The Zirids of Granada, Algeria and Tunis.
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Ziri bin Manad, (d. 971), Founder of Zirid dynasty, leader of the Berber Sanhaja Tribe), married 930 to Princess Fanzia of Afrikiya, with issue.
1. Buluggin bin Zirid, 1st Emir of Tunis 972-984, married with issue.
1.1. Hammad bin Bulggin, Governor of Algeria, 1st Emir of Algeria 1014-1028, married with issue.
1.1.1. Prince Quighlan bin Hammad, Governor of Hamza.
1.1.2. Prince Qaid bin Hammad, 2nd Emir of Algeria 1025-1054, married with issue. Muhsin bin Qaid, 3rd Emir of Algeria 1054-1055.
1.1.3. Prince Yusaf bin Hammad, Governor of North Africia.
1.1.4. Princess N bin Hammad, married to al-Mausur bin al-Massur, 2nd Emir of Tunis, (See below).
1.2. al-Massur bin Zirid, 1st Emir of Tunis 984-995, married with issue.
1.2.1. al-Mausur bin al-Massur, 2nd Emir of Tunis, married to Princess N. bin Hammad of Algeria, (See below), with issue. Badis bin al-Mausur, 3rd Emir of Tunis 995-1016, married to Princess Isolda bin Jafar of Sicily, with issue. Al-Muizz bin Badis, (1008-1062), 4th Emir of Tunis 1016-1062, married to Princess N bin Muyahid of Denia, (See below), with issue. Tamini bin al-Muizz, (d 1108), 5th Emir of Tunis 1062-1108, married to Princess N bin Abu Yahya of Almeria, (See below), with issue. Yhaya bin Tamini, 6th Emir of Tunis 1108-1115, married to Princess N bin Abu Mohammed Omar bin Mohammed Abu Bakr of Badajoz, with issue. Ali bin Yhaya, 7th Emir of Tunis 1115-1121, married to Princess N bin Abd Allah of Granada, (See below), with issue. Princess Aisha bin Ali of Tunis, married to Hasan Samsam al-Dawla II, (1078-)Emir of Malta, (r. 1088-1115). Princess Pina bin Ali of Tunis, married to Yusuf bin Muhammad. Princess N bin Ali of Tunis, married to General Nobile Mohammad bin Mohammad Kalbi II. Abul-Hasan al-Hasan, 8th and last Emir of Tunia, 1121-1152), married with issue. Princess N bin Abul-Hasan of Tunis, married to Abd al-Wahid bin Hadsids, Caliph of Ifricia 1207-1222, with issue. Abdullah bin Abd al-Wahid, Caliph of Ifrica 1222-1229, dunm. Prince Abu Zakariya Yahya, (1203-1249), 1st Sultan of Hafsif Ifricia 1229-1249, married with issue. Muahammad I al-Mustansir, (1229-1277), 2nd Sultan of Hafsid Ifricia 1249-1277, married with issue. Yahya II al-Wathiq, 3rd Sultan of Hafsid Ilfricia 1277-1279, married with issue. Abu-Ishaq Muhammad II, 6th Sultan of Hafsid Ilfricia 1295-1309, married with issue. Abd al-Wahid Zakariya ibn al-Lihyani, (d. 1326), 9th Sultan of Hafsid Illfricia 1311-1317, married with issue. Abu Darba Muhammad al-Mustansir, (d. 1323), 10th Sultan of Hafsid Illfricia 1317-1318. Prince Abu Ishaq Ilbrahim I, 4th Sultan of Hafsid Ilfricia 1279-1283, married with issue. Prince N  bin Abu Ishaq Ilbrahim, married with issue. Prince Abu Yahya III Abu Bakr ash-Shahid, 7th Sultan of Hafsid Illfricia 1309, married with issue. Prince Abu-l-Bqa Khlaid an-Nasur, 8th Sultan of Hafsid Illricia 1309-1311. Prince Abu Yahua Abu Bakr II, 11th Sultan of Hafsid Illricia 1318-1346, married with issue. Abu-l Ahmad II, 12th Sultan of Hafsid Illricia 1346, married with issue. Abu al-Abbas Ahmad II, 17th Sultan of Hafsid Illricia 1370-1394, married with issue. Abu Faris Abd al-Aziz II al-Mutawakkil, 18th Sultan of Hafsid Illricia 1394-1434, married with issue. Prince Abu Abdallah Muhammad al-Mansour, (d. 1430), married to Christian Concubine of Valencia, with issue. Prince Abu Abd-Allah Muhammad III al-Muntasir, 19th Sultan of Hafsid Illricia 1434-1435. Prince Abu Amr Uthman, 20th Sultan of Hafsid Illricia 1434-1488, married with issue. Prince Abu Salim Ibrahim, (d. 1484), married with issue. Prince al-Munstansir bin Mas'ud, (d. 1484), married with issue. Prince Abu Amr Uthman, (d. 1488). Prince Abu-Zakariya Yahya II, 21st Sultan of Hafsid Illricia 1488-1489, married with issue. Abu Yahya Zakariya, 23rd Sultan of Hafsid Illricia 1490-1494, married with issue. Prince al-Mutawakki al Yahua, married with issue. Abu Abdallah Muhammad IV al-Mutawakkil, 24th Sultan of Hafsid Illricia 1494-1526, married with issue. Abu Abdallah Muhammad V al-Hasan, 25th Sultan of Hafsid Illricia 1526-1543, married with issue. Abu al-Abbas Ahmad III, (d. 1575 Termini Imerese, Sicily), 26th Sultan of Hafsid Illricia 1543-1569, married to Princess N. bin Abu Abdullah of Tiemcen, (see below), with issue. Prince Ahmad Carlos Hafsid, (d. 1601), (became a Christian living in Naples took the name of Carlos de Austria), married to Princess N. bin Nasir ad-Din al-Qasir Muhammad of Morocco, (See below), with issue. Prince Enrique Federico de Austria, married to Princess Luisa Hafsid, (See below), with issue. Princess Domenica d'Austria, married 1627 Birkirkara to Lazzaro Cachia. Princess Eloise Hafsid, married 1600 Tunisia to Don Marco Inguanez, later Barone di Djar il-Bniet e Buqana. Prince el Cojo Hafsid. Abu Abdallah Muhammad VI bin al-Hasan, (d. 1594 at Yedikule Fortress), 27th and last Sultan of Hafisd Illricia 1573-1574, married to Princess Xuna bin Ahmad al-Mansur Saadian of Morocco, (See below), with issue. Prince Muley Nazar Hafisd, (lived in Sicily, dying in battle in Tunis). Prince Muley Abderraman Hafsid, (lived in Palermo 1574), married to Princess Chiusa bin Murad Mirza, (d/o 36th Imam -Shia view), with issue. Princess Luisa Hafsid, married to Prince Enrique Federico de Austria, (See above). Prince Ahmad Hafsid, (captured el-Djem in 1592, converted to Christianity). Prince Abd al-Mumin, 22nd Sultan of Hafis Illricia 1489-1490. Princess N. bin al-Munstansir bin Mas'ud, married to Abu Abu Allah, King of Fez, r. 1472-1504, with issue. Abu Abu Allah al-Burtugal, Sultan of Morocco, r. 1504-1525, (d. 1526), married with issue. Abu al-Abbas Ahmad, Sultan of Morocco, r. 1526-1545, 1547-1549, married to Sayyida al Hurra, with issue. Nasir ad-Din al-Qasri Muhammad, Sultan of Morocco, r. 1545-1547, married with issue. Princess N. bin Nasir ad-Din al-Qasir Muhammad, married to Ahmad al-Mansur Saadian, Sultan of Morocco, r. 1578-1603, with issue. Zidan al-Nasir, Sultan of Morocco, r. 1603-1627, married with issue. Abu Marwan Abd al-Malik II, Sultan of Morocco, r. 1627-1631, married with issue. Alwaled bin Zidan, Sultan of Morocco, r. 1631-1636. Prince Mohammad esh-Sheikh es-Seghr, Sultan of Morocco, r. 1636-1655, married with issue. Ahmad al-Abbas, Sultan of Morocco, r. 1655-1659, married to bint Al-Hussein al-Jafar, with issue, (Extinct). Prince Abdul Karim abu Bakr al-Shabani, Sultan of Morocco, r. 1659-1668. Abu Faris Abdullah, Sultan of Morocco, r. 1603-1608. Prince Muhammad al-Sheikh al Ma'Mun, Sultan of Morocco, r. 1603-1613, married with issue. Prince Abdallah al-Ghalib II, Sultan of Morocco, r. 1606-1609, (d. 1623). Princess Xuna bin Ahmad al-Mansur Saadian of Morocco, married to Abu Abdallah Muhammad VI bin al-Hasan, (d. 1594 at Yedikule Fortress), 27th and last Sultan of Hafisd Illricia 1573-1574, (See above). Princess N. bin Nasir ad-Din al-Qasir Muhammad, married to Prince Ahmad Carlos Hafsid, (See above). Prince Ali Abu Hassan, Sultan of Morocco, r. 1549-1554. Prince Abu Hafs Umar, 13th Sultan of Hafsid Illricia 1346-1347. Prince Abu al-Abbas Ahmad al-Fadl al-Mutawakkil, 14th Sultan of Hafsid Illricia 1350. Prince Abu Ishaq Ibrahim II, 15th Sultan of Hafsid Illricia 1350-1369, with issue. Abu-l-Baqa Khalid II, 16th Sultan of Hafsid Illricia 1369-1370. Prince Abu Hafs Umar bin Yahya, 5th Sultan of Hafsid Illfricia 1284-1295. Princess N of Tunis, married to General Nobile Mohammad bin Arabino Kalbi. Princess Zaida of Tunis, married to Abu Nasir, King of Seville, (see below), Mistress to King Alfonso VI of Castile and Leon, with issue. Princess N. of Tunis, married to  Isa I, King of Silves, (r. 1027-1040), with issue. Muhammad I, King of Silves, (r. 1048-1053), married with issue. Isa II, King of Silves, (r. 1048-1053), married with issue. Muhammad II, King of Silves, (r. 1053-1058), married with issue. Isa III, King of Silves, (r. 1058-1063), married with issue. Princess N. of Silves, married to Abu l'Waled Muhammad, King of Silves, (r. 1145-1150), with issue. Princess Hereditaire N. of Silves, married to Ishaq, King of Morocco, (See below). Princess Ayanna of Tunis, married to Landolf VII, Prince of Capua.
1.3. Princess Fatima bin Buluggin Zirid, married to Abdu l-Husayn, Emir of Sicily.
1.4. Princess Xuna bin Buluggin Zirid, married to Ammad bin Ali Kalbi.
2. Zami bin Zirid, arrived in Spain 1000, 1st Taifa of Granada 1013-1019, married with issue.
2.1. Prince Halai bin Zami.
2.2. Prince Buluggin bin Zami.
2.3. Princess Yacoba bin Zami, married to Capitano Ammand bin Hassan Kalbid.
2.4. Princess Astrixa bin Zami, married to Prince N bin Ya'ish Zirid.
2.5. Princess N bin Zami, married to Abd Allah, King of Alpuente, with issue.
2.5.1. Princess N of Alpuente, married to Ismail, King of Seville, (c. 1019), with issue. Abu al-Qasum Mohammad, King of Seville, (r. 1039-1099), married to Princess N. of Santa Maria do Algrava, (see below), with issue. Prince Al-Radi of Seville, (executed 1091). Abu Nasir, King of Seville, (r. 1090), married to Princess Zaida of Tunis, (See above), with issue. Princess N of Seville, married to Abd Allah, King of Granada, (see below). Princess  N. of Seville, married to Yusaf, King of Zaragoza, (See below). Princess N. of Seville, married to Abd Allah, King of Granada, (See below). Prince Fakr ed-Dawk of Seville.
2.5.2. Princess N. of Alpuente, married to Auday I Djalaf, King of Albarraca, (r. 1012-1045), with issue. Abu Marudas, King of Albarraca, (r. 1045-1103), married to Princess N. of Majorca (d/o Ali-Iqbal ud Dawlah), with issue. Yahya Hasan, King of Albarraca, (r. 1103-1104). Princess N. of Albarraca, married to Abd Yahiya, King of Almeria, (see below).
3. Prince Maksan bin Ziri, (d. 1001), married to Princess Chiusa bin Abu l'Husayn Kalbid of Sicily, with issue.
3.1. Habus bin Maksan, 2nd Taifa of Granada, (d.1038), married to Princess N bin al-Mundhir of Zaragoza, with issue.
3.1.1. Badis bin Habus, 3rd Taifa of Granada, (d. 1073), married to Princess N bin Abd al-Malik Abu Merwan of Valencia, with issue. Buluggin bin Badis, 4th Taifa of Granada, (d. 1064), married to Princess N bin Abu al-Hasan Yahya of Toldeo, with issue. Abd Allah bin Buluggin, 5th Taifa of Granada, (deposed 1090), married to Princess N bin Abu Nasir of Seville (See above), with issue. Princess N. bin Abd Allah of Granada, married to Ali bin Yhaya, Emir of Tunis, (See above). Princess N. bin Abd Allah of Granada, married to General Muhammad Almoravid. Princess N. bin Abd Allah of Granada, married to Ali bin Yusfa Almoravid, Sultan of Morocco, (r. 1106-1143), with issue. Princess N. of Morocco, married to Inb Migdam, King of Purcheun, (r. 1105-1150). Ishaq, King of Morocco, (r. 1147-), married to Princess Hereditaire N. of Silves, (see above), with issue. Princess N. of Morocco, married to Ibrahim, King of Segura, (r. 1147-1150), with issue. Princess N. of Segura, married to Abu Djar-Jar, King of Orihuch, with issue. Abu l'Hassan, King of Orihuch, (d. 1249), married to Princess N. bin Muhammad al-Nasir of Morocco, (See below), with issue. Princess N. bin Abu l'Hassan of Orihuch, married to Abu Yahya I Yghomracen bin Zyan, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1236-1283, with issue. Uthman I, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1283-1304, married with issue. Abu Zayyan I, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1304-1308. Abu Hamm I, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1308-1318, married with issue. Abu Tashufin I, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1389-1393. Abu Tashufin I, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1318-1336, married with issue. Abu Said Uthmam II, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1348-1352, married with issue. Abu Zayyan II, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1360, 1370-1372, 1383-1384, 1387. Prince Abu Thabid I, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1348-1352. Prince Abuttammu II, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1360-1370, 1372-1383, 1384-1387, 1387-1389. Prince Abu Thabid II, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1393, married with issue. Prince Abu Abdallah III, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1462-1468, married with issue. Abu Tashufin III, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1468. Prince Abu Abdallah IV, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1468-1504, married with issue. Abu Abdallah V, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1504-1517, married to Princess N. bin Abu Abdullah of Tieman, (see below), with issue. Princess N. bin Abu Abdallah of Tiemcen, married to Abu al-Abbas Ahmad III, (d. 1575 Termini Imerese, Sicily), 26th Sultan of Hafsid Illricia 1543-1569, (see above). Prince Abu Hadjdjady I, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1393. Prince Abu Zayyan II, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1393-1397. Prince Abu Muhammad I, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1397-1400., married with issue. Prince Abdul-Rahman I, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1411-, married with issue. Prince Abu Abdallah II, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1424, 1430, married with issue. Princess N. bin Abu Abdallah, married to Abu Abdallah V, Sultan of Tiemcen, (See above). Prince Abu Abdullah I, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1400-1411. Prince Said I, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1411-1412. Prince Abu Malek I, Sultan of Tiemcen, r. 1412-1424, 1429-1430. Princess N. of Segura, married to Abu Said Utman, King of Menorca, (r. 1228-1281), with issue. Abu Umar, King of Menorca, (r. 1281-1287), married with issue. Princess N. of Menorca, married to Muhammad IIKing of Granada. Prince Iniguez of Menorca, become a christian under the name of Rodrigues Inigues, married c. 1215 to Princess Urraca of Baeza, (See below), with issue. Princess N. of Segura, married to Muhammad bin Yusaf, King of Granada. Princess N. of Morocco, married to Abd al-Mu'min Almohad, Sultan of Morocco, (r. 1147-1163), with issue. Prince Muhammad Almohad. Abu Ya'qub Yusuf I, Sultan of Morocco r. 1163-1184, married with issue. Abu Yusuf Yaqub al-Mansur, Sultan of Morocco r.1184-1199, married with issue. Muhammad al-Nasir, Sultan of Morocco r. 1199-1213, married with issue. Yahya al-Mutasim, Sultan of Morocco r. 1227-1229. Prince Musa. Prince Zakariya. Prince Ali. Prince Yusuf II al-Mustansir, Sultan of Morocco r. 1213-1224, dsp. Princess N. bin Muhammad al-Nasir of Morocco, married to Abu l'Hassan, King of Orihuch, (See above). Prince Abdallah al-Adil, Sultan of Morocco r.1224-1227. Prince Abu Muhammad Said. Prince Abu Musa. Prince Ibrahim. Prince Abu Said. Prince Abu al-Ala Idris l 'al-Ma'mun, Sultan of Morocco r. 1229-1232, married with issue. Abu al-Hassan Ali 'al-Said, Sultan of Morocco r. 1242-1248. Abu Muhammad Abd al-Wahid II, Sultan of Morocco r. 1232-1242. Prince Abu al-Ula Idris. Prince Abu Yahya. Prince Abu Ishaq Ibrahim. Prince Abu Hafs Umar al-Rashid. Prince Abu Zayd Muhammad. Prince Abu Muhammad Abd al-Wahid I, Sultan of Morocco r. 1224. Prince Abu al-Hassan Ali Almohad. Tashfin bin Ali, Sultan of Morocco, (r. 1143-1145), married with issue. Ibrahim, Sultan of Morocco, (r. 1146-1147),  d.inf. Princess N. of Morocco, married to Labid, King of Santarem, (r. 1144-1145). Princess N. of Morocco, married to Umar, King of Tavira, (r. 1146-1150). Prince Tamin bin Buluggin, King of Malaga, (deposed 1090), (d. 1095). Prince Maksan bin Badis, (d. 1086). Princess N bin Basis of Granada, married to General Nobile Arabino bin Mohammad.
3.1.2. Prince Buluggin bin Habus.
3.2. Prince Hubasa bin Maksan, (d. 1012), married with issue.
3.2.1. Prince Yiddir bin Hubasa.
3.2.2. Princess N. bin Hubasa, married to Abu I'Abbas Ahmad, King of Niebla, with issue. Princess N. of Niebla, married to Sa'id, King of Santa Maria do Algrava, (r. 1018-1041), with issue. Muhammad al-Muitasim, King of Santa Maria do Algrava, (r. 1041-1051), married with issue. Princess N. of Santa Maria do Algrava, married to Abu Ya'far Ahmad al-Mugtadr, King of Zaragoza, (r. 1046-1083), with issue. Yusaf, King of Zaragoza, (r. 1085-1110), married with issue. Princess N. of Zaragoza, married to Ahmad, King of Guadix and Baza, (r. 1145-1151). Princess N. of Zaragozo, married to Ibn Yuzar, King of Jaen, (r. 1145-), with issue. Princess Hereditarie N. of Jaen, married to Abd Dja Yar Ahmad Zafadola, King of Jaen, (r. 1145-), with issue. Princess Hereditarie N. of Jaen, married to Abd Allah al-Bayasi, King of Baeza, (r. 1224-1226), with issue. Prince Urraca of Baeza, married c. 1215 to Prince Rodriguez Inigues of Segura, (See above). Princess N. of Zaragoza, married to Ali, King of Jerez, (r. 1145-). Princess N. of Zaragoza, married to Yusaf al-Bitruyi, King of Tejada, (r. 1146-1150). Princess N. of Santa Maria do Algrava, married to Abu al-Qasum Mohammad, King of Seville, (see above).
3.3. Princess N. bin Maksan, married to Abu Bakr, King of Almeria, with issue.
3.3.1. Masn, King of Almeria, married to Princess N. of Valencia, with issue. Abd Yahiya, King of Almeria, (d. 1091), married to Princess N. of Albarracn, (see above), with issue. Princess N. of Almeria, married to Abu Isa Lubbun, King of Murviedro and Sagunto, (r. 1086-1092). Princess N. of Almeria,. married to Tamin, 5th Emir of Tunis, (see above).
3.3.2. Princess N. of Almeria, married to Muyahid ak-Muuaffog, king of Denia, (d. 1045), with issue. Ali-Iqhal, King of Denia, (r. 1045-1076). Princess N. of Denia, married to Al-Muizz, 4th Emir of Tunis, (see above).
4. Prince Ya'ish bin Zirid, married to Princess N. Kalbid of Sicily, with issue.


1. Lane-Poole, S. The Mohammadan Dynasties - Chronological and Genealogical tables with historical introductions, 1894.



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