Royal House of Wessex

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1.1. Cynric, King of Wessex, (r 534-560), (494-), married with issue.
1.1.1. Ceawlin, King of Wessex, (r 560-592), (535-593), married with issue. HH, Prince Cuthwine of Wessex, (565-), married with issue. HH, Prince Cedda of Wessex, (590-), married with issue. HH, Prince Cenberht of Wessex, (620-661), married with issue. Caedwalla, King of Wessex, (r 685-688), (659-688), married to Cynethryth N. Mul, King of Kent, (r 686-687), (660-). Princess Rolinda of Wessex, married to Perctanit, King of Lombardy. HH, Prince Cuthwulf of Wessex, (592-), married with issue. HH, Prince Ceolwald of Wessex, married with issue. HH, Prince Cenred of Wessex, (640-), married with issue. Ingild, King of Wessex, (r 672-718), married to Princess N of Lombardy, with issue. HH, Prince Eoppa of Wessex, (706-), married with issue. HH, Prince Eafa of Wessex, (730-), married to Princess N of Kent, with issue. Ealhmund, King of Kent, (r 784-786), married to HH, Princess of Wessex and Mercia, (See below), with issue. Egbert, King of Wessex (r 802-839), King of Mercia (r829-830), Overlord of England (r 827-839), (769-839), married to HIH, Princess Redburga of the Franks, with issue. Ethelwulf, King of Wessex (r 839-855, 857-858), King of Essex, Sussex and Kent (r 839-858), (795-810), married (1) 830 to Osburga of the Isles of Wight, married 856 to HIH, Princess Judith of Franks, with issue. Ethelbald, King of Wessex, (r 855-856, 858-860), (834-860), married to HIH, Princess Judith of Franks, dsp. Ethelbert, King of Wessex, (r 860-865), dunm. Ethelred I, King of Wessex, (r 865-871), married 868 to Wulfrida N, with issue. Ethelwald, King of York, (r 901-902), Pretender to the throne of Wessex, married to a Professed Nun, with issue. Princess N of Wessex, married to Alberto Azzo, Conte di Milan. HH, Prince Ethelhelm of Wessex, (d. 898), dunm. Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, (r871-899), married 868 to Lady Ethelswitha of the Gainas, with issue. Edmund, Co-King of Wessex (870-899), dunm. Edward the Elder, King of Wessex, (r899-924), married (1) to Egwina, a noblelady of Wessex, married 901 to Elfleda daughter of Ealdorman Ethelhelm, married 920 to Edgiva daughter of Sigehelm, Ealdorman of Kent,, with issue. (First Marriage) Athelstan, King of Wessex and a Unified England (r 924-939), dunm. HH, Prince Alfred of England, d.inf. HH, Prince Edwin of England, Subregulus of Kent, dunm. Elfweard, King of England (r 924), dunm. Edmund I,  the Magnificent, King of England, (r 939-946), married (1) St Elgiva of N, married (2) to Ethelfleda of Alfgar, Ealdorman of the Wilsaetas, with issue. ( First Marriage) Edwy the fair, King of England, (r 955-959), married to HH, Princess Ethelgiva of Wessex, dsp. Edgar the peacable, King of England, (r 959-975), married (1) Ethelfleda, daughter of Ealdorman Ordmaer, married (2) 964 to Elfrida, daughter of Ordgar, Ealdorman of Devon, with issue. Marriage) Edward the Martyr, King of England (r 975-978), dunm. (Second marriage) HH, Prince Edmund of England, (965-970), dunm. Ethelred II, King of England, (r 978-1013, 1014-1016), (996-1016), married (1) to Princess Elgiva of York, married (2) 1002 to Duchess Emma of Normandy, with issue. (First Marriage) HH, Prince Athelstan of England, (986-1012), killed in battle with the Danes. Edmund II, King of England - See Issue., Prince Edgar of England, (d. 1012), dunm. HH, Prince Edred of England, (d. 1012), dunm. HH, Prince Edward of England, (d. 1004), dunm. HH, Prince Edwy of England, (murdered 1017), dunm. HH, Prince Egbert of England, (d. 1005), dunm. (Second Marriage), St Edward the Confessor, King of England, (r 1042-1066), (1005-1066), married to Lady Edith of Wessex, dsp. HH, Prince Alfred the Atheling of England, (1006-1037), dunm. (First Marriage) HH, Princess Edith of England, married (1) 1007 to Edric Streona, Ealdorman of Mercia, married (2) to Thorgils Havi, a Danish Earl. HH, Princess Elgiva of England, married to Uhtred, Earl of Northumbria. HH, Princess Wulhilda of England, married to Ulfctel Snylling, Ealdorman of East Anglia. HH, Princess N of England, married to Athelstand N. HH, Princess N of England, Abbess of Wherwell. (Second Marriage) HH, Princess Godgifu of England, married (1) to Drogo, Count of Mantes and Vexin, married 1036 to Eustace II, Count of Boulogne and of Lens. (illegitimate by St Wulfrida, Abbess of Wilton), St Edith, Abbess of Barking and Nunnanminister, (962-984), dunm. HH, Princess N of England, married to Baldwin, Count of Hesdin. (Third Marriage) Edred, King of England, (r 946-955), dunm. (First Marriage) HH, Princess St Edith of England, (900-927), married 925 to Sihtric Caoch, King of Northumbria. (Second Marriage) HH, Princess Edfleda of England, Nun, dunm. HH, Princess Edgiva of England, (905-953), married (1) 918 to Charles III, King of France, married (2) 951 to Count Heribert de Meaux and Troyes. HH, Princess Edhilda of England, (910-937), married 927 to Hughes Capet, Count of Paris, Duke of France. HH, Princess Edith of England, (913-947), married 930 to Otto I, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. HH, Princess Elfleda of England, (d. 963), Nun. HH, Princess Elgiva of England, (d. 1005), married to Duke Boleslav II of Bohemia. HH, Princess Ethelfleda of England, Abbess of Romsey Abbey, dunm. HH, Princess Ethelhilda of England, Lay Sister at Romsey Abbey, dunm. (Third Marriage) HH, Princess St Edburga of England, (922-960), Nun, dunm. HH, Princess Edgiva of England, (923-), married to Louis III, King of Provence. (illegitimate) Gregory, Abbott of Einsiedlen, Germany, dunm. HH, Prince Ethelweard of England, (880-922), married with issue. HH, Prince Elfwine of England, (d. 937). HH, Prince Ethelwine of England, (d. 937). HH, Prince Thurcytel of England, (907-975), Abbott of Vroyland Abbey. HH, Princess Ethelfleda of England, (869-918), Lady of the Mercians, married 886 to Ethelred, Ealdorman of Mercia. HH, Princess Elfrida of England, (875-929), married 884 to Count Baldwin II of Flanders. HH, Princess Ethelgiva of England, (888-896), Abbess of Shaftesbury. HH, Princess Ethelswitha of Wessex, (d. 888 Paris), married 853 to Burgred, King of Mercia. HH, Prince Athelstan of Wessex, Subregulus of Kent, Essex, Sussex and Surrey, (d. 851), married to N, with issue. HH, Prince Ethelweard of Wessex, Subregulus of Kent, (d. 850). HH, Princess Edith of Wessex, Nun. HH, Princess St Alburga of Wessex, (d. 800), Nun. HH, Princess Cuthburh of Wessex, (d. 718), married to Aldfrith, King of Northumbria. HH, Princess Cwenburh of Wessex, (d. 735), Abbess of Wimborne. Ines, King of Wessex (r 688-726), (670-), married to HH, Princess Ethelbugh of Wessex. (Sister of Ethelheard and Cuthred, Kings of Wessex), with issue. Sigeberht, King of Wessex, (r 756-757). HH, Prince Cyneheard of Wessex, (d. 786).
1.1.2. HH, Prince Cutha of Wessex, married with issue. Ceol, King of Wessex, (r 592-597), married with issue. Cyneglis, King of Wessex, (r 611-642), married with issue. Cwichelm, King of Wessex, (r 626-636), married with issue. HH, Prince Cuthred of Wessex. Princess Hermelinde of Wessex, married to Cunnincert I, King of Lombardy. Centwine, King of Wessex, (r 676-685). Cenwalh, King of Wessex, (r 642-645, 648-672), married (1) to HH, Princess N of Mercia, married (2) to Seaxbuh, Queen of Wessex, (r 672-674), with issue. (First Marriage) HH, Princess Ethelburh of Wessex, married to Ine, King of Wessex (See above). Ethelheard, King of Wessex, (r 726-740). Cuthred, King of Wessex, (r 740-756), married with issue. HH, Prince Cynric of Wessex, (d. 748), married with issue. Cynewulf, King of Wessex, (r 757-786), married with issue. Beorhtric, King of Wessex, (r 786-802), married to HH, Princess Eadburh of Mercia, with issue. HH, Princess of Wessex and Mercia, married to Ealhund, King of Kent, (r 784-786) - See above. Princess N of Wessex, married to Aripert, King of Lombardy. Ceolwulf, King of Wessex, (r 597-611).


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