"Squiro sives Sguro family of Zante"

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1. Marco Squiro, (1500-), Captain of Zante, married to Anastasia N, with issue.
1.1. Ettore Squiro, (d. 1618), married 1540 to Aloisea Foscardi, with issue.
1.1.1. Niccolo Squiro, Knight of St Mark in Venice, married 1560 to Vincenza d'Argenta, with issue. Pietro "Zuan" Squiro, Capitano of the Gallery, married 1596 Vittoriosa to Maria de Testaferrata, with issue. Marco Squiro, Capitano of Zante 1623-25. Claretta Squiro, married 1620 Valletta to Mro Franco Caffaferrera of Piemont, with issue. Agnese Caffaferrera, married 1637 Valletta to Pietro Cruset, with issue. Cornelia Cruset, married 1663 Vittoriosa to Carlo Pelizer. Barbara Cruset, married 1673 Vittoriosa to Pierre Armiras. Niccolo Squiro, Killed in Dardanelles 1656Capitano of ZANTE 1645, 1650., married Emilia Volterra, with issue. Marino Squiro, (1629-56), married with issue. Nicolo Squiro, (1659-1726), married (1) 1659 to Giovanna Squiro (cousin), married (2) to Bianca Romanzan, married (3) 1716 to Maria Micalizzi, with issue. Antonio Squiro, (1685-1773), Procurer of Zante, married 1722 to Christina Carrer, with issue. Carlo-Giacomo Squiro, (1733-1813), married to Maria Alibrante, with issue. Giovanna Squiro. Zuanne Squrio, Ambassador 1756, Member of the Grand Council of Zante 1789., married 1760 to Anna Minotto, with issue. Ettore Squrio, (1764-1835), married 1782 to Isabella Vidale, with issue. Andrianna Squiro. Spiridon Squiro. Candida Squiro, married 1806 to Giorgio Dicopulo. Marino Squiro, (1791-1841), married to Contessa Elena Macri, with issue. Elisabetta Squiro, married 1847 to Nicolo Vericchio. Dioniso Squiro, married to Maria Maddali of Tuscany. Dr Ettore Squiro MD, (1838-97), married to Mariana dei Conti Sforza of Milan, with issue. Marino Squiro, (1885-1961), married to Ada Tombazi, dsp. Dionysos Squiro, (d. 1918), dunm Elena Squiro. Basilio Squiro, (1841-), dunm. Anna Squiro, married to Constantino Vericchio. Marina Squiro, (1840-90), married to Yannis Nenha, Deputy in the Greek Parliament. Dionsio Squiro, (1798-1870), married with issue. Regina Squiro, married 1830 to Francesco Sumachi. Chrissula Squiro. Marino Squiro. Andrea Squiro, (1749-). Niccolo Squiro, (1750-94), married to Mariettina Maraveliotis, with issue. Dionsio Squiro, (d. 1821), dunm. Antonio Squiro, (d. 1824), dunm. Ettore Squiro, Magistrate in Zante. Michele Squiro, (1689-1748), married to Maria Nomico. Giacomo Squiro, married to Margherita Carrer, with issue. Zuanne Squiro, (1710-80), Judge in Zante, married (1) 1730 to Marietta Carrer, married (2) to Elena Serigo, with issue. Giovanni Squiro, (1730-), married to Sofia Matessi. Giacomo Squiro, dunm. Zuanne Squiro, (d. 1670), married to Maria Squiro, (cousin), with issue. Marco Squiro, (1655-96), dunm. Marino Squiro, (1662-1719), Magistrate, married with issue. Zorzi Squiro, (d. 1775), Procurator and Judge in Zante, married 1725 to Marietta Rucani, with issue. Niccolo Squiro, (1729-91), Member of the Grand Council of Zante, married 1759 to Maria di Roma., dsp. Marino Squiro, (1736-1810), married to N. Minotto, with issue. Angioletta Squiro, (1777-1844), married to Francesco Muzzan, Senator of the Greek Parliament. Maria Squiro, (1780-95), dunm. Corona Squiro, married 1753 to Giorgio Calecca. Zuanne Squiro, (d. 1735), married with issue. Zuanne Squiro, (d. 1748), dunm. Gerolamo Squiro, (1634-73), married to Angiola Nomicos, with issue. Stelio Squiro. Geronima Squiro. Benetta Squiro, married to Giorgio Martinengo. Michele Squiro, (1611-45 Venice)., dunm. Ettore Squiro, (1612-45 Venice), married to Baroness Giovanna de Franceschi, with issue. Stamatulla Squiro, married 1648 to Costantino Squiro, (cousin). Anastasio Squiro, (d. 1711), married with issue. Ettore Squiro, (1667-1727), married to Marietta Capsa, with issue. Nicolo Squiro, (1710-81), married 1760 to Rubina Stavrachi-Locatelli. Marietulla Squiro, (1712-84), married 1727 to Conte Giorgio Chrissoplevri. Zuan Squiro, (1669-), dunm. Michele Squiro., (1671-1744), dunm. Francesco Squiro, (1678-1717), married with issue. Stelio Squiro, dunm. Zorzi Squiro, (d. 1696), Magistrate. Zuan Squiro, (d. 1670), dunm. Bernarda Squiro, married 1622 Malta to Mco Giuseppe Mallia. Giacomo Squiro, (d. 1696), Ambassador to Venice.
1.2. Marino Squiro, (d. 1571), died in the naval battle of Curzolari, married to Baroness Marietta de Francheschi, with issue.
1.2.1. Zuan Squiro, (d. 1623), married 1594 to Adriana Balsamo, with issue. Sigura Squiro. Tarsiza Squiro, married to Carachi Pavielo, Judge in Zante. Catero Squiro. Nuzio Squiro, (1570-), Judge and Procurator in Trivali, married 1613 to Bettina Squiro (cousin), with issue. Zuanne Squiro, (1600-82), Judge in Zante, married 1639 to Emilia Zelema, with issue. Costantino Squiro, Procurator in Zante, married Stamatulla Squiro, with issue. Diana Squiro, married 1667 to Zuan Macri. Demetrio Squiro, (1682-), dunm. Nicolo Squiro, (1683-), dunm. Anastasio Squiro, (1640-), dunm. Zorzi Squiro, (1646-), Justicier of Tribunal 1695, married to Eusebia Volterra, with issue. Zuan Squiro, (1684-1700), dunm. Eustacchio Squiro, (1686-), dunm. Siguro Squiro, (1605-), Judge and Procurator in Zante, married Bettina Squiro (cousin), with issue. Isabella Squiro, married 1649 to Francesco di Roma, Chancellor du Pretoire in Zante 1625, dsp. Girolamo Squiro, (1640-1700), Superior of the Mount St Georges in Zante, married with issue. Siquro Squiro, (1680-), Priest. Francesco Squiro, (1683-), Priest. Zuane Squiro, (1685-1763), Magistrate. Zorzi Squiro, Judge in Zante 1763, married with issue. Maria Squiro, married 1720 to Nicolo Squiro-Calona. (cousin). Marino Squiro, (1649-1705), dunm. Nuzio Squiro, (1663-), Doctor and Judge, married 1697 to Adriana Macri., dsp. Alessandro Squiro, (1665-). Consul in Greece, married with issue. Giacomo Squiro, (1681-1772), married to Elena Squiro (cousin), with issue. Alessandro Squiro, (1696-). Doctor. Michele Squiro, (1702-), Judge and Member of the Grand Council of Zante 1763, married to Paolina Domeneghini. Laura Squiro, married to Nicolo Cosma. Elisabetta Squiro, married to N. Mocenigo. Zuanna Squiro, married to Nicolo Squiro (cousin). Francesca Squiro, married 1626 Malta to Carlo Cassia.
1.2.2. Giacomo Squiro, (1555-), married to Angiola Mondiano, with issue. Constantino Squiro, (1590-1682), married to Polixene Calona, with issue. Giacomo Squiro, married with issue. Constantino Squiro, (1660-1717), Judge and Archbishop of the Patricanships. Marino Squiro, (1635-1711), Magristrate in  Zante, married to Stefana Palada, with issue. Siqura Squiro, married to Giacomo Diplovatatses. Marco Squiro, (1595-1665), married 1626 to Elena Tarchanioti, with issue.
1.2.3. Alessandero Squiro, (d.1606), married to Teofila Rapsomanichi, with issue. Nicolo Squiro, (1565-1623), married to Stamatulla Faraclo.
1.2.4. Gerolamo Squiro, (1538-87), married 1569 to Marietta Sassoghieri, with issue. Polissena Squiro, married to Stamatello Minotto. Laura Squiro, married to Lodovico Foscardi.
1.2.5. Filippo Squiro, married 1570 to Marietta Vasconi, with issue. Costantino Squiro, married 1607 to Corcondila Rapsomanichi. Zuan Squiro, married 1618 to Salviata Latino.
2. Polissena Squiro, married 1539 to Vincenzo Negri.
3. Sofia Squiro, married 1534 to Marco Balbi, Patrican of Venice.
4. Costantino Squiro, Capitano of Zante, Ambassador to Venice 1561, married with issue.
4.1. Agesilao Squiro, (d. 1522), Died in the Battle of Lepante, married 1542 to Irene Cocala, with issue.
4.1.1. Agesilao Squiro, (1584-1650), Consul of Venice in Greece., married 1632 to Gerolimino Latino, with issue. Bettina Squiro, married 1613 to Nuzio Squiro (cousin). Marina Squiro, married to Pietro Vlasto. Diamantina Squiro, married 1623 to Anghelos Beniselos of Athens. Taddea Squiro, married to Teodoro Logotheti. Sigura Squiro, married to Pietro Contarini, Patrican of Venice. Zuanna Squiro, married to N. Benardachi. Nicolo Squiro, (1615-86), Consul of Venice in Moree, married to Orsetta di Roma., with issue. Agesilao Squiro, (1644-98), Ambassador and Knight of St Mark of Venice., married 1670 to Constantina Foscardi, with issue. Orsetta Squiro, (1671-1708), married to Angelo Giovanni de Sillace, Noble of Leece in Italy. Costantino de Sillace Squiro, Conte in Venice 1743., dunm. Agesilas de Sillace Squiro, (1704-55), married to Anastasia Macri, with issue. Niccolo Gradanigo de Sillace Squiro, Count in Venice, (1730-91), Jurat and Member of the Grand Council of Zante, Ambassador of St Petersburg, married to Anastasia Capnissi, with issue. Agesilas de Sillace Squiro, (1757-1830),  dunm. Giovanni de Sillace Squiro, (1763-1824), Prefect of Police in the Ionian Is. Ambassador 1807, married (1) to Caterina de Lazzari, married (2) to Rosa Minotto. Costantino de Sillace Squiro, Officer of the Austrian Army, married to Anna Gazzo, with issue. Antonieta de Sillace Squiro, married to Conte Berni of Venice. Amalia de Sillace Squiro, dum. Nicolas de Sillace Squiro, (1706-24), dunm. Teodora Squro, married 1671 to Zuanne Morsini. Candiana Squiro, married to Nicolo Cocchini. Anzola Squiro, married to Simeone Zonta. Fontana Squiro, married to N. Muzzan.
4.2. Marco Squiro, (d. 1595), married 1573 to Regina de Francheschi, with issue.
4.2.1. Costantino Squiro, married 1601 to Nobile Violante Surdo, with issue. Mro Gio Antonio Squiro, (d. 1640), married in Malta to Paolina Zammit, with issue. Marco Squiro, (1596-1622), married to Marina Volterra, with issue. Zuan Squiro, (1612-68), Procurator in Zante. Zorzi "Gaspare" Squiro, married 1642 Malta to Cleria Ciantar d/o Vincenzo, with issue. Maria Squiro. Diane Squiro, married 1636 to Basilio Macri. Eugenia Squiro, married 1640 Malta to Aloiseo Vivier. Pompeo Squiro, married  1659 Valletta to Aloisea Brigliera, with issue. Caterina Squiro, married 1688 Valletta to Gio Battista de Carlo, with issue. Margarita de Carlo, married 1719 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Rizzo, with issue. Anna Rizzo, married 1733 Cospicua to Nicola d'Anastasi. Caterina Rizzo, married 1752 Senglea to Giuseppe Grillovich, with issue. Antonio Ullo, married (1) 1778 Valletta to Giuseppa Vella, married (2) 1791 Valletta to Maria Casha (daughter of Giuseppe and Anna), with issue. Giuseppe Ullo, married 1816 Valletta to Caterina Decaro. (Second Marriage) Antonio Ullo Maddalena Ullo, married 1811 Valletta to Guglielmo Vandecruf of Turkey. Anna Ullo, married 1820 Valletta to Giuseppe Nuzzo Laferla. Concetta Nuzzo, married 1857 Valletta to Giovanni Xuereb. M'Angelo Nuzzo, married 1851 Valletta to Anna Caruana. Elizabetta Ullo, married 1802 at Valletta to Salvatore Ittar, son of the Polish Architect Stefano Ittar, who built the National Library of Malta Vincenza Ullo, married 1784 Valletta to Filippo Balbi. Nicolao Ricardo Grillo sives Ullo, married 1780 Valletta to Giuditta Recordini-Morello. , with issue. Salvatore Ullo, married 1826 Valletta to Calcidonia Arpa., with issue. Nicola Ullo, married to Liberta Xuereb, with issue. Benedetto Ullo. Gustavo Ullo. Riccardo Ullo. Giuseppe Ullo, "Cassiere Banco Anglo Malta", married 1838 to Maria Antonia Caruana, with issue. Annette Ullo, married to Professor Moriale. Alfredo Ullo. Giuseppe Ullo, married 1869 Valletta to Elena Casolani. Giuditta Ullo. Serafina Ullo. Dr Lorenzo Ullo LLD, married to Giulia Mifsud. Caterina Grillo, married 1803 Valletta to Saverio Metrovich, Served in the Venetian Republic, Maltese Pioneer Corp in Egypt 1801, Maltese Provincial Battalion 1803, Royal Regiment of Malta 1805, Royal Malta Fencibles 1815. Maria Grillo, married 1804 Valletta to Vincenzo Rizzo. Teresa Grillo, married 1807 Valletta to Ernesto Fritsolillio. Michelina Grillo, married 1808 Valletta to Riccardo Biancardi. Francesco Grillo, married to Francesca Salerno, with issue. Fortunata Grillo, married 1823 Valletta to Francesco Saliba. Maria Ullo, married (1) 1780 Valletta to Chco. Ferdinando Camilleri, married (2) to Vincenzo Izzo, with issue. (First Marriage) Innocenza Camilleri, married 1813 Valletta to Carlo Portanier. Benventua Camilleri, married 1813 Valletta to Francesco Balbi. Francesca Camilleri, married 1810 Valletta to Stanislao Tortell. (Second Marriage) Giuditta Izzo, married 1842 Valletta to Dr Gio Nicolo Casolani LLD. Francesco Ullo, married 1769 Valletta to Francesca Benet, with issue. Nicola Ullo, dunm. Giuseppe Ullo, married 1792 Valletta to Michelina Recondini Morello. Gesualda Ullo, married 1792 Valletta to Filippo Rigord. Paolo Ullo, married 1793 Valletta to Beatrice Recondini Morello, with issue. Giovanni Ullo, married 1831 Valletta to Giovanna Manche. Stefana Ullo, married 1764 Valletta to Liberio de la Porta. Teresa Rizzo, married 1751 Senglea to Cristoforo Grillovich. Michele Angelo Sguro sives Squiro, married 1670 Valletta to Caterina Pannini, with issue. Pasqua Sguro, married 1691 Valletta to Spiro Bonett. Geronimo Sguro, married 1661 Valletta to Petruzza, former wife of Benedetto Agius, with issue. Ubaldesca Sguro, married 1697 Valletta to Pietro Calleja. Baldassare Sguro, married 1681 Valletta to Francesca Callus. Scolastica Sguro, married 1658 Valletta to Gio Maria Faille. Eugenia Sguro, marroed 1640 Valletta to Aloisio Vivier. Diana Sguro, married 1659 Valletta to Antoine Margot of France.
4.2.2. Flaminea Sguro, Nundunm.l. (illegitimate) Sevastualla de Sguro, married 1623 Valletta to Nobile Salvatore Cumbo.
4.2.3. Grazia Sguro, Nun, dunm.l. (illegitimate) Cesaria de Sguro, married 1623 Valletta to Luciano de Alexandris.
5. Nuzio Squiro, Commander of the Army in Zante, married to Paolina Balbi, d/o of Marco., with issue.
5.1. Costantino Squiro, (1540-82), married to Stamatulla Paidi, with issue.
5.1.1. Elisabetta Squiro, married 1578 to Andrea Pasqualigo, Patrican of Venice.
5.1.2. Diana Squiro, married 1586 to Marco Pasqualigo, Patrican of Venice.
5.1.3. Flora Squiro, married (1) 1600 to N. Stilianessi, married (2) 1617 to Manoli Andrusiato.
5.2. Draganigo Squiro (1546-1624), Archbishop of Zante, Canonise 1703.
5.3. Sigura Squiro, (d. 1523), married (1) 1581 to Giovanni Grego, married (2) 1590 to Giovanni Macri.
6. Paolina Squiro, married 1521 to Marco Pizzamano of Venice.
7. Zuanne Squiro, (d. 1570), married with issue.
7.1. Nuzio Squiro, Capitano of the Venetian Government de Magne, married with issue.
7.1.1. Polissena Squiro, married 11582 to Andrea Zane, Patrican of Venice.
7.1.2. Graza Squiro, married 1599 Malta to Francesco Moniglia.
7.2. Sigura Squiro, married 1586 to Ottaviano Voltaviano.
8. Diana Squiro, married 1542 to Augustino Malipiero, Patrican of Venice.


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