur Gozo to Rosaria Camilleri, with issue. Giuseppa Borg, married 1900 Xaghra Gozo to Giuseppe Galea. Modesta Borg, married 1913 Xaghra Gozo to Salvatore Attard. Giovanni Borg, married 1810 Xaghra Gozo to Anna Xerri. Angela Borg, married 1816 Xaghra Gozo to Salvatore Bartolo. Romana Borg, married 1817 Xaghra Gozo to Giuseppe Sacco. Caterina Borg, married 1821 Xaghra Gozo to Angelo Galea. Evangelista Borg, married 1826 Xaghra Gozo to Antonio Cordina. Maria Borg, married 1829 Xaghra Gozo to Carlo Mizzi. Grazio Borg, married 1762 Nadur Gozo to Anna Meilach. Salvatore Borg, married 1768 Qormi to Maria Borg, (d/o Battista and Anna). Giulio Borg, married 1772 Rabat Gozo to Orsola Galea. Gio Maria Borg, married 1780 Xaghra Gozo to Rosaria Xerri. Paolo Borg, married 1791 Xaghra Gozo to Evangelista Mizzi. Domenica Borg, married 1797 Nadur Gozo to Michele Mercieca. Bernardo Grech, married 1738 Xaghra Gozo to Petronilla Camilleri, with issue. Liberto Grech, Deputy Lieutenant of Xaghra Gozo, (1815 -1839), married 1774 Xaghra Gozo to Rosa Sultana, with issue. Angelo Grech, married 1798 Xaghra Gozo to Emmanuela Sultana. Bernardo Grech, married (1) 1892 Rabat Gozo to Angela Grech, married (2) 1811 Xewkija Gozo to Rosa Cassar. Paolo Grech, married 1805 Xaghra Gozo to Giuseppa Sultana. Giuseppe Grech, married 1808 Nadur Gozo to Rosaria Camilleri. Petronilla Grech, married (1) 1800 Xaghra Gozo to Giovanni Cilia., married (2) 1804 Matrice Gozo to Gio Maria Gatt. Francesca Grech, married 1807 Xaghra Gozo to Michele Teuma. Maria Grech, married 1814 Xewkija Gozo to Michele Zammit. Alonza Sayd, married 1696 Nadur, Gozo Maruzzo Tabone Orazia Said, married 1694 Rabat Gozo to Salvatore Cifai, with issue. Maria Cifai, married 1715 Matrice Gozo to Alberto Grech. Clara Cifai, married 1725 Matrice Gozo to Carlo Bonavia., with issue. Alonsica Bonavia, married 1760 Rabat Gozo to Michele Bajada. Petruzzo Bonavia, married 1772 Rabat Gozo to Flaminea Gatt, with issue. Michele Angelo Bonavia, married 1821 Rabat Gozo to Antonia Micallef. Maria Bonavia, married 1794 Rabat Gozo to Francesco Cassar. Giuseppa Bonavia, married 1809 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Tabone. Clara Bonavia, married 1811 Rabat Gozo to Michele Angelo Mercieca. Rosa Cifai, married 1727 Rabat Gozo to Gio Domenico Cachia. Francesco Sayd, married 1672 Valletta to Grazia Debono, with issue. Aloisetta Petronilla Sayd, married 1699 Valletta to Antonio Veneziano, with issue. Maria Veneziano, married 1716 Valletta to Filippo Vidale of France, with issue. Fortunata Vidale, married 1740 Valletta to Felice Vella. Giovanni Filippo Sayd, married 1650 Matrice, Gozo Marujja Grima, with issue. Domenco Sayd m. 1682 Rabato Gozo to Isabella Calleja m. 1706 Rabato Gozo to Caterina Conti, with issue. M'Angelo Sayd, married 1734 Rabat Gozo to Maria Calleja, with issue. Maruzzo Sayd, married 1780 Xewikja Gozo to Maria Grima. Pietro Sayd, married 1766 Nadur Gozo to Orsola Vella. Giovanni Sayd, married 1723 Rabat Gozo to Lucrezia 'sives Caterina' de Battista, with issue. Felice Sayd, married 1751 Xewkija Gozo to Caterina Xicluna, with issue. M'Angelo Sayd, married 1791 Nadur Gozo to Anna Grima, with issue. Caterina Sayd, married 1812 Nadur Gozo to Nobile Lorenzo Caruana. Giuseppa Sayd, married 1812 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Camilleri. Giuseppe Sayd, married 1834 Nadur Gozo to Orsola Portelli, with issue. Paola Said, married 1868 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Sacco. Margarita Said, married 1871 Nadur Gozo to Michele Angelo Camilleri Maria Said, married 1856 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Sammut. Giovanna Said, married 1853 Nadur Gozo to Nobile Lorenzo Caruana. Rosaria Sayd, married 1837 Nadur Gozo to Giovanni Buttigieg. Maria Sayd, married 1790 Nadur Gozo to Coronoto Grima. Franco Sayd, married 1782 Nadur Gozo to Margherita Camilleri, with issue. Francesco Sayd, married 1805 Xaghra Gozo to Caterina Attard. Caterina Sayd, married 1810 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Attard. Maria Sayd, married 1805 Nadur Gozo to Angelo Muscat. Felice Sayd, married 1827 Nadur Gozo to Ursula Buttigieg, with issue. Salvatore Sayd, (1844 Nadur Gozo -), married 1876 Constantine Algeria to Constance Xeberras, with issue Joseph Jean Georges Sayd, (1877-), married to Rose Galdies, with issue. Jean Georges Sayd, married to Odette Gelabert, with issue. Jean Sayd. Gerard Sayd. Alain Sayd. Camille Marcel Yvon Georges Sayd, (1892 Constantine Algeria -1968 Marseilles France), married 1912 Constantine Algeria to Claire Marguerite Naud, with issue. Armand Fernand Sayd, (1914 Constantine Algeria -1987 Montreal Canada), married 1938 in Algiers to Denise Marthe Lassus, with issue. Marie-Claire Sayd, (1943 Constantine Algeria -), married 1967 Marseilles France (Div 1970) to Jean Michel Spanu. Norbert Gerard Sayd, (1925 Constantine Algeria - 1995 Orange France), married 1945 Marseilles Frances to Alberte Gibergues, with issue. Christiane Sayd, (1946 Marseilles France-), married (1) to Georges Gire, married (2) to Pierre Billion. Bernadette Sayd, (1948 Marseilles France -). (issue from NN) Benedicte Sayd, (1980 Marseilles France-). (issue from NN) Diego Sayd, (1989 Brazil-). Christiane Sayd, (1950 Marseilles France -), married to Jean Malinas. Christiane Sayd, (1933 Constantine Algeria -)., married 1954 Marseilles France to Benito Nardini. Felix Sayd, married with issue. Georges Sayd, married with issue. Annie Sayd. Lionel Sayd. Arlette Sayd. Janine Sayd. Margherita Said, married 1861 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Saliba. Angela Sayd, married 1813 Nadur Gozo to Pietro Muscat. Rosaria Sayd, married 1820 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Grech. Teresa Sayd, married 1826 Nadur Gozo to Salvatore Haber. Giuseppe Sayd, (d. 1874 Nadur Gozo), married 1827 Nadur Gozo to Orsola Buttigieg, with issue. Salvatore Michel Ange Sayd, (1844 Nadur, Gozo -1926 Menerville, Algeria), married 1876 Constantine, Algeria to Constance Chebarras, with issue. Col Joseph Jean Georges Sayd, (1877 Constantine, Algeria-), Soldier in the Frenech army, married 1907 Algeria to Rosine Marie Carmene Galdies. Michele Sayd, married 1782 Nadur Gozo to Margherita Camilleri, with issue. Giuseppe Said, married 1850 Nadur Gozo to Grazia Camilleri, with issue. Angelo Said, married 1884 Nadur Gozo to Maria Said, (see on this page), with issue. Grazia Said, married (1) 1920 Nadur Gozo to Paolo Pisano., married (2) 1923 Nadur Gozo to Giovanni Pisano. Carmela Said, married 1930 Nadur Gozo to Angelo Attard. Paolo Said, married 1929 Nadur Gozo to Margherita Muscat. Giuseppe Said, married 1912 Nadur Gozo to Carmela Muscat. Michele Said, married 1925 Nadur Gozo to Maria Grima. Salvatore Said, married 1927 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Camilleri, with issue. Emanuele Said, (killed on Merchant navy during WWII 1942), dunm. Margherita Said, married 1878 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Said, (see on this page). Carmela Said, married 1884 Nadur Gozo to Giovanni Mercieca. Maria Said, married 1871 Nadur Gozo to Michele Angelo Camilleri. Coronoto Sayd, married 1801 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Farrugia., with issue. Michele Said, married 1842 Xewkija Gozo to Paola Farrugia, with issue. Antonio Said, married 1876 Ghajnsielem Gozo to Loretta Gauci, with issue. Maria Said, married 1911 Ghajnsielem Gozo to Michele Spiteri. Carmela Said, married 1885 Ghajnsielem Gozo to Giorgio Pace. Feliciata Sayd, married 1838 Nadur Gozo to Angelo Attard. Maria Sayd, married (1) 1840 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Grech, married (2) 1859 Nadur Gozo to Giovanni Grech. Caterina Sayd, married 1849 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Vella. Benigno Sayd, married 1789 Nadur Gozo to Anna Muscat., with issue. Maria Sayd, married 1802 Cospicua to Saverio Cachia, with issue. Fortunata Cachia, married 1832 Cospicua to Paolo Sultana. Maria Concetta Cachia, married 1825 Cospicua to Annetto Formosa de Fremaux. Grazia Sayd, (1631 Rabat, Gozo -), married 1650 Rabat, Gozo Carlo Xicluna Flavia Sayd, (1633 Rabat Gozo-),  married 1653 Rabat, Gozo Natale Chircop. Giuseppe Sayd  m. 1652 Rabat, Gozo Maria Bajada Caterina Sayd  m1. 1670 Rabat, Gozo Salvatore Camilleri, married 2 to Giovanni Napolitano, married 3 1695 Cospicua to Nobile Domenico Vassallo of Reggio, Sicily. Fabrizio Sayd,  married 1642 Matrice, Gozo Grazia Cremona, with issue. Stefano Sayd,  married 1688 at Matrice, Gozo to Guiseppina Caruana, with issue. Giuseppe Sayd m. 1728 Mosta to Andreanna Mintof, with issue. Alessandro Sayd m. 1786 Rabato, Gozo to Marie Pace. Benigno Sayd, married 1767 Rabato, Gozo to Marie Zahra, with issue. Francesco Sayd,  married. 1801 Qormi, Malta to Rosa Formosa, with issue. Diana Said, married 1810 at San Paolo, Valleta to Francesco Seichel. Giuseppe Said, married 1828 Qormi to Rosa Cortis, with issue. Vincenzo Said, married 1863 Valletta to Giuseppa Saliba, with issue. George Joseph Albert Jean Aloys Said, (1864-, married 1894 Philippeville, Algeria to Jeannine Abeyer, with issue. Andre Sayd, (1894-. Vincent Antoine Said, (1895-, married 1933 Blida, Algeria to Gabrielle Helene Bazia. Georges Marius Joseph Said, (1898-. Antoine Charles Said, (1901-, married 1929 Philippeville, Algeria to Felicie Marie Attard. Marius Joseph Said, (1903-. Francois Said, (1905-. Jeanna Marie Said, (1909-). Henri Said, (1915-. Carmeno Francois Joseph Said, (1865-. Rosa Said, married 1778 at San Paolo, Valletta to Filippo Napolitiano. Orsola Sayd, married 1751 Rabat Gozo to Pietro Cassar. Giovanni Sayd,  married 1791 Nadur, Gozo, to Maria Spiteri, with issue. Giuseppe Sayd, married 1817 Nadur Gozo to Francesca Mifsud, with issue. Francesco Sayd, married 1848 Nadur Gozo to Angela Buttigieg, with issue. Salvatore Sayd, married 1905 Nadur Gozo to Rosaria Muscat, with issue. Angelo Said, married 1946 Qala, Gozo to Carmela Buttigieg. Giuseppe Said, married 1943 Qala, Gozo to Maria Grazia Buttigieg. Maria Anna Said, married 1936 Qala, Gozo to Giuseppe Attard. Giuseppa Said, married 1942 Qala Gozo to Paolo Grech. Giuseppe Sayd, married 1889 Nadur Gozo to Carmela Muscat, with issue. Maria Said, married 1913 Qala Gozo to Paolo Xerri. Giovanni Sayd, married 1895 Qala Gozo to Angela Azzopardi, with issue. Giuseppe Said, married 1921 Qala Gozo to Giuseppa Cutajar. Maria Said, married 1916 Qala Gozo to Giuseppe Xerri. Teresa Said, married 1927 Qala Gozo to Giuseppe Attard. Grazia Said, married 1935 Qala Gozo to Giuseppe Xerri. Maria Said, married 1868 Nadur Gozo to Michele Grima. Anna Said, married 1882 Qala Gozo to Michele Mizzi. Giovanna Said, married 1880 Qala Gozo to Angelo Buttigieg. Giuseppa Said, married 1894 Qala, Gozo to Carmelo Portelli. Maria Sayd, married 1830 Nadur Gozo to Angelo Buttigieg. Maria Sayd, married 1818 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Mercieca. Graziulla Sayd, married 1723 Matrice Gozo to Aloiseo Incontri, with issue. Giuseppe Incontri, married 1744 Rabat Gozo to Anna Ciappara, with issue. Maria Incontri, married (1) 1784 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Portelli, married (2) 1800 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Galea, with issue. (First Marriage) Angelo Portelli, married 1804 Rabat Gozo to Evangelista Frendo. Donna Margherita Sayd; Matro.1630: Not Bernardo Azzopardi to Giacomo Grixti., with issue. Domenico Grixti, (1635 -1717), married 1660 Attard to Maruzza Abela, with issue. Aloisetta Grixti, married to Domenico Zammit, with issue. Pietro Zammit, married 1701 Valletta to Maria Ellul, with issue. Teresa Zammit, married 1745 Senglea to Giuseppe Xerri, with issue. Battistina Zammit, married 1739 Senglea to Antonio Camilleri, with issue. Anna Maria Angelica Camilleri, (1742 Senglea -). Giovanni Maria Vittoria Niccolo Camilleri, (1745 Senglea -). Consalvo Gristi, married 1659 Zebbug to Angelica Tanti, with issue. Margherita Gristi, married 1684 Zebbug to Francesco Zerafa, with issue. Giuseppe Zerafa, married (1) 1725 Mdina to Giovanna Debrincat, married (2) 1728 Mdina to Rosa Xuereb, married (3) 1744 Mdina to Maruzza Xuereb, with issue. (First Marriage) Maria Zerafa, married 1743 Mdina to Filippo Agius. Margherita Zerafa, married 1748 Mdina to Agostino Felice. (Second Marriage) Francesco Zerafa, married (1) 1750 Mdina to Maria Mifsud, married (2) 1758 Mdina to Paola Pisano. Bernardo Zerafa, married (1) 1754 Valletta to Agostina Mangiavix, married (2) 1777 Valletta to Anna Farrugia. Antonio Zerafa, married 1755 Valletta to Angelica Attard, with issue. Maria Zerafa, married 1778 Valletta to Pietro Magrin. Maria Zerafa, married 1751 Mdina to Vincenzo Vella. Anna Zerafa, married (1) 1755 Mdina to Domenico Zammit., married (2) 1760 Valletta to Aloisio Formosa. Giovanni Zerafa, married 1726 Mdina to Maria Vella, with issue. Margherita Zerafa, married 1746 Mdina to Giuseppe Formosa, married (2) 1758 Conte Andrea Inguanez. Maria Zerafa, married 1708 Mdina to Giuseppe Buhagiar. Anna Zerafa, married 1711 Mdina to Salvatore Galea. Maruzza Zerafa, married 1724 Mdina to Giovann Grima. Lorenzo Gristi, married 1692 Zebbug to Maria Paolina Bonanno, with issue. Maria Gristi, married 1718 Zebbug to Giuseppe Caruana. Giovanni Gristi, married 1732 Valletta to Maria Zarb. Domenico Gristi, married 1693 Mdina to Evangelista Attard, with issue. Tomaso Gristi, married 1724 Mdina to Anna Camenzuli, (See on this page) with issue. Maria Gristi, married 1756 Mdina to Francesco Mifsud. Teresa Gristi, married 1754 Mdina to Giuseppe Sillato. Publio Gristi, married (1) 1750 Mdina to Grazia Buttigieg, married (2) 1755 Mdina to Maruzza Ciappara, married (3) 1758 Mdina to Giuseppa Tanti. Giuseppe Gristi, married 1762 Mdina to Anna Tanti. Alberto Gristi, married 1696 Zebbug to Ubaldesca Saliba, with issue. Eugenia Gristi, married 1728 Zebbug to Gioacchino Parnis. Baltassare Gristi, married (1) 1725 Zebbug to Caterina Tanti, married (2) 1726 Mdina to Marietta Stivala. Isidore Gristi, married 1726 Mdina to Teresa Borg. Anna Maria Gristi, married (1) 1690 Mdina to Gio Maria Busuttil, married (2) 1732 Mdina to Giuseppe Cuschieri., married (3) 1735 Mdina to Domenico Camilleri. Geronima Gristi, married 1693 Mdina to Gio Maria Bugeja. Grazia Gristi, married 1702 Mdina to Gio Maria Xerri. Paolina Gristi, married 1642 Zebbug to Alessandro Cutajar. Grazia Gristi, married 1649 Zebbug to Salvatore Cutajar. Geronima Gristi, married 1656 Zebbug to Agostino Tanti. Donna Domenica Sayd; Matro.1630: Not Bernardo Azzopardi to Milite Martino Giovanni Maria Zammit. Donna Agostina Sayd; Matro.1641: Not Bernardo Azzopardi to Gregorio Aguis Don Gio Maria Sayd; Testo 1702: Not Gio Dom Gatt; Matro 1636:Not Bernardo Azzopardi to Francesca Buhagiar; Matro 1641; Not Gio Batta Azzopardi to Caterina Falzon; Matro 1657: Not Giovanni Azzopardi to Domenica Zahra (First Marriage) Gio Domenico Sayd; married 1699 Birkirkara, to Lucrezia Gatto Mario Sayd; m. 1731 Birkirkara, to Maria Zammit; m. 1754 Birkirkara, to Maria Micallef (First Marriage) Angela Sayd; m. 1752 Birkirkara, to Giuseppe Falzon (First Marriage) Giovanni Sayd; m. 1752 Attard to Francesca Zerafa Vincenzo Sayd; m. 1782 Mosta to Maria Azopardi Giovanni Sayd; m. 1823 Lija, Malta to Maria Debono Francesco Sayd; m. 1820 Mosta, to Grazia Muscat Fortunato Sayd; m. 1824 Attard to Giuseppina Agius Rosa Sayd; m 1816 Attard to Giuseppe Farrugia Paola Sayd; m. 1809 Attard to Antoine Bugeja Paolo Sayd; m. 1803 Birkirkara to Maria Cavalier. (Second Marriage) Felice Said, married 1781 at San Paolo, Valletta to Celidonia Gatt. (First Marriage) Angelo Sayd; married 1665 Mdina, to Innocenza Ciantar, ( de la Grotta Grand -Ghar il-Kbir, Troglodytes), with issue. Antoine Sayd Dingli ( 1663-1747), married 1679 Vittoriosa to Maddelina Cassar, with issue. Gaspardo Sayd (1684- , married 1718 Vittoriosa to Agatha Castriota., with issue. Sig Antoine Sayd Castriota, (1723 -), Migrated to Marseilles, France, married 1751 to Henrietta de Bellecote, with issue. Jean-Gabriel Sayde de Bellecote, Created Baron Sayde de Bellecote in the Holy Roman Empire (*1) on 24 August 1787, married with issue. Albertine Sayde de Bellecote, (1785 -)recognised as Baronne par lettres patentes du 9 March 1826, married to N. Flory., with issue. Louis-Charles-Albert Flory, 3rd Baron Sayde de Bellecotefut autorise par ordonnance royale du 19 august 1814, (1807 Paris - 1872 Bone, Algeria), married 1848 to Francoise-Jules-Sophie-Desiree Porel. Albertine Flory, married to Charles-Leon de Brouquens. Jacques Sayd (1687- 1746 Paris), moved to Paris, France. Married in 1718 to Agathe de Crossant, with issue Chevelier Antoine Edwarde de Sade (sives Sayd seemingly it was coverted to French sounding surname - No connection to the French family of the Marquis/ Comte de Sade), (1720-93 Executed in the Rev). Created Count in 1769 in France, married firstly in 1746 to Augusta de Saint Simion, secondly in 1788 to Louise de Caumont, with issue. Jacques Luis de Sade ( 1751-94 Ex), Comte de Sade, married in 1789 to Elizabeth de Noailac, with issue. Louis Henri de Sade ( 1791-, Comte de Sade, moved as a child together with his mother and sister to England, may have died unmarried, no details known. Henrietta de Sade ( 1793-, moved to England., no details known. Stefan de Sade ( 1755-93 Ex), Cavalier , married in 1791 to Antoinette von Simmern, with issue. Edward de Sade ( 1792-18??), migrated to the U.S in 1820's, no further details is known. Antoine de Sade ( 1758-73) dunm. Louise de Sade ( 1759-1817), married in 1782 to Mario Ruspoli, dsp. ( Bastard from Sophie de LucheceGaspardo de Sade ( 1778-1868), served with Napoleon Stay in Egypt after the Defeat, first as a prisoner then as an employee of the Consul for France, married in 1826 to Christina Diorella, with issues Antoine Charles de Sade, (1828-1902 Cairo), Solicitor., married 1863 to Henrietta Nomenopolous., with issue. Gasparo de Sade., (1876 Cairo - 1936 London)., married 1910 to Jane Wright., with issue. Charles Thomas Sade., (1913 London -1994)., married 1953 to Grace Longman., with issue. George Sade, (1959 London -., married 1996 London to Janet Seymour., with issue. William Sade, (1999 London -. Stacey Sade, ( 2002 London -. Charles de Sade ( 1721-55), Migrated to French Canada about 1751 with brother. Alphonse de Sade ( 1723-79), Migrated to French Canada about 1751 with brother. Louis de Sade , Cavalier in the French Royal Army ( 1727-89), married in 1780 to Antoinette de Caumont, with issue. Salvatore de Sade ( 1784-1843), moved to Venice, married in 1825 to Isabella di Nardo, with issue. Louie de Sade of Venice ( 1827-. Orazio de Sade of Venice ( 1829-. Maria de Sade ( 1831-. Louisa de Sade ( 1832-. Carlo de Sade ( 1833-. Stefano de Sade ( 1834-. Pierre de Sade ( 1786- Moved to England Antoine de Sade ( 1787-1853) Priest in Paris, dunm. Agatha de Sade ( 1789-1827), married Chev. Louis de Chevigny. Madeleine de Sade ( 1725-85), married 1747 to Christopher de Bourgogne. Christina de Sade ( 1728-1814) married in 1749 to Pierre de Rochechourt. Gio Maria Sayd; Matro 1709 to Caterinuccia Calleja., with issue. Francesco Sayd, married 1745 Zebbug to Giovannella Fenech, with issue. Giuseppe Sayd, married 1778 Siggiewi to Anna Cutajar, with issue. Nicola Said, married 1801 Siggiewi to Anna Camilleri, with issue. Salvatore Said, married 1828 Zebbug to Giuseppa Grech, with issue. Francesco Said, (Migrated to Corfu, Greece then returned), married 1866 Vittoriosa to Philomena Barbara, with issue. Maria Said, married 1902 to Lewis Said. George Said, (d. 1944). Salvatore Said. Carmena Said, married to N. Agius, with issue. Carmena Agius Said, MBE, dunm. Giuseppa Agius Said, dunm. Maria Agius Said, dunm. Helena Agius Said, dunm. Giuseppa Said, married to N. Carabott, with issue. Victoria Carabott, married to N. Farrugia, with issue. Joseph Carabott. Joseph Carabott. Agata Sayd, Matro 1689: Not Gio Dom Gatt, to Mario Cachia., with issue. Salvatore Cachia, married 1718 Birkirkara to Maria Bonanno, with issue. Caterina Cachia, married (1) 1745 Zejtun to Giuseppe Camilleri, married (2) 1751 Cospicua to Gio Maria Pajas., with issue. (First Marriage) Andrea Camilleri, married 1776 Zejtun to Maria Camilleri, with issue. Giuseppe Camilleri, married 1796 Cospicua to Margherita Robert. Gio Battista Camilleri, married 1804 Cospicua to Caterina Zammit. Rosa Camilleri, married 1771 Zejtun to Alessandro Formosa, with issue. Maria Theresa Formosa, married 1807 Zejtun to Nicola Caruana. Grazia Camilleri, married 1775 Zejtun to Giuseppe Bonnici, with issue. Antonio Bonnici, married 1799 Zejtun to Bernardina Laguar. Grazia Cachia, married 1757 Zejtun to Antonio Zammit. Giuseppe Cachia, married 1759 Zejtun to Teresa Azzopardi. Paolo Cachia, married 1722 Valletta to Maddalena Serra. Tommaso Cachia, married 1717 Valletta to Domenica Seichel. Evangelista Imperia Sayd; Matro 1660: Not Gio Batta Azzopardi to Francesco Ellul Caterina Sayd; Married 1663 to Gio Paolo Barberi Giacobina "Valenza" Sayd-Testo 1690. Not Marco Antonio Pullicino; m. to Lorenzo"Luca" Mifsud (Third Marriage) Clerica Sayd; Matro 1688: Not Marco Antonio Pullicino, to Stefano Calleja Donna Maria Sayd, married 1654 to Tomaso Sayd (See above). Giovanna Sayd b. 1560 Zebbug, Malta  m. 1603 Zebbug, Malta Attavio Siavon (Solemi), with issue. Galizia Solemi (b.1621) (Siavon), married 1646 to Paolo de Piro. Giorgio Solemi, married 1649 Senglea to Battista N, with issue. Giovanna Solemi, married 1683 Birgu to Don Lodovico Serra, with issue. Faustina Serra, married 1724 Birgu to Conte Francesco di Roma Aloisea Serra, married 1725 Birgu to Don Bartolomeo Dudley, Duca di Northumbria di Holy Roman Empire Giorgio Solemi, married 1677 to Angelica Ros, with issue. Lorenzo Solemi, married to N, with issue. Geronima Solemi. Francesco Solemi, married 1683 Senglea to Maddalena de Syra, with issue. Giovanna Rosa Solemi, married 1715 Senglea to Judge Saverio Peralta. Giovanni Solemi, married 1638 Birgu to Bellica Audibert. Francesco Solemi, married to Gerolama N, with issue. Aloisea Solemi, married 1689 Senglea to Magistrate Domenico de Bertis, with issue. Baldassare de Bertis, married 1717 Senglea to Giovanna Pons, with issue. Domenico Sayd, b. 1565 Santi , Malta d. 1622 Zebbug , Malta,  (Buried in Principi Sayd Chapel, Santi),; (Testo 1622: Not. Bernardo Azzopardi; Division 1623: Not Bernardo Azzopardi) married to Imperia Cassia, with issue. Fr. Giovanni Luigi Sayd "Priest", dunm.  (Buried in Principi Sayd Chapel, Santi), Imperia Sayd,  married to Britio Casha, with issue. Bernardo Casha, married 1635 Zebbug to Veronica Barbara Azzopardi, with issue. Vincenzo Casha, married 1666 Mdina to Grazia Seichel, with issue. Domenica Casha, married 1709 Mdina to Gio Paolo Bonnici, with issue. Francesco Bonnici, married 1736 Cospciua to Sancta Portelli. Giuseppe Casha, married 1712 to Petra Formosa, with issue. Grazia Casha, (1716 Zebbug -), married 1734 to Lazzaro Taliana, with issue. Maria Rosa Saveria Taliana, (1734 Zebbug -). Margarita Caterina Taliana, (1736 Zebbug -). Bernarda Felicia Taliana, (1739 Zebbug -), married 1760 Valletta to Saverio Bonello, with issue. Salvatore Giovanni Gregorio Bonello, (1761 Zebbug -). Grazia Rosa Bonello, (1763 Zebbug -). Maria Giovanna Bonello, (1767 Zebbug -), married 1785 to Michele Angelo Aquilina Maria Francesca Bonello, (1770 Zebbug -). Salvatore Tomaso Filippo Cirillo Taliana, (1741 Zebbug -). Maria Domenica Taliana, (1745 Zebbug -). Michele Casha, married (1) 1680 Zejtun to Caterina Cascun, married (2) 1687 Zejtun to Grazia Piscopo, married (3) 1696 Zejtun to Veronica Galea. (Second Marriage) Clara Casha, married 1708 Valletta to Gio Battista Cutajar, with issue. Graziella Cutajar, married 1737 Valletta to Carlo Grech, with issue. Rosalina Maria Grech, married 1786 Valletta to Giuseppe Tramblet, with issue. Fortunato Tramblet, married 1816 Valletta to Vincenza Pajas. Teresa Cutajar, married 1755 Valletta to Giovanni Ercole Giordano. Saverio Cutajar, married 1756 Valletta to Rosanna Farrugia, with issue. Benedetto Cutajar, married 1778 Zejtun to Angela Mamo. Filippa Cutajar, married 1787 Valletta to Paolo Mifsud Pietro Cutajar, married 1753 Valletta to Maddalena Grech. Domenico Casha, married 1685 Mdina to Domenica Frendo, with isuse. Giacomo Casha, married 1716 Rabat Gozo to Santa Spiteri, with issue. Anna Casha, married 1738 Rabat Gozo to Maruzzo Cutajar, with issue. Teresa Cutajar, married 1761 Zebbug Gozo to Giuseppe Vella. Francesca Cutajar, married 1766 Rabat Gozo to Angelo Manueli. Margarita Cutajar, married 1777 Xewkija Gozo to Gio Maria Galea. Angela Cutajar, married 1781 Zebbug Gozo to Antonio Farrugia. Gio Maria Casha, married (1) 1722 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Spiteri, married (2) 1762 Rabat Gozo to Maria Psaila. Tomaso Casha, married 1728 Rabat Gozo to Maria Azzopardi, with issue. Grazia Casha, married 1749 Rabat Gozo to Michele Cassar. Domenica Casha, married 1757 Rabat Gozo to Giorgio Decace. Pietro Casha, married 1729 Rabat Gozo to Maria Xicluna, with issue. Agata Casha, married 1760 Rabat Gozo to Natale Grech. Santo Casha, married 1685 Mdina to Maria Bugeja. Mario Casha, married 1659 Qormi to Maria Muscat, with issue. Antonio Casha, married 1689 Valletta to Anna Pace, with issue. Silvestro Casha, married 1742 Zebbug to Pasqua Calafato, with issue. Dr Giuseppe Casha JUD, Deputy Lieutenant of Vittoriosa, 1815-1839), married 1785 Valletta to Donna Gaetana Delicata, with issue. Lorenzo Casha, Deputy Lieutenant of Luqa, (1815-39), married Catherine Sceberras, with issue. Antonia sives Sinofria Casha, dunm. Genesio Casha. Carmelo Casha, married 1854 to Maria Marguerite Agius, with issue. Nicola Casha, married Maria Collings, with issue. Giuseppe Casha. Anna Casha, married to Antonio Zammit Gerada, with issue. Ugo Zammit, married Giulia Azzopardi, with issue. Anthony Zammit. Eric Zammit. Walter Zammit., married with issue. Lewis J. Zammit, (Migrated to Long Island USA), married 1980 to Laurie Kirkwood, with issue. Katherine Zammit. David Zammit. Julia Zammit. Neville Zammit. Edward Zammit. Bice Zammit, married Joseph Borg., with issue. Joseph Zammit, married Carmen Camilleri., with issue. Hugh Zammit. Edwin Zammit. Amadeo Zammit, dunm. Giuseppe Zammit, dunm. Carmela Zammit, married to Pharmist. Joseph Ellul, Giovanna Zammit., dunm. Eliseo Zammit, dunm. Amante Zammit, dunm. Ercole Zammit, married Mary Cammenzuli, with issue. Ethel Zammit. Oscar Zammit, married Agnese Buttigieg, with issue. Simone Zammit, (1960 England -), married to Paul Vella, Mayor of Mgarr, (r 2000 -, with issue. Solange Vella, (1990-. Noami Vella, (1991-. Malcolm Vella, (2000-. Keith Zammit, (1963-, married (Div) to Stephanie Camilleri, with issue. Rebecca Zammit, (1991-. Gabriella Zammit, (1993-. Victor Zammit, married Iris Galea, with issue. Ian Zammit. Sandra Zammit, married Mark Agius. David Zammit. Bridget Zammit, married Jan Hermanns. Peter Zammit. Susanne Zammit. Anne Zammit. Don Vincenzo Casha, dunm. Vincenza Casha, married James Collings., with issue. Gioacchino Casha. Caterina Delfina Sayd, (1570 Santi, Malta), married 1591 Vittoriosa to Domenico Leonardo Baldacchino. (illegimate from Mistress, a Caterina, a North African slave) Imperia Concetta Alunna, (1537 -1581), married 1555 to Nicola Sanctu (illegitimate from Mistress, a Caterina,  a North African slave) Pierre Alunna, (1538 -1573), 'Monk', dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Caterina, a North African slave) Davide Alunno, (1539 -1578), 'Abbott', dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Caterina, a North African slave) Imperia Norica Alunna, (1540 -1595), married 1593 Cospicua to Francesco di Stefano, with issue. Lorica di Stefano, married 1638 Attard to Pietro Pagano, with issue. Giuseppe Pagano, married 1669 Mdina to Maria Mamo. Giulia di Stefano, married 1633 Attard to Mariano Xiberras, with issue. Giacomo Xiberras, married (1) 1661 Mdina to Maria Bartolo, married (2) 1674 Mosta to Giovanna Schembri, with issue. Gio Maria Xiberras, married 1687 Lija to Grazia Grech, with issue. Gio Domenico Xiberras, married 1712 Sannat, Gozo to Innocenza Camilleri, with issue. Giuseppe Xiberras, married 1740 Matrice Gozo to Orsola Parnis, with issue. Salvatore Xiberras, married (1) 1769 Rabat Gozo to Angela Galea, married (2) 1774 Rabat Gozo to Margaret Cini, with issue. (Second Marriage) Angela Xiberras, married 1810 Rabat Gozo to Celistino Buttigieg. Felice Xiberras, married 1782 Sannat, Gozo to Anna Attard, with issue. Giuseppe Xiberras, married (1) 1806 Sannat Gozo to Adeodata Galea, married (2) 1824 Rabat Gozo to Maria Borg. Gio Maria Xiberras, married 1810 Sannat Gozo to Rosa Bajada. Francesco Xiberras, married 1826 Matrice Gozo to Angelica Grima. Orsola Xiberras, married (1) 1807 Sannat Gozo to Maruzzo Gatt, married (2) 1812 Sannat Gozo to Michel Angelo Vella. Maria Xiberras, married 1815 Sannat Gozo to Francesco Grima. Maria Xiberras, married (1) 1760 Rabat Gozo to Michele Galea, married (2) 1768 Sannat Gozo to Benigno Falzon. Caterina Xiberras, married 1787 Cospicua to Salvatore Dinordi. Nicola Xiberras, married (1) 1747 Xewkija Gozo to Margaret Debono, married (2) 1785 Xewkija Gozo to Grazia Magro, with issue. (First Marriage) Michele Xiberras, married 1780 Sannat Gozo to Maria Attard. Domenico Xiberras, married 1791 Sannat Gozo to Evangelista Azzopardi. Gio Domenico Xiberras, married 1796 Matrice Gozo to Maria Aquilina. Giovanna Xiberras, married 1779 Sannat Gozo to Giuseppe Ebejer. Paolo Xiberras, married 1775 Xewkija Gozo to Maria Vella, with issue. Salvatore Xiberras, married 1815 Xewkija Gozo to Maria Debono. Alberta Xiberras, married 1808 Sannat Gozo to Giuseppe Buttigieg. Teresa Xiberras, married 1809 Sannat Gozo to Giuseppe Carnimolla. Modesta Xiberras, married 1747 Sannat Gozo to Pietro Teuma. Antonio Xiberras, married 1718 Cospicua to Domenica Mizzi. Giovanna Xiberras, married 1726 Xewkija Gozo to Giuseppe Xicluna. Brigida Xiberras, married 1683 Mosta to Giuseppe Galea, with issue. Grazia Galea, married 1717 Mosta to Andrea Grech. Caterina Galea, married 1717 Mosta to Antonio Bonnici. Lazzaro Galea, married 1723 Mosta to Maria Abela, with issue. Giuseppe Galea, married 1758 Mosta to Maria Buhagiar. Giacomo Galea, married 1733 Mosta to Maria Borg. Domenica Xiberras, married 1691 Mosta to Pasquale Galea. (illegtimate from Mistress, a Caterina, a North African slave) Raimonda Alunna, (1542 -1615), married 1594 Cospicua to Giovanni Bonavia. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Maria Franchetta, a North African slave)Nicola Alunna, (1545 -1618), 'Monk', dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Maria Franchetta, a North African slave) Giuseppe Alunno, (1546 -1571), 'Priest', dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Maria Franchetta, a North African slave) Antonia Alunna, (1548 -1621), married 1596 Cospicua to Bartolomeo Crispo de Sira. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Maria Franchetta, a North African slave) Giuseppa Alunna, (1549 -1618), married 1593 Cospicua to Giovanni de Santo. (illegtimate from Mistress, a Maria Franchetta, a North African slave) Francesco Alunno, (1550 -1591), 'Priest', dunm. (illegitimate from Mistress, a Maria Anna, an Egyptian Slave) Contessa Alunna, (1554-), married 1575 to Alberto Sanctu (illegitimate from Mistress, a Maria Anna, an Egyptian Slave) Antonella Alunna, (1555-), married 1583 Cospicua to Teodoro Lichina (illegitimate from Mistress, a Maria Anna, an Egyptian Slave) Giovannella Alunna, (1556-), married (1) to Agostino Bonnici, married (2) 1588 Cospicua to Ferdinando Barbara, with issue. Giuseppe Barbara, married 1621 Gudja to Caterina Ellul, with issue. Paulina Barbara, married (1) 1667 Cospicua to Giuseppe Calleja, married (2) 1682 Cospicua to Pietro Ricard. Speranza Maria Barbara, married 1667 Cospicua to Mario Francis Garsin, with issue. Giuseppe Garsin, married 1699 Cospicua to Francesca Xicluna, with issue. Rosa Garsin, married 1716 Cospicua to Damiano d'Armenia. Andrea Barbara, married (1) 1658 Valletta to Aloisea Govera, married (2) 1679 Gudja to Grazia Barbara, with issue. (Second Marriage) Giacomo Barbara, married 1702 Zejtun to Grazia Caruana, with issue. Natale Barbara, married 1740 Gudja to Caterina Xiberras, with issue. Gabriele Barbara, married 1777 Valletta to Anna Mifsud. Maria Barbara, married (1) 1706 Gudja to Giuseppe Gatt, married (2) 1737 Gudja to Giovanni Caruana. Chco. Giovanni Barbara, married 1713 Gudja to Paolica Mamo, with issue. Andrea Barbara, married 1749 Gudja to Maria Polidora Dalli, with issue. Giovanni Barbara, married (1) 1798 Cospicua to Olimpia Curmi, married (2) 1787 Gudja to Margherita Borg, with issue. (First marriage) Andrea Barbara, married 1822 Valletta to Rosa Debono, with issue. Giovanni Barbara, married 1855 Valletta to Carmela Pace, with issue. Giuseppe Barbara, married 1882 Mellieha to Carmela Bartolo, with issue. Emmanuele Barbara, married 1919 Sliema to Carmela Caruana, with issue. Giuseppe Barbara, married 1948 Gzira to Inez Muscat, with issue. Fra. Emmanuele Barbara, (1949 -2018)., Bishop of Malindi Diocese in Kenya (r. 2011-2018), dunm. Michele Barbara, married 1807 Valletta to Graziella Rizzo. Magco Giuseppe Barbara, married 1774 Ghaxaq to Maria Farrugia, with issue. Salvatore Barbara, married 1814 Ghaxaq to Maria Farrugia. Aloisio Barbara, married 1821 Valletta to Carmela Pulis. Liberata Barbara, married 1809 Ghaxaq to Michele Grech. Caterina Barbara, married (1) 1816 Ghaxaq to Angelo Farrugia, married (2) 1818 Ghaxaq to Pasquale Ellul. Teresa Barbara, married 1829 Ghaxaq to Michele Abdilla. Evangelista Barbara, married 1776 Gudja to Francesco Dalli. Saveria Barbara, married 1785 Gudja to Angelo Galea. Teresa Barbara, married (1) 1786 Gudja to Giovanni Zammit, married (2) 1818 Gudja to Giuseppe Zammit. Giovanna Barbara, married 1732 Gudja to Gaetano Vella. Battista Barbara, married 1743 Valletta to Francesca Busuttil. Mario Barbara, married 1659 Valletta to Caterina Muscat, with issue. Francesca Barbara, married 1686 Cospicua to Carlo Dalli. Rosa Barbara, married 1698 Cospicua to Giuseppe Calleja. Domenico Barbara, married 1666 Zejtun to Maria Mizzi, with issue. Grazio Barbara, married 1687 Valletta to Maria Camilleri, with issue. Andrea Barbara, married 1727 Valletta to Caterina Caruana, with issue. Maddalena Barbara, married 1751 Valletta to Benigno Tonna. Eugenia Barbara, married 1725 Valletta to Michele Caruana. Caterina Barbara, married 1685 Valletta to Luca Borg. Gio Maria Barbara, married 1676 Mdina to Maria Seichel, with issue. Domenico Barbara, married 1740 Valletta to Anna Abdilla. Domenica Barbara, married 1656 Cospicua to Baltazare Napoloni. Graziulla Barbara, married (1) 1659 Cospicua to Gio Battista La Bastia, married (2) 1667 Cospicua to Santoro Ricard. Domenica Barbara, married 1620 Cospicua to Clemente Randun. Gilberto sives Bartolomeo Barbara, married 1613 Gudja to Gioannella Grima, with issue. Maddalena Barbara, married 1627 Gudja to Giovanni Balzan, with issue. Gio Pietro Balzan, married 1663 Qrendi to Evangelista Barbara, with issue. Pietro Barbara, married 1683 Gudja to Caterina Borg, with issue. Grazio Barbara, married 1729 Zejtun to Anna Tabone, with issue. Angelo Barbara, married 1774 Zejtun to Anna Tabone, with issue. Maria Barbara, married 1800 Zejtun to Francesco Ellul. Grazio Barbara, married (1) 1807 Zejtun to Margherita Galea, married (2) 1820 Zejtun to Anna Buttigieg. Giuseppe Barbara, married 1819 Cospicua to Maria Farrugia. Giuseppe Barbara, married 1780 Zejtun to Maria Caruana. Antonio Barbara, married 1775 Zabbar to Caterina Mangion, with issue. Giovanni Barbara, married 1805 Mdina to Giovanna Falzon, with issue. Maria Agiolina Barbara, married 1839 Valletta to Giorgio Borg. Anna Maria Barbara, married 1752 Zejtun to Lorenzo Spiteri. Caterina Barbara, marri9ed 1762 Zejtun to Grazio Caruana.. Leonardo Bernardo Barbara, married 1718 Gudja to Anna Bonnici, married (2) 1745 Zurrieq to Orsola Barbara, (See below), with issue. (First marriage) Giuseppe Barbara, married 1744 Zejtun to Maria Bonnici. Grazia Barbara, married 1742 Gudja to Angelo Bonnici. (Second marriage) Giovanni Barbara, married 1792 Gudja to Grazia Barbara, (see on this page), with issue. Giuseppe Barbara, married 1836 Gudja to Angela Barbara, with issue. Giovanni Barbara, (1842 Gudja -), married 1859 Kirkip to Rosanna Montebello. Dun Michele Barbara, Priest, dunm. Grazia Barbara. Karmenu Barbara. Giuseppa Barbara, married to Giovanni Grech, with issue. Rosa Anna Grech, (1902-), married 1928 Kirkop to Pasquale Vella, with issue. Josephine Vella. Philip Vella. Michael Vella, married with issue. Rebecca Vella, married to Iain Galea, with issue. Michael Galea. Carmel Vella., Paolica Barbara, married 1803 Gudja to Saverio Schembri. Gio Battista Barbara, married 1808 Gudja to Teresa Ellul. Andrea Barbara, married 1830 Gudja to Grazia Dalli, with issue. Giovanna Barbara, married 1872 Ghaxaq to Salvatore Ellul. Maria Barbara, married 1819 Gudja to Bernardo Barbara, (see on this page). Angelo Barbara, married 1768 Gudja to Caterina Dalli, with issue. Bernardo Barbara, married 1819 Gudja to Maria Barbara, (see above), with issue. Francesco Barbara, married 1851 Gudja to Carmela Bonnici. Giuseppe Barbara, married (1) 1854 Gudja to Domenica Dalli, married (2) 1872 Gudja to Caterina Agius. Domenico Barbara, married 1829 Gudja to Natalizia Camilleri. Angela Barbara, married 1845 Gudja to Giovanni Dalli. Caterina Barbara, married 1849 Gudja to Giuseppe Camilleri. Giovanna Barbara, married 1851 Gudja to Francesco Gristi. Elizabetta Barbara, married 1852 Gudja to Gabriele Dalli. Grazia Barbara, married 1859 Gudja to Gio Maria Dalli. Rocco Barbara, married 1738 Gudja to Caterina Parnis, with issue. Grazia Barbara, married 1792 Gudja to Giovanni Barbara, (see on this page). Giuseppe Barbara, married 1771 Gudja to Grazia Dalli. Gio Maria Barbara, married 1775 Valletta to Rosa Anastasi, married (2) 1827 Gudja to Rosa Camilleri. Silvestro Barbara, married 1778 Gudja to Teresa Pace. Maria Barbara, married 1708 Gudja to Francesco Felice. Domenica Barbara, married (1) 1708 Gudja to Giovanni Chetcuti, married (2) 1719 Qormi to Agostino Aquilina. Grazia Barbara, married 1714 Ghaxaq to Mario Caruana. Antonio Barbara, married 1623 Qormi to Caterina Galdes, with issue. Agostino Barbara, married 1671 Qormi to Domenica Rubino, with issue. Antonio Barbara, married (1) 1694 Zurrieq to Domenica Saliba, married (2) 1701 Zurrieq to Matteola Mallia, married (3) 1702 Zurrieq to Caterina d'Armanin, with issue. (First marriage) Pietro Barbara, married 1720 Valletta to Maria Falzon, with issue. Ignazio Barbara, married 1759 Qormi to Caterina Dingli, with issue. Giuseppe Barbara, married (1) to Francesca Perez, married (2) 1802 Qormi to Teodora Cardona. Maria Barbara, married 1787 Qormi to Lorenzo Pace. Michele Barbara, married 1761 Zurrieq to Regina Vella. Eleanora Barbara, married 1744 Qormi to Giuseppe Delia. Clara Barbara, married 1754 Qormi to Giuseppe Boffa. Rosa Barbara, married 1761 Qormi to Salvatore Stellini. Angelica Barbara, married 1717 Qormi to Giovanni Fabri. (Third marriage) Orsola Barbara, married 1745 Zurrieq to Bernardo Leonardo Barbara, (see above). Lorenza Barbara, marroied 1723 Zurrieq to Giovanni Saliba. Angelica Barbara, married 1748 Zurrieq to Giacinto Farrugia. Maria Barbara, married 1735 Mdina to Giovanni Debrincat. Rosa Barbara, married (1) 1737 Zurrieq to Giovanni Zammit, married (2) 1741 Zurrieq to Gaetano Vella. Anna Barbara, married 1743 Zurrieq to Salvatore Zammit. Mariettina Barbara, married 1646 Qormi to Pasquale Muscat. Matteolo Barbara, married 1650 Senglea to Graziosa Cumbo. Petruzzo Barbara, married (1) 1652 Mdina to Maria Bezzina, married (2) 1668 Qormi to Angelica Xiberras. Giuseppe Barbara, married (1) 1660 Valletta to Anna Maria Mangion, married (2) 1676 Valletta to Maria Cauchi. Grazia Barbara, married 1665 Qormi to Domenico Psaila. Maria Barbara, married 1685 Gudja to Alessio Bonavia. (illegtimate from Mistress, a Maria Anna, an Egyptian Slave) Maria Margarita Alunna, (1557-), married to Don Benedetto Platamone  Marguerita Sayd b. 1526 Zebbug , Malta ; Matro 1543: Not Brandino Caxaro, Zebbug, Malta to Antonio Zerafa ; married (2). Bartolomeo Cassia, m3. Francesco Catania  Giovanni Sayd b. 1527 Zebbug , Malta Testo 1550: Not. Bernardino Caxaro; Matro 1541: Not Giorgio Buttigieg, Zebbug , Malta to Caterina Zerafa, with issue.  Speranza Sayd, married 1594 Cospicua to Sig Francesco Vitale, Nobile of Cava, with issue. Sig Anna Vitale, married 1646 Valletta to Sig Giuseppe Polito. Sig Giorgio Nicola Vitale, married 1627 Valletta to Caterina Domenica Bonnici, with issue. Sig Giovanni Vitale, married 1672 Luqa to Clemenza Mallia. Sig Nicola Vitale, Nobile of CavaProcuratore per il fratello Diego nell'Acquisto di Tortora 1692 Don Diegio I Vitale, Nobile of Cava, (d. 1728), created Barone di Trecchina, Barone di Tortora in Calabriamarried with issue. Don Nicola Vitale JUD, married to Donna Caterina Altomare o Altomari dei Baroni della Valle del Cilento, with issue. Don Giuseppe Vitale, Nobile of Cava, (d. 1731), created Duca di Tortora 1728 - Kingdom of Sicily. Don Alessandro Vitale, Noble of Cava, (d. 1767), 2nd Duca di Tortora, married to Duchessa Donna Caterina Pescara di Diano dei Marchesi di Castelluccio, Nobile of Cava, with issue. Donna Candida Vitale, Nobile of Cava, "Nun", (d. 1744), dunm. Don Carlo Francesco Vitale, Nobile of Cava, (d. 1751), dunm. Don Francesco Nicola Vitale, 4th Barone di Tortora, created Marchese 1782 and 3rd Duca di Tortoramarried with issue. Don Alessandro Vitale, (d. 1822), 2nd Marchese e 4th Duca di Tortora, married to Donna Carmela Bonito, dsp Don Gaetano Vitale, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta, dunm. Don Saverio Vitale, Monk, dunm. Donna Maria Giuseppina Vitale, dunm. Don Luigi Maria Vitale, Prospero Paolo Gennaro Vitale, (1754-1755), d.inf. Don Raffaele Prospero Raimondo Maria Vitale, (1755-), married to Evarista Giudice. Don Agnello Bartolomeo Vitale, (1702-). Sig Luigi Aloiseo Vitale, married 1637 Senglea to Caterina Gamaro, with issue. Sig Andrea Vitale, married 1676 Valletta to Margherita Odoard. Sig Salvatore Vitale, married (1) 1641 Valletta to Maria Azzopardi, married (2) 1647 to Vittoria Casha, with issue. (First Marriage). Sig Teresa Vitale, married 1669 Valletta to Domenico Cardona. Sig Matteo Vitale, Migrated to Messina, then returned and went back, married 1641 Valletta to Caterina former wife of Andrea Ragonella Sig Mario Vitale, married 1661 Birkirkara to Natalie Baron.  Clemenza Sayd, married 1629 Zebbug to Vincenzo Magro, with issue. Salvatore Magro, married 1661 Zebbug to Domenica Grima, with issue. Maruzzo Magro, married 1705 Gharghur to Caterina Gauci. Candeloro Magro, married 1704 Valletta to Teresa Zarb, with issue. Alessandro Magro, married 1752 Zebbug to Teresa Aquilina. Maria Magro, married 1683 Zebbug to Maruzzo Azzopardi. Anna Magro, married 1690 Zebbug to Domenico Zahra. Clemenza Magro, married 1702 Zebbug to Giuseppe Sammut. Giulia Magro, married 1702 Zebbug to Giuliano Sammut.  Giuseppe Sayd, married 1618 Matrice Gozo to Nobile Caterina Agata Imperia Fenech de Laimo (former wife of Antonio Madiona), with issue. Nobile Gio Maria Sayd dei Signori di Fontani, married (1) 1657 Matrice Gozo to Caterina Attard, married (2) 1660 Matrice Gozo to Speranza Valenza Vella, with issue. (Second Marriage) Nobile Tomaso Sayd,  married 1699 Gharb Gozo to Maria Xiberras, with issue. Nobile Giuseppe Sayd, married 1730 Nadur Gozo to Flaminea Teuma, with issue. Nobile Martino Angelo Sayd, married 1754 Matrice Gozo to Nobile Rosa Debono, with issue. Nobile Gio Maria Said, (Migrated to Constantinople, Turkey)., Married 1808 at Lija, Malta to Maria Pullicino, (see on this page), with issue. Nobile Constantine Said, married (c. 1850 Constantinople, Turkey) to Augusta Stevens, with issue. Giovanni Maria Said, (1866 Constantinope -1941 Middlesx, England), married to Chrisanthi Katsaros, (1881 Constantinope - 1939 London, England), with issue. Constantine Said, (1897 Constantople, Turkey -1970 London, England), married to 21 Jan 1923 to Anastasia Pandazi, (1902 Tripoli, Libya - 1982 Altona, Australia), with issue. Helen Said (1923 Cairo, Egypt -1928 Cairo, Egypt), d.inf. Joanna Said, (1925 Cairo, Egypt -1928 Cairo, Egypt), d.inf. John Carmello Said, (1929 Abou Suer, Egypt -, married to Claire Scoutarides, with issue. Mary Said, (1955 Heliopolis, Egypt -, married 18 Jan 1986 to Philip Anthony Baker. Christine Rose Said (1931Abu Kir, Alexandria, Egypt  - 2010 London, England), married 10 Oct 1948 Constantine Payazidis, with issue. Stamatios (Taki) Payazidis, (1949 Heliopolis, Egypt -. George Anthony Said, OAM, (1933 Sidi Gaber, Alexandria, Egypt -, married 19 Sep 1954 Heliopolis, Egypt to Maria Ginnis, with issue. Anastasia Said (1955 Heliopolis, Egypt - 2008 Melbourne, VIC, Australia) m. 25 Oct 1986 Malcolm Wayne Hutson. Helen Said (1958 Kingsbury, London, England -), married (1) 9 Sep 1982 to Nicolas Simon Witte., (married 2). 11 Dec 1988 to Martin Leslie Stewart., (married 3) to Russel John Stooke. Joseph Said, (1905 Constantinople, Turkey-1993 Paris, France) married 27 Aug 1932 Theodora Athanasiou, with issue. Billy Jim Said, (1934 Paris -, married 29 June 1957 Paris, France to Genevieve Conchaudon., with issue. Alexandra Nathalie Said, (1958 Paris, France -, married to Olivier Helenon., with issue. Nicolas Helenon, (1986 -. Alexis Helenon, (1989 -. Eva Theodora Said, (1960 - Paris 2013), married 23 Apr 1991 to Jean Louis Rizzi, with issue. Elodie Rizzi, (1990 -. Billy Joseph Said, (1968 Paris, France -, married 23 Sept 1994 Marie Jose Ezelm, with issue. William Said, (1996-. Anthony Paul Said, (1999-. John Jos Said, (1946 Paris, France -. married 4 July 1969 Maria Dolores Rueda, (Lolita). Christopher Joseph Said, (1971 Paris, France -, married 2001 to Francoise Vitre., with issue. Raphael Said, (2008 Paris -). Theodora Lola Said, (1977 Paris, France -, married 2007 Paris France to Jean Phillipe Conil, with issue. Edouard Conil, (2008 Paris -). Andreas Conil, (2008 Paris -). Rocco Said, (1906 Constantinople, Turkey -1960 London, England), married 1939 London, England to Josephine Daunt, with issue. Edward Said, (1941 London, England -, married 1968 London, England to Anne Breese, with issue. Nicholas Said, (1970-. David Said, (1973-. Christine Said, (1941 London, England - 1985 England), dunm.l. (issue with Patrick Maguire) Mark Anthony Said, (1964 England -, married to Tina Foster, with issue. Daniel Said. Christina Said. Maureen Said, (1943  London, England -, married to Dominic Frezza. with issue. Leticia (Lisa) Frezza, (1968-. Philip Said, (1948 London, England -, married (1)  to Eva Mullins, married to (2) Tracey N,  with issue. (First marriage) Simona Said. Philip Said Jnr. (Second marriage) Josephine Said. (issue from Wendy Goldsmith) Natalie Elizabeth Said. (issue from Wendy Goldsmith) Matthew Said. (issue from Rebecca Gonsalves) Rocco Said, (2018-. Margaret Said, (1945 England -, married to Michael Kline. Elizabeth Said, (1947 London, England -, married to Reginald Stepney, with issue. Amanda Stepney, married to Dr Paul Clift, with issue. Lucy Clift, (2001-. Alice Clift, (2002-. Helena Clift, (2005-. Leo Clift, (2010-. Mark Rocco Stepney, (1976 London, England - 2008), dunm. Jonathan Stepney, (1977 London, England -, married 2021 to Louise Leeming, with issue. (issue from Kelly Hall) Charlotte Stepney, (1999-. (issue from Jennifer Bulter) Harry Stepney, (2008-. (issue from Jennifer Bulter) Jack Stepney, (2010-. (from marriage) Rocco Stepney, (2019-. Paul Said, (1954 London, England -, married to Carol Callaghan, with issue. Melanie Said, (1974-. (issue from Vincent King) Charlie King, (2003-. (issue from Vincent King) Dan King, (2007-. (issue from Vincent King) Ronnie King, (2007-. Paul Said, (1975-, Deacon of the Catholic church, married to Lucy Cabell, with issue. Elena Said, (2007-. Alexandra Said, (2008-. Xavier Said, (2010-. Francis Said, (2013-. Maria Said, (2014-. Nicholas Said, (1908 Constantinople, Turkey -1979 London, England), married to Francis Owen, with issue. Yvonne Said, (1939 London, England -, married to Brian Bristow, with issue. Michelle Bristow, (1962 England -. Richard Bristow, (1964 England -. Ann Said, (1941 London, England -, married to Peter Crewe, with issue. David Crewe, (1967 England -. Simon Crewe, (1968 England -. Joanne Crewe, (1975 England -. Anthony Said, (1946 London, England -, married 1968 to Breeda N, with issue. Nicholas Said, (1970 London, England -, married to Tracey Cooke, with issue. Eden Said, (1998-. Elizabeth Said, (1971 Surrey, England -, married to Matthew Senior. Christopher Said, (1976 Harrow, Middx, England -. Victoria Said, (1977 Harrow, Middx, England -. Edward Said, (d. in Paris, France). Agatha Said, (1902 Constantinople, Turkey - 1995 USA), married (1) 1929 Paris, France to Callias Paschalidis, (d. 1968), married (2) 1966 Los Angeles, USA to Richard Kaye, with issue. (First marriage) Jean Pascal Paschalidis, (1930 Paris, France - 1997 Montreal, Canada), married 1959 Montreal, Canada to Yollande Pace. Jacqueline Antoinette Paschalidis, (1931 Paris, France -1986 Los Angeles, USA), married (1) 1956 Montreal, Canada to Tasso Mavridoglou, married (2) to Mason Lazarus, with issue. (First marriage) Martine Mavridoglou, (1957-. (Second marriage) Marc Lazarus, (1968 Los Angeles, CA, USA-. Edward George Paschalidis, (1941 Paris, France -), married (1) 1965 Canada  to Veronica Jonas, married (2) 2005 Monroe, Michigan, USA to Palraya Samart, with issue. (First marriage) Noelle Daniele Paschalidis, (1966 Hollywood, CA, USA-. Candice Shannon Pashalidis, (1971 Encino, CA, USA-. (Second marriage) Nathalie Paschalidis, (2001 Nakhonratchasima, Thailand -. Fortunata Nathalle Said, (d.1913 London, England), (married 1) to William Beaching; (married 2) to Richard Reeve; (married 3) to N.Taggart. George Said, (died 1956), married to Henriette Larny, with issue. Jack Said, (1918-, married to Esther Sosnovsky, with issue. Daniel Constantin Said, (1950-, married 1988 to Monique Leroy, with issue. Kenny Said, (1988-. Judith Said, (1985-. George Said, (1957-, married to Martine N, with issue. Theo Said, (1993-. . Lucien Said, (1921 -2001), married to Ermme N. Nobile Michele Angelo Said, married 1785 Senglea to Grazia Ellul, with issue. Nobile Margherita Said, married 1812 Senglea to Stefano Giojoso of Genoa, with issue. Giuseppa Giojoso, married 1855 Senglea to Felice Cutajar. Maria Stella Giojoso, married 1841 Senglea to Paolo Seichel. Nobile Rosa Said, married 1811 Senglea to Antonio Ghersci of Genoa, with issue. Antonio Ghersci, married 1835 Senglea to Saveria Chircop. Emmanuele Ghersci, married 1841 Senglea to Anna Seichel. Giacomo Ghersci, married 1846 Senglea to Carmela Cassar. Francesco Ghersci, married 1848 Senglea to Marcella Galea. Benedetta Ghersci, married 1836 Senglea to Antonio Campanella, (family from Trapani, Sicily). Nobile Paola Said, married 1778 Valletta to Filippo Vella, with issue. Anna Vella, married 1809 Valletta to Concetto Campici of Siracusa, Italy Nobile Benigno Said, married 1752 Nadur Gozo to Maria Meilac, with issue. Nobile Francesco Said, married (1) 1789 Valletta to Maria Xuereb, married (2) 1801 Qormi to Rosa Dalli, with issue. (Second marriage) Nobile Giuseppe Said, married 1828 Qormi to Rosa Cortis, with issue. Nobile Vincenzo Said, (1841 Valletta - 1907 Philippeville, Algeria), [Reference], married 1863 Valletta to Giuseppa Saliba, with issue. Nobile Georges Joseph Albert Jean Aloys Said, (1864 Qormi -1894 Philippeville, Algeria), married 1894 Philippeville, Algeria to Nobile Jeannine Abejer, with issue. Nobile Andre Said, (1894-), d.inf. Nobile  Vincent Antoine Said, (1895-1918). Nobile Georges Marius Joseph Said, (1898 Philippeville, Algeria -1958 Philippeville, Algeria), married 1933 Blida, Algeria to Gabriele Helene Maria Bazia. Nobile Antoine Charles Said, (1901 Philippeville, Algeria -1963 Chevilly, Loiret, France), married 1929 Philippeville, Algeria to Felicie Attard. Nobile Marius Joseph Said, (1903 Philippeville, Algeria -1973 Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France), married 1931 Philippeville, Algeria to Lucie Carmele Monti, with issue. Nobile Gilbert Georges Said, (1933 Philippeville, Algeria - 2019), married to Annie Satto. Nobile Andre Norbert Said, (1935 Philippeville, Algeria - 2021 Marnes, Grand Est, France), married 1964 Nacy, Meurthe et Moselle, Lorraine, France to Daniele Jeannine Pierette Marchal Nickel, with issue. Nobile Pascale Daniele Georgette Said, (1965 Luneville, Meurthe et Moselle, Lorraine, France -), married 1989 Wissembourg, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France to Bruno Ludwig, with issue. Tristan Charles Aloyse Ludwig, (1989 Wissembourg, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France -). Charlene Michele Mathilde Ludwig, (1991 Wissembourg, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France -). Corentine Andre Marius Ludwig, (1994 Wissembourg, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France -). Nobile Jocelyne Said, (1967 Lunville, Meurthe et Moselle, Lorraine, France -), married to Marc Dargent. Nobile Stephanie Elisabeth Alice Said, (1977 Chateau-Thierry, Aisne, France -), married to Jean-Michel Laflotte. Nobile Florian Andre Patrick Said, (1987 Reims, Marne, Grand Est, France -), married to Manuela Sylvia Gollwitzer. Nobile Georges Said., married to Pascale Raunch Nobile Francois Said, (1905 Philippeville, Algeria -1974 Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France). Nobile Jeanne Marie Said, (1909-), d.inf. Nobile Jeanne Said, (1912-), d.inf. Nobile Henri Said, (1915-1982) Nobile Carmeno Francois Joseph Said, (1866-). Nobile Carlo Said, married 1828 Valletta to Carmela Attard. Nobile Maria Said, married 1853 Qormi to Georgio Parnis. Nobile Rosa Said, married 1778 Valletta to Filippo Napolitano, with issue. Caterina Napolitano, married 1804 Valletta to Michele Zahra. Giuseppa Napolitano, married 1814 Valletta to Felice Xicluna. Maria Napolitano, married 1808 Valletta to Giuseppe Vella. Calcedonio Napolitano, married 1822 Valletta to Rosaria Bezzina. Nobile Andreanna Said, married 1776 Valletta to Francesco Manueli. Nobile Maria Said, married 1758 Nadur Gozo to Michele Galea. Nobile Caterina Said, married 1768 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Falzon. Nobile Rosa Said, married (1) 1769 Nadur Gozo to Gio Pietro Debono, married (2) 1789 Nadur Gozo to Michele Spiteri. Nobile Giacobo Sayd, married 1759 Nadur Gozo to Graziulla Farrugia, with issue. Nobile Tomaso Said, married 1802 Cospicua to Rosa Buttigieg, with issue. Nobile Salvatore Said, married 1836 Cospicua to Teresa Camilleri, with issue. Nobile Domenico Said, married 1856 Cospicua to Anna Agius. Nobile Anna Said, married 1723 Xaghra Gozo to Michele Mercieca, with issue. Tomaso Mercieca, married 1752 Nadur Gozo to Grazia Meilac, with issue. Giuseppe Mericieca, married (1) 1794 Valletta to Anna Cauchi, married (2) 1810 Valletta to Rosa Mercieca (d/o Giuseppe and Ursola Monreale), with issue. (First marriage) Maria Mercieca, married 1814 Naxxar to Vincenzo Schembri. Michele Mercieca, married 1794 Valletta to Angela Xerri, with issue. Maria Mercieca, married 1820 Valletta to Salvatore Said. Carmelo Mercieca, married 1826 Valletta to Rosa Vella. Maria Teresa Mercieca, married (1) 1772 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Gauci, married (2) 1790 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Attard. Mattia Mercieca, married 1779 Nadur Gozo to Giovanni Vella. Orsola Mercieca, married 1782 Nadur Gozo to Nicola Gauci. Rosa Mercieca, married (1) 1786 Nadur Gozo to Rosario Spiteri, married (2) 1788 Valletta to Giuseppe Micallef. Pietra Mercieca, married (1) to Giovanni Portelli, married (2) 1792 Attard to Giuseppe Magro. Nobile Grazia Said, married 1728 Xaghra Gozo to Luca Buhagiar, with issue. Maria Madgalena Buhagiar, married 1760 Xaghra Gozo to Gio Maria Curmi Giuseppe Buhagiar, married 1755 Xaghra Gozo to Grazia Bartolo. Antonio Buhagiar, married 1761 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Rapa. Nobile Angelica Said, married 1734 Xaghra Gozo to Nicola Buhagiar, with issue. Veronica Buhagiar, married 1761 Xaghra Gozo to Benigno Casha, with issue. Maria Casha, married 1768 Rabat Gozo to Pasquale Debrincat, with issue. Salvatore Debrincat, married 1824 Sannat Gozo to Rosa Curmi. Rosa Buhagiar, married 1766 Xaghra Gozo to Benigno Cardona, with issue. Maria Cardona, married 1792 Xaghra Gozo to Angelo Refalo. Angela Cardona, married (1) 1793 Xaghra Gozo to Giuseppe Galea, married (2) 1796 Xaghra Gozo to Michele Bonello, married (3) 1812 Xaghra Gozo to Stefano Rapa. Loreta Cardona, married 1796 Xaghra Gozo to Paolo Gauci. Margherita Cardona, married 1800 Xaghra Gozo to Giuseppe Saliba. Sayd, married (1) 1696 Nadur, Gozo Vittoria Aquilina  married (2) 1730 Nadur, Gozo Orsola Farrugia, with issue (First marriage) Orsola Sayd, married 1716 Nadur, Gozo Guiseppe Sultana.  Michele'Angelo Sayd,  married to 1728 Xaghra, Gozo Caterina Sultana, with issue.  Matteo Sayd, married 1748 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Grech Antonio Sayd, married 1784 Sannat, Gozo to Teresa Xiberras Guiseppe Said, married 1804 Casal Casel, Gozo to Angelica Sceberras Gio Batta Said, married 1828 at San Paolo, Valletta to Maria Xuereb. Maria Said, married 1837 Sannat Gozo to Gio Maria Curmi. Giovanni Maria Said, married 1811 Sannat, Gozo to Maria Calleja, with issue. Antonio Said, married 1848 Qormi, Malta to Carmela Cini, with issue. Giuseppe Said, married 1892 Qormi, Malta to Giorgia Ellul, with issue. Salvatore Said, married 1924 Qormi, Malta to Giorgia Borg, with issue. Francesco Saverio Said, married 1961 Msida, Malta to Ersilia Zammit, with issue. Dr George Alexander Said Zammit, MA, Ph.D, Ambassador to Georgia, (2021-, married 1994 Notabile, Rabat, Malta to Alexandra Spiteri Clara Alessandra Said-Zammit, (2002- Emmanuel Said, married to Marthese .., with issue Mark Said. Jeantide Said Emanuele Said, married Victoria Aquilina, with issue. Mary Said. Carlo Said, (died 2003), married Helen .., with issue. Raymond Said. Mary Said. Angela Said. Giuseppina Said, married Christino Azzopardi, with issue. Giorgina Said, married Frenc Debattista, with issue. Giuseppe Sayd, married 1832 Nadur, Gozo, to Rosa Tabone, with issue. Lorenzo Said, married 1859 Matrice Gozo to Maria Antonia Bajada. Salvatore Said, married 1867 Sannat Gozo to Margherita Saliba, with issue. Giuseppe Said, married 1900 Rabat Gozo to Maria Schembri. Rosa Said, married 1891 Sannat Gozo to Bernardo Xuereb. Maria Said, married 1895 Sannat Gozo to Giuseppe Parnis. Giovanni Said, married 1867 Sannat Gozo to Carmela Calleja, with issue. Giuseppe Said, married 1898 Sannat Gozo to Maria Cassar, with issue. Maria Anna Said, married 1923 Kercem to Giuseppe Gatt. Michele Said, married 1904 Matrice Gozo to Maria Saliba, with issue. Antonio Said, married 1926 Rabat Gozo to Maria Anna Caruana. Rosa Said, married 1898 Sannat Gozo to Carmelo Grima. Eduardo Said, married 1923 Sannat Gozo to Maria Rosa Xiberras. Anna Said, married 1837 Sannat, Gozo to Alessandro Bezzina. Francesco Said, married 1832 Rabat Gozo to Grazia Cini, with issue. Lorenzo Said, married 1882 Sannat Gozo to Margherita Cini, with issue. Francesco Said, married 1920 Sannat Gozo to Maria Antonia Tabone. Carmela Said, married 1931 Sannat Gozo to Giorgio Borg. Giuseppa Said, married 1882 Sannat Gozo to Giovanni Formosa. Marianna Said, married 1885 Sannat Gozo to Giuseppe Gauci. Carmela Said, married 1888 Sannat Gozo to Fortunato Mercieca. Maria Said, married 1890 Sannat Gozo to Salvatore Cini. Orsola Said, married 1844 Sannat Gozo to Michele Angelo Attard. Ferdinand Said m. 1791 Rabat, Gozo to Giovanna Merceica. Georgio Sayd, married 1736 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Attard, with issue. Giovanni Sayd, married 1757 Xewkija Gozo to Orsola Busuttil, with issue. Michele Angelo Sayd, married 1788 Cospicua to Maria Bonel,. with issue. Fra Santo Sayd, 'Monk', dunm. Giovanni Said, married 1808 Valletta to Maria Pace, with issue. Giuseppe Said, (d. 1905), married 1846 Cospicua to Feliciita Pisani, with issue. Giovanni Said, (1847 -1919 Port Said, Egypt), married to Teresa Fenech, with issue. Giuseppe Said, (1879-1955 Sydney, Australia), amrried 1910 Port Said, Egypt to Maria Fenech, with issue. Giovanni Antonio Giuseppe Said, (1911 -), married 1938 Port Said, Egypt to Eileen Maxwell, with issue. Brian John Said, married to Wendy Pearn., with issue. Craig Said, (1967 Durban, South Africa -, married 2001 to Tanya Saunders., with issue. Reegan Said, (2003 Chertsey, England -. Kayla Said, (2006 Chertsey, England -. Michael Said, (1969 -., married to Janene N, with issue. Mila Said, (2007 Durban, South Africa -. Anthony Said, (1971 -., married to Moira N, with issue. Isla Said, (2005 Chertsey, UK -. Freya Said, (2006 Chertsey, UK -. Lewis Said, (2008 Chertsey, UK -. Ian Said, married to Hilary Pearn., with issue. Benedict Said., married to Nicola N, with issue. Lilyah Said, (2009 Johannesburg, South Africa -. Isabella Said, (2009 Johannesburg, South Africa -. Nicholas Said., married to Bianca N, with issue. James Said, (2010 Cape Town, South Africa -. Gabrielle Said, (1959 Bombay, India -, married 1985 NYC, USA to Mathew Rinder. Katherine Said, (1963 Brighton, UK -, married 1989 to Otto Langaas. Jonathan Said, (1967 Manama, Bahrain -. Teresa Said, (1913 -), married 1940 Port Said, Egypt to Alfred Abela. Joseph Lewis Said, (1915 -), married 1941 Cairo, Egypt to Beryl Wilson., with issue. Roger Anthony Said, (1942 Port Said - 2005 Bateau Bay, Australia), married to June N. Peter Said, (1950 Sydney, Australia -, married to Kerry Funnel. Lorenzo Antonio Said, (1917 -), married 1945 Port Said, Egypt to Joan Boyle., with issue. Valerie Denise Said, (1948 Port Said, Egypt -, married to John Pulsford. Caroline Patricia Said, (1957 Nairobi, Kenya -. Arturo Said, (1920 -, married 1947 Port Said, Egypt to Marcella Buchant., with issue. Albert Said. Anna Maria Said. Caterina Said, (1921 - 1923), d.inf. Edwin Eugene Laurence Said, (1924 -, married 1946 Blandford, UK to Mary King, with issue. Patricia Said, (1948 Port Said, Egypt , married 1968 Sydney Australia to Gerard Buchtman. John Said, (1951 Sydney, Australia -, married 1977 Adelaide, Australia to Helen Dalby., with issue. Phoebe Said, (1982 Sydney, Australia -. Jesse Said, (1986 Sydney, Australia -. Louis Said, (1986, Sydney Australia -. Stephen Said, (1953 Sydney, Australia -. Michael Said, (1956 Sydney, Australia, married 1987 Sydney Australia to Maria Azzopardi, with issue. Timothy Said, (1988 Sydney, Australia -. Alex Said, (1990 Sydney, Australia -. Jessica Said, (1993 Sydney, Australia -. Kevin Said, (1957, Sydney Australia, married 1987 to Tracey Hawthorne., with issue. Olivia Said, (1990, Sydney Australia -. Thomas Said, (1991 Sydney Australia -. Paul Said, (1959, Sydney Australia, married 1983 Sydney Australia to Janice Laffer., with issue. Bernadette Said, (1984 Sydney Australia -. Alyssia Said, (1986 Sydney Australia -. David Said, (1988 Sydney Australia -. Luke Said, (1990 Sydney Australia -. Julie Said, (1961, Sydney Australia, married 1983 Sydney Australia to John Eggenhuizen. Martin Said, (1963, Sydney Australia, married 1987 Sydney Australia to Lesley Rae., with issue. Jemima Said, (1992 Sydney Australia -. Gerard Said, (1995 Sydney Australia -. Gerard Joseph Said, (1965, Sydney Australia, married 1986 Sydney Australia to Deirdre White., with issue. Sarah Said, (1992 Sydney Australia -. James Said, (1969, Sydney Australia, married 2002 Sydney Australia to Eliza Ryan., with issue. Matthew Said, (2003 Sydney Australia -. Rebecca Said, (2005 Sydney Australia -. Hugo Michele Marcus Paulus Said, (1925 -, married 1948 Port Said, Egypt to Natalina Carbone, with issue. Marilyn Said, married to Barry Taffs. Catherine Said. Hilda Felicia Said, (1928 -, married 1954 Sydney, Australia to Joseph Flipo, with issue. Harold Louis Said, (1930 -, married 1957 Sydney, Australia to Lillian Camilleri, with issue. Richard Joseph Said, (1958, Sydney, Australia, married 1984 to Maureen Guy., with issue. Lauren Said, (1988 Sydney Australia -. Jessica Said, (1988 Sydney Australia -. Emily Said, (1994 Sydney Australia -. Raymond John Said, (1959, Sydney Australia, married to Mary Carmen N., with issue. Nicholas Mateo Said, (2004 Sydney Australia -. Dominique Said. Theresa Maria Said, (1962, Sydney Australia, married to Gregory Hourigan. Guy Said, (1932 -, married 1955 Sydney Australia to Carmen Borda, with issue. Diane Fatima Said, (1957 Sydney, Australia -., married 1973 to James Harris. CrDaniel Danny Said, (1963 Sydney Australia -., 84th and Present Mayor of Randwick, Sydney, Australia, (r. 2019-2021), married 1988 Sydney Australia to Kim Launt., with issue. Nicolas Joan Said, (1992 Sydney Australia -. Christian John Said, (1995 Sydney Australia -. Carmela Said, married 1906 Port Said, Egypt to Joseph Buhagiar. Antonio Giovanni Said, married 1922 Port Said, Egypt to Anna Maria Azzopardi, with issue. Lydia Said, (1923 -, married to Thomas Stoker. Melita Mary Said, (1924 -, married to Aldred Bonavia. Egizia Said, (1924 -), d.inf. John Said, (1925 -, married to Jean English., with issue. Theresa Said. Emmanuel Said, (1925 -, married 1951 to Rosa Gonzi., with issue. Mary Anne Said. Anthony Said. Michael Said. Jennifer Said. Helen Said. Lynette Said. Julie Said. Peter Said. Odette Said, (1926 -, married N. Hull. Yvette Said, (1930 -, married to Camillo Giumelli, with issue. Alan Michael Giumelli, (1958-). Steven Henry Giumelli, (1959-). Robyn Lucy Giumelli, (1960-), married to Mark Gerard Ketter, with issue. Brendan John Ketter, (1985-), married to Claire Chou, with issue. Theodore Chou Ketter, (2019-). Nicole Rachel Ketter, (1988-). Megan Anne Louise Ketter, (1989-), married to Christopher Pender. Gary Paul Giumelli, (1962-). Denise Marie Giumelli, (1964-), married to Alan Giddy, with issue. Kristen Louise Giddy. Karlee Renee Giddy. Karlee Renee Giddy. Gerald Alan Giddy. Charlot Said, (1931 -, married to Wallace Ford. Francis Said, (1936 -, married to Thea Gray., with issue. Leon Said. Louise Said. John Said. Michelina Said, dunm. Maria Said, married to Michele Azzopardi. Felicia Said, married to Silvio Roncari. Michael Said, married 1927 to Maria Ronsisvalli, with issue. Michele Angelo Said, (1849 -), married to Rosina Tonna, with issue. Lewis Said, (1878 -), married 1897 Port Said, Egypt to Maria Aquilina, with issue. Michelina Said. Carmela Said. Giovanni Said, (1907-1986), married to Rosa Gagliano, with issue. Michele Antonio Said, (1934 Port Said, Egypt -)., d.inf. Lewis Said, (1936 Port Said, Egypt -, married 1961 to Elizabeth Brooks., with issue. Margaret Kathleen Said, (1961 Stepney, England -., married 1986 Petts Wood to Gary Robinson. Peter John Said, (1963 Farnborough, England -., married 1999 Castle Mntn to Karen Ursel., with issue. Rosa Christina Said, (2001 Pincher Creek, Canada -. Leah Marie Elizabeth Said, (2004 Pincher Creek, Canada -. David Stephen Said, (1965 Farnborough, England -., married 1997 Northern Ireland to Anne Scullion., with issue. Rhianna Kathleen Said, (2000 Farnborugh UK -. Catherine Anne Said, (1968 Teheran, Iran -., married 1998 Petts Wood to Dean Chandler. Richard Adrian Said, (1969 Farnborough, England -. Salvatore Said, (1910 - 1988), married in Port Said, Egypt to Melina Kraus., with issue. Josephine Said, married to Campbell Flett. Harold Joseph Said, (1946 Port Said -, married 1978 Blyth to Catherine Moses., with issue. Lucy Said, (1981 -. Anna Theresa Said, (1946 Port Said -, married 1963 to Henry Godfrey Burness. Mary Said. George Said, (1912-1977), married in Port Said, Egypt to Rita Ungaro., with issue. Carmelo Giovanni Said, (1938 Port Said -, married to Delia Marcelle N., with issue. David Brian Said, (1959 London, England -., married 1984 Strathford, England to Angela Jones., with issue. Bradley George Said, (1985 London, England -. Michael William Said, (1989 London, England -. Georgiana Kathleen Said, (1961 London, England -., married 1982 East Ham, UK to Andrew Humphriess. Angelo Michael Said, (1967 London, England -., married 1989 East Ham, Uk to Ann Marie Collier., with issue. Danielle Margaret Said, (1989 London England -. Santino Michael Chas Said, (1991 London, England -. Richard Alfred Said, (1969 London, England -., married 1990 East Ham, Uk to June Lara., with issue. Peter Gary Said, (1989 London England -. Rachael Bernadette Said, (1991 London, England -. Megan Christina Said, (1995 London, England -. Brian John Said, (1972 London, England -., married 2009 Las Vegas, USA to Sarah Baines., with issue. Jade Lauren Said, (1993 London, England -. Bernadette Clare Said, (1974 London, England -., married 2000 Hornchurch, UK to Roy Bacon. Christina Louise Said, (1979 London, England -., married 1998 Barking, England to David O'Sullivan. Alfred Said, (1946 Port Said -. Teresa Said, (1948 Port Said -, married 1967 London to J-Pierre Irtelli. Albert Said, (1956 Ismailia -., maried 1978 London to Sharon N., with issue. Nicola Said. Claudette Gabrielle Said. Gino Lorenzo Said. Matilda Said, (1915 - 2000), married at Port Said, Egypt to Theodosis Theodosis. Joseph Said, (1918 - 1999), married at Port Said, Egypt to Katina Simpecas. Felicia Said, (1881 -), married 1896 Port Said, Egypt to Luigi Testa, with issue. Carmela (Kelina) Said, (1882 -), married 1905 Port Said, Egypt to Francesco Muscat. Giuseppe Said (1857 -), married 1889 Cospicua to Giorgia Styles, (See below), with issue. Joseph Said-Styles, married to Maria Dawling, with issue. John Said-Styles. Robert Said-Styles. Henry Said-Styles. Roland Said-Styles. Edward Said-Styles. Theresa Said-Styles, (1888 - Calcara 1939), married to Felice Borda. Maria Concetta Said, (1858 -), married to Antonio Degiorgio, with issue. Lewis Said, (1855 -)., married to Maria N, with issue. Francis Said, married to Josephine N., with issue. Godwin Said. Marissa Said. Emmanuela Said, (1897-), married to John F. Marks, Trade Unionist, with issue. Major Robert Henry Marks, (1928-2022), married to Teresa N, with issue. Victoria Marks. Johanna Marks. Daniel F.X. Marks. Ethel Marks, married to Albert M. Cassola, Cavaliere Officiale d'Merito della Repubblica Italiana 1969, with issue. Dr Arnold Cassola, D.Litt, (1953-, Cavaliere Officiale d'Merito della Repubblica Italiana, married to Contessa Marguerite Preziosi, with issue. Katya Cassola. Joseph Said. Assunta Said, married to N. Gauci. Maria Said, (1907 -), married to Francesco Chircop. Rosina Said. Teresa Said, married to Antonio Tonna., with issue. (First Marriage) Paolo Sayd  m. 1726 Gozo Rosa Xerri, with issue. Antonio Sayd m. 1759 Nadur, Gozo, to Rosa Bugeja m 1785 Nadur, Gozo, to Grazia Bugeja, with issue. (Second marriage) Angela Said, married 1814 Nadur Gozo to Andrea Mifsud. Maria Said, married 1815 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Magro. Giuseppe Said, married 1818 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Camilleri, with issue. Giovanna Said, married 1853 Nadur Gozo to Lorenzo Camilleri. Grazia Said, married 1845 Nadur Gozo to Giovanni Cassar. Maria Said, married (1) 1838 Nadur Gozo to Antonio Camilleri, married (2) 1856 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Sammut. Coronato Said, married 1863 Ghajsielem, Gozo to Rosina Grima, with issue. Salvatore Said, married 1894 Matrice Gozo to Giovanna Attard. Giovanni Said, married 1897 Nadur Gozo to Maria Curmi. Gio Maria Said, married (1) 1898 Nadur Gozo to Maria Portelli, married (2) 1910 Nadur Gozo to Bernarda Mifsud. Francesco Said, married 1849 Nadur Gozo to Francesca Bartolo, with issue. Carmela Said, married 1884 Nadur Gozo to Salvatore Camilleri Michele Said, married 1897 Nadur Gozo to Maria Pisano. Giuseppe Said, married 1878 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Mizzi. Giovanni Said, married 1884 Nadur Gozo to Teresa Grima, with issue. Carmela Said, married 1917 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Cauchi. Carmelo Said, married 1888 Nadur Gozo to Maria Muscat. Francesco Said, married 1810 Nadur Gozo to Maria Grech, with issue. Angelo Said, married 1855 Nadur Gozo to Loretta Sammut, with issue. Antonio Said, married 1901 Nadur Gozo to Maria Camilleri. Maria Said, married 1885 Nadur Gozo to Aloiseo Camilleri. Carmela Said, married 1891 Nadur Gozo to Salvatore Camilleri. Rosina Said, married 1892 Nadur Gozo to Antonio Buttigieg. Francois Said, (1861-1881). Salvatore Andre Paul Said, (1864-), married 1897 Philippeville, Algeria to Josephine Anne Marie de Gabriele, with issue. Lorette Said, (1896-1982 Venice, Italy), married 1915 Casablanca, Morocco to Salvator Chetcuti. Paul Said, (1897-). Marie Rosa Said, (1898-), married 1916 Casablanca, Morocco to Yves Marie Le Moing. Carmen Said, (1901-), married (1) 1918 Casablanca, Morocco to Maurice Hules Paquereau, married (2) 1924 Casablanca, Morocco to Felic Maurice Appelon. Antoine Jean Angelo Said, (1903-), married 1924 Casablanca, Morocco to Germaine Marullaz. Angele Said, (1904-), d.inf. Giuseppe Said, (1876-1903 Bone, Algeria). Salvatore Said, married 1854 Nadur Gozo to Rosaria Buttigieg, with issue. Francesco Said, married 1878 Nadur Gozo to Margherita Said, (see on this page), with issue. Giuseppe Said, married 1907 Nadur Gozo to Carmela Buttigieg. Espedito Said, married 1925 Nadur Gozo to Maria Buttigieg. Carmela Said, married (1) 1892 Nadur Gozo to Salvatore Attard, married (2) 1912 Nadur Gozo to Antonio Buttigieg. Vincenza Said, married 1917 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Buttigieg. Rosaria Said, married 1923 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Hili. Maria Said, married 1884 Nadur Gozo to Angelo Said, (see on this page). Grazia Sayd, married 1756 at Gozo to Silvestrino Sultana. Giuseppe Sayd, married 1776 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Sultana, with issue. Rosa Said, married 1793 Rabat Gozo to Michele Portelli. Michele Sayd, married 1751 Xaghra Gozo to Rosa Sultana, with issue. Carlo Sayd, married (1) 1774 Xaghra Gozo to Anna Bigeni, married (2) 1791 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Farrugia, with issue. (First marriage) Coronato Sayd, married 1804 Xaghra Gozo to Grazia Galea. Giovanni Sayd, married (1) 1800 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Galea, married (2) 1815 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Attard. Michele Sayd, married 1802 Xaghra Gozo to Domitilla Attard, with issue. Giuseppe Said, married (1) 1831 Xaghra Gozo to Francesca Micallef, married (2) 1838 Xaghra Gozo to Evangelista Camilleri, with issue. (First Marriage) Michele Said, married (1) 1859 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Sultana, married (2) 1866 Xaghra Gozo to Carmela Sultana, with issue. (First marriage) Francesco Said, married (1) 1888 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Azzopardi, married (2) 1894 Nadur Gozo to Grazia Attard, with issue. (First marriage) Michele Said, married 1915 Nadur Gozo to Angela Muscat, with issue. Francesco Said, married 1943 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Portelli, with issue. Michele Said, married 1969 Nadur Gozo to Lucy Grech, with issue. Hon. Dr Chris Said LLD, MP, Mayor of Nadur Gozo (r. 1999-2008), (1970 Victoria, Gozo -), Gieh in-Nadur 2008married to Linda Attard, with issue. Anastasia Said. Andrea Said. Benjamin Said. Charles Said, Mayor of Nadur Gozo, (r 2012-2015). Edward Said, Mayor of Nadur Gozo, (r 2015- Current). Angelo Said, married 1922 Nadur Gozo to Carmela Portelli. Giovanni Said, married 1928 Nadur Gozo to Annunziata Sacco. Carmela Said, married 1922 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Muscat. Angela Said, married 1924 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Azzopardi. Annunziata Said, married 1930 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Portelli. Maria Said, married 1917 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Camilleri. Giuseppa Said, married 1929 Nadur Gozo to Antonio Curmi. (Second marriage) Maria Antonia Said, married 1921 Matrice Gozo to Salvatore Portelli. Giuseppe Said, married 1924 Nadur Gozo to Maria Gauci. Giuseppe Said, married 1895 Xaghra Gozo to Regina Camilleri., with issue. Giuseppa Said, married 1930 Xaghra Gozo to Carmelo Tabone. Dolores Said, married 1924 Xaghra Gozo to Michele Pace. Maria Said, married 1921 Xaghra Gozo to Carmelo Said, (s/o Giuseppe and Carmela Teuma). Francesca Said, married 1887 Xaghra Gozo to Paolo Portelli. Maria Said, married 1890 Xaghra Gozo to Paolo Portelli. (Second Marriage) Giuseppe Said, married 1900 Zebbug Gozo to Maria Grazia Gatt., with issue. Maria Said, married 1932 Rabat Gozo to Francesco Zammit. Giovanni Said, married 1904 Ghajnsielem, Gozo to Loretta Attard., with issue. Maria Anna Said, married 1926 Ghajnsielem Gozo to Francesco Grima. Vittoria Said, married 1898 Xaghra Gozo to Giuseppe Galea. Maria Said, married 1854 Xaghra Gozo to Antonio Attard. marriage) Giorgio Said, married (1) 1876 Xaghra Gozo to Angela Galea, married (2) 1893 Nadur Gozo to Margherita Xerri, with issue. (First marriage) Ursola Said, married 1900 Xaghra Gozo to Fortunato Bonello. Bernardo Said, married 1870 Matrice Gozo to Maria Zammit. Agostino Said, married 1869 Xewkija Gozo to Maria Spiteri, with issue. Giuseppe Said, married 1902 Xaghra Gozo to Carmela Agius. Caterina Said, married 1886 Xaghra Gozo to Giovanni Cilia. Carmela Said, married (1) 1890 Xaghra Gozo to Giovanni Debono., married (2) 1906 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Camilleri. Annunziata Said, married 1898 Xewkija Gozo to Nicola Azzopardi. Maria Antonia Said, married 1900 Gharghur to Pasquale Muscat. Giuseppa Said, married 1902 Xaghra Gozo to Lorenzo Bigeni. Angela Said, married 1862 Nadur Gozo to Battista Attard. Francesca Said, married 1875 Xaghra Gozo to Michele Mercieca. Domitilla Said, married 1884 Xaghra Gozo to Giuseppe Calleja. Carlo Said, married 1822 Xaghra Gozo to Francesca Xuereb, with issue. Vittoria Said, married 1843 Xaghra Gozo to Giuseppe Grech. Paolo Said, married (1) 1827 Xewkija Gozo to Vittoria Galea, married (2) 1835 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Rapa, with issue. (Second marriage) Joseph Salvator Bernard Said, (1837-), married 1862 Philippeville, Algeria to Marie Greck, with issue. Rosalie Said, (1863-), d.inf. Paul Said, (1864-1940), married (1) to Madeleine Rudmann, (d. 1914), married (2) 1915 Guelma, Algeria to Raphaelle Marie Lombardi., with issue. (First marriage) Marie Said, (1895-), married 1929 Guelma, Algeria to Julien Casimir Flachaire. Leon Constant Said, (1900-1970 Toulon, France), married 1923 Guelma, Algeria to Eulalie Gracia Antoinette Zammit. Joseph Constant Louis Said, married 1929 Guelma, Algeria to Lucienne Annette Walter. Anne Said, (1866-). Rosalie Said, (1867-), married (1) 1885 Guelma, Algeria to Charles Eugene Royer, (d. 1896), married (2) 1899 Guelma, Algeria to Louis Andre Berge. Michel Said, (1872-1934), married 1901 Petit, Algeria to Marianne Victoire Josephine Mifsud. Laurent Said, (1875-), d.inf. Fortune Said, (1876-). Fortunato Aloyse Antoine Said, (1839-), married 1867 Guelma, Algeria to Carmela Victoria Maria Josefa Azzopardi. Anne Marie Domitille Said, (1842-), married 1858 Guelma, Algeria to Jacques Antoine Ferro, with issue. Charles Ferro, (1859-), married 1889 Guelma, Algeria to Jeannette Said, (See on this page). Paul Ferro, (1860-), married 1889 Guelma, Algeria to Jouvana Gatt, with issue. Gaetan Jacques Ferro, (1890 Guelma, Algeria -), married 1920 Sedrata, Algeria to Marie Jeanne Morelli. Georges Ferro, (1892 Guelma, Algeria -), married 1918 Tunisia to Fernande Jeanne Galea. Laurent Said, (1845-1849), d.inf. Andre Said, (1848-1849), d.inf. Pietro Said, married (1) 1834 Xaghra Gozo to Giuseppa Micallef, married (2) 1837 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Bajada, with issue. (First Marriage) Maria Said, married 1855 Xaghra Gozo to Giuseppe Meilach. (Second Marriage) Carmelo Said, married 1843 Xaghra Gozo to Evangelista Attard. Anna Said, married (1) 1835 Xaghra Gozo to Nicola Gauci., married (2) 1857 Xaghra Gozo to Francesco Tabone. Angela Said, married 1837 Xaghra Gozo to Giovanni Micallef. Giuseppe Sayd, married 1803 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Vella, with issue. Paolo Sayd, married 1834 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Camilleri, with issue. Francois Jean Marie Fortune Joseph Said, (1841-, married 1864 Bone, Algeria to Graztia Catherine Rose Schembri, with issue. Augustin Sayd, (1865-). Carmeno Sayd, (1866-1893). Paul Said, (1868-1869), d.inf. Joseph Said, (1871-), married 1892 Bone, Algeria to Maria Gatt, with issue. Francois Augustin Jean Marie Said, (1893-), married 1916 Bone, Algeria to Yvonne Marie Mertz, with issue. Roland Said, (1917-1962). Andre Auguste Said, (1919-2001). Augustin Honore Said, (1898-), d.inf. Gratia Lucie Said, (1901-), married 1921 Bone, Algeria to Henri Barbara. Spiridion Said, (1873-1944), married (1) 1897 Bone, Algeria to Carmele Galea, married (2) 1908 Bone, Algeria to Louise Perni, with issue. (First marriage) Maria Grazia Said, (1898-1961), married 1919 Bone, Algeria to Augustin Gatt. Gabriel Said, (1899-1900), d.inf. Mathilde Said, (1902-1997), married 1939 Bone, Algeria to Charles Sultana. Carmela Said, (1878-), married 1898 Bone, Algeria to Francois Bugeja. Antoinette Said, (1881-1882), d.inf. Marie Said, (1883-), married 1902 Bone, Algeria to Ange Joseph Jean Dominique Vincent Saccazan, with issue. Henru Charles Saccazan, (1903-, married 1935 Bone, Algeria to Eugenie Meozzi. Helene Saccazan, (1915-, married 1952 Bone, Algeria to Giovanni Maria Soro. Josephine Pauline Said, (1886-), married 1903 Bone, Algeria to Charles Lomsdon. Joseph Antoine Georges Said, (1847-). Carlo Sayd, married 1837 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Camilleri. (Second marriage) Angela Sayd, married 1806 Pachino, Sicily to Michel Angelo Bartolo. Angela Said, married (1) 1788 Xaghra Gozo to Bernardo Cordina, married (2) 1814 Xaghra Gozo to Domenico Refalo. (Second Marriage) Angelo Said, married to 1793 Cospicua to Francesca Bonel. Grazia Said, married 1784 Cospicua to Giuseppe Camilleri. Antonio Said, married 1774 Sannat, Gozo to Alfonsa Galea, with issue. Francesco Said, married 1810 Nadur Gozo to Maria Grech, with issue. Caterina Said, married 1832 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Cassar. Rosa Said, married 1836 Nadur Gozo to Pietro Azzopardi. Grazia Said, married 1851 Nadur Gozo to Michele Camilleri. Antonio Said, married 1843 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Camilleri, with issue. Graziulla Said, married 1884 Nadur Gozo to Salvatore Falzon. Maria Said, married 1876 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Portelli. Michele Said, married 1852 Nadur Gozo to Maria Grech, with issue. Rosaria Said, married (1) 1875 Nadur Gozo to Giovanni Camilleri., married (2) 1882 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Buttigieg. Salvatore Said, married 1854 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Buttigieg, with issue. Maria Said, married 1884 Nadur Gozo to Angelo Said, (s/o Giuseppe and Grazia Camilleri). Francesco Said, married 1878 Nadur Gozo to Margherita Said, (d/o Giuseppe and Grazia Camilleri), with issue. Maria Said, married 1901 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Sammut. Carmela Said, married 1912 Nadur Gozo to Antonio Buttigieg. Salvatore Said, married 1902 Nadur Gozo to Paola Cassar, with issue. Maria Said, married 1931 Nadur Gozo to Pietro Paolo Muscat. Giuseppe Said, married 1907 Nadur Gozo to Carmela Buttigieg. Espedito Said, married 1925 Nadur Gozo to Maria Buttigieg. Paolo Said, married 1925 Nadur Gozo to Carmela Portelli. Giuseppe Said, married 1881 Nadur Gozo to Rosaria Portelli, with issue. Angelo Said, married 1925 Nadur Gozo to Margherita Sultana. Margherita Said, married 1928 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Portelli. (Second marriage) Francesco Sayd, married 1750 Xaghra Gozo to Teresa Sultana, with issue. Ignazio Sayd, married 1778 Xaghra Gozo to Grazia Sultana, with issue. Francesco Said, married 1826 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Cachia, with issue. Giuseppe Said, married 1849 Floriana to Angela Bonnici, with issue. Angelo Said, married 1880 Floriana to Maria Vella, with issue. Francesco Said, married 1927 Floriana to Maria Farrugia. Emmanuele Said, (1887 Floriana -), married to Emma Balzan, with issue. Albert Said, Merchant, married 1937 Valletta to Agnese Carabott, with issue. Mario Said, married 1966 to Marchesa Ann Cassar Desain, Patrizia Messina e Roma, e Noble Tornearius and Armiger of the Holy Roman Empire, with issue. Stephen Said, (1968- Andrew Said, (1971-, married Francesca Bianchi,  with issue. Benjamin Said, (1998-. Francesca Said, (1969-, married Michael Salomone, with issue. Nickolas Salomone, Mickaila Salomone. Matthew Salomone.. Anna Said, married 1856 Xaghra Gozo to Angelo Galea. Calcedonio Said, married 1837 Zebbug Gozo to Maria Galea. Antonio Said, married 1887 Matrice Gozo to Marianna Gatt, with issue. Carmela Said, married 1908 Xaghra Gozo to Liberato Sultana, married (2) 1920 Xaghra Gozo to Francesco Sultana. Michele Said, married 1826 Nadur Gozo to Giovanna Tabone, with issue. Giuseppe Said, married 1853 Xaghra Gozo to Grazia Galea, with issue. Giuseppa Said, married 1876 Zebbug Gozo to Francesco Camenzuli. Giovanni Said, married 1879 Zurrieq to Concetta Marchett. Ignazio Said, married 1888 Xaghra Gozo to Carmela Grima, with issue. Michele Said, married 1918 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Assunata Vella. Angelo Said, (1796-1867), married (1) 1811 Xaghra Gozo to Rosaria Galea, married (2) 1860 Xaghra Gozo to Francesca Refalo, with issue. (First marriage) Ignazio Said, married 1856 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Spiteri, with issue. Francois Rosarie Carmel Joseph Sayd, (1861-), married 1888 Philippeville, Algeria to Baptistine Camezuli, with issue. Manuel Joseph Sayd, (1890-), d.inf. Antoine Joseph Sayd, (1891 Philippeville, Algeria -1971 Tarascon, France), married 1921 Philippeville, Algeria to Antoinette Josephine Sultana. Jean Antoine Francois Sayd, (1893 Philippeville, Algeria -), married 1920 Philippeville, Algeria to Marie Rosa Carmele Paule Zahra. Marie Carmen Antoinette Sayd, (1896 Philippeville, Algeria -), married 1918 Philippeville, Algeria to Antoine Raunier. Lazaria Josephine Sayd, (1898 Philippeville, Algeria -), married 1921 Philippeville, Algeria to Michel Micallef. Victorine Antoinette Sayd, (1901-). Vincent Francois Joseph Said, (1865 Xaghra Gozo -), married 1894 Philippeville, Algeria to Maria Vincente Angele Zammit, with issue. Joseph Said, (1895-). Marie Carmen Josephine Said, (1897 Jemmapes, Algeria -1953 Bone, Algeria), married 1919 Jemmapes, Algeria to Auguste Leopold Chapuis, with issue. Georgette Vincente Chapuis, (1919 Jemmapes, Algeria - 2014), married 1941 Bone, Algeria to Marcel Euegen Gustave Auguste Masson. Jeanne Juliette Antoinette Said, (1899 Jemmapes, Algeria -), married 1920 Jemmapes, Algeria to Jean paul Alphonse Meilak. Fernande Josephine Said, (1902 Jemmapes, Algeria -2002 Lavaur, France), married 1921 Jemmapes, Algeria to Francois Michel Azzopardi. Georgette Juliette Louisette Said, (1903-). Paulus Laurentius Franciscus Joseph Said, (1870 Xaghra Gozo -), married (1) 1893 Philippeville, Algeria to Marie Nicoline Angele Micallef, married (2) 1912 Philippeville, Algeria to Carmena Nunciata Cauchi, with issue. (First marriage) Angele Rosine Sayd, (1903 Philippeville, Algeria -1994 Mimet, France), married 1922 Bayard, Algeria to Andre Capuano. Vincent Paul Said, (1817-), married (1) 1839 Xaghra Gozo to Gioannella Borg, married (2) 1848 Bone, Algeria to Marie Helene Catherine Bugeja, with issue. (First marriage) Michel Paul Salvator Said, (1840 -1886 Guelma, Algeria), married 1862 Guelma, Algeria to Catehrine Gratia Sciortino, with issue. Jean Said, (1863-). Jeannette Said, (1866 Guelma, Algeria -1934 Meknes, Marocco), married 1889 Guelma, Algeria to Charles Ferro, (See on this page). Catherine Said, (1868-1869), d.inf. Marie Therese Said, (1870 Guelma, Algeria -1946 Guyotville, Algeria), married 1889 Guelma, Algeria to Francois Xavier Riolacci. Madeleine Lucie Said, (1872-1874), d.inf. Angelo Xavier Said, (1874-1876), d.inf. Therese Rose Marie Said, (1844 -1900 Guelma, Algeria), married 1861 Guelma, Algeria to Joseph Rosarius Jean Marcellus Bigeni. Marie Pauline Agnese Lucie Said, (1847-), d.inf. (Second marriage) Joseph Said, (1849-), d.inf. Angelin Francois Said, (1850-1886 Guelma, Algeria), married 1879 Bone, Algeria to Carmene Vella, with issue. Annuntia Marie Said, (1880-). Rosalie Said, (1852-1865). Angelo Said, (1854-), d.inf. Angela Said, (1855-), amrried 1879 Guelma, Algeria to Charles Mikalef. Philomene Said, (1858-). Pauline Said, (1858-), married 1885 Guelma, Algeria to Angelo Bassoli. Joseph Said, (1861-). Jean Said, (1863-1865), d.inf. Carmelo Said, (1866-1944). Angelo Said, (1869-1940). Rosina Said, (1874-1876), d.inf. Theresa Horatia Rose Said, (1840-), married 1868 Guelma, Algeria to Felix Bernard Joseph Cremona. (Second marriage) Grazia Said, married 1888 Xaghra Gozo to Gio Maria Sultana. Rosaria Said, married 1889 Xaghra Gozo to Giovanni Refalo. Maria Said, married 1800 Xaghra Gozo to Pietro Grima, married (2) 1822 Xaghra Gozo to Francesco Debrincat. Teresa Said, married 1806 Xaghra Gozo to Andrea Vella. Margherita Said, married 1807 Xaghra Gozo to Don Giacobo Vella. Angela Said, married 1814 Xaghra Gozo to Francesco de Brincat. Santo Said, married 1787 Xaghra Gozo to Anna Cordina, with issue. Giuseppe Said, married 1810 Xaghra Gozo to Anna Sultana. Francesco Said, married 1811 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Azzopardi, with issue. Grazia Said, married 1835 Xaghra Gozo to Giuseppe Cassar. Paolo Said., married 1829 Xaghra Gozo to Grazia Mercieca, with issue. Maria Said, married 1858 Xaghra Gozo to Salvatore Gatt. Vittoria Said, married 1820 Xaghra Gozo to Alberto Galea. Maria Said, married 1822 Xaghra Gozo to Michele Galea. Rosario Riccardo Said, married 1796 Xaghra Gozo to Rosa Sultana, with issue. Zeferino Serafino Said later Saide, (1811-1897), (Migrated to Ontario, Canada, then to Port Huron, Michigan, USA), married to Margaret Callahan, with issue. Dennis Saide, (1843-1924), married 1872 to Mary Deegan, with issue. Rosanna Saide, (1845-), married 1886 to James Herron. Mary Saide, (1847-), dunm. Jeremiah Saide, (1847-), married 1879 to Catherine A. Daugherty, with issue. John Saide, (1850-), married 1882 to Bridget McMenagle, with issue. Margaret Saide, (1852-), married 1874 to Richard Boulton. Richard Saide, (1854-), dunm. William Z. Saide, (1856-), dunm.  Michel Joseph Saide, (1862-1897), married 1892 to Catherine N. Diggins, with issue. Margaret Teresa Saide, (1869-), dunm. Giovanni Sayd, married 1725 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Debono, with issue. Michele Said, married 1761 Gharb Gozo to Rosa Formosa, with issue. Giuseppe Sait, married 1785 Pachino, Sicily to Maria Saliba. Francesco Sait, married 1795 Pachino, Sicily to Rosaria Attard, with issue. Carmela Sait, married 1811 Pachino, Sicily to Michele Cauchi. Maria Said, married (1) 1778 Xaghra Gozo to Carlo Xerri, married (2) 1789 Xaghra Gozo to Michele Refalo. Giuseppe Said, married 1758 Valletta to Teresa Fallio. Modesta Said, married (1) 1751 Xaghra Gozo to Andrea Borg, married (2) 1768 Xaghra Gozo to Giuseppe Vella. Paola Said, married 1752 Xaghra Gozo to Andrea Xerri. Giuseppe Sayd, married 1690 Nadur Gozo to Maruzza Mercieca, with issue. Gio Maria Sayd, married 1716 Nadur Gozo to Caterina Calleja, with issue. Teresa Sayd, married 1745 Siggiewi to Nobile Salvatore Pace. Nobile Ignazia Agata Sayd, married 1640 Matrice Gozo to Tomaso Borg., with issue. Aloisio Borg, married (1) 1668 Rabat Gozo to Vincenza N, married (2) 1678 Matrice Gozo to Maruzza Parnis, with issue. (Second Marriage) Salvatore Borg, married 1712 Cospicua to Caterina Pulis, with issue. Olivia Borg., married 1747 Cospicua to Giuseppe Caja of Bagnara, Calabria, Italy, with issue. Maddalena Caja, married 1774 Cospicua to Michele Deidun Eugenia Borg, married 1761 Vittoriosa to Pietro Mercieca. Andrea Borg, married 1738 Senglea to Francesca Vento. Gio Pietro Borg, married 1705 Cospicua to Caterina Cortis. Felice Borg, married 1702 Cospicua to Giuseppa Farrugia, with issue. Maria Rosina Borg, married 1738 Cospicua to Salvatore Caruana Domenica Borg, married 1698 Nadur Gozo to Michele Farrugia. Ignazia Borg, married 1700 Xaghra Gozo to Matteo Vassallo. Domenico Borg, married 1677 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Xerri. Teresa Borg, married 1663 Matrice Gozo to Domenico Vassallo. Caterina Borg, married 1669 Matrice Gozo to Carlo Grech. Petronilla Borg, married 1672 Matrice Gozo to Nobile Michele Falzon. Marietta Borg, married 1687 Matrice to Baldassare Azzopardi. Alonsa Borg, married 1686 Matrice Gozo to Giorgio Agius. Maria Borg, married 1683 Matrice Gozo to Giovanni Felici. Giovanni Borg, married 1674 Valletta to Lorenza Menardi, with issue. Maria Borg, married 1702 Vittorio Montezin of Marseille, France, with issue. Giovanni Montezin, married 1728 Cospicua to Matteo Peroni sives Padroni, with issue. Giacobo Padroni, married 1753 Vittoriosa to Caterina Azzopardi, with issue. Stefano Padroni, married 1811 Vittoriosa to Rosa Bonello, with issue. Joanna Carmela Padrone, married 1851 Senglea to Vincenzo Azzopardi. Nobile Ambroglio Sayd, married 1631 Matrice Gozo to Domenica Madiona, with issue. Tomaso Sayd, married 1661 Matrice Gozo to Maruzza Grech, with issue.  Silvestra Sayd, married 1688 Matrice Gozo to Nobile Felice Cumbo. Giuseppe Sayd, married 1690 Senglea to Graziella Mallia, with issue.  Grazio Said, married 1724 Valletta to Giuseppa Chetcuti, with issue. Luca Said, married (1) 1756 Valletta to Teodora Mifsud, married (2) 1783 Valletta to Teresa Grech, with issue. (First marriage) Giovanna Said, married 1780 Valletta to Giovanni Schembri. Carlo Said, married 1765 Valletta to Polixena Muscat, with issue. Giuseppe Said, married 1790 Zurrieq to Cristina Zammit, with issue. Saveria Said, married 1841 Zurrieq to Angelo Borg. Teresa Said, married 1793 Valletta to Stefano Xiberras. Liberata Said, married 1806 Valletta to Pasquale Petrofila. Maria Said, married 1815 Valletta to Paolo Stivala. Francesco Said, married (1) 1765 Valletta to Aloisia Maxta, married (2) 1810 Valletta to Maria di Candia, with issue. (First marriage) Baldassare Said, married 1817 Valletta to Rosa Vella. Maria Giuseppa Said, married 1792 Valletta to Lorenzo Walters of Naples. Maria Said, married 1762 Cospicua to Gio Antonio Mamo. Benedetto Said, married 1726 Senglea to Veronica Camilleri, with issue. Pietro Said, married 1778 Senglea to Antonia Magro. Nicola Said, married 1730 Vittoriosa to Maddalena Borg. Simone Said, married 1731 Vittoriosa to Florinda Maria Vella. Rosa Said, married 1737 Vittoriosa to Lorenzo Cassar. Gio Maria Sayd, married 1708 Valletta to Anna Palma Teodora Debono, with issue. Tomaso Sayd, married 1763 Valletta to Maria Cutajar, with issue. Salvatore Sayd, married 1806 Valletta to Caterina Pace, with issue. Tomaso Said, married 1831 Cospicua to Maria Anna Caruana, with issue. Caterina Said, married 1851 Cospicua to Michele Bartolo Fleri. Michele Said, married 1835 Senglea to Carmela N. Giuseppe Sayd, married 1774 Valletta to Marcella Arnaud. Francesco Sayd, married (1) 1734 Valletta to Maddalena Vassallo, married 1764 Kirkop to Grazia Formosa, with issue. (First marriage) Geronima Sayd, married 1761 Valletta to Pasquale Guido. (Second marriage) Giulio Sayd, married (1) 1793 Mqabba to Maria Zammit, marrried (2) 1810 Siggiewi to Anna Muscat, with issue. (First marriage) Francesco Said, married 1814 Siggiewi to Margherita Psaila, with issue. Maria Said, married (1) 1837 Siggiewi to Giovanni Zammit, married (2) 1839 Siggiewi to Gaetano Cini Maria Sayd, married 1733 Valletta to Mco Nicola Ruis. Gabriella Sayd, married 1733 Valletta to Angelo Debono. Anna Sayd, married 1734 Valletta to Giuseppe Andreotti. Carmina Sayd, married (1) 1738 Valletta to Stefano Galea, married (2) 1753 Valletta to Edouardo Briffa. Grazia Said, married 1797 Valletta to Giuseppe Debrincat. Teresa Said, married 1754 Valletta to Francesco Cutruffo. Evangelista Said, married 1755 Valletta to Felice Bariglion. Giovanni Sayd, married 1658 Matrice Gozo to Argenta Brincat. Rosa Sayd, married 1677 Senglea to Costanzo Zimegh, Alunno di Wladyslaw Konstanty Vasa, Count of Wasenau, Captain of the guards to Queen Christina of Sweden in exile in Rome, Papal Chamerlain to Pope Alexander VIII,  illegitimate son of Wladyslaw IV Vasa, King of Poland r. 1632-1648 and Jadwiga Luskowska Pietro Sayd, married 1635 Matrice Gozo to Innocenza Cordina, with issue. Angelica Sayd, married 1654 Matrice Gozo to Perino Meilac. Paolica Sayd, married 1669 Rabat Gozo to N. Maria Sayd, married 1688 Valletta to Gaetano Cardona. Filippo Sayd, married 1650 Rabat Gozo to Maruccia Grima, with issue. Domenica Sayd, married 1680 Valletta to Grazio Zinghier, with issue. Rosa Zinghier, married 1695 Rabat Gozo to Michele Attard. Gio Paolo Sayd, married 1676 Vittoriosa to Anna Torretta. Domenico Sayd,. married 1682 Rabat Gozo to Isabella Calleja. Margherita Sayd, married 1690 Matrice Gozo to Matteo Madiona. Gioannella Sayd, b. 1522; Matro 1568: Not Matteo Debrincat to Marino (Michele) Cauchi, with issue.  Marguerite Cauchi, married 1576 Naxxar to Giulio Pirotta, with issue. Cesare Passalacqua, (1595-1683), Jurat of the Universita, Baron of Budaq, (Cr:1646 Malta), viv.temp. 1683, married 1618 Valletta to Maria Farrugia, with issue. Nobile Genovefa Passalacqua, de Jure Baroness of Budaq, married 1636 Valletta to Silvestrino Fiteni, Baron of Budaq (illegitimate) Domenico de Petruzzo Passalacqua, married 1669 Vittoriosa to Grazia Manumessa., with issue. Caterina de Petruzzo, married 1728 to Carlo Lavanzin, with issue. Rosa Teresa Lavanzin, married 1764 to Michele Abela, with issue. Francesco Lavanzin, married 1770 to Vincenza Carbott,  with issue. Ulbedesca Lavanzin, married 1791 to Tomaso Camilleri, with issue. Teresa Lavanzin, maried 1807 to Giuseppe Camilleri, with issue. Carlo Lavanzin, (d. 1843), Created 1799 Hereditary Knight of the Russian Empire and of St John of Malta in Russia, married 1799 to Princess Tatiana Sulkowskis,  with issue. Maddalena Lavanzin, married 1791 Valletta to Tomaso Camilleri. Paolo Lavanzin, married 1775 Tarxiem to Maria Camenzuli, with issue. Carlo Lavanzin, married 1816 Valletta to Angela Fiorina of Corfu. Saverio Lavanzin, married 1786 Cospicua to Maria Dimech. Angelo de Petruzzo, married 1728 to Teresa Lavanzin, with issue. Maria Lavanzin, married 1756 Valletta to Aloiseo Mallia. Francesca Lavanzin, married 1756 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Fenech, with issue. Vittoria Fenech, married 1789 Vittoriosa to Lorenzo Gambin. Orsola Gambin, married 1808 Vittoriosa to Lorenzo Salerno. Paolo Gambin, married 1819 Vittoriosa to Maria Buttigieg. Agostino Fenech, married 1772 Cospicua to Margherita Ottem Abramo, with issue. Francesca Fenech, married 1793 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Laninzin, with issue. Margherita Laninzin, married 1825 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Farrugia. Rosa de Petruzzo, mareied 1736 Vittoriosa to Gio Battista Gauci, with issue. Caterina Gauci de Petruzzo, married 1754 Vittoriosa to Gabriele Ligato sives Licari, with issue. Giuseppe Licari, married 1781 Vittoriosa to Benigna Chircop, with issue. Stefano Licari, married 1820 Vittoriosa to Giuseppa Mallia. Maria Licari, married 1806 Vittoriosa to Nicola Lanzon. Francesco Licari, married 1815 Cospicua to Graziulla Cassia, with issue. Lorenzo Licari, married 1854 Zabbar to Giuseppa Pace. Carmelo Licari, married 1857 Cospicua to Gioacchina di Felice. Giuseppe Licari, married 1861 Senglea to Vincenza Camilleri. Gaetano Licari, married (1) 1794 Cospicua to Benedetta Caruana, married (2) 1814 Cospicua to Angelica Olivier, with issue. (First marriage) Caterina Licari, married 1814 Cospicua to Francesco Pulis, married 1839 Senglea to Andrea Grima. Felice Licari, married 1827 Vittoriosa to Anna Cassar. Filippa Licari, married to Giuseppe Salerno, with issue. Giuseppa Salerno, married 1804 Cospicua to Basilio Sciriha. Giovanni Salerno, married 1811 Zejtun to Giuseppa Borg. Rosa Salerno, married 1809 Cospicua to Ignazio Futoni of Lilybea. Francesca Salerno, married 1810 Valletta to Gio Battista Borg. Maria Licari, married 1779 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Busuttil., Benvenuta Licari, married 1787 Vittoriosa to Giacomo Busuttil. (illegitimate) Diane Speranza de Passalacqua, married 1664 Valletta to Gio Battista Fenech (illegitimate/Slave) Gaetano de Passalacqua, married 1688 Valletta to Domenica Debono. (illegitimate) Zulla de Passalacqua, married 1674 Valletta to Giacomo Simone Saltallegio. Mario Pirotta, married 1600 Naxxar to Antonia Bonnici, with issue. Vincenzo Pirotta, married 1640 Valletta to Caterina Cassia, with issue. Aloiseo Pirotta, married (1) 1661 Valletta to Antonia Fabbo, married (2) 1679 Valletta to Maria Attard. Margherita Pirotta, married 1636 Naxxar to Grazio Chircop, with issue. Andrea Chircop, married 1675 Naxxar to Maria Calleja, with issue. Bartolomeo Chircop, married 1703 Naxxar to Grazia Mifsud. Salvatore Chircop, married 1703 Naxxar to Pasqualina Mifsud, with issue. Prudenza Chircop, married 1730 Naxxar to Domenica Mallia. Antonia Chircop, married (1) 1731 Mdina to Gio Battista Xiberras, married (2) 1761 Naxxar to Giuseppe Cauchi. Caterina Sayd, b. 1523; m. Giovanni Schembri, Arbitante in Girgenti, Sicily., married (2) to Don Luciano d’Alagona. Agata Sayd, b. 1525; (Mentionned 1550 in Acts of Notary Brandino Caxaro),  married to Mariano Bondino. Giulia Sayd, b.1527; married 1578 to Nobile Domenico Abejer, with issue. Enziona Abejer, married 1597 Birkirkara to Domenico Bartolo, with issue. Caterina Bartolo, married 1617 Zurrieq to Giovanni Callus, with issue. Domenica Callus, married 1642 Qrendi to Gio Maria Vella, with issue. Lorenza Vella, married 1666 Qrendi to Francesco Lantamner. Giovannella Vella, married 1675 Qrendi to Gio Carlo Busuttil. Giovanni Vella, married 1677 Qrendi to Maria Pace. Francesco Vella, married 1677 Cospicua to Caterina Cutajar, with issue. Gio Battista (Giuseppe) Vella, married (1) 1709 Valletta to Rosa Maria de Navarro (ex-slave), married (2) 1715 Valletta to Angelica de Lorenzo, with issue. (First Marriage) Francesco Vella, married 1732 Valletta to Fortunata Fabri, with issue. Gio Battista Vella, married 1753 Valletta to Rosa Massa, with issue. Caterina Vella, married 1769 Vittoriosa to Francesco Bonanno., with issue. Giuseppe Bonanno, married 1793 Cospicua to Maria Zahra. Lorenzo Bonanno, married 1808 Vittoriosa to Antonia Vella. Maria Vella, married 1783 Vittoriosa to Michele Parnis. Teresa Vella, married 1777 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Antignolo. Giuseppe Callus, married (1) 1640 Qrendi to Caterina Bugeja, married (2) 1642 Qrendi to Marietta Vella. Giacoma Bartolo, married 1623 Qrendi to Antonio Pace (s/o Giorgio). Antonio Sayd b. 1531 Santi, Malta, Died 1561  (Buried in Principi Sayd Chapel, Santi). Salvatore (Vincenzo) Sayd b. 1532 Santi , Malta  ; (Buried in Principi Sayd Chapel, Santi), Matro 1553: Not Brandino Caxaro, Zebbug , Malta to Maddalena Caterina Calleja, (Buried in Principi Sayd Chapel, Santi). Geronima Sayd, married (1) 1602 to Don. Agostino d'Avola, married (2) 1613 to Filippo Sayd, (See on this page). Filippa Sayd, married 1571 to Don. Paolo d'Avola. Giulia Sayd, married 1598 Siggiewi to Luca Cassar, with issue. Domenica Cassar, married 1617 Zejtun to Albano Agius. (illegitimate from Mistress/Slave) Domenico di Alunna di Salvo, (1549-), married 1571 to Giulia N, with issue. Antonio di Salvo, married (1) 1637 Cospicua to Leonora Magro, married (2) 1644 Rabat Gozo to Elena Xiriha, married (3) 1678 Rabat Gozo to Geronima N, with issue. (Second marriage) Teresa de Salvo, married 1687 to Ferdinando Ballio., with issue. Maddalena Ballio, married to Costantino Rodio, with issue. Veneranda Rodio, married 1713 Cospicua to Benedetto Oltana. Margherita Rodio. Argentina Rodio, married 1736 Cospicua to Pietro Baudin, with issue. Maria Baudin, married 1754 Valletta to Salvatore Falzon, with issue. Rosa Falzon, married 1777 Valletta to Aloiseo Ganado. Eugenia de Salvo, married 1674 Cospicua to Gio Maria Attard. Tomaso de Salvo,  married 1689 Borgo to Maria Vaaz, with issue. Antonio de Salvo, married 1724 Borgo to Polixemia Zammit, with issue. Maria de Salvo. Margarita de Salvo. Marianna de Salvo. Rosario de Salvo, married 1762 Valletta to Maria Grech, with issue. Vincenza de Salvo, married 1783 Valletta to Pietro Vella. Francesca de Salvo, married 1708 Cospicua to Ludovico Failla. Mariano de Salvo (Migrated to Risbina in Sicily), married to Paola N, with issue. Antonino de Salvo (Migrated to Malta), married 1754 Valletta to Teresa Ellul de Lavaro, with issue Maria de Salvo, (1768 Malta - 1843 Genova), married 1790 Malta to Marchese Don Domenico Imperiale dei Principe di San'Angelo dei Lombardi, Knight of St John of Malta, Patrican of Genoa (1780-1790), with issue. Donna Silva Imperiale dei Principe di San'Angelo dei Lombardi, married Stefano Corsi, Barone di Turri e Moggio., with issue. Donna Teresa Imperiale dei Principe di San'Angelo dei Lombardi, (Died 1858), married to Luigi Rossi del Barbazzale, Patrican of Naples., with issue. Marchese Don Giuseppe Francesco Imperiale dei Principe di San'Angelo dei Lombardi, Patrican of Genoa, (1806-71 Geneva), Senator of the Kingdom of Sardinia, married 1855 at Torino, Italy to Nobile Emilia Giuseppa Cristiani, with issue. Marchese Don Domenico Imperiale dei Principe di San'Angelo dei Lombardi, Patrican of Genoa, Marchese Imperiali di San Angelo dei Lombardi 1903, (1857-1927 Geneva), married 1889 Milian to Donna Barberina Melzi d'Eril dei Duchi di Lodi, with issue. Donna Emilia Imperiale dei Principe di San'Angelo dei Lombardi, (1890-1960), married 1914 Geneva to Nobile Don Luigi Oltrona Visconti., with issue. Marchese Don Giuseppe Imperiale dei Principe di San'Angelo dei Lombardi, (1891-1945), married 1926 Rome to Nobile Maria Clara dei Conti Caraciotti, with issue. Donna Marina Imperiale dei Principe di San'Angelo dei Lombardi, (1927-, married 1958 Rome to Nobile Arturo Palma dei Conti di Cesnola., with issue. Donna Maria Ludovica Imperiale dei Principe di San'Angelo dei Lombardi, (1892-1979), married 1921 Geneva to Nobile Pio Filippo Granello dei Marchesi di Casaleto e Montarsiccio., with issue. Donna Elisa Imperiale dei Principe di San'Angelo dei Lombardi, (1893-1979), married 1934 Solaro to Nobile Pio Carlo dei Conti Gloria., with issue. Donna Teresa Imperiale dei Principe di San'Angelo dei Lombardi, (1895-1982), married 1919 Geneva to Nobile Girolamo Camici-Roncioni., with issue. Marchese Don Gian Vincenzo Imperiale dei Principe di San'Angelo dei Lombardi, (1898-1980), dunm. Marchese Don Cesare Imperiale dei Principe di San'Angelo dei Lombardi, (1859-1940), married 1890 Geneva to Nobile Giuseppina Maria dei Conti Fogoli, dsp. Donna Marina Imperiale dei Principe di San'Angelo dei Lombardi, (1861-1945), married 1885 Geneva to Nobile Stanislao Nicolis dei Conti di Robilant e Cereaglio, dsp. Donna Giulia Imperiale dei Principe di San'Angelo dei Lombardi, married Francesco Micoldi., with issue. Francesco de Salvo, married 1777 Valletta to Marianna Ricard, with issue. Giuseppa de Salvo, married 1803 Valletta to Ercole Mamo-Mompalao. Caterina de Salvo, married 1804 Senglea to Guglielmo Consolate, (See above), with issue. Marianna Consolate, married 1831 Attard to Marchese Rocco Testaferrata de Noto. Gio Batta de Salvo, married 1808 Valletta to Concetta Tortel. Antonio de Salvo, married to Aloisea Xiberras., with issue. Giuseppe de Salvo, married  (1) 1837 Valletta to Rosa Camilleri., married (2) 1852 Valletta to Teresa Demarco. Giovanni de Salvo, married 1812 Birgu to Francesco Papadopolo. Ignazio de Salvo, married to Antonia Catalano, with issue. Caterina de Salvo, married 1807 Valletta to Donato Sangiga-Barbaro. Caterina di Salvo, married 1668 Cospicua to Carlo Portelli. Laura di Salvo, married 1618 Cospicua to Antonio di Giorgio. Pasquala di Salvo, married 1622 Cospicua to Battista Bonvino. Laura di Salvo, married 1626 Cospicua to Vincenzo Pariera. Gio Maria di Salvo, married 1618 Senglea to Olivia de Rodo. Grazio di Salvo, married 1622 Cospicua to Natale Caruana., with issue. Placidio di Salvo, married 1687 Birgu to Margherita Xara, with issue. Modesta di Salvo, married 1723 Valletta to Natale del Zante. Grazia di Salvo, married 1640 Cospicua to Michele di Giacobo. Giuseppe di Salvo, married 1639 Cospicua to Andreanna Grech. (Second Marriage) Tinajna Sayd, b. 1532; married 1545 to  Mco Antonio Psaila, with issue. Giovanni Psaila, married 1576 Zebbug to Margherita N, with issue. Blasio Psaila, married 1618 Zebbug to Agata Vella. Lorenzo Psaila, married 1628 Zebbug to Clemenza Azzopardi, with issue. Salvatore Psaila, married 1669 Zebbug to Grazia Sayd, (see on this page), with issue. Anna Psaila, married 1701 Zebbug to Salvatore Pace. Lorenzo Psaila, married 1704 Zebbug to Maria Saliba. Mattheolo Psaila, married 1703 Zebbug to Maria Mifsud. Gio Maria Psaila, married 1649 Zebbug to Imperia Grima., with issue. Paolina Psaila, married 1669 Zebbug to Angelo Buhagiar. Antonia Psaila, married 1675 Zebbug to Mario Vassallo (s/o Angelo). Agostino Psaila, married 1655 Zebbug to Maruzza Attard, with issue. Sapienza Psaila, married 1681 Zebbug to Domenico Borg. Giorgio Psaila, married 1562 to Caterina Mallia, with issue. Gioannello Psaila, married 1576 Qormi to Margherita Bugeja, with issue. Giovanni Psaila, married 1597 Qormi to Domenica Callus, with issue. Antonio Psaila, married 1626 Birkirkara to Angelica Calleja, with issue. Angelo Psaila, married 1658 Birkirkara to Maddalena Sammut, with issue. Domenico Psaila, amrried 1695 Zebbug to Grazia Zammit, with issue. Agostina Psaila, married 1728 Zebbug to Battista Zammit. Martino Psaila, married 1610 Qormi to Giovanna Schembri, with issue. Paolina Psaila, married 1647 Qormi to Nobilis Vincenzo Pace. Agostino Psaila, married 1602 Qormi to Marietta Balzan, with issue. Domenica Psaila, married 1651 Qormi to Gio Paolo Maria Calleja, with issue. Giovanni Calleja, married 1683 Zurrieq to Angela Zammit, with issue. Salvatore Calleja, married 1714 Zurrieq to Domenica Baldacchino, with issue. Arcangelo Calleja, married 1739 Zurrieq to Ubaldesca Callus, with issue. Giovanni Calleja, married 1772 Valletta to Felicita Caravasco, with issue. Lorenzo Calleja, married 1814 Valletta to Giuseppina Mizzi, with issue. Isabella Sayd b. 1533 Zebbug , Malta  (Buried in Principi Sayd Chapel, Santi),; Married to Nicola Arabi, with issue. Isabella Arabi,  (Buried in Principi Sayd Chapel, Santi), married 1578 to Vincenzo Bou, 9th Baron di Hemsija. Giorgio Arabi, Monk, dunm. (Buried in Principi Sayd Chapel, Santi), Masio Sayd, b. 1535.  (Buried in Principi Sayd Chapel, Santi), Guadliarda Sayd, b 1536.; Married to Ignazio Farrugia, with issue. Leonardo Farrugia, married 1604 Zebbug Malta to Domenica N, with issue. Pietro Farrugia, married 1624 Zebbug to Clemenza d'Amato, with issue. Francesco Farrugia, married 1662 Zebbug to Grazia Casha. Giovanni Farrugia, married 1670 Zebbug to Paolina Zammut. Matteo Farrugia, married 1656 Zebbug to Domenica Schembri, with issue. Margherita Farrugia, married 1678 Zebbug to Stefano Portelli. Giovanni Farrugia, married 1666 Zebbug to Valemza Debrincat, with issue. Francesca Farrugia, married 1695 Zebbug to Michele Spiteri. Maddalena Farrugia, married (1) 1695 Zebbug to Rocco Micallef, married (2) 1698 to Gio Paolo Tonna, with issue. (First marriage) Maruzza Micallef, married 1714 Mdina to Nobile Giuseppe Vassallo. (Second Marriage) Mastro Sancto Tonna, married 1722 Mdina to Innocenza Vincenza Stivala, with issue. Maria Tonna, married 1745 Mdina to Alberto Spiteri. Modesta Tonna, married 1749 Mdina to Antonio d'Armania. Antonia Tonna, married 1753 Mdina to Paolo Calleja. Giovanna Tonna, married 1757 Mdina to Gio Maria Borg. Pietro Tonna, married 1770 Siggiewi to Lucrezia Balzan, with issue. Sancto Tonna, married 1797 Lija to Caterina Ebejer, with issue. Maria Tonna, married 1819 Mdina to Antonio Sapiano, (s/o Paolo Sapiano and Rosa Pace), with issue. Paolo Sapiano, married 1847 Ste Croix, Tunisia to Maria Callus, with issue. Paolina Palma Maria Sapiano, (1848 Ste Croix, Tunisia -), married 1866 Valletta to Vincenzo Vella. Antoinette Sapiano, (1851 St Croix, Tunisia -). Carmela Rosa Sapiano, (1853 Ste Croix, Tunisia -). Giuseppe Sapiano, (1855 Ste Croix, Tunisia -). Paola Fidenza Sapiano, (1857 Ste Croix, Tunisia -), married 1876 Valletta to Conte Alessandro Theuma Castelletti. Sancto Sapiano, married 1862 Mdina to Rosa Agius. Rosa Sapiano, married 1857 Mdina to Agostino Cachia, with issue. Gio Maria Cachia, married 1882 Mdina to Costanza Sant, with issue. Agostino Cachia, married 1920 Birkirkara to Elena Mallia. Caterina Sapiano, married 1863 Mdina to Antonio Borg, with issue. Maria Rosa Borg, married 1886 Mdina to Giovanni Dimech.  Lucia Sayd. B. 1526 Zebbug , Malta . married 1552 to  Principe Giorgio Paleologo. (Illegitimate) Nicola Sanctu of Ghargur, (b. 1522.), Abitante of Casal Lia,. --->(See Sant for details) (Illegitimate) Desita Sanctu, (b.1523.), married Paolo d'Anastasio. (Illegitimate) Simone Sanctu, (b. 1525.), married Paula Micallef, with issue. (Illegitimate) Fra. Salvo Sanctu, (b. 1526), had one natural issue.(See Sant for details) (Illegitimate) Bartolomeo Sanctu, (b.1527), with issue. (See Sant for details) Ambrosio Paolo Sayd(d. 1551 Malta), married, (Matro:1540 Not.Niccolo de Agataf.) 1520's Birgu, Malta Contanza Borgia., with issue. Donna Bernardina Sayd m. 1540 Zebbug, Malta; Matro 1540: Not. Niccolo de Agatif to Giovanni Busuttil Don Randino Sayd ,  (Testo 1594:Not Bernardo Azzopardi); Division 1600: Not Bernardo Azzopardi, married to Agata Ciantar,  d. 1594, with issue; Don Domenico Sayd of Zebbug, ( d. 1652) (Testo 1652: Not Giovanni Azzopardi); Matro 1595: Not Ferdinand Ciappara to Paolucca (Petronilla) Briffa, married 1604 Qormi to Paolina Azzopardi, with issue. (First marriage) Domenica Sayd ; m. Giacomo Mamo, with issue. Caterina Mamo, married 1670 Zebbug to Ignazio Cassar, with issue. Maria Domenica Cassar, married 1691 Zebbug to Grazio Bugeja. Prudenza Mamo, married 1676 Zebbug to Paoluccio Gristi. Don Mario Sayd -Testo 1694: Not Marco Antonio Pullicino; Matro 1624: Not Giacomo Xeberras, Zebbug, Malta Margherita Mifsud ; Matro 1660: Maria del Espicopo, (Testo: 1703: Not M'Antonio Pullicino)., with issue. Marriage) Guiseppe Sayd m. 1671 Grazia Muscat. Clement Sayd m. 1716 Domitilla Muscat, (Matro Not Arcangelo Pullicino) Domenico Sayd of Casal Dingli; Matro 1649: Lija Not Mario Attard. to Caterina Muscat Gio Maria Sayd m. 1678, Mdina, to Adrianna Zerafa (Not. Niccolo Allegritto), with issue. Antonio Sayd m. 1721, Mdina to Modesta Deguara (Matro, Not Bart Mangion) Modesta Sayd m. 1737 to Paulo Caruana, (Matro, Not Gio Benedetto Micallef) Pietro Sayd  m. 1758 Mdina, Malta to Grazia Grima, with issue. Giuseppe Said, married 1800 Mdina to Francesca Frendo, with issue. Maria Said, married 1824 Mdina to Paolo Azzopardi, with issue. Francesca Azzopardi, married 1844 Mdina to Orazio Dimech. Rosa Said, married 1824 Valletta to Paolo Felice Vella, with issue. Giuseppe Vella, married 1856 Mdina to Vincenza Dingli, with issue. Caterina Vella, married 1859 Mdina to Felice Farrugia, with issue. Paolo Farrugia, married 1891 Mdina to Maria Anna Zammit. Francesco Farrugia, married 1896 Mdina to Antonia Zammit. Salvatore Farrugia, married 1900 Mdina to Giovanna Sapiano. Francesco Vella, married 1857 Qormi to Carmela Meli, with issue. Maria Vella, married 1890 Qormi to Carmelo Gatt. Anna Said, married 1827 Valletta to Giuseppe Muscat, with issue. Francesca Muscat, married (1) 1856 Mdina to Giuseppe Grima, married (2) 1857 Mdina to Angelo Debono. Grazia Said, married 1837 Valletta to Vincenzo Frendo Azzopardi Lorenza Sayd, married1713 Dingli, Malta to Francesco Spiteri. Maria Sayd, married 1727 Dingli, Malta to Giuseppe Zerafa, married 1744 Dingli to Felice Bugeja, with issue. (First marriage) Margherita Zerafa, married 1748 Mdina to Nobile Saverio Vassallo. Barbara Sayd, (Matro 1719: Not Ignazio Debono), to Giuseppe Vella Giovanni Sayd, (Matro 1720: Not Ignazio Debono), to Agata Taliana Felice Sayd married 1748 Mdina to Maria Vassallo, (Dau of Matteo and Grazia) Petruccio Sayd,  married 1697 Mdina, to Grazia Cauchi Maruccio Sayd, married 1715 Mdina, to Caterina Sant; Matro 1743: Not Filippo Giacomo Tonna, to Grazia Zahra Caterinuccia Sayd,  (Matro 1674: Not Giovanni Azopardi) to Pietro Abela, with issue. Andrea Abela, married 1699 Mdina to Clara de Rinaldo, with issue. Domenica Abela, married 1743 Mdina to Francesco Borg, with issue. Andrea Borg, married 1770 Mdina to Rosa Allegritto, with issue. Antonio Abela, married 1713 Zejtun to Caterina Cachia, with issue. Angelo Abela, married 1749 Zejtun to Graziella Callus, with issue. Gio Francesco Abela, married 1773 Cospicua to Maria Borg, with issue. Caterina Abela, married 1809 Cospicua to Stefano Cremona. Maria Sayd, (Matro 1678; Not Niccolo Allegritto) to Crispino Aquilina Andrea Sayd, married 1680 Mdina (Not Niccolo Allegritto) to Domenica Xuereb Gio Maria Sayd, (Testo 1701- Not Giuseppe Gaetano Grech), married (1) 1705 Domenica Galea, (Matro: Not M'Angelo Pullicino); (Matro 1707: Not M'Angelo Pullicino), married (2) 1707 to Margherita Bonello, with issue. (Second marriage)  Maria Anna Sayd, married (1) 1730 Dingli to Gioacchino Schembri, married (2) 1749 Dingli to Nobile Alessandro Abela. Maria Sayd,  married 1743 Dingli to Simone Vella Dominuzza Sayd, (Testo 1699/1714: Not Ignazio Debono); (Matro 1698: Not M'Antonio Pullicino), to Pietro Farrugia Anna Sayd - (Codicillio:1704-Not M'Antonio Pullicino) Gio Paola Sayd; married (1) 1703 Mdina. to Chco Tomaso Cauchi, Arbitante of Zebbug, Malta, married (2) 1723 Zabbar to Don Michel Angelo Diacono. Caterina Sayd, (died 1704) married 1700 Porto Salvo, Valletta, to Giuseppe Pontremoli, dsp. Filippo Sayd Paolo Sayd m. 1686 Mosta, Malta Marie Borg Grazia Sayd (Testo 1728: Not Arcangelo Pullicino); 'Her Lover' Geronimo Seichel (Natural) Grazia 'Sayd-Seichel' (Matro 1727: Not Arcangelo Pullicino) to Giuseppe Cilia (Son of Filippo and Grazia) Giovanni Sayd m. 1676 Attard, to Margarita Cachia Pietro Didaco Sayd m. 1731 Qormi, to Modesta Attard, matro 1733: Not Arcangelo Pullicino, to Grazia Gatt, with issue. (Second Marriage) Maruzzo Sayd m. 1743 Mdina, to Grazia Zahra Domencio Sayd matro 1713 Not Ignazio Debono, to Grazia Tanti, with issue. Giovanni Sayd Matro 1742: Not Arcangelo Pullicino, to Anna Grech m. 1762 Mosta to Alessandra Sammut Paolo Sayd Matro 1741: Notary Arcangelo Pullicino, to Grazia Attard, with issue. Giuseppe Said, married 1775 Zebbug to Anna Formosa, with issue. Niccola Said, married (1) to Anna Camilleri, married (2) 1825 Mdina to Giulia Zerafa. Teresa Said, married 1814 Zebbug to Salvatore Zammit. Salvatore Sayd m. 1762 Qormi, Malta to Maria Borg Alessandro Sayd Matro 1732: Not Arcangelo Pullicino, to Maria Gatt, with issue. Carlo Sayd m. 1777 Attard to Maria Genneje. Salvatore Sayd,, married 1759 Zebbug to Maria Calafato. Giovanna Sayd, married 1760 Zebbug to Giuseppe Calafato. Petruccio Sayd Matro 1725: Not Arcangelo Pullicino, to Alonia Dingli Maria Sayd Matro 1743: Not Arcangelo Pullicino, to Angelo Attard Consalvo Sayd  m. 1690 Dingli, Malta (Matro: Not Nicola Allegritto.) to Anna Marie Tanti, with issue. Teresa Sayd.Matro 1710: Not Arcangelo Pullicino, Dingli to Gio Claudio Vassallo (son of Natale and Domenica) Marino Sayd Domenica Sayd-Testo 1738: Not M'Antonio Pullicino Matro 1689: Not Marco Antonio Pullicino, to Gio Maria Gatt Ollura Sayd m. to Paolo Borg Paolica Sayd (m1) to Gio Maria Cauchi; Matro 1721: Not Giovanni Dimech, to Giovanni Dimech Orsola Sayd m. to Andrea Galea Giuseppe Sayd m. 1738 Attard to Domencia Attard Antonio Sayd, married 1749 Zabbari to Grazia Camilleri, with issue. Agostino Sayd, Deputy Lieutenant of Zabbar, 1815-1839, married 1781 Zabbar to Cassandra Schembri. Rose Sayd 1728 Mdina to Giuseppe Catenia (Second Marriage) Michele Sayd, married 1682 Cospicua to Maria Grima, with issue. Margherita Sayd m 1715 Cospicua, to Francesco Calerdi. Domenica Sayd, married 1689 Zebbug to Gio Maria Gatt. (Second marriage) Domenico Sayd -(Divisione 1694-Not M'Antonio Pullicino) Matro1625: Not Giovanni Azzopardi) to Giacobina Mifsud, with issue. Gio Domencio Sayd -(Testo 1708/ Repertorio 1709/ Divisone 1710: Not M'Antonio Pullicino) m. 1690 Zebbug to Grazia Seichel, with issue. Giuseppe Sayd, married 1717 Cospicua to Veronica Borg, with issue. Rosa Sayd, married 1747 Vittoriosa to Tomaso Baron. Filippo Sayd, married 1715 Valletta to Domenica Micallef, with issue. Luca Sayd, married 1740 Qormi to Rosa Grech, with issue. Francesco Sayd, married 1774 Zejtun to Rosa Farrugia, with issue. Vincenza Sayd, married 1805 Valletta to Antonio Borg. Diana Sayd, married 1810 Valletta to Francesco Seichel. Marianna Sayd, married 1833 Valletta to Gaetano Brincat. Giuseppe Sayd, married 1828 Qormi to Rosa Cortis, with issue. Vincenzo Said, married 1863 Valletta to Giuseppa Saliba. Maria Said, married 1853 Qormi to Giorgio Parnis. Grazia Sayd, married 1760 Valletta to Giuseppe Darmanin. Giuseppe Sayd, married (1) 1747 Valletta to Rosa Chetcuti, married (2) 1750 Valletta to Maddalena Camilleri. Matteo Sayd, married 1730 Qormi to Innocenza Xicluna. Giovanni Sayd, of Valletta, married (1) 1729 Valletta to Rosa Micallef, married (2) 1738 Birkirkara to Maria Borg, with issue. (First Marriage) Paola Sayd, married 1752 Xaghra Gozo to Andrea Xerri, with issue. Giovanni Xerri, married 1782 Xewkija Gozo to Ursola Spiteri, with issue. Maria Xerri, married 1814 Valletta to Lorenzo Agius, with issue. Maria Anna Agius, married 1836 Valletta to Vincenzo Camilleri. Grazia Sayd, married 1752 Valletta to Salvatore Vella. (Second Marriage) Carlo Sayd, m. 1761 Birkirkara to Anna Sammut, with issue. Giuseppe Sayd, m. 1794 Birkirkara, to Rose Cauchi Maria Sayd, m. 1826 Birkirkara, to Benedetto Sant Gioacchina Sayd, m. 1794 Birkirkara to Michele Pisano Liberta Sayd, m. 1793 Birkirkara to Michele Grech Maria Sayd, m. 1782 Birkirkara, to Franco Farrugia, with issue. Rosa Farrugia, married 1804 Birkirkara to Arcangelo Pisano, with issue. Maria Pisano, married 1825 Birkirkara to Vincenzo Costa. Anna Sayd, (1765-89), m. 1787 Attard to Giuseppe Micallef Francesca Sayd, m. Giacinto Gatto Saveria Sayd, m. 1777 Attard to Giuseppe Borg Giovanna Sayd, m. 1789 Attard to Mario Sammut Francesco Sayd, married 1812 at San Paolo, Valletta to Rose De Battista. Michele Angelo Sayd, married 1734 Rabat Gozo to Maria Calleja, with issue. Francesco Sayd, married 1762 Rabat Gozo to Margherita Portelli, with issue. Giuseppe Sayd, married (1) 1791 Rabat Gozo to Rosa Galea, married (2) 1806 Valletta to Rosa Farrugia, with issue. (First marriage) Francesco Sayd, married 1821 Vittoriosa to Angela Cachia, with issue. Giuseppina Sayd, married 1853 Vittoriosa to Michele Sultana Giovanni Sayd, married 1805 Xaghra Gozo to Caterina Attard. Antonia Sayd, married 1802 Valletta to Giuseppe Micallef. Maria Sayd, married 1805 Nadur Gozo to Angelo Muscat. Caterina Sayd, married 1809 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Attard. Giuseppe Sayd, married 1761 Rabat Gozo to Anna Farrugia, with issue. Alessandro Sayd, married 1786 Rabat Gozo to Maria Pace. Maria Sayd, married 1792 Rabat Gozo to Salvatore Portelli. Gio Domenico Sayd, married 1790 Rabat Gozo to Antonia Farrugia, with issue. Salvatore Sayd, married 1820 Valletta to Maria Mercieca. Maria Sayd, married 1801 Rabat Gozo to Salvatore Grima. Petruzzo Sayd, married (1) to Orsola Vella, married (2) 1797 Rabat Gozo to Rosaria Caruana, with issue. Giuseppe Sayd, married 1799 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppa Vella. Giuseppa Sayd, married 1799 Rabat Gozo to Michele Pace. Orsola Sayd, married 1766 Rabat Gozo to Mro Carlo Agius. Caterina Sayd, married 1727 Zebbug to Giuseppe Cilia. Domenica Sayd, married 1729 Zebbug to Maruzzo Schembri. Giovanni Sayd (m 1). 1686 Mdina, to Filippa Abela., Married secondly 1734 at Birkirkara to Anna Borg. (First Marriage) Pancrazio Sayd (m1). 1717 Zebbug, Malta to Orazia Zahra, married (2) 1725 Zebbug to Alonsia Dingli, with issue. (First Marriage) Paolo Sayd m. 1741 Zebbug, Malta to Grazia Attard Anna Sayd m. 1744 Mosta, to Ferdinand Camilleri, with issue. Grazia Camilleri, married 1769 Mosta to Giuseppe Galea, with issue. Giovanni Galea, married (1) to Maria Galea, married (2) 1814 Mosta to Caterina Galea. Anna Galea, married 1795 Mosta top Bartolomeo Cuschieri, with issue. Grazia Cuschieri, married 1818 Gharghur to Tommaso Micallef. Teresa Galea, married 1807 Mosta to Salvatore Ciappara. Giovanni Sayd m. 1742 Mdina to Anna Grech. (Second Marriage) Maria Sayd, married (1) 1743 Zebbug to Angelo Attard, married (2) 1749 Zebbug to Alessandro Cauchi, with issue. (Second marriage) Caterina Cauchi, married 1775 Zebbug to Andrea Callus. Domenico Sayd, married 1713 Zebbug to Grazia Tanti, with issue. Giovanni Sayd, married 1729 Valletta to Rosa Maria Micallef, with issue. Giuseppe Sayd, married 1758 Valletta to Teresa Fallio. Grazia Sayd, married 1752 Valletta to Salvatore Vella. Domenica Sayd, married 1729 Zebbug to Maruzzo Schembri. Matteo Sayd, married 1720 Qormi to Innocenza Xicluna. Paolo Sayd, married (1) 1755 Zebbug to Anna Cardona, married (2) 1762 Zebbug to Grazia Buhagiar, with issue. (First marriage) Caterina Said, married (1) 1776 Balzan to Giorgio Ellul, married (2) 1789 Qormi to Gregorio Mangion, with issue. (First marriage) Giuseppe Ellul, married (1) 1804 Qormi to Elena Laferla, married (2) 1831 Qormi to Anna Muscat, with issue. (First marriage) Giorgio Ellul, married 1831 Qormi to Vincenza Muscat, with issue. Elena Ellul, married 1851 Qormi to Salvatore Xicluna. Gregorio Ellul, married 1845 Qormi to Gaetana Azzopardi. (Second marriage) Giorgio Giuseppe Ellul, married 1865 Qormi to Vincenza Schembri. Maria Ellul, married 1867 Qormi to Antonio Teuma. Grazia Ellul, married (1) 1796 Qormi to Salvatore Cutajar, married (2) 1801 Qormi to Andrea Calleja. Maria Ellul, married 1804 Qormi to Giuseppe Capo, (see on this page). (Second marriage) Carlo Mangion, married 1813 Qormi to Giuseppa Gatt. (Second marriage)  Salvatore Said, (1776 Mdina-), married 1800 Mdina to Regina Taliana, with issue. Michele Pasquale Francesco Said, (1812 Mdina -), married 1834 Mdina to Vittoria Vella. Giuseppe Michele Francesco Antonio Said, (1808 Mdina -), married 1822 Mdina to Margherita Ebejer. Maria Anna Said, married 1822 Mdina to Nobile Salvatore Vassallo. Pietro Sayd, married 1731 Qormi to Modesta Attard. Alessandro Sayd, married 1735 Zebbug to Maria Gatt, with issue. Salvatore Sayd, married 1759 Zebbug to Maria Calafato. Giovanna Sayd, married 1760 Zebbug to Giuseppe Calafato. Didaco Sayd, married 1735 Zebbug to Grazia Gatt, with issue. Salvatore Sayd, married 1762 Qormi to Maria Borg. Maria Sayd, married 1756 Zebbug to Paolo Falzon. Franco Sayd m. 1705 to filipp-(Matro: Not Giuseppe Gaetano Grech) Petronilla Sayd m. 1736 to Andrea Bonello-(Matro: Not Ignazio Debono) Orsola Sayd m. 1737 to Felice Portelli-(Matro: Not Ignazio Debono) Teodora Sayd m 1724 Mdina to Antonio Caruana Angelica Sayd, (Testo 1686: Not M'Antonio Pullicino) Gioannella Sayd, married 1670 to Nobilus Pietro Pace. Caterina Sayd, married 1675 Zebbug to Nobile Pietro Abela. Giuseppe Sayd Grazia Sayd Gio Maria Sayd Margarita Sayd  m. Antonio Ciantar of Xilua; Matro 1588: Not Niccolo Xeberras, to Antonio Chetcuti of Attard Caterina Sayd; m. 1574 Siggiewi to Giovanni Fauguni, with issue. Grazia Fauguni, married 1618 Mdina to Don Domenico Inguanez. Don Francesco Sayd,  married 1597 Zebbug, Malta to Caterina Buttigieg, with issue. Antonio Sayd; m. 1631 Zebbug to Tomasa Aqulina Andrea Sayd (died 1697)-Testo 1697-Not Giuseppe Gaetano Grech m. 1660 Zebbug to Maria Briffa-(Matro: Not Gio Azzopardi); m 1673 Zebbug to Geronima Duros-(Matro: Not Fabrizio Bigeni) (First marriage) Antonio Sayd - (Divisione 1723: Not Ignazio Debono) m. 1690, Mdina to Mary Aquilina-(Matro: Not Nicola Allegritto) Sapienza Sayd -Testo 1737: Not Ignazio Debono; Matro 1717 Mdina: Not Ignazio Debono, to Antonio Vella Andrea Sayd m. 1722 Mdina, to Caterina Muscat Maria Sayd m. 1743 Mdina, to Scipione Vella Rose Sayd m to Salvo Xicluna Maddalena Sayd m 1720 Mdina. to Andrea Bonnici, with issue. Maria Bonnici, married 1746 Zurrieq to Arcangelo Zammit. Orazio Sayd Michele Sayd -Testo 1747: Not Ignazio Debono; Matro 1729 Mdina: Not Ignazio Debono, to Rose Borg Gio Maria Sayd -Testo 1729: Not Filippo Giacomo Tonna; m 1705 to Domenica Galea; m 1707 to Margherita Bonello (First Marriage) Orazio Sayd; m. 1730 Porto Salvo, Valletta to Margherita Chircop M'Angelo Sayd; m. 1751 Porto Salvo, Valletta, to Anna Ciccalo, with issue. Franco Said; m. 1806 Rabat Gozo to Orazia Sultana Salvo Said; m. 1790 Rabat, Gozo to Rosia Mifsud Coronata Said; m1 1788 Nadur, Gozo to Francesco Grima; m2 1801 Nadur Gozo to Michele Falzon Beligno Sayd; m. 1752 Nadur, Gozo to Marie Meilach Angela Said; m. 1814 Casal Caccia, Gozo to Annunziatio Mizzi (Second Marriage) Maria Sayd; m. 1735 to Giuseppe Zerafa Andrea Sayd Caterina Sayd Giovanni Sayd Angelo Sayd, married 1725 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Debono. (Second Marriage) Giovanni Sayd, -Testo 1729: Not Ignazio Debono Gio Paolo Sayd, (died 1701) (Marriage 2) Anna Sayd; m. 1700 Porto Salvo, Valletta, to Placido Platamone dei Duchi di Cannizzaro; m. 1703 Mdina, to Tommaso Cauchi (Marriage 1) Sapienza Sayd; m. 1686 Mdina, to Giuseppe Falzon (Marriage 2) Domenica Sayd; m. 1698 Mdina, to Pietro Paolo Farrugia. Giovanella Sayd -(Matro: Not Gio Azzopardi); m. 1637 Pietro de Brincat, with issue. Domenica de Brincat, married 1674 Zebbug to Paolo Cutajar, with issue. Maria Cutajar, married 1697 Vittoriosa to Grazio Della Coste. Evangelista Sayd, (Testo 1684); m. to Gio Maria Azzopardi Clemenza Sayd-Testo 1683: Not Giovanni Azzopardi; Matro 1626: Not Bernardo Azzopardi, Zebbug, Malta Paolo Mangion Domenica Sayd, married 1665 Zebbug to Ludovico Camilleri, with issue. Rosa Camilleri, married 1697 Valletta to Onorato La Porta, with issue. Michele La Porta, married 1717 Mdina to Teodora Fsadni, with issue. Antonia La Porta, married 1746 Valletta to Silvestro Mallia. Giuditta La Porta, married 1745 Valletta to Giovanni Camenzuli, (See on this page). Eufemia La Porta, married 1751 Mdina to Giovanni Vella. Giuseppe La Porta, married 1753 Valletta to Caterina Mifsud. Lorenzo La Porta, married 1754 Valletta to Grazia Schembri, with issue. Maria Antonia La Porta, married 1778 Valletta to Fabrizio Coreschi. Maria La Porta, married 1748 Mdina to Gio Paolo Farrugia. Clemenza Sayd, married 1626 (Notary Bernardo Azzopardi) to Mro Paoluccio Mangion, with issue. Margherita Mangion, married 1656 Zebbug to Giuseppe Dimech. Don Marino Sayd ; m. Giovanella Zimech-Testo 1652: Not Gioi Azzopardi Clement Sayd; m. 1625 to Marietta Camilleri; m. Domencia de Louisa-Testo 1682: Not Gioi Azzopardi Michelle Sayd (died 1703)- Donazione 1703: M'Antonio Pullicino Antonio Sayd; m. 1671 Domenica Debono-(Matro: Not Fabrizio Bigeni); m. 1677 Cospicua, to Domemichella Zerafa Francesco Sayd m. 1703 Cospicua, to Agostina Picinga, with issue. Maddalena Sayd, married 1730 Senglea to Giuseppe Lanzon. Demetrio Sayd m. 1708 Cospicua, to Teresa Veneziano. Domenica Sayd (died 1682) m. 1675 Agostino Attard Grazia Sayd m. 1668 to Salvo Psaila Anna Sayd Demetrio Sayd Paolo Sayd Francesco Sayd Geronima Sayd-Testo 1652: Not Gioi Azzopardi m. 1640 to Giuliano Zimech, (Matro: Not Gioi Azzopardi) Don Gregorio Sayd (Division 1600: Not Francesco de Falsone) m. 1572 Siggiewi to Franca Ciantar m 1592 Siggiewi to Agata Azopardi Donna Angela Sayd, (died 1600) m. 1596 Siggiewi to Matteo Pace Don Gaspardo Sayd Matro1598:Not Francesco de Falsone, Siggiewi to Angela Cassar; m. 1602 Siggiewi to Bartolomea Pace (First marriage) Caterina (Agata) Sayd; Matro1625: Not Bernardo Azzopardi, Siggiewi to Gervasio Tanti Lorenza Sayd, (Testo 1665: Not Fabrizio Bigeni); m. 1634 Siggiewi to Nardu Bonello Domenico Sayd Matro 1627:Not Bernardo Azzopardi to Francesca Farrugia Caterina Sayd-Testo 1683: Not Giovanni Callus Matro 1666: Not Tomaso Agius, to Carlo de Fiore; Matro 1675: Not Lucio Azzopardi, to Gregorio Heffner. Paolina Sayd; Matro 1611: Not Bernardo Azzopardi, to Milite Andrea Zammit; m2. 1615 Mdina to Mro Tommaso Cutajar., with issue. (First marriage) Francesco Zammit, married 1648 Naxxar to Maria Tonna, with issue. Mondica Zammit, married 1682 Naxxar to Antonio Bezzina. Domenico Zammit, married 1643 Lija to Paolina Agius. (Second Marriage) Pasquale (Gaspare) Cutajar, married 1657 Valletta to Grazia Fenech. Donna Giulia Sayd; m. 1600 Siggiewi to Giovanni Psaila Donna Paulina Sayd m. 1611 Siggiewi to Domenico Vella. Donna Speranza Sayd, married 1631 Siggiewi to Gio Maria Mamo. Donna Gioannella Sayd, married 1577 Birkirkara to Nobile Salvo Paolo Imbroglio. Donna Teresa Sayd, marrried 1547 to Giulio Sagona, Governor of Gozo 1548 - 49. Donna Paolina Sayd, married 1567 Zurrieq to Antonio Claudio Francese, with issue. Giulia Francese, married 1599 Vittoriosa to Angelo Antonio Grech, with issue. Orlando Grech, married 1620 Rabat Gozo to Maria Agius, with issue. Giacomo Grech, married 1653 Cospicua to Isabella Conderato, with issue. Patrizio Grech, married 1676 Valletta to Grazia Vella, with issue. Pietro Grech, married 1727 Cospicua to Antonia Barbara, with issue. Caterina Grech, married (1) 1751 Cospicua to Antonio Failla, married (2) 1759 Valletta to Gaetano Zammut, with issue (First Marriage). Salvatore Failla, married 1773 Cospicua to Teresa Zammit. Cristina Failla, married 1774 Valletta to Giuseppe Attard. Teresa Grech, married 1751 Cospicua to Giacomo Failla. Maria Grech, married (1) 1753 Cospicua to Gio Maria Psaila, married (2) 1765 Tarxiem to Angelo Spiteri. Francesco Grech, married 1704 Senglea to Anna Canizzaro. Nicola Grech, married 1713 Cospicua to Maria di Martino. Maddalena Grech, married 1665 Cospicua to Michele Malazio. Domenica Grech, married 1652 Cospicua to Giovanni Cassar. Agostina Grech, married 1658 Cospicua to Giovanni Pineda. Domenica Grech, married 1618 Senglea to Giovanni Aicard. Argenta Grech, married 1622 Senglea to Alberto Vella. Giacoba Grech, married 1623 Senglea to Don Jaime Miguel. Domenico Francese, married 1589 Zejtun to Marietta Sant, with issue. Bernardo Francese, married 1620 Attard to Maria Cutajar, with issue. Gio Maria Francesce, married 1652 Valletta to Aloisea Muxi. Grazia Francesce, married (1) 1656 Valletta to Giuseppe Sciambino, married (2) 1668 Valletta to Francesco Perusa, married (3) 1682 Valletta to Costantino Calleja. Stefano Francese, married 1622 to Antonia former wife of Vittorio Cipriot. Margherita Francese, married 1620 Mdina to Domenico Micallef, with issue. Tomaso Micallef, married 1660 Zebbug to Maria Grech, with issue. Giuseppe Micallef, married 1687 Attard to Grazia Sciortino, with issue. Teresa Micallef, married 1734 Birkirkara to Felice Cauchi. Urbino Francese, married 1589 Senglea to Luchetta Napolitano, with issue. Pietro Damiano Francese, married 1621 Vittoriosa to Violante Burlo. Grazio Francese, married 1639 Valletta to Maria Galea. Francesco Francese, married 1602 Senglea to Laura Spiteri, with issue. Geronimo Francese, married 1623 Qormi to Caterina Schembri, with issue. Giacomo Francese, married 1648 Qormi to Caterina Casha, with issue. Tomaso Francese, married 1673 Qormi to Paolina Pisano, with issue. Agostino Francese, married (1) 1699 Qormi to Anna Barbara, married (2) 1712 Qormi to Francesca Psaila, with issue. Rosaria Francese, married 1756 Zejtun to Giuseppe Desira. Giovanni Francese, married 1612 Senglea to Caterina Zammit. Leonora Francese, married 1605 Vittoriosa to Guglielmo Borghes.. Dulcia Sayd, married 1479 to Lemo La Malina, Founder del Gius di San Agata del Zurrico, with issue. Granita la Malina, married to Lanza di Astis, Giurato of Malta.
3.1.2. Richilde Sayd, married 1455 to Francesco de Tanti, with issue. Leonardo Tanti of Zabbar (c 1515), married to Perona N, with issue. Marino Tanti, married 1546 (Notary Brandino Caxaro) to Caterina Mizzi, with issue. Pasquale Tanti, married 1576 (Notary Giovanni Falzon) to Maddalena Pisano, with issue. Mro Zaccara sives Giulio Tanti, married 1608 to Paulina Calleja, with issue. Giovanni Maria Tanti, married 1639 Zebbug to Agostina Azzopardi. Agostino Tanti, married 1634 Zebbug to Argentina Aquilina., with issue. Domenico Tanti, married 1663 Zebbug to Caterina Bologna (d/o Silvestro), with issue. Pietro Tanti, married 1689 Zebbug to Anna Debono. Filippo Tanti, married 1691 Zebbug to Grazia Micallef. Maruzzo Tanti, married 1684 to Giovanna Muscat, with issue. Gio Domenico Tanti, married 1714 Mdina to Teodora Debono, with issue. Giovanni Tanti, married 1734 Birkirkara to Caterina Micallef, with issue. Filippo Tanti, married 1765 Valletta to Orsola Mifsud, with issue. Gaetana Tanti, married 1793 Valletta to Giuseppe Saliba. Raimondo Tanti, Soldier of the Regiment of Mdina resident of Floriana, married 1805 Valletta to Caterina Attard, with issue. Rosa Tanti, married 1834 Senglea to Matteo von Orlovaz of Austria. Giuseppa Tanti, married 1839 Senglea to Benigno Zammit. Orsola Tanti, married 1841 Senglea to George Ambry of England. Maddalena Tanti, married 1849 Senglea to Giuseppe Kraus. Gaetana Tanti, married 1793 Valletta to Giuseppe Saliba. Paola Tanti, married 1801 Valletta to Carlo Bonnici. Maria Tanti, married 1812 Valletta to Felicano Farrugia. Giovanni Maria Tanti, married 1660 Zebbug to Margherita Bologna (d/o Silvestro). Evaneglista Tanti,. married 1671 Valletta to Andrea Antonio Farrugia, with issue. Antonino Andrea Farrugia, married 1701 Valletta to Nobile Domenica Debono, with issue. Teresa Farrugia, married 1723 Valletta to Andrea Zammit, with issue. Maria Zammit, married 1750 Zebbug to Salvatore Zammit. Gregorio sives Giorgio Tanti, married 1646 Siggiewi to Nobile Grazia Vassallo, with issue. Geronimo Tanti of Zebbug, married 1677 Zebbug  to Maria Bonello, with issue. Simone Tanti, married 1707 Mdina to Cristina Formosa. Giovanni Tanti, married 1704 Qormi to Teresa Cassar, with issue. Andrea Tanti, married 1734 Tarxiem to Teodora Borg, with issue. Orsola Tanti, married 1781 Valletta to Giuseppe de Felice, Manumesso (see above), married (2) 1802 Valletta to Felicano Fenech, with issue. (First marriage) Flora de Felice, married 1810 Valletta to Antonio Cordina, with issue. Maria Antonia Cordina, married 1852 Cospicua to Carlo Oderico of Savona, Italy. Lorenzo Cordina, married 1850 Cospicua to Carlo Farrugia. Giorgio de Spiteri, married 1832 Qormi to Maria Antonia Cassar, with issue. Grazia Spiteri, married 1866 Qormi to Francesco Vella, with issue. Carmelo Maria Spiteri, married 1900 Qormi to Consolata Frendo. Giuseppe Spiteri, married 1893 Qormi to Rosaria Scicluna.